Refund Sisters - Intro + Don't Touch Me [Show! Music Core Ep 698]


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      1. kpoptea

        nurul balqis mohd yusri it’s mor even that bad wdym

      2. Allie Lilies

        Do you have their album too

      3. Robin Haokip

        How nice it was a number of people search it ability talented dancing!

      4. Ryan Tan

        Get lost Blackpink.

      5. luis jr parada

        @Rank and File I browse those link & I haven't found anything also... I guess, the "KOCOWATV" just randomly put those to miss guide people and to advertise other KPOP artist....

    2. ZinMin Khant


    3. ハセパパ


    4. D. Estaño

      Lip synch: exists Jessi: says who?

    5. Junkobami •

      4:27 hwasa👀

    6. So What

      i searched in google "what mean real talent" and this come up

    7. East Gamer

      All these thanks to the guy who produce this Wonderful song *RADO* respect 💪🏼

    8. dyodyo

      i really love them dang

    9. Mayeesha Maleeha Sneha

      We need more kpop ggs like this. Women of all ages, powerful independent women. Junghwa had cancer , is 51, and still singing like a queen. Gosh I would have loved if they continued :(

    10. 鳳鳴九天


    11. pitterpatterson

      They are so amazing, thank god I found kpop lol

    12. Παναγιώτα Παπάμ

      I love this beat it's so powerful and niceee ❤️😘💗

    13. bling indisguise


    14. jambona

      Damn Um Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori are both timeless beauties! Everybody looks so great!

    15. Minnie’s Cheerful Is Everything

      I know this song because Gidle cover this. Wow original is also good

    16. Sailor Moon

      Hwasa and Hyori

    17. Ayesha Maleha

      I can't be the only one who's obsessed with the intro music

    18. law wyne


    19. Acer Alimova

      They are amazing!

    20. Ngân Nguyễn

      Being tired because liked all comments =))) Can’t help falling in love with 4 talented women

    21. Scorp Seven

      Everytime people ask me what a queen looks like, I give them these four examples.

    22. Gypsy Rose

      Omg these ladies are all so GORGEOUS!!!

    23. D Kairupan


    24. let me show ur 90s LooOOoooVe

      WOW SO FUNNY 😭

    25. Aleli Dacanay

      Hwasa x CL x Jessi in 2021. Let's make it happen!

    26. Ella Me

      So today I told my mom Junghwa is 51 yrs old and she was 😱 and said she looks young. Btw my mom is 52 yrs old.

    27. Ella Me


    28. samantha norma sanez

      Oh my god junghwa 51 years old looks so energenic and young and her hair reminds me of hannah montana

    29. reflection joon


    30. Mugen X


    31. lone wolf

      no captions here or the official mv. wow.

    32. Kerushi

      Im 2 months late. I hope i saw the. Earlier.

    33. nina valerie

      The members are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.... wow

    34. J R


    35. Jonna Flores

      Jessi in the only 1 using mic

    36. Gustav Gonzales

      Can we talk about how good this collab is? Powerful ladies with strong vocals and original vibe

    37. Levi • 12 years ago •

      They be lookin and dancing like they all in their 20's damn bro

    38. Levi • 12 years ago •

      Their voices are all unique!

    39. Gustav Gonzales

      Very powerful team!

    40. yen fzal

      Really cant get them off they are so powerful

    41. dan bonbon

      sooooooooooo HOT!!!

    42. Ara Go

      I’m sad they’ve only performed this on stage once, but upon watching their other performances where they had audience, I know they enjoyed those much more and that’s what matters more.

    43. C L

      Love Jessi’s voice!

    44. Parinita Priyadarshini

      this is the girl group worth kneeling down for. period.

    45. LADY GAGA

      Hfhffjc a great day and I will get

    46. 카밀라Camille

      We have 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s here! When they all look like 20s!

    47. M.Yllana Federico

      i wanna be this badass in my 20s 30s 40s and 50s

    48. M.Yllana Federico

      omygod im really stanning lee hyori

    49. M.Yllana Federico

      Ughhhhh i want this to be a permanent group

    50. M.Yllana Federico

      are you sure junghwa is in her 50s????????

    51. Ynca Ann Eve Duerme


    52. Gaia

      Omg this four is so awesome!!! Korea should judt make a comeback of the verybest!!! This is high caliber performanceof thebest of different generation!!!

    53. Megan Elizalde

      I want them to release another song.

    54. Gikwang Lee

      Jessie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    55. Bel Cristina


    56. Nadine Choi

      So no one talk about hwasa being so stable here?

    57. Tea Maniac

      Love every single bit of it!!!!!!!!! Please produce more songs together okkk

    58. The Way to Atlantis

      Lee Hyori is literally MY QUEEN

    59. Kipras Stasiulis

      Every RS: headset mics Meanwhile Eun Bi: HANDHELD

    60. chuckles_roxas

      I swear I’m obsessed with them 😭😭😭

    61. DEE

      I’m in my 20’s & I could only wish I could look as good as them in leather shorts and a crop top 🥲

    62. Fiona Fiona

      Hwasa and Jessi =💥

    63. -infiresmanyea-

      wait what about hwasa in mamamoo and jessie as a solo artist i am confusion!!!

    64. mariah H

      Lee hyori was kinda lost in the mid but she acted quickly waah so impressive

    65. bb wheeinie


    66. Ray

      Why no English subtitles for song? 😭😭😭I want to know what the lyrics are saying!!

    67. seesaw

      Mis patronas

    68. chelecovers

      I can't believe one of these women is 51 years old. Korean skin care is A1.

    69. Tim tim

      Divas, aclamadas, perfeitas, talentosas tudo que tiver de bom pra chamar

    70. shinyy beingg

      AMAZING IS THE WORD!!! Love from Portugal

    71. Cnstanza Iero


    72. hwasa hehe

      i love that none of them really fit the Korean beauty standard but....they're hot

      1. Bagas Ha

        Hmm actually Lee Hyori set the beauty standard back in her days

    73. burungcamar

      their stage presence is just Explooooo siveeeeee

    74. David Lima

      Olha já da um grupo... 😊 alguém br?

    75. Umar Halim

      adding their own signature move is the best idea ever

    76. MnMn Bahr.

      One hell of a masterpiece thank you 2020 for this 🙏🏼

    77. Petra Clark

      I refuse to believe Junghwa is 51 she is clearly 30 😳 Also I hope these girls get huge like on par with black pink BTS huge

    78. Meryl Joy Ceferina Sarmiento

      I feel so intimidated and empowered at the same time while watching them

    79. William Vandecoevering

      Junghwa is the greatest evidence of how staying active helps you age slower and keeps you happy.

    80. jay ubay

      50, 40, 30, 20

    81. Hershei Dela Cruz


    82. aina spring

      I never bored listening to this song damn , the powerr

    83. Accio Sharpie

      After watching the episodes I feel a strange attachment to Uhm Jung Hwa's part❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ What a beautiful, boss ass lady✨

    84. Erika Dianne Jarandia


    85. Ali H

      Honestly older idols have a much more powerful aura than people in their teens. Also can we talk about lee hyori’s visuals.

    86. Jade Montemayor

      Idk why but whenever it comes to Jessi's rapping i dont get bored listening to it

    87. Ellie S

      the group that we ALLL have been waiting for❤️

    88. Juh Exol

      Maior Ato do kpop

    89. Juh Exol

      biggest act of kpop

    90. Viviane Saar


    91. Reiko Robyn

      this what kpop is when you put the 1st gen,2nd gen and 3rd gen female fatales in one group..😍😍

    92. Raisa Razzak


    93. Levi Ackerman

      *I thought this group only existed in my dreams..* (๑♡⌓♡๑)

    94. Bryttjuhhx

      i love this song much

    95. Asyraf Fawwaz

      Omg i want more of Refund Sisters!!!!!!!!

    96. -uwu-uvu-

      Me sees hwasa with the mic that you don't have to hold : flashback vibes to when mamamoo was complaining of them being uncomfortable

    97. Teddy Sejati

      really feels like they need to make sure an ambulance, police, & firefighter ready outside the building, yeah that's how dangerous this stage feels like

    98. Kuma Abol

      They not singing But they show they bitchess

      1. ggomo is not in the mood

        Kuma Abol They are singing it live😅

    99. Miss Beautiful

      Who missed them? 😭😭

    100. Chester Gervacio

      This brings me back to kpop 7 years ago