Giving 200lbs Of My Fishing Tackle to YOU!

Scott Martin

46 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Click here to check out Simple Strap. Going through my boxes of overflow tackle and realizing I need to give this stuff away to you. The next video will even be BIGGER!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Who wants a Scotty’s Tackle Box next?? The winners of the baits are: Jeremy Duncan, Will Sherman, The Reel Angler, Michael Uwich, and Brock Johnson! Reach out to me so I can send you your baits!!

      1. Deacon Pickett

        Thanks scott

      2. PJay Dorman

        I'll take a Scotty's Tackle Box. Please Sir.

      3. Ryaln Hyatt

        Ive been watching since u made that video with ur daughters when they where young fishing with live shad

      4. Ryaln Hyatt

        I would like one

      5. Edward Johns

        I would like to win a scotty’s tackle box

    2. Sri Lankan Chef

      Pls 🙏 give me one bro, I am your subscriber.

    3. CG MC

      Any tackle giveaways left??

    4. Paul Maldonato

      I could always use another lure Scott. I just subscribed you make great videos. Keep up the good work. It's cold in NJ, but I'm still trying to catch Bass.

    5. Diego Kingston

      Hey just subscribed! I would love to have a Scottys tackle box!! 🎣

    6. Carolina shooter 1982

      Always catch the give always to late lol. Good video as always.

    7. Chris Eagan

      Glad I didn't sign up for this...there's no way I've got room for all that in my tackle box lol

    8. Big Country

      I would love one I just lost all my fishing tackle in a house fire all my rods tackle everything

    9. JD Ethridge

      Must be a good problem to have....

    10. Donovan Johnson

      Dude... Literally a dream to have that many plastics and lures OMG.

    11. Jamen Cael

      I wish i can have one ❤

    12. Chris Estrada

      scottys tackle box is great idea. would love a box for myself!

    13. Isaak Rodriguez

      I want a scottie box!!!!

    14. Jimmy Simmons

      Can’t believe you are giving away your awesome stuff! But I would love to have some!

    15. Joel C

      Luv the channel Scott but would definitely enjoy a Scotty tackle box. Keep on getting it!

    16. Emmanuel Rivera

      Just subscribed I love the content... I’d love a scotties box

    17. David Myers

      Getting ready to enter my first kayak tourney, I could use some of that

    18. Robert Maughan

      Its cool to see some older baits!! I just got into bass fishing last year so in still learning and it would be cool to win!

    19. Jesus Martinez

      just started fishing after my Father passed away 11 years ago and im trying to teach my two boys Iwould love some of "SCOTT MARTIN'S TACKLE BOX" especially roda and reels.

    20. Bloody Dragon

      I live on Sam Rayburn and would love some more tackle also wouldn’t mind some new reels in new to bass fishing so I’m constantly trying to learn and acquire more tackle

    21. Bryan Zingmark

      Great Idea ! Enjoyed the vid.

    22. Tyler LS30

      Just need it not going to beg just a 13 year old wanting to start a fishing career

    23. Landon Dixon

      I would I love to fish get a Scott’s tackle box

    24. Nick Costin

      Be awesome to add a "SCOTTY'S tackle box" to the my gear!

    25. Zach Perry

      Imma have to agree with everyone here on wishing I could get on of those boxes

    26. Jeffrey white

      I would love to get a “Scotty’s Tackle Box”

      1. Landon Dixon

        Jeffrey white I would I love to get a scotty’s tackle box I love fish

    27. Soua Thao

      I need a Scotty's Tackle Box !!!

    28. Nathan Agliano

      Mr. Scott Martin just want you to know you really bless me with your content and the integrity that you have is big for me. I also live in Florida in tarpon springs , I will be 40 on September 29 th and I have been bass fishing literally my entire life. I don’t know if you recall the twin tail Doolittle worm was in all the Walmart’s stores in the 80’s that was my grandfather jack Doolittle and he why I’m so passionate about bass fishing today. Just wanted to know if you remember his worm. Anyways this is the first time I have ever commented to anyone just not really my thing but I love your show and what you stand for, always rooting for my man Scott Martin. Father God in Jesus name I pray you bless Scott continue to give him favor, and we thank you that he’s going to make the elites, and we thank you in advance for his first place finish in a bass master classic. Take care brother. Oh and if you ever want to give anything out of that garage or what have you, I’ll know what to do with it

    29. Dariel Gomez

      Would love a Scottys Tackle Box!

    30. Keri Tackett

      Ain't gonna lie, I'd LOVE to have a Scotty box of goodies! Next time tho, ya need to pick a girl, cuz we LOVE to fish too...& we LOVE free stuff!!

    31. Jonathan Lusczki

      I would be beyond grateful for one 🙏🏼

    32. Alex Malken

      if i win the Scotty’s Tackle Box I would be set for life..or a few months if i keep losing lures at my local ponds

    33. I Love Bass Fishing

      Just subbed, thank you for the opportunity to win my own Scotty’s tackle box!

    34. lorraine miale

      Need a tackle box..😁😁😁😁😁

    35. James Argonza

      Largest tackle box out there is Scotty's tackle box 😂😂😂

    36. Steve La Canne

      Hook me up with a scottys tackle box! Ill give ya 30$ for one.

    37. Kavi Miryala

      I would love to have a “scotty’s tackle box”

    38. Hrhd Hfjf

      I would love to have a “scottys tackle box”

    39. Retro JAKE

      I would love to have a "scotty's tackle box" I don't have much bait

    40. Randall Reece

      Scotty tackle box

    41. Madden White

      Scotty boxes over mystery tackle boxes!

    42. Scott Whited

      I'm in Scott. Love the show and the new Yamaha!

    43. NC Bass Boy

      Hey I would like to when some bait next time you do the baits in the box’s and I hope I can win thanks you have inspired me to go bass fishing but now I have poison ivy but thats what I hate is how I want to go fishing then I get poison ivy

    44. Elijah Zamarron

      Id love to have a “scotty tackle box”

    45. Allen McClellan

      A Scotty's tackle box would make my year!!

    46. Tyler Thomas

      Hey Scott, I would love to have a “Scottys tackle box”

    47. Pringals

      One man's junk and clutter is another mans treasure. ... Great idea to show love to your community!

    48. Robert Houghton

      Oh son! I would totally appreciate a scotties box!

    49. Kevin Smith

      TTJ could use some stuff I’m sure ..

    50. Dallas West

      I wouldn’t mind a Scotty tackle box! I’m from South Georgia.. hope to see you around

    51. Ramon Vargas

      Scott Martin. May I please have a Scotty’s tacklebox to share with my two Sons who are autistic high functioning and bass fishing is very therapeutic for them. Once again please and thank you God bless

    52. David James

      Would love to have a Scotty's Tackle box for Lake Cumberland or Dale Hollow fishing.

    53. Harrison Grissom

      Hey I think I should get a “Scotty’s tackle box” because I am not able to go out and get stuff and I don’t have much money to be able to get stuff for fishing so I would be able to be set for a long time.

    54. Joseph Viveros

      Still have some boxes? I’ll like to take my son out for his first time!

    55. Greg Mitchell

      I wanna Scotty’s Tackle Box so I can catch a first fish at Mission Bay San Diego.

    56. Alec Hilliard

      Hey Scott I would really love some new tackle maybe a new reel to tear up some bass this fall!

    57. SWCadJockey

      I want a "Scotty's tackle box"

    58. Tyler Viramontez

      My daughter started fishing with me when I got furloughed. I have now spent 200+ dollars on fishing gear because she's "hooked"!!! To have the "Scotty Tackle Box" to share with her and my love of fishing would be incredible.

    59. katiedid713926

      I'd like Scottie's tackle box

    60. zacary lee

      I want Scotty's tackle box

    61. Houa Vang

      Scotty tackle box? I wouldn’t mind one!

    62. Justin Hendriex

      I'm way late but my son and I would love anything you have to give!! Even just a shout out!

    63. Carla Guerrero

      My husband is an avid follower of you and your dad. Just recently suffered a mild stroke in his eye and has started back fishing. He would LOVE to have one of your giveaways!!!

    64. Reid Dow

      Can I please have Scotty take a box

    65. Reid Dow

      Can I please have one

    66. Reid Dow

      I really need new tackle

    67. Brandon Consalus

      Bring on the Scotty's Tackle Box!

    68. juan alvarado

      I need a Scotty tackle box

    69. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    70. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    71. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    72. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    73. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    74. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    75. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    76. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    77. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    78. Jake Owens

      I would love to have a scottys tackle box

    79. Kristain Rankin

      CAn I get a scotty's takle box

    80. Kristain Rankin

      Hi I am a bullied kid and I love fishing your channel is the best can I get a hat I am 12 don't have that much stuff to fish with this is my mom's account

    81. Krista Meler Is Cool 2015

      Me and my brother only have one bag of culprit worms and I don't I want to use other cool baits and lures,it seems interesting,but me and my brother only have the culprit worms,If I could have one of those boxes It would be my birthday and Christmas combined I woulddddddd litterally diiiiieeeee,I just started watching you, you are like the besssst angler in town

    82. BOB

      I would definitely love a scottys tackle box. Keep killing Mr Martin.

    83. Joe Gattuso

      SCOTT!!! How can I get some of them old soft plastics from you? I make my own baits and I can remelt them and make new baits with them. We could even make it a video for your channel and then you can take them out fishing.

    84. BOB

      Dang Scott I would like the dead minkota, and absolutely anything else you want to get rid of. I would try and fix the minkota to put on my John boat.

    85. James Locklear

      I want a scotty mystery box

    86. Not So Professional Outdoorsman

      I would love to get a Scotty’s tackle box

    87. stephen patton

      Scott big fan appreciate the vids! My garage got broken into last week and stole all my poles and my tackle box, I guess some people don’t wanna work for things, anyway a little bit would go a long way. Thanks

    88. Kale Brodhagen

      Scotty box

    89. chandlers10

      You really inspire me to be a great fisherman I would love to have a Scotty mystery tackle box

    90. Thomas Grimes

      Enjoy your videos. Would love to get some new gear. Thanks!

    91. Clayton Bishop

      can i get a scotty tackle box?

    92. Greg Littrell

      If I ever won something it might just change my whole!

    93. Greg Littrell

      Im a loser

    94. Greg Littrell

      Ive never won a darn thing!

    95. Cody Vymola

      I would love a tackle box put together by you. I've been watching a lot of ur fishing tournaments and tips and tricks for awhile now and I think it will be cool too have some new baits especially some from you. Thanks for everything man.

    96. Joseph Smith

      I would love to have a Scotty tackle box

    97. Seth Gibson

      I’d love to win a scotty’s tackle box I love trying different technique trying to become a better angler

    98. SmokyMountain_ Cards

      Would love a box from Scott I bought two hats in the merch drop my real name is Caedmon Webb and I love your vids and love fishing

    99. Carl Dupree

      would love some scotty tackle box love ur channel

    100. Zacohagan Fishing

      I would love a scottys tackle box. I fish bass master high school series in Oklahoma