Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards


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    Join AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she explores the new AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics cards powered by the RDNA 2 architecture, the most powerful gaming graphics cards ever built by AMD.
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    1. Pakistani gamerz

      Amd is back!!

    2. Abhradeep Bhumij

      What if nvidia launch geforce 4000 series

    3. rddr41

      Ever since I had to move away from my Amiga 1200/2000 to pc, I have had amd cpu and gpu, but now with your BAD supply of GPU`S and the pricing?? Im not buying any new GPU that have the AMD GPU. No DLSS No Good raytracing What??

    4. Richard Cheng

      A month later... we learn that these MSRPs are fake. To think that I was so excited when I watched this video back then and was going to buy an AMD card no matter what. Now, I am just going to pickup whichever is in stock, be it NVDIA or AMD.

    5. Ulung_RInZ

      Finally open air style GPU, no more blower.

    6. qasim abbas

      RX 6000 series GPU in a 16inch MacBook Pro pleaseee . 🙏🏻

    7. n0obhAcker00

      Repair your ray tracing

    8. Weverton Ribeiro dos Santos

      Vou voltar pra AMD, tô cansado de Intel, sou da época dos athlon, 3dfx enfim agora estou vendo que o jogo mudou pra melhor, já tinha até comprado uma plataforma Intel z390 mas já estou atrás da x570 pra combinar esses caras processador, é placa de vídeo deixar redondo como dizia um antigo amigo que eu conheci.

    9. Starlord

      So a flop of a launch with zero cards here in uk. On top of that no sign of promised prices insteadbseeing 6800s priced at rrp of 3080 and 6800xt priced about 100 over price amd told us they would be. Amd created a big fanbase now they raising cpu prices and dropping coolers to so are becoming bad like intel and nvidia all in one go...perhaps their success is going to their heads and now they rip us off. The 6000 gpu launch is a joke .no carfs released and then partner cards priced 100 plus over promised price...l really like amd thought they would stick to their successful way of creating a trusted loved brand whete people would choose them over competitors .. sad to see them instead targetting profit over customers...it will backfire for them in end as it did for intel. A business has to make money...but when they get greedy and treat customers badly trying to rip them off and lie about availability and prices then you cant trust them and lets hope intel gets to 7 or 5nm soon to keep amds greed at bay. I dont want one all powerfull winner... you need competition to get value for money. So l want nvidia..intel ..amd all to do well as it gives me then more choice...l hope intel gets its act together soon and nvidia gets of this ridiculous 8nm electric guzzling node as if ampere had been on 7nm it would of been better by far. Oh well...lookslike 2021 most will get a gpu then..cant see stock going up much in december...

    10. Stephan Grimmelmann

      we need a RX6950XT that can crush every nvidia Ti card they come up with soon

      1. EJK k

        Nvidia can't make a larger chip then the 3090. I mean technically they can... but it won't increase their performance by a worthy amount. They will scale the GA102 chip to make a 3070ti and a 3080ti (or whatever they'll be called) but they can't scale it any higher then that. AMD on the other hand CAN scale above the 80 compute units of the 6900xt, but the power consumption would be an issue and they would have to design a new, larger chip that no one would be able to buy because of stock issues! No one can find cards from either company or CPU'S. Both companies have made great products this year that no one can buy.

    11. Vikas V

      Price of Rx 6800 - 20:12 Rx 6800 xt - 19:09 Rx 6900xt - 23:00

    12. 邹怀昕


    13. pl pal

      What the hell are you thinking about India you are increasing the price of the graphics card which should be cheaper as in other countries but not we indians have royal blood na that's why you are increasing the price huh.🔥😠.and the worst thing about that at less than ₹18000 as compared to amd's graphics card I'm getting more features from nvidia. You didn't give good drivers nvidia give You didn't give dlss nividia has dlss like features then why should I spend extra ₹15000 for not getting these features from amd and be sure that still I didn't mentioned about the rtx and 4 k resolution on budget 6000 series and you also has a worst stock(not to mention)

      1. pl pal

        What the hell AMD thinks about us indians that we all indians are bill grates or Mukesh Ambani that we earn millions billions a month. If they had atleast same price of budget GPU as of RTX 3070 then we would be happy that we can buy it as for ₹62000 we would be happy but no AMD thinks we all are millioner s that can buy 100 high end rigs a day . I you are reading the comment then please reconsider the price.

    14. Emre

      lies and lies and more lies... shame on you AMD. it is a paper launch.

    15. WaffleBs


      1. n0obhAcker00

        Wrong video mate

    16. Arthur Morgan

      Hey AMD, love you guys but you might want to restock those cards so I can give you my money.

    17. ian Lopez


    18. No Name

      You advertised well , now i have the money , tell me where's available?

    19. munta1967

      thanks for the brill vid, i was 100% behind AMD, was off the leash and was a deffo 6800 xt/6900 xt buyer!! but, Dr Lisa Su, you saved AMD! and you wanted to take Nvidia to the dogs? you gave them the big dog BITE! but you barked liked a chihuahua with the stocks that the Gamers could buy?? sorry but AMD failed us all, i am sitting here with new build PC with Ryzen chip, 32 GB ram and where can i get a 6800xt/6900xt gpu? no where wtf! why? why? why? and Don't say it's because you under estimated the buyers....to under estimate has cost you millions/billions in cash, a company should have good advisers/management who can see beyond the 2 dimensional facts, figures and prospective sales data sheets and live in the real world! you had the gaming world and Nvidia at your feet! But as customers, we are left with drooping shoulders , arms hanging low with hands and bottom lips dragging in the mud, walking away from you, drenched in AMD big talk urine..you have totally dismayed me to the core :( and i am not angry...just gutted...

    20. Gerik

      It begins when you can find one.

    21. Erik Contreras

      Love AMD

    22. AS T

      Strong graphic card from strong women with respect

    23. AS T

      No 8 k

    24. Draco

      where's ep. 3 or it's the day thar they will reveal new and better drivers

    25. Lee Fuk

      top 10 anime that didn't age well

    26. Roberto Liwanag

      All I can say is that AMD is ABSOLUTELY stomping Intel right now

      1. n0obhAcker00

        But not nvidia

      2. Roberto Liwanag

        @Loibl-GP do a quick research and you will see.

      3. Loibl-GP


    27. Terrence Li

      liar!!! I am done with all these fake launches!!! if you dont have them available, you need to tell your customers!!!

    28. Andrey

      is this paper launch or what ?

    29. Michael D. Christensen

      Funny how AIB 6800 costs more than 3070 with worse RT performance, and how AIB 6800 XT cost more than 3080 and performance worse in 1440p, 4k and ray tracing. Msrp were a lie, good way to go AMD, and people say Nvidia are bad. At least Nvidia were honest unlike AMD.

    30. ape barr

      add servur based cp gp standard with 4k uncapped 64 n 65 with vivid less dulls from 65 and 8billio from 1 cg and limited to 1box or smaller. and full cg attacked unlimit in wheel rim design or squared maze surrounded full and no latency w auto top 3 dn and force all latenc erasing and less toll duration with auto pause. and 20g and under as entry level minis and less usong newer parts on budget produks

    31. RoseBHD

      What is stocks? You mean stonks right?

    32. PRodous

      Plz fix the software I am having black screen issue on valorant

    33. Axl Tunjung

      AMD RDNA2. RTX Killer. Cheaper and better. No offense.

      1. n0obhAcker00

        @Axl Tunjung btw,ps5/xsx/xss are zen 2 so it likely will not support SAM

      2. n0obhAcker00

        @Axl Tunjung ps4/xone also use amd hardware.Nothing happen 🤔

      3. Axl Tunjung

        @Michael D. Christensen Yes. You're right mate. We know that. But. PS5 and XBOX X use AMD Hardware, it means a lot of games have more AMD features support. It will be easier to support PS5/XBOX X to PC. You can see recently, some of the games has FidelityFX rather than DLSS. Yes. Not as good as DLSS. But it is about support. More support, more stability. Then, we move to the next update. Ryzen 5000 series have SAM. AMD CPU + GPU = best stability. Cheers~

      4. Michael D. Christensen

        Actually they are more expansive than Ampere, for worse RT performance and no DLSS xD Graphs, msrp, all from AMD were a lie xD No offense.

    34. JKOBOY

      and no stock lmao...

    35. شادي تقني Shadi Tech

      It is better if it is available in the market.

    36. cheese

      *RTX 3090 has left the chat*

    37. I will defeat I will help Justin Y

      Wow, A graphic card that you cant even buy because scalpers and botters

    38. Dmytro Picky

      just 300W ))

    39. Flash777L Official

      Nvidia : "We are releasing a new GPU" AMD : "Foolishness, Nvidia Foolishness"

    40. Hans Lang

      Stellt Eure Produkte erst vor wenn Sie am Markt verfügbar sind. Das spa4t Euch viele verärgerte Kunden

    41. MR Eretna

      Now, AMD is the best !

    42. HUNN

      LISA SU is the DOOM SLAYER.

    43. John Jensen

      The huge price scam!

    44. Onkel Jo

      Was bringt mir das alles??? Ich habe ernsthaft versucht ab 14:30 Uhr eine Karte zu bekommen. 7 Tabs offen gehabt und immer aktualisiert. Nicht eine zum UVP Preis! Das kein Tester so wirklich hatet und die Werbung für AMD boykottiert bleibt mir ein Rätsel. Wer die überteuerten Karten kauft hat ein IQ von 10!!!!

    45. Hagelzuckererbse

      Nice launch amd hahaha

    46. dudiczek

      hahahh they had chance one in a milion to do better than Nvidia and they still F**** up :)

    47. No Name

      Where's availability? Its out of stock already , we trusted AMD for better availability, but seems its another paper launch after nvidia did. Stop wasting people's time if you don't have any to sell , morons !!

    48. Ben Soullivan

      Dear AMD, please make the laptop version of it... Cause I'll buy it 😁

    49. Gabriyel Aleksandr

      Really??? Clearly its a great time to do it? Do what? Watch toobers yap about video cards that are non-existent? I am down voting every video, from every toober that enthuses about graphics cards or cpus until they are available. SHUT UP, quit trying to sell this vaporware, and get bent.

    50. Mak

      Ridiculously stupid launch. Shame.

    51. tony chee

      14:34 Love the shirt and the fact that it didn't say select - start. AMD is definitely going single player this year.

    52. Creative

      What other 6000 series are coming out other than 6800, 6800 xt and 6900 xt?

    53. john Alfaro

      It should be named intel gets massacred episode 2

    54. Fiedman34 Creative

      TSMC telephon rings:" Lisa? Is it you?" "Yes, i need more chips!! Now!!" "Sorry, but you only feed the eBay scalpers!!

    55. Shay Shay

      AMD: We'll have enough stock! Webretailers: Out of stock before launch Ebay: $1500 6800XT Me: Turns of pc and goes to bed to cry

    56. Joep Eijkemans

      Who else back here after not getting a card despite refreshing 8 websites nonstop?

    57. Grerqa Adfafdad

      its not a launch its a lotto

    58. Nubsiegaming FrozeNburn03

      blah blah.. out of stock is real

    59. Jeff Miller

      As an Nvidia fanboy I was ready to jump ship until your launch was worse than theirs. Thanks for keeping me loyal to Nvidia.

    60. T. vw

      Where are the cards then?!

    61. MrMakosi

      Congrats on your UK GPU Paper launch! Very successful! 0 cards available, not even listed in the shops you advertise on amd com as "partner shops". Very nice...

    62. Douglas Brown

      AMD beats NVIDIA again KUDOS as the Worst GPU Release of their RX6800 Series of Cards all stolen by the Bots and now will be sold on Ebay for Triple the Price.

    63. Savitha N

      Is 6700 available????

    64. Carl Leo

      Marry me AMD

    65. Omen 9133

      Great! Now all they have to do is fix the drivers and everything will be amazing

    66. Greatest Ever

      1 more day I'm so excited

    67. Anton Lasnibat

      Best graphique card ever

    68. aimohsin

      Asian vs Asian. Ultimate Battle

    69. RazerFire

      AMD Gamers: Lets prepare intel and nvidia's funeral

    70. Basidial Dwarf

      Rip next gen scamsoles

    71. Robe Person

      I hate red. Ive always been an amd fan, loved when amd was green. The new rdna2 come out with horrid red lines so if i put it in my motherboard the red accents will face my transparent panel. I hate that the box opens saying "welcome to team red" I WAS NEVER ON TEAM RED. TEAM AMD? YES. NOT TEAM RED. Next gpu I buy will be "team green" since you think owning your color will mean anything. Im disappointed in the unboxing of your gpus. I would have been super disappointed if i had bought one.

    72. Dutchgold 75

      All amd gpu,s should be sold with waterblocks as standard. There a much smoother gpu but that fan noise makes me switch back to nvidia. vega blowers was not a funny joke to play on customers. in deed all amd cards are noisy.

    73. Adeel Raza

      RED WAVE Coming bye bye my rtx gpu kudos AMD

    74. Bhanu SWAROOP

      She's the best

    75. Goat

      6600 xt?

    76. DIO

      Yes dad, i need this to hand over my homework

    77. Youtube Kawasaki

      Who is also waiting for Ryzen 5000 CPU? Its sold out everywhere only some greedy seller offers it overpriced but I will keep strong and wait for AMD next delivery.

    78. Facey Duck

      AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT *nice*

    79. 陈茗醇

      amd yes!

    80. C A

      Will this be as good as the Radeon 9800 Pro?

    81. M Smithy

      Pro Tip: There won't be any for you. Streamers and Bots will have them in spades but you will wait a minimum 3 months.


      At what time will the cards be released?

    83. F4D33x

      Amd: Straight outta gulag

    84. kiran ranjitkar

      That's Jaw Dropping Price. What will happen to Nvidia ? Show some Care, AMD. Sorry, Just Joking. Looks like AMD will enter smartphone industry within years.

    85. Migen Tele

      lisa ha pisciato in testa alla rivale

    86. Charlie

      I've always had AMD cpu's up until I got a 6950x. Pretty sure my next will be AMD.

    87. R R

      Thank you nvidia for not provide more of your new gpu

    88. sdf a

      Lisa Su! Honor guide me

    89. rolls

      I am exited for the RX7000 series and rdna 3.

    90. Rekha Longmailai

      East or west amd is the best

    91. RxGtxZen

      Why does mrs. Su look like a lenny face?

    92. Spooky Neighbor

      Pls push back release if you feel stock isn’t where you want it and anti scalping precautions aren’t in place.

    93. Avinash Ghosh

      Ryzen really rised

      1. Avinash Ghosh

        @PervWeeb69 yes both

      2. PervWeeb69

        Ryzen and Radeon

    94. Niklas Steensen

      Laura Smith, AMD lore smith

    95. A. Bach

      Dr. Su, when will these be available to the GENERAL PUBLIC and not just youtubers doing reviews or bots stealing them from people that want to build with them? What is amd doing to prevent theft by bots and idiots that want to gouge consumers that want to actually buy and use your chips and gpu's? I bet no one from AMD ever answers.

    96. Azz Azz

      I'm really getting one of those cards for 650 dollars . . .

    97. Adhi Suryana

      Nvidia: 2xRTX 2080 Reality: 2x in select benchmark, more like 40-60% in most games Ryzen: 19% uplift IPC Reality: 10% in worse, mostly 20-30% even better in productivity Radeon: 2x5700XT Reality: 2x5700XT AMD changes a lot under Lisa Su..

    98. Adhi Suryana

      I really like AMD presentation. Short, clear, concise without too many jargon and numbers, and the endnote is presented neatly! Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Nvidia, Sony they all need to learn from this video! Not too much fancy acting and visuals, just give info that everybody is here for!

    99. Ruddshow Detona

      Amd: I'll kick your ass Intel! Intel: Nooooo! Nvidia: Well, I think I'm safe Amd: Freeze Nvidia, I'll kick your ass too Nvidia: Nooooo!

    100. Trev TchiaHao

      In 15 years of gaming, I always bought Nvidia and Intel because of marketing, people advice etc.. But I'm seriously thinking about switching for a total AMD full set computer