I made Griffs Extendable Baseball Bat from BTTF 2 + Delorean DMC


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    As a MASSIVE Back to the Future fan I welcome to the channel the Delorean DMC 12 and to go in it a loverly Stainless Steel Extendable Bat.........But stay tuned as next video I try n learn to use @Gravity Industries jet suit to ride a hover board.
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    1. colinfurze

      Exited for flying the jet suit with the hoverboard, for progress so far channel members have a first look and some new merch updates kgup.info/must/p68_FLety0O-n9QU6phsgw.htmljoin Thanks to all viewers and hope your all doing ok in this weird 2020.

      1. Achronic Deth

        Momentary N.O. Classic Small Push Button Switch Red 3A 125V i use this switch on my car for my middle finger light for tailgaters

      2. Achronic Deth

        How's it feel to drive on the Proper side of the car

      3. NerdyDullahan Art & Gaming

        Did you see Hacksmith's Hoverboard video yet? Maybe you can give it a test ride if they get to test out your Griff baseball bat

      4. deegeetee

        Small momentary switch, should be perfect for the Slugger 2000. www.banggood.com/5Pcs-3A-125V-Momentary-Push-Button-Switch-OFF-ON-Horn-Red-Plastic-p-1109467.html?rmmds=detail-left-hotproducts&cur_warehouse=CN

      5. Mr.creeper

        Doin’ ok thanks 👌

    2. ambread allan

      I’m getting back into punk again cuz u colin!!”x ray specs rule ok”lol cutting edge music foe a cutting edge inventor...

    3. KiM小金KiM小金


    4. Larzz Wright

      You always listen to good music dude this band is great

    5. Don Sebastian

      It's very good that people like you exist

    6. jagoq53

      MALL GRAB!!!!!

    7. Maciek Struciński

      Give me back my deluxo !

    8. Simon Riley

      Wait a minute, why not just use the same concept as a toy lightsaber it extends from the handle and you wouldnt have to use any electronics

    9. Blonddoggo

      best intro ever

    10. Dinomaster121

      why don't just use a spring release mechanism just like how a gun works tho

    11. Jason Schreiber

      @colinfurze Check out Tayda Electronics for switches and other electronic prototype components... your welcome.

    12. JP Wright

      My fav part is the always the fake hand

    13. haduroboros

      Isn't it a brother of John Lydon?

    14. Jonathan Finger

      You and the hacksmith should do a colab both u make insane inventions

    15. Mike

      deluxo gang gang

    16. CaptainRemixer


    17. Mars' Gaming


    18. Marcus Potter

      Mount magnet + to a mettle floor - to the bored to make an hover bored it's already bin done but works and looks easy Todo xd if it looks easy to do it my not be easy at all but yh gl

    19. Jordan P

      Make the videos five times longer. More content for us, more money for you

    20. Footy Jersey Collecting *CHANNEL + GOLD Collecting

      Very British swing of the bat

    21. Sensei Han

      Bat to the future

    22. TheSilverPalace

      Thedooo needs that guitar

    23. Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

      Not even Doc and Marty knew what was coming...

    24. duckcontroller14

      ya know colin furze you should meet up with hacksmith

    25. Nick Marthaler

      Spring loaded like an umbrella

    26. Jack Berry

      It’s now 2020 that’s crazy !! So much has happened

    27. Wyfon Boston

      Make a iron man suit

    28. Jupiter Whykes

      Your a legend mate! 😂😂😂

    29. Andrew Delsureto

      He is lucky to be a youtuber because it would be a lot of money for that deloriane

      1. Massive Legend

        A deloreon is actually pretty cheap

    30. P4RAS1TE_G0DL1KE

      I liked this purely off the intro alone, bravo sir

    31. MR G

      Love the bat Colin, wondering 🤔 if you could design and make some extenable stilts, they go in and out, uo and down, same sort of thingy really ..I'm a plasterer and would be handy if could change the height whilst still on the stilts, haven't found any on the market like that, you have to get off and manually do it each time, what you reakon 😎

    32. ZopyrionRex

      Totally thought it was Gordon Ramsay in the thumbnail getting ready to smash a Delorean.

    33. Echo Xane

      So just wondering. I suppose you couldn't automate it both ways, but why not just have it have some kind of spring loading that keeps it open, and a magnetic system that holds it shut. Pressing a button releases the magnet on a sort of trigger system and lets the springs instantly pop the bat open.... then it's just an issue of getting it back closed.... you could have an internal winch system that pulls it down on a cable until the magnet reengages i guess... I just kinda feel like having that rod down the core of the bat would jar loose from impact after a while..

    34. RockDemon 44

      Ive downloded every song from his chanele there awesome 👍😂

    35. Patrick Howie

      If you need a better momentary switch just order a stainless steel anti vandal 18mm switch I have Lots

    36. Patrick Howie

      Just use a worm drive, dc motor, lithium battery or as you call it a bat tree, and of course other minor components, much smaller

    37. Shadow N

      Excellent video and very creative 👍

    38. Lucas 48

      As a skater it killed me when I saw the mall grab

      1. bananas stuff

        No one cares

    39. wellis studio


    40. El

      Its a time loop, and colin is the doc when he was younger!

    41. Alexander Govorukhin

      I need that Delorian

    42. Dvplexx

      Everybody gangsta until colin turns a dmc into a working deluxo

    43. Conah L'Estrange

      I like he made up some excuse about not wanting to ruin the car and it’s totally not because he’s worried for the fabric of time he’s the real like doc !

    44. Jakub Měch

      whats the song on 4:03

    45. Toosty roll

      The DeLorean is such a sexy car

    46. William Patrucco

      hes like if the hacksmith lived a british drug fueled life

    47. shaquille moody


    48. David Morrison

      Bat to the Future

    49. Defiance 32

      Is Colin slowly becoming Doc Brown for real?

    50. Grux Galaxy

      How do you like the stiff gas and clutch pedals

    51. Mr.SMILEY 15

      I can't believe delorean is still standing in 2020😏

    52. Sqoou Too

      Video starts at 3:00

    53. fordy

      Is this the car that Mike brewer got for the farmer 🤔🤔🤔

    54. J4V

      I found your channel by accident on the video about the at at

    55. wolfman

      @colinfurze there is this KGup channel called hacksmith Industries he gave me the actual working hoverboard so it's technically no longer science fiction

    56. Daniel Lemos

      Brilliant opening bit XD

    57. Txc_ 116

      Feel like he’s trying to make up for something

    58. The Big Picture

      Use a button

    59. Motor Powered Diecast Reviews

      do u own that car?

    60. Ethan Salters

      Watching this British Accountant threaten those fruits and vegetables with an extendable baseball bat has been quite the experience.

    61. iron flab

      Will you make me a bat I will pay 500$$

    62. michael ford

      This car was on wheeler dealers and its your mates Tom

    63. Oliver Ogden-Walsh

      Am I late???


      everybody in the comment section is talking about the car, music and inventions.. me: his name was biff not grief

    65. Charlotte Scott

      how abought a spring.

    66. francine gooble goffin gorfe

      what if you made one that just flicks out.... aka like one of those light saber toys

    67. qdmc12

      That's a late model

    68. Kendal Schorn

      The hesitant rat proximally file because cold concurringly squeak among a black armadillo. alleged, itchy pansy

    69. a2p69

      Awesome bat Colin what about making a light saber next?

    70. levi griggs


    71. Pestilence Page

      nooooice, gotta get me one of these! :P


      Wait what if you just use jets engines or a powerful fan that can stand the human weight like how he made the hover bike

    73. NerdyDullahan Art & Gaming

      My question is if the motors and mechanisms survive a baseball if you hit it with the barrel or danger zones of the bat?

    74. John Akridge

      That was Best Beginning Ever

    75. Callum Chapman

      Really enjoyed the non intrusive advert at 1:10 of your intro. Top work

    76. Wetter. rig

      I like this wow super more pls and longer!.(:😃

    77. David Utterman

      7:36 wtf is that RPG gun in the ceiling?!

    78. Adrian Bongiorno

      If the apocalypse comes, I'm knocking on his door


      “That’s all the clocks I own“ I love this channel so much

    80. Villads Andersen

      I love the intro. Great work

    81. Bradders Bradbeer

      Was the wheeler dealers Dream car episode S1 E6 actually for you and Not Tom?

    82. Holly Lind

      Make the delorian into the time machine

    83. Innochamp

      Really cool and functional like everything you built.👍🏻

    84. Innochamp

      One of my favorite cars🤩 I love the films

    85. Carter C MTB

      Lol its Biff not Griff

    86. Eisa Alhammadi


    87. Ruben Schwirtz

      Make it a tazer bat

    88. Misha Borozdin

      Delorian rial?

    89. jonáš timtom

      british people: i drink tea... colin furze: *I MADE A HOVER BIKE AND AN EXTANDABLE BASEBALL BAT*

    90. Snicket

      You can actually still get a brand new DeLorean. They build them down in Texas and have retroactively fixed all the issues the original ones had. They even make a sport one with a LS engine in it and performance brakes, shocks and such. They are just not very cheap.

      1. bananas stuff

        Wow that's incredibly cool. Thanks!

    91. ItsJustScapes

      Just me who remembers when he was a small channel 😞❤️

    92. Gamepad 31

      so Griff calls me a chicken? I'll just straight call him an asshole, and dare him to hit me.

    93. S Necki

      Listen I wont get offended if you build the delorean I to the back to the future car.

    94. Frankie Rzucek Jr

      Man the beginning was so freakin awesome. Well done. And the fake hand was a nice touch. Lmao 🤣 I just love your videos bro. I wish to meet you some day. I bet you're probably the most fun to hang with. Be safe bud and I cant wait to see what else you can make. You're brilliant at what you do. I say you make a time machine with an old telephone booth. Lmao If anyone can do it, its you.

    95. pigtailsboy

      Rather ruined by reflections of Colin filming the pan shot. Something to watch for in movies next I think of it...

    96. Galactic Man

      The music is so gross

    97. Jamie


    98. Mstrbomber

      No matter what, its always the fake hand that gets me!

    99. Boab Plz

      I wonder if the disposable C02 canisters and a gas powered system would have been more compact and given it a bit more "OOMPH"...

    100. Mister Man

      Colin furze is such a child lmao, he’s awesome his videos are so entertaining