I Tried AMONG US Impostor Memes That ACTUALLY WORK!


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    1. Infinite

      Who wants MORE MEME STRATS in among us?!

      1. Hunter Weimer


      2. Jencarlos Villatoro


      3. Niceone


      4. dreamtale twins

        I was dream....

      5. Kali Smith (Student)


    2. Richard Garcia

      what should the boys do next?

    3. Hunter Weimer


    4. Deadly Universe Himiko Toga

      Infinite: what’s popping Me: don’t mind me just watching

    5. Deborah Ritchie

      I play Among Us and it's really hard to hide cuz of my witch hat

    6. Negar Khodadadi

      I'm 9 but j still have a phone j really like your vids and I'm gonna try these stratss

    7. Negar Khodadadi

      OMG I finally have a phone so I can say I'm ligit the biggest freaking fan and I subscribed to all your channels and I'm trying to like very video of your channels

    8. Jencarlos Villatoro

      I doo plz:(:)

    9. Mia Wright

      caylus be like- what's popin

    10. Ninja Daer

      im still laughing at how he tried to kill and everyone just comes xD

    11. Ninja Daer

      ima do that

    12. Vince Go

      who was that behind you

    13. Niceone

      Omg lol I was laughing the whole vid

    14. Loba

      0:11 You sus

    15. Sayon s8 wala in nepal Lol


    16. Chaise FURNER

      They didn't report in the first meme because they didn't know what color killed the person because you were hiding your whole body

    17. Angelina Torres

      Thats my favorite blue color

    18. Angelina Torres

      Also nice head set Caylus, they look dope af

    19. Angelina Torres

      They probably thought it was hide and seek lol

    20. happy family

      Omg i was playing among us and when cyan got reported cyan got reported on my scren at the same time

    21. umer ejaz

      i saw keira bridget in the background

    22. Snipercat 21

      Who else noticed Kiera or someone in the background lol :D

    23. Oscar Nanez Palma

      keira behing you

    24. active mia

      someone is hiding in the background

    25. Gianna Foust

      You wanna know the best hiding spot 🤔🤔 the wants

      1. Gianna Foust

        Opps Kent vents

    26. Gabriel Meza

      Caylus: What’s Popping Me: Brand New Whip Just Hopped In

    27. Keaton Lonecke

      i also see Kiera in the background.

    28. Lana Herbert

      on polus therre is a cam there

    29. Jordan McNally

      yup it definitely works for me.

    30. xHazel

      for the "o" strat u can make ur name invisible which is even more op for mobile tho ;-;

    31. drgeorgejacob

      dont make fun of me but i dont have among us

    32. Princess Fuzzy OwO

      Wait.... OMG----- THE ONE THAT IS NAMED DREAM IS ME!!! :00

    33. hamad Kh

      I actually saw somebody but I don’t know she was back infinite😂

    34. loving cat

      I mean you could just make your name like just a dot . So its much more easy

    35. Gabe Smith


    36. Sanket Saha

      The guy at 1:59 ? He isn't dumb hes big brain he went to see if the imposter vented

    37. maggie greer

      Everyone: paying attention to Caylus Me: watching kiera hiding behind some blankets and doing her thing in the background

    38. Addison Fullenkamp

      I see Kiera in the back

    39. Addison Fullenkamp

      I see Kiera in

    40. jesus jr rodriguez

      kiera wan in the bacvk

    41. jesus jr rodriguez

      kiera was on back

    42. GamerBoy


    43. GamerBoy

      yes love you

    44. GamerBoy

      me hi infineti i am not new i love your amung us vidios do more and more of them

    45. Minecart Off the rails

      Wtf I was playing in this game

    46. Alexandra Heinen

      I love how Kiera is just chilling in the background!

    47. No username

      I was detective:(

    48. Devdath Shaji EPIIS

      i did this it is insane but i fail now my mobille is missing

    49. Gourisree 1881

      First i try is mira hq i hide in reactor the red just vented😅 lol😂

    50. Blessed Bockting

      Me they are pretty cool :)

    51. Chris S

      who is in the back

    52. Daria DiCicco

      Kirea just chilling in the background like: hey how y’all doing

    53. Kay Vin

      i know a spot in mira go to the balcony then hide behind the thing then u can even hide body’s there

    54. Albert Abellon


    55. Carolyn Nelson

      kiera vibing in the backround lol

    56. Erica Alvarez

      Idk if that kiera CAYLUS R U CHETAN

    57. Ilana Isakov

      My name is yan

    58. Ilana Isakov

      What age you are

    59. Farah Naz

      Lol when infinite did the cyan trick I saw kiara behind the tv lol

    60. Ryan Nunez

      The only thing I’m wondering how do u get imposter so many times like I’m only the imposter like 3times a day

    61. Binny Ramos

      or just make it nothing

    62. Binny Ramos

      just make your name a period it is way better than an o

    63. saeed gantt

      Caylus glitching: im so god people getting killed by him: cut the cap your a hacker fck you

    64. Karsen Griggs

      Start of intro- Whats poppin' Me: Don't mind me just watchin'

    65. Ari Amaya

      DO more!!! pls!

    66. Gracie Loves McDonald's

      I've seen the person named detective he was green and had the hat

    67. Temeka Lofton


    68. Hydro Odin

      These are all fake set ups.

    69. Maya Robinson

      i see some one in the back round

    70. Emilee Boyd

      I saw your girlfriend in the background

    71. AJ Marcellano


    72. P&J Neal

      Have you seen Henry Stickman if you have his enemies or his teammates are the top hats in one of the tubes in specimens there is a top hat

    73. Kathryn Russell

      Who's the man behind the wood?

    74. sireesha ekkurthi

      I tried it and it worked

    75. Obito Uchiha

      Ok so if you skip back ten seconds at the start of the vidoe just keep skipping back ten seconds and you can hear the word puss

    76. Sourav Sunil

      In every thumbnail he has done in previous vids, are Among us

    77. Novita Harris

      when infinite says "what's poppin" me: what's poppin brand new whip just hopped in :>

    78. The mighty wolves

      Gg you can't see me

    79. Mahalakshmi Varieth

      pls stop making tthat weird noise

    80. Ruby Walshe

      You can have no name

    81. Chloe Jayne

      Peep Kira in the background

    82. Lila Young

      Did anyone see keria in the back. Round lol

    83. Jacinda Murdoch

      Keira was just laying there In bed lol

    84. Joshua Newman

      who was in the backorund

    85. Donald Hawkins

      Who saw Keira in the background?

    86. Noemi Portillo

      How do you get that map

    87. Claire Coleman


    88. Games With JKB Justin

      My name is detective and I try to use some criminal investigation logic

    89. Jenny Guevara

      I'm dream

    90. Maya Hancock

      oh my god I think I was literally in this game!!! I recognize these names from a game that I have on video!!!I'm flamingo!!!

      1. Ninja Daer

        epic. i always wanted to be in his vids :)

    91. bounpone oupasene

      Keira in the back

    92. auro1100 auro1100

      Lol when he said u have 2 be cyan and lower case o 4 ur name in the back u can c Kiera...

    93. Omer Yusuf Unsal

      9:11 Does anyone saw Kiera watching something hahaha

    94. Neolandro Dingal

      How many times you have been imposter

    95. Jennifer Tualla

      I feel like you're hacking beacuz you're always Impostor:/

    96. Seth Cooper

      There is a glitch in among us where dead bodies do not show up but you can see the report button which makes it really confusing

    97. Samuel Garcia

      How come there is someone behind you

    98. Aliah Pr

      One time I was imposter and somebody was on my team and I killed them and won as imposter

    99. K Brown

      Hi Kiera xD

    100. yo p

      Please make more Among Us videos of you playing Among Us