A photo booth where my dog can take selfies using her paw

Simone Giertz

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    Dogs! Selfies! Thousands of LEGO bricks! This video has it all. Sponsored by The LEGO Group. Learn more at lego.build/CommanderScraps (YAAAS THAT URL)
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    Thanks Yvette Solis for helping direct this video! www.yvettesolis.com
    Thanks Anna Bresnahan for sewing the curtain for the photo booth!
    Thanks PaulvilleMOCs for making the AMAZING Truckla diorama in the beginning of the video! paulvillemocs

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    1. gtfo

      Thank you KGup for recommending this wholesome content

    2. Tommy Zwartjes

      Where's the dog's instagram?

    3. Michelle Zemsky Dineen

      OMG this video is my new happy place! Scraps you are awesome. Big props to your creative loving human too

    4. Miktecrep

      Simone, I want to know the status of your tumour ? What happened to it.

    5. TheMrarrie18

      Scraps became the fattest dog in LA during this video

    6. david reiss

      i know what a button is, but i do not know what a budden is..

    7. Mohit Tamta

    8. Laura Ramos

      You’re doing great scraps! I love uu

    9. Mikey8567

      354 dislikes? Who in their right mind wouldn't like this? Let me guess, Cat owners who are jealous?

    10. Flubs

      With the coveralls and the sad music during the time-lapse it kinda seems like a werid soviet movie

    11. jadesfire

      This was cute, I only wish you'd shown us the actual pictures the camera took and not video freeze frames.

    12. Lizzie K

      This seriously made my day so much better. Scraps is uber cute!!!

    13. Lloyd 1701

      Scraps is AWESOME and clearly pretty smart!

    14. Theresa Pittman

      When will this be available commercially and will it come in larger sizes? You invented it and now it necessary.

    15. Evan Sandridge

      Can you make an alarm clock that slaps you when it goes off..? I got a new job where I have to wake up at 4am and I hate getting out of bed and I feel like this would really do the trick! 😂

    16. abby higgins

      You're doing amazing scraps!

    17. bartofilms

      Just love this. I rewatch it to see Cmdr Scraps hit the photo/treat switch.

    18. Violet Studios

      Her birthday is in four days on November first! Everyone make sure to wish her a happy birthday. We are so glad you are here Simone. You are awesome, and the best badass builder girl there every was.

    19. ActiveKoala

      The positivity just fills your heart with the needed warmth in this strange rollercoaster of a year. Thank you 🎈

    20. Hdscitmtdn

      Congratulations you made a fucking button so smart

    21. Jorgen Johnson

      or 4 days early depending on how you count the days between now and 1st

    22. Jorgen Johnson

      Happy birthday three days early!!

    23. aflying cat

      love it

    24. thatsepicification

      Scraps must eat her weight in treats every day.

    25. Olivier Lopez Ch

      5:50 Hey, that's cheating

    26. Olivier Lopez Ch

      4:00 Photokeratitis

    27. megamanxu

      Linus approved attire

    28. OLBastholm

      This is objectively the best video. Also, I really want to buy some LEGO Mindstorm now 😕

    29. Hastendesa

      Build a "suit" with fans so u dunt have to do that 3:52

    30. Jannell Meagher

      I just found this video! You are amazing! Instagram needs your pup!

    31. hunter

      looks like scraps took the price a little too seriously 😳

    32. Katelyn Dillo

      She’s like a girl version of mark rober

    33. Tangerine Travels

      Simone Giertz, tackling the planet's most important problems.

      1. Caesar William

        Vote for trump

    34. Boston Guy

      Try being a real scientist. You are a joke.

      1. Caesar William

        Yeah Trump 2020


      Those are the most workshop appropriate shoes I've ever seen. Also, no bias here, can second that Scraps might be the cutest dog Ever. You're doing great, Scraps!!

    36. Arishia Koneko

      The way you're assembling the bricks is also called "T-stacking" in the shipping industry. Interlinking the boxes gives you more stable walls in a truck =)

    37. Corndogg TV

      Why does this feel somber?

    38. Blumen Seele

      This is so wholesome Your dog is so cute

    39. sgsidhe

      I don't care that there are Death Star, Landspeeder, and whatever star ships builds, this is the best!! Why no one else have done this before?! Great job! 👍👍

    40. Dan Clark

      You’re bloody awesome. Keep being you. You’re a keeper for sure.

    41. Nayara Vazquez

      What song plays at 6:39 to 7:29? I LOVE piano music, please let me know.

    42. Johan T

      Did U delay camerashot some second?

    43. Johan T

      Havet sen U for a while ( My fault. Íve been a bit ill for some time but back again) U make me glad with your curiouse spirit, ” Queen of playfulness” in the country of Curiousity 😄. (Mina kära kvinnliga barnbarn behöver goda förebilder. Hoppas du är stolt över dej själv) My female grandchildren need good roll models 💚 Sry for my textmistakes, I can hardly C this small letters 🤔

    44. James E

      scraps you cool

    45. this is bananarama and the anthem is venus

      The messy workshop botherd me but I'll just ignore it since its new

    46. Digital Night

      Lego makes Duplo, and they are HUGE. but kudos to all of your effort put in on this. I would have gone mad.

    47. Meraki

      Truckla needs to be a lego set

    48. Simon

      I haven't seen a Simone Giertz video in a while. So glad to see this on my recommendations.

    49. Tony fowler

      Your way too awesome....there is no other words :)

    50. White Shadow

      she needs to make a collab with jenna marbles

    51. that person

      i love this. so so much. :,)

    52. Lars Larsson

      I love you

    53. Jabbar C.

      Simone cuteness level is 1,000

    54. Deval Patel

      GREAT ! ! , try inline soor than a sideway for a perfect DOG SEFLIEs

    55. Adel Radenait

      you go girl

    56. Brian Stephens

      I'm proud of you Simone

    57. Brian Stephens

      I'm proud of you

    58. Timothy Cawthorn

      This needs a billion more views

    59. Don't

      oh my god I went this entire video without realizing scraps has three legs! I only realized because of a comment

    60. Lembu Abraxas

      This was so cute it was a two bowl of cereal video.

    61. Max Maruszewski

      I can see the mindstorms kit on top of the locker at the beginning :P

    62. Jock McBile

      This is why you should hire me, as your Lego gopher. I could do all the tedious work, and I respond to treats too.

    63. The Show Last Night

      Illegally Smol Dog! Scraps is too damn cute.

    64. Neal Sterling

      Scraps is so CUTE!!!! I first thought Simone won the Lottery, when i saw the Mindstorms and the buckets of bricks.

    65. Allison Dickson

      No one is mentioning how this fulfills that wholesome Jenna marbles dog content....

    66. Lauren Winsor Stenmoe

      I CANNOT HANDLE THE CUTE OF THOSE DOG SELFIES! 😍🐶📸💞Scraps is the best workshop dog, so smart, and such a good girl!! She's doing a GREAT job! I rescued a writing buddy after I moved to San Francisco, and my little mutt is the best thing that has ever happened to me, paws down. She's been my rock through health struggles and the roller coaster that is working in a creative field, and I know that you and Scraps are going to thrive after your move down to SoCal! Dogs make you feel like anything is possible (because it is. 🐾💕) Love your videos, can't wait to see what you (and Scraps!) make next!

    67. 0SharkGuy

      You're doing great Scraps!

    68. Karson James

      0:34 "So i'm transplanting human hands onto scraps"

    69. Tim K

    70. Allthenamesaretaken

      Technically, you can get sunburned on your eyeballs, though most people call that "Going blind because you stared at the sun"

    71. 梁策


    72. Rookie Rockhounding

      Scraps is just too cute. Super smart and just too scruffy cute! Ughhhhh!

    73. George Lake

      closed captions @8:43

    74. fullmetalfunk

      you're doing great, Scraps!

    75. thefirstdutchguy

      love the price 1dogpaw sign!

    76. Malder Fox

      the walls of the selfie room are the same color as the flag of Ukraine!

    77. Chirstine Wilson

      Scraps is fantastic, you are not biased about the cuteness! You too are fantastic simone :)

    78. Keya

      10:18 "but it was really irreliable at doing it at the same time" I like how she doesn't even burst out laughing anymore ...

    79. BariumCobaltNitrog3n

      Hey Simone, I love your channel, been subbed since the tour of your house boat. Love your dog and glad your head is better. Anyway, I don't know if you've heard of him but I think you and Shane from Stuff Made Here might make an amazing collab. He just did one with Destin from SED and Destin is nice but you are funny and charming and a little wacko. Anyway, I already told him you would so here's his digits: kgup.info/must/j1VqrHhDte54oLgPG4xpuQ.html

      1. BariumCobaltNitrog3n

        also he has awesome tools

    80. Bobby Jones

      irreliable. best new word ever

    81. Luvly975

      I'd think you were a Master Builder 👷‍♂️ but what do I know? I'm just a sahm who's also a homeschooler to 2 boys who drove my hubs and I bonkers over the Lego movies & the building sets 😜Thank you for this amazing video! I'm seriously considering giving in to the Lego life "If I can't beat them, I'll join them" 🤗

    82. Luiza

      Simone didn't want the project to end and I didn't want the video to end :))

    83. Rachel H

      This is so freaking cute!!

    84. Ziggy

      10:32 It "ducks like a quack" :-D

    85. toneykk

      I'm afraid to see how smart scraps is

    86. David Köller

      This video was amazing and so so sweet, might get Mindstorm for myself or my siblings

    87. Ipek Attaroglu

      We can be friends ☺️😅

    88. Gio Nunez

      "Paw"to Booth men you missed on that one

    89. LaceLovesSocks

      Scraps needs a Twitter or something

      1. Caesar William

        Trump 2020

    90. Christopher Childs

      Scraps is doing great!

    91. Amelia Starley

      Your puppy’s soooo cute omggggg ❤️❤️❤️

    92. Justus Ck

      Fun Fakt: by law the fotos don’t belong to her but belong to everyone because a non human being did them

    93. seekersofrhythm studio

      Hey simone I think this build is just in the type of creative over engineered yet is form and function at its best. He really deserves support. Looking forward to the next installment. Stay safe J. kgup.info/get/pq6XZYqsjHqnpqE/video

    94. Matt Lang

      I have one minor complaint! Lego mindstorms isn't "like" a robotics kit, it IS a robotics kit! Honestly it's the toy that really inspired me to take the path I did into engineering, and it's such a great way to get into programming as well with the logic loops they use.

    95. George Valkov

      Nice project! Now try a raven photo booth. A parrot will do as well. They are smart. 😊

    96. Divya Nair


    97. Alicia Altair

      I've never bought a lego in the 45 years or so of my life, but now I have to because do you see that little face in my not-me profile picture? Yeah she absolutely needs a photo booth.

    98. stefoehmen

      looks like she has a new doghouse/bed

    99. PolishPusher

      Scraps you're doing great!

    100. Emmy Sellers

      Our dogs should be friends