Gonzaga's Jalen Suggs becomes a March Madness legend

March Madness

72 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    Watch the amazing, instant classic ending of the Gonzaga-UCLA Final Four game with countless angles of the Jalen Suggs buzzer beater in Overtime to help Gonzaga beat UCLA. Gonzaga is undefeated and will now face Baylor.
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    1. Tessa Fulcher

      vGerren Taylor

    2. NebraskaFan77

      This now is in the category of the Carlton Fisk Home Run in the World Series great moment but marred by the fact Gonzaga couldn't finish.

      1. Alex Carrillo

        Great comparison

    3. Johnny Chang

      Luck didn’t get up a championship Gonzaga . Baylor is too good .

    4. Anime City

      The one mistake ucla made was not picking up full court, yeh they had tied the game, but if I'm ucla, I'm not taking any chances, and I'm pressing fullcourt to assure a second overtime

    5. Aidan S

      *screams at a bunch of cardboard people*

    6. Stephen D

      My guess is the 6 dislikes are from UCLA fans 🤷🏼‍♂️

    7. Paul Dzhugostran

      The ahead wallet cranially attract because church comprehensively improve along a energetic pamphlet. near, fuzzy correspondent

    8. Nogoodnames07


    9. Jonathan lopez

      Suggs said , Game!

    10. Shaina Diamond


    11. IBZ Moalin

      Imagine this with a full packed arena

      1. Metal Oreo


    12. Darius Edwin


    13. Mrbeast Super fan

      move Gonzaga to a tougher conference

    14. Kellen Mouat

      insane ending insane🤯

    15. Ty N

      everything about Jalen Suggs screams JKidd 2.0

    16. Eli Wilderness

      It’s a Easter miracle

    17. Hanniel Bowe

      UCLA will be back .

    18. Go4ll

      This isnt going to take laettner shot out did the villinova shot? And that was a championship

    19. Carly Dokis

      Suggs face when he saw that. Wow. I cried this was so amazing. This is pure dedication. Jalen Suggs doesn’t only play for himself, but for his whole team. Give this man a round of applause.

      1. Metal Oreo

        @Johnny Doree fax

      2. Johnny Doree

        He's not an ordinary one and done, you can tell he cares

    20. Cowrickman 3

      Kost a pp

      1. Metal Oreo


      2. Cow rick man Playz


      3. Cow rick man Playz


      4. Cow rick man Playz


      5. Cheese Pp


    21. Joey Lol

      I was rooting for gonzaga and I was like there gonna win to my dad and he had ucla hahaha 🤣 and then that happened and I was screaming and my dad was like whaaaaaaaat! 😂

    22. Jennifer Wise

      Ironic that Grant Hill calling this game on the sidelines!

    23. 2 MAJOR TWINZ

      U must play defense all the way to 0:00


      But UCLA are in the final 4 so that half court shot is just lucky

      1. Metal Oreo

        But the Zags are better

    25. pooh lee

      Gives me goosebumps

    26. TAR ICO

      Did you see Suggs mouth the word "Bank" when he shot? Yeah, I didn't either.

    27. Natural

      A lot of respect for Suggs actually shooting as opposed to going out of his way to force contact and draw the foul like most players would do.

    28. Tony B.

      Jalen Suggs with "One Shining Moment" this NCAA 🏀 tournament. Epic Memorable game for the ages! Getting me a Gonzaga debit card since the bank is still open for Zags at midnight. 😚👍

    29. Rhyland O'Neill

      I was texting my friends when it happened bc I thought it was gonna go to double OT and I thought UCLA could win 🥲

    30. D money

      First of all that game winner wouldnt have happen if they called a foul on that block. Drew timme in foul trouble had a over the back and a blocking foul that ended up being a charge. The halfcourt bankshot was good but they shouldn't have even been in the situation.

    31. Tim Uchwat

      Both teams played an incredible game

    32. Brian Johnson

      Did anybody else not watch the game? I recorded it and was going to watch the whole thing but got spoiled by espn reporter... I’m actually really sad I didn’t get to see this blind

    33. Charlie Griffith


    34. Connoriscool


    35. Owen McMullen

      What a finish. Heart goes out to UCLA, they played great all tournament. Let's see how Gonzaga responds emotionally after this win in the final.

    36. Pi Dong

      Suggs for the win.

    37. Pi Dong


    38. Gerard Fahey

      Fluke? I don't think so! Earned...

    39. Jin Lu

      Respect also FOR UCla community Good battle until the end Gonzaga fan here

    40. barber215

      THIS is why it is called March Madness. WHAT...A....GAME! Instant classic. This is one that will played in basketball highlights for YEARS to come

    41. Rockin' Vida

      I thought it was a clutch shot but I am concerned about his lack of mask & social distancing? Not to mention we don’t know his Covid test status? 😂

      1. Metal Oreo

        Let the man celebrate he deserves it after a shot like that

      2. Jetro Jackin

        it all disappeared.

    42. NebraskaFan77

      Adam Morrison on the radio call let out all the emotion that he's waited 15 years for.

      1. NebraskaFan77

        @Dennis Esguerra yeah I know have this in Carlton Fisk Home Run in the World Series category. Great moment but it's marred by the fact that they couldn't finish.

      2. Dennis Esguerra

        Adam shouldn’t have gotten too excited. That victory over UCLA is just a fluke.

      3. Johnny Doree

        YES! YES! YEEEEEESSS!!!!


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    44. dabney offermein

      Miley Cyrus will go down as one of the best artists of all time, how appropriate that Gonzaga will go down as one of the best basketball teams of all time on the day she performed in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Indiana.

      1. dabney offermein

        @Metal Oreo She demonstrated incredible range to sing the likes of Freddy Mercury, Pat Benetar, The Guess Who, and many many others. Yea, even if you don't like her, she was epic on this infamous night, you would have to admit that.

      2. Metal Oreo

        Miley Cyrus is not good

    45. dabney offermein

      We are going to be talking about this game for a long time. INDY is a magical place.

    46. RiD ViD

      Refs today are ruining the moment even if its clearly got off on time smh

      1. RiD ViD

        Lol im not even a fan of ucla.. its just the refs today are dumb

      2. Metal Oreo

        Hey I found a salty UCLA fan

    47. Madden Cardinals

      Unbelievable I'm speeches rn Gonzaga the shot went in the buzzer 😱😱 I'm was going for Ucla & just to come into the final four & get knocked out at the buzzer I'm stunned💔💔💔

    48. Bei1052

      Suggs for UCLA. Tough way to lose.

    49. Arthur Wong

      Had both Chris Smith and Jaylen Hill been playing, it would have been the Battle Of The Ursines in the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals: the UCLA Bruins vs the Baylor Bears. Oh well. At least, the Bruins put the NCAA on notice for next season. Go Bruins!

      1. David Smith

        You don’t know that lol they could’ve played and had bad games, maybe Jacquez or Juzang don’t show out like they did.

    50. 77landmark

      I can't go to sleep. That's how UNREAL that shot by Suggs was. If you can't go to sleep after that, and you watch the replays after the game, you know you made it to the big time. Monday has to live up to that one, but my GOSH

    51. 77landmark

      I think Jim Nantz was trying to say On Goes Gonzaga to the Title game, but he ran out of breath.

      1. Otávio Ferreira

        It proves what kind of game this one was. Jim is always calm and composed, and he almost lost his s**# with this one

    52. NFLMISTER17 Productions

      This is a historic moment 🔥 what a shot

    53. Randy Martinez

      We need jalen Suggs to play for my Chicago bulls

    54. Ronel Christopher Sunggay

      Avenging the 2006 team

      1. Arthur Wong

        And don't forget Crybaby Adam Morrison. 😭

    55. bill jones

      3.3 seconds is a long time in basketball.....if i was coaching i would put 1 defender on in bounds play..3 at half court & 1 down court near the opposing teams foul line....evidently they had no plan if ucla tied game....they spent their time out on scoring play with no plan for defense ...or there may have been double overtime...suggs was lucky he wouldnt make that shot at even 10 percent of the time...thats bull when he said he knew it was going in....ucla played great enough to win no doubt about it...

      1. TAR ICO

        Did you see Suggs mouth the word "Bank" when he shot it? Yeah, I didn't either.

    56. Dark Zeus

      Why did the clock shot after ucla made their shot..

      1. Dark Zeus

        @CosmoNautica thanks

      2. CosmoNautica

        The clock stops after every made basket in the last minute of regulation and throughout any overtime periods.

      3. Dark Zeus

        Clock stop

    57. Arvin Miraftab

      this is why we love March Madness

    58. Tank Man

      mens final 4: ends with crazy last second rebound and then half court buzzerbeater womens final 4: missed layup

      1. Metal Oreo

        NCAAW is boring imo hate me if you want idc

      2. islandblader

        A missed shot would've continued overtime, the other missed shot was a game-winner

    59. AAPP aapp

      This is why we call it March Madness ;)

    60. joon lee

      2021.April.4th Johnny Juzang and Jalen Suggs will be a future NBA All Star. Come back 10 years later and see what hey have become

      1. Metal Oreo

        @Jermy Brady I smell a lie

      2. Infernodotdash

        @Jermy Brady sorry didn't realize you were a time traveller

      3. Jermy Brady

        Neither will

    61. Vanhook4456

      Suggs is an ice cold freshman🥶💯 #3(2006)😉

    62. Jason Chavez

      Wow just wow

    63. Knife Legs

      Against the #11 UCLA? Ewww

    64. JabbaNoFatta

      Wow no one on UCLA picked up the ball on defense coming down the court. They all looked like they were running to the lane to get a rebound. What were they thinking?????? I mean if just one player turned around and challenged the dribble it could have been a second overtime, unless the UCLA players thought that Gonzaga was going to take a timeout. Great game by the way...very entertaining. Gonzaga really has a good team with great team concepts. Suggs obviously gets the most press, and rightfully so, but players like Timme and Kispert really help solidify a team like Gonzaga. Looking forward to seeing the two best teams in college basketball playing for The National Championship on Monday.

    65. A. Ray


    66. DC Tae

      Watching this live was crazy .💯

      1. Metal Oreo


    67. DC Tae


    68. Randy Martinez

      Legend indeed

    69. Jose Medina

      The scary napkin morphologically return because taurus strikingly undress absent a high-pitched find. ordinary, ultra moustache

      1. Metal Oreo

        So what kinda drugs u on

      2. TAR ICO

        Slurpin' that funky cold medina, eh?

      3. Michael Mccray


    70. KELVINWEST14

      Sugg just stole the number 1 nba draft spot

    71. KELVINWEST14

      Yooo who ran after seeing that buzzer shot

      1. Jonathan lopez

        I took off an Rolled my ankle

    72. Billy Lewis

      Didn’t pick up Suggs till already crossed half court. If UCLA would’ve picked him up full court most likely double ot. Hindsight 20/20 though. Hats off to UCLA. Almost pulled it off.

      1. Zach Johnson

        It was a problem for them. Same thing happened in the Alabama game

    73. Ryan R


    74. Mark Flinoil

      UCLA no ball pressure with 3.3 left!!!!! At least make him change directions trap the ball handler!! Something????? He got a straight line drive to a walk up 3...

    75. Scotty Arbour

      UCLA: We’re gonna do what they say couldn’t be done. Jalen: Hold my Suggs

      1. TimeCat5907


    76. Faroh267


    77. Billy Lewis

      UCLA jogged back on defense those last 3 seconds. Rewatch it for yourself.

    78. Evan Reaves

      Johnny made a great shot to tie it but he seemed just slightly slow to get back on defense, maybe if he gets back quicker and helps to contest the shot it would have made a difference 🤷🏿‍♂️, but anyways Suggs is amazing.

    79. Sick

      Absolutely insane game, absolutely insane finish. Could have gone either way but Suggs, with one of the best buzzer beaters ever in march madness, made it go the way of the Zags.

    80. La Tonya LauryRogers

      Terell Uggs Batimore Ravens

      1. Metal Oreo

        Who is Terrell Uggs I only know Terrell Suggs

    81. Slate Gunter

      Love you Gonzaga, love you all so much

    82. Zach


    83. Raymond Bermea

      This is going down as one of the greatest games in the history of college basketball.

      1. PL Golf

        Absolutely. INSTANT CLASSIC

      2. Infernodotdash

        @Arthur Wong secret base is gonna do a rewinder on this in about a year I'd bet

      3. Arthur Wong

        The Game Of The Century. Gonzaga beats UCLA, 93-90 OT, 2021 NCAA Final Four, Indianapolis, IN, 4/3/2021.

      4. J Mar


      5. Avi Sarma


    84. JToews17

      I will never forget where i was when this happened. Ive been in shock for the past 45 minutes.

      1. Avi Sarma


      2. gank Uverymuch

        I walked to my mom’s house after the game, with my laptop, just to show her the final moments of this game. I pretty much pulled her out of bed lol. I keep watching the highlights and I’m still amazed.

      3. Kapoors

        Still am

    85. Creep Catchers CA


    86. Aexerial

      As an OKC and Westbrook fan, this hurts. This just happens way too often. I feel unlucky.

    87. ST Bacon

      this was a crazy shot but i wish UCLA won

    88. BE C

      Years from now people will come back to this video to see THE SHOT! Jalen Suggs with the shot that will stand the test of time.

      1. rtovatt

        Would have been better if they had won it all.

      2. serafin penoso

        One of the best semifinal match I ever seen, amazing.

      3. Avi Sarma

        @2008rhj and the UNC vs NOVA game

      4. 2008rhj

        not ever i think the Duke kentucky that one is better christian lagner turn around jumper at the buzzer.

      5. Sports Now with Darius & Aiden

        One of the greatest college games EVER!!! Suggs delivered when it matters most! Great game! We have a sports show called Sports Now with Darius & Aiden and we would really appreciate it if you would check us out!

    89. Tido Schulman

      One of the greatest college basketball games and shots of all time. Sports are the best.

    90. Drsamw Pepper:Depressed Man United fan

      UCLA:were gonna be the 1st double digit seed to make the finals Jalen Suggs:And i took it personally

      1. Drsamw Pepper:Depressed Man United fan

        @YT gLitChEd you misspelled my misspell

      2. YT gLitChEd

        Except there’s been double digit seeds in the championship and, “sags”

    91. Khadz

      I went crazy when I was watching this game bro

    92. Rey Palpy

      I saw this live! I was like, no way its going in, then he made it and my jaw dropped.

    93. fightnight14

      UCLA take note. Do not drive to a clogged lane to win at the buzzer! Just throw a prayer right when the clock expires

    94. Sports 311

      This shot will live on for years to come. This why we love March Madness so much, buzzer beaters are what make it exciting to watch

      1. pushingsincedayone

        not just buzzer beaters but the great games that lead up to them 🔥

      2. Brojamas

        Couldn’t agree more!