1 Of The Most Hated Women In America Casey Anthony - What Happened? | Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian

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    Hi friends happy Monday!
    YAY! IM BACK. Haha. So happy to be back and I’ve missed you guys. Thank you for being patient while I took some time off to get a jump start on research and stories to come, it helped me out tremendously. Hope you guys are staying safe and healthy out there. Today I thought I would do a highly requested story on Casey Anthony. Need I say more? Exactly.
    Would love to hear your thoughts down below and who you want to hear about in a future video. Love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope you have a great rest of your day!
    x o
    Bailey Sarian
    A big Thank You to Courtney Sabol for helping me research today's story!
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    1. Bailey Sarian

      first. hi friends happy Monday! Oh how I've missed you! Thank you for your patience while I was away! I've got lots of good stories coming your way

      1. kelly lynn

        Bailey is one of my new best friends love her and her videos !!! I could watch them all day ❤️😂🥰

      2. Girl with the Golden Voice

        So glad you took time away for yourself. You are THE BEST.

      3. Teestraughn

        never subscribe to any one >>> your the first , i freaking love your channel ....

      4. Ketreena Williams

        Hey Bailey! Could you do the Elizabeth Fritzl story( the girl in the basement)

      5. Happy

        We love you glad your back 🥰❤️❤️

    2. Tiana Bennett

      Fernandez reminds me of jellal other wise from that this is awful

    3. daniel hamby

      Xanny bars.. yeah they still go by that, around here anyways

    4. Deedee S.

      You are just precious! I will always watch your videos. Bless you sweet one!

    5. Tish TheDish

      Yep. a narcissist - that’s what they do. They believe their own lies & think they are above the law!

    6. Angelle Villegas

      Have you done baby Brianna case?? 6 month baby girl from new Mexico.

    7. Cassidy Brady

      The judge failed when he allowed non case related accusations to stall the real case. Then giving her basics no punishment for the crimes she was found guilty of. He should be ashamed of himself. And I hope he is unable to sleep at night knowing he did nothing to justify the death of this child. And Casey can rot.

    8. Erin Murphy

      This look is bomb af

    9. Abbey Smith

      I hope my parents loved me like caseys parents 😢

    10. Christian King

      She lived two miles from my childhood home.

    11. lil ari

      Saying person of color is not the right term just for next time 😬

    12. Quiet Town

      So somebody told me that people, at least teenagers, who didn’t grow up in Florida didn’t know who Casey Anthony was. Ever since then I’ve been asking out of state friends if they know who she is and almost all of them say no. Growing up in south Florida my mom was obsessed with the case and I always heard about it from her or tv

    13. DR. O'

      loose the lip stick

    14. vendettaray


    15. Cupcakes Videos

      This has to be my fav case lol

    16. Dubbie

      Can I say I looooooove the dark hair

    17. Yvette Juarez

      Totally agree with you.. she is 100000%% Guilty

    18. Leilonnie

      Moral of the story: don't force people to keep babies because you might trust the wrong mother

    19. Sidney Lewis

      As someone who lives in Orlando Florida I have been WAITING for the chance to see her out in public.

    20. silent diamond

      Can u pls do the one where this guy streamed his gf death he left her outside with just her underwear on a balcony in Russia there story's is just mixed up I just think it's really sad n idk what happened coz it's Russia n there laws r different :c

    21. Jaime Jones

      I freaking love your earrings I neeeeed them

    22. purvai garg

      ik this is out of context but I love your earrings

    23. karel angela

      caylee would’ve been of the same age as me if she lived. i’ll pray for her poor soul.

    24. Angel Rotoni

      What if Casey's parents agree on adoption in the first place

    25. Avilia Lapin

      This is the prime example of someone who was never disciplined in their life! or held accountable for their actions! I blame the parents, sorry George. I feel so bad for the dad but some of the blame does lay at his door, although I do blame the mother 100%. This is why I get so upset when parents raise little monsters and don't do their job!!!!!!!!

    26. Kayleigh Davies

      Your amazing I just ♥️ watching your vids, you need to come to England a little city called bath. You would have sooooo man y story’s from me alone 🤣 no really though come to stay with us..

    27. Sophie

      I feel so bad for the dad I hope he’s doing well today and I hope Caylee gets justice 😔

    28. Amanda Bourke

      I wonder about the parents...if your daughter wont give you an answer about school and grades..call the school! There is no excuse for not knowing your kid won't graduate. And..if your daughter wants to give her child up for adoption and she's 19-you have no say! If you don't want the baby out of the family- you adopt the baby! If Casey had given Caley up for adoption , that little girl would probably still be alive! So so sad!

    29. Gina Gina

      The parents hiding/ lying to the brother while they all lived in the house .. it kinda shows this lying bit..was the way this family functioned.

    30. Yellow Queen

      What the F I don't see that coming

    31. Emily Williams

      Have you ever done a Ted Bundy Video??? If so I would love to watch it!!!

      1. Angel Rotoni

        Yeah she already have that video

    32. C

      her mum deffo knows more , let's hope kharma gets her and her daughter

    33. Charlene Murray*

      I remember them saying she drove around with her body in the trunk for a month while she was partying

    34. Sarah Baggott

      The fact that this is a black&white case and Casey’s mum tried so hard to cover it up low-key makes me sick

    35. Debora Danciu

      Why they force her to be a mother? Maybe she would be alive? Maybe parents should adopt the grandchildren if they want, dont force someone to be a parent if they don't want to be.

    36. notyeidy

      Did they just gloss over the fact that there was a body in her trunk? Like what happened to that? Just a mess

    37. Dina Williams

      Fierce makeup, compelling storytelling. You're awesome!

    38. Zenaida Cabrera

      Lol me sitting here with my name being Zenaida 🧍🏽‍♀️😅😂

    39. Evelin Castanon

      I’m gonna be honest, I only heard of Casey because of Daniel Radcliffe’s SNL skit😀.

    40. Rachel Kaufman

      She absolutely already has a book deal about the situation

    41. Sherbert Icecream

      There was a article about an older lady who got arrested for trying to run over a Casey Anthony look alike. I was so excited thinking someone was gonna get her but I guess not

    42. ͛

      You are racist against White people, unsub.

      1. ͛

        @Angel Rotoni was never subbed also, haha ... she said something about unjustly blaming POC, while it is often reality - not sure if it was 10 or 20 min into the video, don't even care

      2. Angel Rotoni

        😂go ahead, i don't see any racism here

    43. Kennadi Brewton

      And June 15 is my dads birthday lol

    44. Kennadi Brewton

      Is it just me that is over here singing “jesses girl”

    45. Emily A

      My step moms name is Casey Anthony. Once this happened she always got asked if she was her and looks NOTHING like her. This case was the first case I actually remember when i was younger and it’s what got me into true crime

    46. RoseWitchcraft

      I wonder if her parents regret forcing her to keep that baby.

    47. Nattalie Marie

      I remember this, she is guilty af!

    48. SadTransHedgehogs

      Okay but how does the employee at the impound know what a dead body smells like?

    49. Wonder Klutz

      Sooooooooooo many jump-cuts lol. It’s distracting.

    50. Wonder Klutz

      Baez -Bye-ez. Not Baze.

    51. Wonder Klutz

      You’re right about the smell of death. I smelled a rotting cat that had been stuck under a dryer for like 6 weeks, and it was horrendous. I am sure human remains are far worse ): but yeah that DISTINCT smell.... soooo true. Unmistakeable. It’s more distinct than the smell of a skunk.

    52. Daniel Fitton

      Moral of the story, don't pressure people to keep children.

    53. Lazy-Girl Rachel

      What happened with her brother?

    54. min mochi

      sad fact: caseys lawyer actually killed the mom and judith barsi a.k.a ducky from the land before time and killed himself

    55. Ginger 734

      The way you pause and go on about something with a make up brush cracks me up. I’m always waiting for you to put eye makeup on your cheeks lol

    56. Rita C

      Every time you say “DJ boyfriend” I LOL so hard

    57. Von_Frankenstein


    58. Jeffrey Graham

      Love this channel Much love from Indy Bailey,youre gorgeous and I love the content

    59. Ziomara Crespo


    60. Eliyah Montgomery

      If I could hurt Casey Anthony and get away with it, I’d do it in a heartbeat (no, FBI, I’m not going to do anything crazy)

    61. Concrete Daisy

      The entire ending... accurate asf. I love Bailey 😂💪🏽💯

    62. Laura Kistner

      She was sickly guilty shmilty.way way way way guilty....RIO CAYLIE...SWEET ANGEL

    63. sellals

      Your voice honestly lulls me to sleep! I love watching these videos before bed, I mean this in the nicest way possible!

    64. Olivia Dawn

      This case really gets under my skin. It's infuriating that Casey got away. The selfish ***** should be in prison for life. :((( Rest in peace, sweet Caylee.

    65. Jess

      This whole case makes me sad. It really does.

    66. Stephanie Smith

      She was probably trying to blame her father for everything to try and "discredit" him because he didn't believe anything that she said. He believed she killed her daughter so Casey and her defense team were doing anything they could to point the finger at him. Her mother was on her side completely so thats why they didn't involve her. But thats just what it seems like to me.

    67. Hillarys Emails

      I always wondered why the parents didn't just adopt Caylee? That way they would have their granddaughter with them, safe and happy. Plus she would still have her mom Casey in her life, even in a minimal way. Cindy wanted to have her daughter arrested, and so Casey starts coming up with a lie, as per her usual MO. In many ways, I blame Cindy for a LOT of this. From the poor parenting of Casey, to the way she handled Casey as a teen and young adult, to placing too much responsibility upon Casey by prohibiting her from placing Caylee in a loving home via adoption. Cindy was largely the nexus to all of this. Then she tries to have Casey arrested, thereby placing more pressure upon her. Casey reverts to her normal and makes up lies, can't handle the pressure and just "wants it all to end" or "get a do-over" like extra tries in a video game.

    68. Brittainy A. Kasunic

      I love my kids but a million dollars in bail....child it’s time for to own up.

    69. Amber Cantrell

      We actually went to universal during the trial. It was a complete media circus. Billboards everywhere. RIP Caylee, I wish you would have gotten justice.

    70. NateSanti

      Casey did it 100% but I also think it is possible the dad molested Casey and thats why she wanted him to go down as well, even though he had nothing to do with this. Also, that explains the mom's behavior towards Casey. I had a neighbor in middle school who was getting molested by her stepdad and the mom KNEW, but did nothing except spoil the girl. I mean this girl had everything from a pony too the most decked out room, but the mom give the girl everything out of guilt. I think that may be the case with Casey and her mom. But did the dad have anything to do with the dead child, NO. But, Casey wanted the dad to suffer because she hated him and the mom went along with whatever Casey wanted out of guilt. Either way she never paid for her crime and she is a walking devil. Also for those wondering, my neighbor moved in with her dad once he found out wha was happening and the stepdad got arrested.

    71. Mariana Vidal

      I’m all the way in Portugal and even here we heard of the whole thing and everyone was fuming. When her 2017 interview came out it angered everyone.

    72. RatTaxi

      That one picture they mainly showed of Caylee was a heartbreaker with those big brown eyes and her cheek on that little hand.😔

    73. J. Alexander

      I don’t feel bad for the jury tbh. They really allowed that kind of decision to be made so their stupidity is the reason Cailey never got justice.

    74. VeniVidiVici

      Absolutely insane. Our justice system can be shameful at times.


      I really think if Casey’s parents had allowed Casey to make her own choices and be responsible for the choices she made this case would have a different outcome. Like, Casey obviously didn’t want to be a mom to Caylee from the beginning, so if her parents wanted Caylee so bad then why didn’t they just simply adopt her themselves and take responsibility for her like they pretty much did? Her parents definitely are not as culpable for the crime as Casey did, and I think her dad also suffered a lot of guilt over Casey and Caylee’s death but I think trying to coddle her and thinking they were doing the best thing for her really backfired.

    76. Nikki Gee

      Of course, the white woman got away with it. :)

    77. XFallen_Angel_207X

      Could you do John Wayne Gacy?

    78. NORA SAENZ

      Pinchi vieja loca neta... 😠 como puede haber personas así

    79. Lora Beth T

      I remember this case so well- my oldest son is the same age as little Kaylee... I can’t imagine how she could hurt a child 😩 how is she still walking around scott free?!?

    80. Elizabeth Morales

      You look like Mika kunis

    81. JillyBean

      I was so mad, I watch this constantly! I almost lost it when she was found not guilty. 😡😡

    82. Kristina Marie

      This is sad that there is no justice for Caylee 😢

    83. Kristina Marie

      I think the duct tape was used to cover Kaylee’s mouth so she couldn’t breathe

    84. Venesa Serrano

      Zanny bars

    85. Marcy Shaffer

      “I don’t know why her parents liked her so much” 😂😂 Dying!

    86. Brittaney G

      Dead bodies smell absolutely awful

    87. Mckayden Davis

      It irks me SO MUCH that the never figured out what body was in her car?? Like even if it wasn’t Caylee, she had a body in her trunk?? Hello?

    88. Daughter of El Roi

      What a liar! She should be in prison. Thankfully, this sweet girl is in heaven.

    89. chia pet

      Her dads argument is another in denial excuse. I wish someone in her family would truly hold her accountable. If she died from an overdose why was her head duct taped specifically in a way that would cut off oxygen? This wasn’t an accident, she either gave her xanax or used chloroform and then deliberately suffocated her via duct tape.

    90. Willow FlowerChild

      Casey I think is a sociopath who moved on to psychopath. She knows she killed her daughter. No remorse. Bella Vita tattoo ? That says it all

    91. Willow FlowerChild

      I agree with everything you said. This trial was painful once the verdicts came in. I was horrified she got off. I hope Karma gets Casey

    92. JellyBean Gaming

      Here's my statement.. Eat the f*cking rich

    93. Tayler Cook

      I wonder if Zanny became a Nanny for the same reason Dr. Crentist became a dentist

    94. L.M. McCormick

      I think what I love most is that Bailey Symarian always is Bailey Sarian and nobody else

    95. niki almaraz

      where's the link to the video?

    96. Megan Erives

      So I do remember watching/reading about this tragedy and knowing in my gut when she spoke about zanny the nanny, that she had drugged her baby.

    97. Megan Erives

      CA is a dog in every sense of the word.

    98. Iindsay Heintzman

      I think she took it out on her dad because she knew he wasn’t on her side. sad. I feel so bad for him.

    99. Iindsay Heintzman

      I don’t get it at all why didn’t she just leave the baby with her parents and take off. They forced her to keep the baby 👶 then leave her with them so disgusting that people take this route.

    100. Jennifer Layla

      It’s in hindsight of course and not their fault..but the parents should have let her put that poor kid up for adoption. This is so sad.