The Last Dance | Lay Lake Finals

Brian Latimer

35 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Lay lake was the final Bassmaster Open for the year.
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    1. Lorenzo Jones-Raston

      Put the boat cover on. Got it.

    2. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      What the what was going on in this video!! Stacking them up! 🎣

    3. D. Fox

      B.Lat I bet you tie Knott's in your sleep I'm enjoying your videos

    4. Texas357

      B-Lat do you ever eat any bass?

    5. Rick Coffey

      This video for some reason is only coming out of my left speaker. Just wanted to give you a heads up if you weren't already aware. Love the content.. keep on catching!


        its cause he's recording audio with airpods and only has one in

    6. DK-WNY Fishing

      33:28 the hoodie 🔥...... 2021 let’s go!!! Slay em!!!!

    7. Frederick Shebester

      Keep winding Brother Keep Winding!!

    8. Jordan Behlen

      B Lat make my 2021 and get you some of them BIIIIIIIGGGGGG CHECKS. Id love to see it brother.

    9. Kevin B

      Oh I know what a tape is lol

    10. Trenton cook

      What’s happening to the fish/fishing conditions when they pool water? What are you looking for when it happens?

    11. Fanatic Bassin

      Seeing B-Lat get like he did in the intro makes me so happy

    12. Just Out Here Tinkering

      I watch you when you catch a fish and you seem to try and wear it out and get it in as slow as possible, circle the boat, handspool it, and you fight a fish for a LONG time. I watch Scott Martin and he's reeling the fish in and getting it in the boat asap. Do you find you land more doing it slow as opposed to getting it in the boat asap or have you just always done it that way?

      1. Just Out Here Tinkering

        @Brian Latimer forgive my ignorance but are you limited to that test or do you use it for lack of visibility?

      2. Brian Latimer

        How do you rush a fish with 8lb -10lb line?

    13. Juan frazier

      Why do you have a co angler on day two?

    14. Juan frazier

      Man how do you keep your tackle organized on your boat?

      1. Brian Latimer

        Plano edge boxes

    15. Rusty Wells

      You know you won a tournament last year.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Trying to remember........

    16. Justin Shearer

      Jerkbaits all day when its like that its rough but jerk your heart out

    17. So_I_Fish757


    18. Sunday View Fishing

      Another awesome video bruh! Shameless plug: You and other people inspired me to create my own KGup channel. Check me out and subscribe if you like it. Many Many thanks!

    19. Flynt Fishing

      Man I love your videos! Just an awesome humble dude! What were those grey shoes you were rockin in the rain?

    20. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      You’re an amazing angler B-Lat! Absolutely love watching your videos and the roller coaster of emotions you go thru as you proceed thru the derb! Always and I mean ALWAYS rooting for ya B-Lat! Keep up the great work my man!

    21. Joshua Webster

      Do yu line ur beard urself or do yu have a full time on the road barber with you!! That Beard Is Crispy Cuz!!! 😂😂😂

    22. Proud Dad

      Where can I get that jerk bait?

    23. jon jon’s BBQ and Catering

      Awesome! Fun to get that paper! I’ll see you at the Classic anyway. Bring the fam by the truck at the convention center and dinners on me. Great first year in Bass especially considering the crazy Covid and schedule!! Can’t wait to see you hoist that trophy in the future! Keep on casting jj

    24. Kent Smith

      Question for you B Lat. Does it get any better than catching a fat ass Coosa river spotted bass? Logan Martin and Lay lake are my home waters. I’ve never caught a smallmouth so I really can’t compare the fight to anything but a white or striped bass. Spotted bass wins that battle in my opinion. Hookem good brother and keep pumping out some great content on these videos. 👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸

    25. Chris Gable

      Plus flip the thickest river grass looks like vines

    26. Chris Gable

      Rainy day that's my home lake should be throwing a white and black and blue swim jim in the dead looking grass on the river side of points

    27. Brian Killgore

      Lay holds some BIG spots!!!

    28. Stacy Pervis

      B-Lat, Im Not second guessing, just curious why you free spool and thumb your spool so much? Dont trust your drag? Keep up the work, Looking to see you win again.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Baitcasters aren’t built for loose drag.

    29. D W

      B Lat What is your schedule for next year?

    30. Carl Weydeman

      Your videos are great, keep pumping them out please. Love the breakdown, and the humor too. Btw, if I didn’t see his face, listening to Carson talk I thought it was John Cox😂 great video and Publix chicken❤️

    31. Phil Levine

      Sometimes you beat the fish sometimes to fish beat you. Good job.

    32. korrey

      He often has an airpod in... wonder what he is listening to? Or if its just in from being on the phone with the fam?

    33. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video BLat,way to get in top forty!!!

    34. Chris b

      For the 5 people who disliked the video didnt catch any fish this year lol

    35. Dru Robinson

      Congrats B-lat... It could've been worse.. Keep pushing!

    36. timothygats

      Ah these videos are such a treat . Came right on time for the holidays

    37. Billy Bass

      Love the videos! Hopefully, next year you make the elites, I'm rooting for you! Curious....was the guy that let you fish the spot in the tournament or just fun fishing? Thanks, man!

    38. Gilbert Miller

      Man you’re a fool cuz!

    39. Sajeo Arguelles

      B love your content! Keep it rollin cuz, that W comin soon. Btw, what line are you using?

    40. brantski mc

      still here waiting on that sick stick

    41. Big Banana Fishing

      Cuz, you making me nervous AF playing that fish that long. :D

    42. Fishin With Poppy

      love it keep the content coming def got my sub

    43. Roger Rose

      Great fish, great video. Your videos are awesome

    44. Casey Schneider

      Got a better one have you ever hooked a little one then ended up with a log on the end of your line when I say log that's what she looked like

    45. Abe Yang

      Didn’t Keith win?

      1. Abe Yang

        @Brian Latimer ok. You guys should travel together next season.

      2. Brian Latimer

        He did!!!

    46. CoachD RC

      Keith lives 15 minutes from me💪🏾💯 good bag B.Lat

    47. FollowMaeRd

      Congrats bro!

    48. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      The fritzside is bad ass ! I love them

    49. Josh H

      Hey Brian, how are you liking the Garmin Force so far?

    50. Kalie Minifield

      I love the passion he fishes wish😊

      1. Brian Latimer


    51. Chris Williams

      Did you and Scott Martin have a falling out?

    52. Basslivesmatter LLC

      What I like about B-Lat he original and keep it 💯👌🏿

      1. Brian Latimer

        Only way I know cuz

    53. Jose Martinez

      Great video hope next season will be great

    54. 59BigWalt

      Hey B-Lat, what's your PB in competition?

    55. Brent Spencer

      SHARED to 613 BASS'n

    56. NathanMN

      Man-vcr’s and tapes... good times!

    57. Ivy Moore

      Nice job cuz oh nice job. I wish I could be there to root you cuz.

    58. Trevor McKinney Fishing

      Dang bro. That spot looks real familiar! Looks like the spot that punched my ticket to the Bassmaster Classic a few weeks ago! Haha

    59. Sherlock Home IRC

      Lol was that dude wearing a motorcycle helmet in your boat 😆

    60. C Wright

      Me and the wife have been following you since June 2020. Enjoy the content. I started fishing the Z-man fatty after one of your videos. Just yesterday got my first favorite rod. By the way my wife yells at you about not just reeling the fish in. She yelling come on cuz lol. She be looking for you in the rankings. You remind her of her brother who passed a couple of years ago. She talked about you running around the boat. The next day on Mitchell a striper had her running around the boat.

    61. James Lindsey


    62. Todd Cooper

      Merry Christmas From The Cooper's Cleburne,Texas

    63. Lone Sportsman Outfitters

      Didnt have on the Retros.. Smh😅 But you still got a ✔.. 💪🏾🐐 #BLat #JordanFishing

    64. Weekend Dangler

      Blasting that Metallica in tha Am hits just right before a tournament.

      1. Daniel Kinn

        I used to always play Seek and Destroy when you going to tourneys. Hyped me up!

    65. Red Fish

      Geez ,, my heart can't take that first fish :)

    66. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      You know I was thinking... it’s 2020 you would think these boat manufacturers could use some kind of technology to keep lockers from freezing. Figure that out for them Brian and get paid lol

    67. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      Much love B-Lat! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to yours!

    68. Lee Smith

      I was kidding B. LAT

      1. Brian Latimer

        Have no idea what you’re talking about but thanks for watching

    69. Ryder Tucker

      B.lay and bill whithers the ultimate duo 😂😂😂

    70. Charles Owens

      Hell yeah bro you’re one of my idols. God bless

    71. Gavin Santiago

      I am a tournament angler my self and we had a high school tournament on Lay and it was terrible. I fished fast slow and anything in between. I only caught one . What do I throw on those days?

      1. Brian Latimer

        I caught all of my bass in 2 days off of 2 places

    72. Lumpiest of Coles

      Great video man!!!! Awesome content

      1. Lumpiest of Coles

        @Brian Latimer nah man thanks for doing what you do best man!!!! Smackin fat Sally’s

      2. Brian Latimer

        This was one of my favorites!!! Thanks for watching

    73. Hook'n Heritage

      Aye cuz love the videos as alway but did you say "get us some kitchen"? @ 4:09 😂🐔🚿? Tight lines brother🤙🎣👊

    74. Jinx the Cat

      BLat is into Metallica...ROCK THAT BASS!

      1. Stoney's Dead

        Pretty sure that was coming from someone else's boat but I noticed it to- couldn't place it at first cause it's been years since I listened to that album but I knew what it was once it kicked in.

      2. Tony Smith

        Seek and destroy...good tournament mantra...


      Happy holidays BLat and fans....

    76. Sam3 Neely

      You are a real one brother! Glad you got in!

    77. She_Slays Outdoors

      Love your energy and as a kayak angler in Michigan I can't wait for the spring to get back on the water!!!

    78. Jose Morales

      Thanks for sharing B Lat. This is a really hard job. That's why you don't see rocking chairs on the decks of bass boats.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Hella hard!!! It’s fun though

    79. Paterson Hibdon

      Christmas came early with all this new b lat content! Love these videos👍

      1. Johnnie Houston

        @Brian Latimer I’ll try to cast it to my TV tonight when I get home

      2. Brian Latimer

        @Johnnie Houston just your device. All good here

      3. Johnnie Houston

        @Brian Latimer Mr. Latiner you do realize a lot of the sound is missing from this one right. I haven’t seen where anyone else said anything about it but on my phone my wife’s phone and my laptop the audio is out in places.

      4. Brian Latimer

        I told y’all I was working on em!!! I like having them drop like this actually!!! I might do it this way more often!!!

    80. ᅥᅲ100

      The beard is immaculate cuz!

    81. Misterdre

      My fav angler 💯 keep grinding ‼️

    82. Snidely Whiplash

      Always enjoy your videos, Brian. Great action, content and editing make for one of the best fishing channels on KGup.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Thanks for coming to watch my man

    83. Rogbass

      Awesome skills. Nothing better than a little B Lat teaching lesson on a Sunday morning

      1. Rogbass

        @Brian Latimer your awesome man. Great video.

      2. Brian Latimer

        It’s kinda like the old days but just me screaming 😂

    84. Dale Cain

      As I sit and watch the video, what pops up is an ad for Kroger’s! Your talking about Publix! 😝

      1. Brian Latimer

        Publix is sooooo much better

    85. Bill Sr.

      You use Panoptix? If so did it help any in this tourney? Enjoy your videos dude

      1. Bill Sr.

        @Brian Latimer I remember the first time you had seen Panoptix. It was on a Scott Martin video. You gonna do a video on it? Keep the videos coming dude.

      2. Brian Latimer

        Absolutely!!!! You could see how those fish were positioned

    86. David Burket

      Dude you honestly one of the best. Keep on grinding and giving inspiration. Happy holidays from nj

      1. Brian Latimer

        Thank my man!!! I really appreciate the love

    87. Charles Saucier

      Can’t wait to hang this year dude! I’m fishing the centrals as a boater and the southerns as a co

      1. Brian Latimer

        Right on my man! Have a good time out there

    88. wkay15

      Have you ever hooked a fish that you didn’t think was a “big en” 😂 ready to see you pull out another win.

      1. Calvin Vaughner

        Me too brother. I’m rooting for you and always waiting for your videos. Tight lines!

      2. BamaBassFinder04 4

        EVERY spot feels like a big one.. even the 12" ones.. 😂

      3. Brian Latimer


    89. Colton Wood

      Keep grinding man, I’ve learned a lot from your videos!

      1. Brian Latimer

        Wow! Thanks for watching. I hope they are always valuable to you

    90. HookEmHeavy Fishing

      Keep doing ya thang B lat! I love the tourny vids.. the grind, the emotions, in the moment doing what you do best!

      1. Brian Latimer

        My favorite to edit for sure. It’s always go to look back at competition videos just like football and basketball players

    91. Terry W.

      Great video!! Can you explain the benefits of free spooling while landing a fish instead of letting the drag on the reel do the work

      1. Jose Morales

        Greater control. Check out the Nature of Fishing YT as he puts his reel in free spool and back reels to fight fish.

    92. Khyrie Brown

      First time seeing Keith Carson and I like him already. This content is Gold!

      1. Brian Latimer

        Keith and I get along like we’ve being knowing each other for years

    93. Sallzy 1

      You’re such a grinder ! Keep livin the dream !

    94. Sam_Foster_Fishing

      Awesome video and fish BLat! Does it seem main river points with rocks fished better than the grass did or is there anything you wish you would have done differently on Lay after looking back! Thanks! 👊👍

      1. Brian Latimer

        Yeah everything I caught was main lake oriented

    95. Zack Vickers

      Lay Lake is A tough fishery! I see the grind!!

      1. Brian Latimer

        It was one of the best tournaments all year

    96. Mudbass Fishing

      Lol it’s awesome to see you get so jacked in the intro on that spot. It shows you just love to go catchem. Pretty dope!

    97. Joe Gentry

      Not sure it gets said enough, but I wanna say thank you for putting in the time and major effort it takes to do this YT stuff. Informative, entertaining, and real talk. Knucks.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Thanks for coming and hanging out my man. Hope it’s always valuable to you

    98. Kirk Reusch

      Love all the content man, always have. No BS! The way it should be. Great respect for you and family.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Thanks my man. I love doing both. Creating content is as much fun as competition

    99. Gary Lukas

      That 1st one the David fritts landing !!!

    100. Cody Thompson

      What open are you most excited about for next year?

      1. Brian Latimer

        Not fishing opens anymore