PAWS FOR THOUGHT (Thanksgiving Special)

Simon's Cat

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    A good deed goes a long way, and for Simon’s Cat that means a new friend! Meet Teddy, the feral kitty, working his way into Simon’s Cat’s heart in our Thanksgiving special - Paws For Thought
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    Director: Simon Tofield
    Animation Director: Rachel Thorn
    Animator: Jack Sleeman
    Art Coordinator: Georgina Chapman
    Production Manager: Phoebe Lane
    Executive Producers: Edwin Eckford, Mike Bell
    Music: Shrooty
    Foley: Fonic
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    1. jazmin Neftali G.

      aaaawww how beautiful ❤️ it was a stray kitten 😭😭 how beautiful that he left his food 💞💞

    2. Аня Бом

      Ooohhh😍😍😍 it soooooo cuuuuute😍😍🥰🥰😍😍

    3. Lucia Sanz

      When Teddy’s tummy growled I bursted into tears. I’m not even joking.

    4. J. Williford

      Awwww, Simon is so kind.

    5. elina Papadopoulou

      I love this cartoon 😄😄😍😍💖💖

    6. sebraku

      The best ending

    7. Brett Gough

      i loved this story so much, the ending is so sweet and kind i cried a little

    8. COSGUK

      We need more people like this cat :)

    9. HIS Helping Heart

      Awww...soo touching! I hope this cat gets rescued! Simon is such a great and loving man. Please make this one part of the family!💕

    10. Ramdin Francine

      I will never get tired of watching this !😂

    11. Amanda G.

      I'm not crying, you're crying 🥺🥺🥺

    12. Ирина Гадзала

      I really want to see happy ending for this cat:))

    13. артём

      А здесь есть кто нибудь из русских

    14. Kerry Gligorovic

      Wished they add some colours onto the background scenery.

    15. Kirbo Gamer

      Does Simon's Cat have an official name, other than the name Simon's Cat?

    16. Alexander Jellinek

      Super theme and lovely creation!

    17. bbn nelly

      I cried 🥺🥺🥺 poor cat it s too sad i hope simon take with him !!

    18. Violet And Friends

      I always used to watch this when I was 3

    19. Danilplay _time


    20. Timo Kroll


    21. Lilith Dark Moon


    22. Ꭰ Ꭵ К Ꭵ _


    23. Ms Dony *

      that was good very very good.❤️

    24. Kamoonra The Wolf God

      I am most thankful this year of 2020 for Simon's Cat entertaining me.

    25. Dahn

    26. Petr Havlát

      I do really love ur videos cuz i got 2 cats and they are same as in ur videos

    27. SHORT FILMS!

      Idea Simon's cat: The movie Plot: In the middle of the night, the cat sneaks out to go to wacky adventures involving romance, and meeting new animals. They come face to face with a aggressive cat. So than that includes fighting the man. And the cat goes to new places too. (You think of the rest) Any time limit Any logo you can think of Any release date Any music

    28. linda chandler


    29. Wynona Lee

      Soo cute ❤️😻

    30. Елена Степанова


    31. Valentinus Hari Gunawan


    32. Stephanie Price

      As a person who is single handedly trying to help 13 ( 10 are babies ) neighborhood cats I feel this piece big time. One of the babies always wants in ( and admittingly I've let her ) . However, whenever I see her family out there it makes me want to cry. So to be fair to them I place her back out side. Then I feel like junk because she was all happy and then had to go back. But I just cant take seeing all those little bodies out there while one is in my home. I think she understands though because she'll jump right out of my arms when I open the door and she will start walking away. Fingers crossed they make it through the winter

    33. Bob alcantra

      I know, maybe Teddy can be adopted by Simon's Punk Rock drummer neighbor. Something good has to happen to Teddy, Simon's cat clearly live in a cat people neighborhood. Maybe some hippie girl finds him. You gotta hook Teddy up.

    34. Richard Acosta

      I'm an owner of a 1and a half year old cat,(my first cat) and I am a recent fan of Simons cat. I discovered it looking for advice when my cat Casper went missing. It worked out in the end. The reason I'm commenting now is because this episode really got to me. Please please please make Teddy Simons friend later and please can you give him a happier situation along the way. Maybe get him adopted near by or by Simon himself. Whatever works for you. I know it's just animation but this one got me.

    35. Оксана Fan Оксана


    36. 。ブルボン


    37. Charmaine Morgan

      So sad. I hope this kitty gets adopted.

    38. High Majorus

      Love your feral humans too.

    39. анастасия мухина

      Очень милая и добрая история🥺🌺

    40. Reba Joe

      2:22 happy stomp dance. 😺

    41. suzi teixeira

      So cute!

    42. Марія Ляш

      Is it only me or does the homeless cat looks like the kitten Tiny?

    43. The Mysterious One

      Are that the kitten and the homeless cat related?

    44. Herman Wong

      New fav character, teddy

    45. Maxi Tapia

      Every time Simon's Cat make something cute Win 1$ Dollar Simon's Cat: Here, Comes *Money*

    46. Эмиль Шарифуллин

      Хей как дела это новый кодилак делать деньги блин вот так

    47. cookie crummble

      Omg I love the kindness and I never know Simon so generosity and kind I love the voices and sound and other omg 😭

    48. DovaCat The_Dragonborn

      If I could, I'd give away all my food to help those hungry on the streets. Even tho there's a lot more people out there, it's the least I could do..

    49. Ciara Haran

      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 🐱💕

    50. Phill Swift

      A A

    51. Cristopher Aht

      Yo veía esto cuando tenía 7 años XD

    52. angeldeb82

      So cute!

    53. Eryberrie

      Please please please have Simon adopt Teddy!

    54. Troy Ortega

      As i often told my Gracie, we need to sharecwith the less fortunate kitties out there. Some of them do not have houses equipped with laps, blankies, and daddies to take care of them. At my first house, the neighbor cat adopted a cat bed on my porch that i was about to throw out. I put a fleece blanket in it for him and would cover him up in winter. He was a sweet boy. At my second house, which was rural, shortly after i moved in a saw a cat using a comforter that was airing out on my back deck (i think it was a neighbor's barn cat). I put a storage tub on its side for a wind break and put the comforter folded up in there and spilling out. Put a little food out a few times. Saw him/her there a few times. Must have been feral or semi-feral, because it would run off if i opened the laundry room door to go outside. Anyway, never miss a chance to help an animal.

    55. Momo DC

      Aww come here kitty, i will feed u everyday 😻🥺

    56. Warolrack

      right decision сhose simon's cat

    57. Leslie Fisher

      aww that was really sweet :')

    58. La L

      I watch this every morning to remind myself to be charitable and give.

    59. Cat Baton


    60. My best Scorpio Mc

      🤣🤣🤣date note 📝

    61. Susan Barrott


      1. Carolejane Wheeler

        You are going to have so much fun catching up on past episodes!!💕

    62. EpicGamer541

      Poor homeless cat. At least Simon's cat was kind enough to give him the food after seeing his suffering. I sure do hope they get a home tho

    63. daverage47

      Awwh, poor Teddy. Lovely to see how excited and happy he got when he got that fish :)

    64. Britny Velazquez

      Love you simon the cat ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘

    65. TheDark Dragon

      this was cute

    66. Misaki Takumi


    67. Captain Unikitty

      He gets food :3

    68. Venus Chan

      Simon's cat is soooooooo kind! ^-^

    69. Igor Nechyporenko

      Какая замечательная серия! Очень люблю мультфильмы про котика! 😋 Incredible episode! I love this cat! 😋

    70. Marie Bidinotto

      Que bom que ele deu o peixe pro outro gatinho 😢😍

    71. Marycarmen Cuesta


    72. Борис Морозов

      Это плохо. Я вас ненавижу. Котёнка обидели исправляйтесь!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    73. Andrea Lee


    74. Robin Dieker

      adopt her adopt her - new cat for simons cat!

    75. Tasla1

      Darn it. This made me cry. Back in 2010 I moved into a nice house with my (now former) wife. The backyard came with ascrawny little black and white cat. The neighbours infomred us that this shy little being was constantly onthe move, trusted nobody and was constantly picked on by other cats, some of them her siblings (we have a "wild" cat problem here in germany, but that`s another story). I`m a dog person, always have been. But this cat was special... for me at least. It took me months to get it to come into the house, more to let me pet her. ... And she ended up being my companion. Through a painful divorce... a painful loss of my own home... a move to another town.... a painful depression. She passed away two years ago through a quick and unnerving ailness. Oh, I miss her. But at least I know I gave her a few very good years. Sigh. Thanks Simon.

    76. Ash Decker

      Okay. This made me smile even more than the others. My favorite holiday one so far. Well done!

    77. seiom jvony

      Can Simon's cat bring feral kitty home to Simon? She needs a good home 💛

    78. crashdiet

      Under the tough exterior, Simon's Cat has a heart of gold.

    79. -Sophie Kamal-

      This is why I feed the stray cats that come to my house

    80. Tschuri Fetzen


    81. this_is_sabs

      I now wanna foster this kitty ❤ Thank you for this!

      1. seiom jvony


    82. Zul Xpertz


    83. Hexe Tiamat

      So sweet! He gave him his own fish. All the cats in the worls deserve have a sweet and warm home.

    84. stephens2082


    85. Лиля Карипова

      Мой любимый мульт, после Масяни.

    86. Phoebe


    87. Amanda Youngs

      Simon's Cat nails it again!

    88. hep siep

      rwtsjs👾😻yaingjs Sjgne Ajdj Ske Sj Sks

    89. Judge Dave

      i'll gladly give teddy a home. ive already adopted 2 strays plus all thier issues one of them i call ninja had to have one of his rear legs removed im £1000 lighter due to vet bills. God knows what happened to him but hes now very happy and made the transition from stray to indoor sofa hog cat.

    90. Jenny Tzakova

      I loved this one, will there be a part 2? I wanna see them be friends!!!!

    91. Celtic and Penobscot

      No nicer way to send a message! Adopt a pet from your nearest shelter and call on your Parliamentary deputies or Congresspeople to shut down puppy and kitty mills!

    92. louisvonbeethoven

      "Now that's humorous! He spelled it "paws" instead of "pause". Today's comedians could learn a lot from my nephew."

    93. Ilona Strugielska

      Wait a minute how old are you cats

    94. Leslie Hulse

      Aww wasn't it nice of Simon's Cat to give Teddy the Fish.

    95. karen Woodhead


    96. Kavona London

      epic cat dance at the end, but if I saw that cat I would adopt it

    97. Эмиль Шарифуллин

      Привет а я тут русская

    98. Эмиль Шарифуллин


    99. Лариса Бисерова

      Hello, how to play with friends? Tell me, please.

    100. Katherine M.

      I love these cartoons...they warm my heart ❤️....