i'm off my rocker • COPING THRU THE END OF 2020

Liza Koshy Too

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    The one thing 2020 didn't put on hold... was my quarter life crisis. To cope, I created joy. And that joy includes being cradled by my mom, joyfully driving a baby car and several other childhood dreams come true. This is #sponsored by the guiding light that is @Google Maps. Thanks for helping me navigate this wild ride called 2020.
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    Thank you, fellow navigators of 2020.
    Keep your boats afloat. Let's rock on.
    All love,

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    1. Liza Koshy Too

      i have SAVED my password to my main channel, and no, i don't plan on logging out: kgup.info

      1. Guillermo Daxton

        @Calvin Karson Damn! Took roughly 20 minutes but it reallyworked!

      2. Calvin Karson

        Dunno if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Find it on google :D

      3. Panda


      4. Amilyia Mansfield

        Liza your not die

      5. Anu

        @Liza Koushy Too keep doing you baby...we love you forever 💕😘...take care of yourself...god bless 💕💖


      MAMAAAAAA “cute face “

    3. Micolett Lawrence

      Low dollar store with Liza make more of them like every day make Dallas store with Liza dollar store with Liza

    4. Micolett Lawrence

      I love your videos and I love Liza too and I love Dallas toll is a baby oh and I also love love you too and I loved the video you did with Chris and say hi to Frank question but I love your videos so I just want to know they were voice on both old and my name is 🥰🥰Londyn🥰🥰 I am her daughter I am 🥰🥰Londyn🥰🥰 and I am her daughter and

    5. MushroomMiix

      1:01 "I d o n ' t LiKe ait..✨nœ✨..I dOn'T- *b a n g*

    6. DANNY XIE

      I think this video is sponsored be Google maps

    7. user 3452


    8. Carl Thomas

      Cute onesie you're wearing Liza 😍




      you scared the shoe off my foot

    11. Tamera Ray

      I want to be a giant baby

    12. Tucorey Lamb


    13. Trudy Marusic

      Oh yes queen work it I have watched all of your videos

    14. Essence Garcia

      She is my happy place to when I’m sad I watch her and I’m like this is heaven

    15. Merlome Valeriste

      I love you 😏

    16. l b

      Atar lokey atar lokey

    17. itsAndie_Plays

      hoW thE heCk dO YoU geT sPOnsERED iNTo GoOGlE mAPS?

    18. Braselton94

      Reminds me of Raven Symone

    19. Xx _ Nixi _ xX

      the wine going everywhere in the bath got me 💀

    20. Dan Sullivan

      Liza: *i don’t know where I’m going quick turn on google maps* Liza a second later: *casually running into bushes while screaming*

    21. Cute Queen261

      At 3:35 she either edited that or she really did it she threw up

    22. I can paint :D


    23. GøthGaming

      This made me laugh so hard since it's so relatable

    24. Rachel DeChamplain

      I would love to see jet on roller skates


      The phone case cracks me up. I'm pretty sure she's advertising for the post office.

    26. theloniousMac

      Bath Time text to tub scene. Fastest my interest in anything has peaked and hit bottom ever.

    27. Lilou Rozan

      6:31 omg cod that’s funny

    28. Aaron Townsley

      I would've been disappointed if she wasn't being crazy in this video. Cool to finally, far as I've seen, see her mom and to know that she has a sibling.

    29. Gretchen Froede

      My childhood: THIS

    30. 2-POINT-O

      I'm not an adult either. my mind does not age well with my body and my technology is still on the floor partially developed. this magnetic levitation device fights me like my spoiled rotten bratty children fight with me. but i'm trying to build something outta nothing dont try this at home kids

    31. Dino Dreams

      The way she said I don’t like it was so funny

    32. Baka Chaser

      Hey Liza srry I SUPER late but I have been watching u for YEARS pls pin this dont if u don’t want to but just remember we are all here for u ❤️

    33. FWIIVEAL

      She like my sister

    34. FWIIVEAL

      UwU liza is UwU

    35. Your_local _Roblox_girl

      David........his friend invited 5 girls to have a 5 sum and 2 only wanted to do it the other 3 left and 1 reported to that she got raped... you should brake up with David....it’s all over TikTok...

    36. The Great Gacha Moon

      I love when you first put on your skates you turned British 😂

    37. Techno_chan

      Was she dating David while making this bc if she was David definitely was scared😂

    38. Make up By Iona

      Liza’s sister and mom just going along with it LMAOOO

    39. Grace the gaming Channel

      I’m turning ten and I was vegan at three I’m loving Liza for being vegan

    40. Sofia Markel

      Not trying to be mean but are you ok lol

    41. That one Bookworm

      How can one person be so funny

    42. Luna Marie

      Why did she stop posting 🥺


      when she spit something out I got concerned for her lmao

    44. Lightbulb Haniea

      Jet: cheeyes Liza: cheese or yes? Jet: Cheeyes Me: :O

    45. AKILUNA

      "Oh! I started making my own bubbles . Thanks Korny Vibes" 😂😂😂 I love you Liza 🤸🤸🤗

    46. Pau Méndez

      I wonder what the heck she said in 0:55 😆

    47. Tamara Shokry

      You make me sooooo happy

    48. Chrissy Henderson


    49. Dawn Thomas

      When she threw up that kind a looked ew

    50. Princesses Nichole

      That is a big bath tub dang

    51. Amanda Stephenson

      I roller blade and roller scare and ice scate and I’m nine

    52. 。Moonlight。

      Yeah, i think you’re going to need some wine after that touch down. Lol

    53. Leanna May

      Absolute MAGIC. THANK YOU

    54. Kadyn Henderson

      My Kylie

    55. Kadyn Henderson

      I love you liza

    56. Hessa Chips

      I love this video so much reality

    57. Chloe WISEMAN

      Im soo Happy that the glass did not break lol

    58. Sophie Edwards

      "Your burgers cold" lmfao

    59. Sleepy Simp

      5:34 THE NOISE I LET OUT

    60. Max Mclane

      liza you have a pool in your bathroom that is glorious

    61. Jaleesa Cordova

      Baby liza

    62. Erin Benites

      I have watched this video previously, but it still cracks me up. Nobody on YT makes me laugh the way Liza does.

    63. kay t

      that baby burping part had me laughing for hours and i even got in trouble at school for laughing during class

    64. Morgan Crosby

      Imagine being her neighbor and seeing that at like 7am

    65. Wesley Malungane

      Does someone knows how to unblar an image?

    66. dancerjoygrace

      This video was so funny😂

    67. Nature sound

      Help out me, university girl, to be independent OF: yosofia 💗🗝👼🏻

    68. Major Rafa


    69. Raz

      the fact that she can fit in it , and im younger and cant 😭

    70. Nonhlanhla Motha

      'I don't I don't like it I don't need it'😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    71. Cicada

      nah austin has the best food gurl please

    72. Amilyia Mansfield

      liza I'm your biggest fan I love you video

    73. Katelynn Zink

      This video made me cry🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 plz do more vids like this

    74. TTV.snakez 1x

      Atara ataralocket atara made it

    75. maja reinhardt

      i have no laughed this much in MONTHS

    76. maja reinhardt

      you could just tell by the dance that liza was in the red costume

    77. maja reinhardt

      loves that she just turns british

    78. maja reinhardt

      it was always ''you should go out more, see some people'' and its just '' stay at home'' i lovee it here

    79. Rosie Ponting

      Where are the age regressors hiding in the comments

    80. genki

      0:58-1:04 fire your damn editer girl

    81. Oluwayomi Williams


    82. daniellewith3

      You are so funny can you give me some KGup ideas

    83. 「Graceblxues」

      im sorry, i cant. "haehee" 1:21

    84. Saturn

      Yeah- I resorted to age regression *Liza possibly trying to silently tell us she's an age regressor without saying she's an age regressor* the age regressors k n o w

    85. Jeremiah Pasteur

      It’s wenzzxxday with lizzza baAybeey

    86. J U L I E T

      Liza is vegan?????

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      Funny face at 5:26

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      i really like the *chaos* these channels have..only liza...*only* liza

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      You are funny and a great person in my eyes Liza you are a wonderful baby doll because of the theme

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      Oh no Liza this video is kinda weird at the start before you went outside and now I'm think creeps going to have this on repet holy crap😑

    93. Fabrícia Pinheiro

      I thought the thumbnail was photoshopped, adding Liza's face to a child's body but it's actually her, so tiny lol i relate

    94. Samia

      The title: I’m off my rocker Me:iLL tElL yOu A sEcReT aLl ThE bEsT pEoPlE aRe *melanie Martinez reference*

    95. Hshsgdhsj Hxhxjxx

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      Nice video

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