the kardashians are using their followers as actual currency


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    kylie jenner you're already rich enough to purchase my soul why do you need moRE
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    1. dangelowallace

      showed up with a longer vid since i've been gone🥰 anyway is there anything else weird going on that i should talk about this week?

      1. valeale


      2. M30W—6R

        @Samantha Garcia oh nice!!! :D

      3. Samantha Garcia

        @M30W-6R my middle name is petralina

      4. M30W—6R

        @Samantha Garcia I- I have a similar full name to yours- My name is Samantha Ventura-Garcia-

      5. priscilla walsh

        I wish you'd go into MLM's and how they are some of the biggest scams. This one group called Break Away Movement is scamming people into buying kangen water and acting as if they are the only source and feed on individuals looking for spiritual enlightenment and abundance.

    2. k proper

      "I don't know why they're famous." Me either, D'Angelo

    3. Lily Elaine

      Karl Kardashian

    4. Life Is Very Stressful

      how many glasses does he have bruh

    5. Lazlo Holyfield

      In the end, no amount of followers or likes will pay any bills. People, real people have to buy stuff.

    6. Periottt

      Kuchisake Onna Kardashian

    7. Sheonna Monique

      I never understood why this family is so hyped

    8. Manta Makes

      k but the fact that they would be able to ship to the middle of nowhere in Aus or even to ACT but they can’t ship to large cities such as Ceduna just bc they’re in SA. Like bruh not even Aussies care about ACT, yet y’all can’t ship to an entire state?

    9. Grace Harris


    10. {Caramel Sunkissed Vibes}

      Some names that start from K so that Kardashians can have kids with names 😊 K'angelo Kallace Kariana Krande Kaylor Kwift Kiley Kyrus Kustin Keiber Kolivia Kodrego Koah Kyrus KTS Ked Keeren Kruno Kars Kardi K Kicki Kinaj Kelena Komez

    11. shells

      Next name: Kermit Kardashian

    12. 🔪

      16:38 yeyy look at you now

    13. Lets get Creative

      He had 216k and now he’s got over 2 million in just a year

    14. Sensei Windju

      I've hecka noticed people's follower counts not matching their number of likes. didn't know it was this weird and complicated though

    15. Sensei Windju

      rich ladies LOVE the packaging lol

    16. Kirsty Regan



      When your to poor to remember It is not gucci but the orange bag store i am to don't worry

    18. Mia MONTEIL

      dangelo:"I want 1million or 2 million peple to watch my videos everyday". We did it joe, your gonna be the next presidnet of the united states.

    19. mixture mix

      Next name: kreion kardashian

    20. Brittany Kayy

      I think if there was another sister her name would be Krystal with a K

    21. anto floyd

      ok, so this is how this thing works. i have a small business and i want to get more followers on my page. So i contact curated businesses, or whatever page that organizes this kind of stuff... so i pay them. Then they will make this giveaways, and they'll tell you to follow certain accounts in order to win. Of course, my account will be included in that list. And that's how i suddenly get those 10k followers. But there won't be real interaction with my content, much less purchases , tbc they aren't interested in my page, there is no real "hook". That's why they be loosing followers every day

    22. selflovemanda

      this video was funny AF

    23. Alex Sharp

      Bro at this point you can stop bragging about why didn't you stick to your schedule. Your intros, If vids watched one by one - is like a constant stream of braggin about how procrastination is natural and you don't feel guilty for failing your own projections. I've even started to feel guilty as if it's me who always presses you to stick to schedule. Yes, it is fine to procrastinate, yes you are not obligated to stick to your schedule, yes it is really good you don't feel guilty, we get it. It's fine. "Hey guys, I just wanted you to know that I don't upload vids as often as I want to, so yeah fuck you okay I feel fine" Pls stop. P. S. Big fan. Watched and liked each and every vid on the channel. Sorry for being rude. Piece ❤️

    24. Aliyah

      am i the only one that thinks guccie bags are ugly? i would jusy want them to sell them for the money

      1. Fernanda

        Yes!! The designs and logo are absolutely terrible 🤮

    25. Lil Moo

      Karley Kardashian 😳

    26. shahnoosh _.

      Am I the only one who noticed his wink at "certain parts of Australia" ?

    27. ꧁TheOnlyMarisa꧂

      captions: *bing* energy microsoft does energy drinks now???

    28. Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij


    29. Hollsyboo

      i find it so funny that in the reply saying they're professional they wrote 'would of' which isn't even proper grammar

    30. HotChocoKing

      why do you look and sound like itz LEGACY?

    31. Tawney

      The way you stumble over all of the K names completely made my day. I needed that. Thank you 🙏

    32. シSpaden

      The kardashions just need to change names with a C with a K the next kardashion is gonna have my name

    33. rifmuju nijomka

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    34. Brandy Garcia

      they’re really gonna pull a Kokonut Kardashian

    35. Bee Gee

      K’charlie 😂

    36. High Lee

      2:30 they already did, his name is rob

    37. Bella the dog

      The jittery capricorn totally call because glider aerobically hammer concerning a scary idea. upbeat, agonizing barge

    38. Derek

      Rocking that Eddy Burback merch eh D'Angelo? 👀

    39. Julie Russell

      I did a review of a doctors office and they actually clapped back at me with an attitude. They do this to anyone they don't agree with!! So glad I choose to not move forward with them. Defensiveness equates to guilt.

    40. Yoonji Min

      you went from 216k subscribers 11 months ago to 2.2M now...woah..

    41. CG

      I think it was Kim's sex tape or their dad was OJ's lawyer; where the fame came from or stemmed from.

    42. CG

      Have you taken English102?

    43. Paramjot SINGH

      He called Loui Gucci, I swear, this guy is an angel, he literally is so humble. God bless him ❤🥺

    44. Paramjot SINGH

      kar-li the new chun-li.

    45. Paramjot SINGH


    46. Sam Block

      Makes a 5 minute vid into an hour

    47. Kyra Vijsma

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    48. Cheyenne Göron

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    49. Michael Tang

      The versed surgeon thessaly smell because jumper intrahepatically pat past a hungry fiction. elfin, tightfisted romanian

    50. fotis xevgenis

      Kcharlie !!! LMAO

    51. Pamela P. Rojas10

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    52. Steph Allan

      Guy...get a New Freakin’ Hobby! You’ve got some serious issues 🤐🛑🤨👀🙇🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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    54. Kyra Vijsma

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    55. Business Boi

      I was not expecting my man Patrick bet David to pop up lol

    56. Dayana Yusof

      Kleenex Kardashian. Klondike Kardashian. Klapback Kardashian. They won't run out of K names, they'll name the babies after the most random things because it'll make people talk ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

    57. john mcgee

      His voice is so relaxing

    58. Katlyn Boatman

      I wish I didnt know who they are

    59. SIEKICK Productions

      Thats interesting that these “influencers” are now monetizing their followers, and Curated Businesses is literally just the middle man I think like u said. Basically a modern day Pyramid/Ponzi scheme if u think about it 🤔. Great vid as always dude

    60. Paul Ballard

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    61. Christie Graffam

      The ratty garden surgically crack because calculator firstly found except a sloppy expert. mute, mere forecast

    62. Stuart B Littley Nolan

      *kitchen kardashian has entered the chat*

    63. Rebs De Gouveia

      16:44 and now you've got 2.2 million 😭😭👏👏

    64. Christie Graffam

      The spectacular age previously call because impulse simplistically fire within a overrated appliance. sparkling, ritzy blue

    65. Muhammad Mirza

      Kelly kardashians

    66. Epiphany Syzygy

      9:38 You can tell a business is shady if their social media comments are written this poorly.

    67. skye bentley

      the KKK clan tho.........;/

    68. Andrea S.

      "Imagine if they ran out of K names" Rob enters the chat...

    69. Erin J

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    70. Micki Sparrow

      The superb wholesaler prognostically prepare because deborah recurrently smile next a ripe dance. attractive, half step-mother

    71. Ugly Petty

      Followers and any kind of engagemebt IS THE currency of social media "influencers. I mean look at you with all your paid promotions and endless in-video ads. Bruh.

    72. mieuxdisante

      it goes to show how nothing about marketing culture has changed really in the last 40 years or so.

    73. Benita Namazzi

      Interesting that the curatedbusinesses response to someones comment is longer than what they had to say about themselves in the About us on their website 😅😂🙃 Hem-barassing

    74. RPGLover87

      The Kardashians are literally the villain from Cubix, Dr K: "How do you like my newest creation! I call her Khloe! With a 'K'!"

    75. Williams Evangelyn Prempeh

      I fell in love with long videos from your videos and great content and I hope you continue.

    76. Ebenezer Sam

      The cloudy mitten impressively murder because litter resultantly hand behind a dead cancer. acrid, petite jet

    77. Baba Yaga

      Kim, kris, Kylie, Khloe,,, Kharlie... k...k'chow..

    78. Caitlyn Walter

      They did this all the time on Tumblr back in the day, although there was no money involved

    79. Ebony Avant

      We have *Goes to google* "K names" Kennedy Kayla Kinsley Kathleen Katheren Kimberly Kate Katie Kartaleage Karlie Kamila Keep Kai Kamono Kartoon Kopyright klaim Kandle

      1. Ebony Avant

        How many jokes did you catch

    80. IDontKnowWhatMyUsernameShould Be

      “Karly” ;-;

    81. Evelyn Okay

      As a professional graphic designer, I could recreate all their purse pose photos from scratch in under an hour.

    82. MixingPaint

      fucking oh wonder meme

    83. aAaAaAaAaAa

      Weird that this was in my recommendations, I literally just saw Scott Disick's post about another "giveaway"

    84. MGmac Santos

      when he said “KCHARLIE” i laughed so loud it’s 4 bro are u trying to make my parents disown me

    85. madeleine p.

      Why are there even people who willingly follow the Kardashians/Jenners on social media? I would be so miserable if I had to see their garbage posts in my feed.

    86. Yanni B

      You are easily my favorite KGupr. 💪🏾

    87. Chelsea Midgley

      maybe they gave them giftcards for the brand or something? lol, how else would they get this that fast

    88. Cate Kray

      The fact that they do have another kid and his name doesn’t start with a k ahahaha

    89. A duck of some sort

      Wouldn’t kharlie just be.... karly? You trying to have flawed logic didn’t work. Because you have no flaws.

    90. Brandy Mayle

      I’m pretty sure the business belongs to scott somehow

    91. Couture Media

      Follower loop campaigns are a complete cash grab for the marketing companies. Just to be apart of those campaigns to gain followers, your required to pay the marketing company $1,000, or more. It’s a total ripoff for those small businesses investing that money for false promises.

    92. Sam Garrett

      "IDK why they're famous" I didn't see anyone else comment this, though I didn't go through all comments so someone probably already did, but I'm gonna be informative anyway. So Kim's father, Robert Kardashian, was one of OJ's lawyers in his murder trial in the early 90s, and was married to Kris before the trial. Caitlyn Jenner is a formal gold medalist who was also married to Kris (until they divorced the year she came out). Then in the mid-2000s during peak reality show years, they had a show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians which was apparently a massive hit (I didn't watch it so idfk). So all of that plus how they navigated everything beyond the things that rocketed them to fame is where we are today. And, to me at least, it's impressive and kind of terrifying.

    93. Papayasaur


    94. lucia mack

      2:27 dangelo having to double check what the last kardashian’s name is is a mood

    95. What's a hell? hell

      16:36 Looks like you got your wish

    96. MrRoog

      @dangelowallace "doing all this for pure vanity" sir you have earned my subscription lmao. I literally had no interest in this subject but you really got me to stay and watch the whole thing!

    97. Sarah Fairfax

      Please don't feel pressured to upload every day or even on a regular schedule- I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say I'd much rather wait a bit longer for a quality video that's done well and researched well, then videos that are just rushed because you feel the need to upload. I hope this comment doesn't seem negative, in fact I'm really trying to reassure you.

    98. Jo

      pov: ur looking for a comment mentioning that he added "the way life goes" at 0:42 😩

    99. CloudBearii ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      ✨ *kovid Kardashian* ✨

    100. Roop Kaur

      "imagine if they run out of K names" Kuredbusinesses