Nobody likes you when you're 29

Cody Ko

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    Nobody likes you when you're 29
    Cody Ko

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    1. Elle isyab

      Is he a sagetarian?

    2. Marilyn Fleming

      30 doesn’t suck. You’re not old.

    3. RainyCloud

      Number 15 is me and I'm 23, whats good

    4. Rawkeeto

      Hey, my Mum does coloring books, WATCH IT.

      1. Rawkeeto

        Sick beardie though thats epic

    5. Cody K

      It’s funny, the older you get the more you value sleep, but your mind and body need much less sleep as you get older. The age that you need the most sleep is your teenage years (aside from infancy).

    6. Hatem Kamel

      Drop an f for every time he says 30

    7. Kaleigh Critchlow

      This is how I feel at 23. Am I even gonna make it to 29 lmfaooooooo (a JOKE)

    8. 。ハト

      omg we share the same birthday!!!!!!!!!

    9. Rylee Bare

      Happy birthday!!!!!!!!🎁

    10. Jake Cambpell

      "everyone should wear sunblock all the time" sounds like something a 30yr old would say...

    11. abbi- dabbi-doo

      Clicked for some Kelsey content ... got some bearded dragon hate

    12. captar

      get✍razor✍for✍dog✍ Got it Cody thanks!

    13. Arisha Nikka

      well I am 23, and my back and neck do hurt af more than once in a while -_- sweet elderly...

    14. Chrelle Blomberg

      I just found out that me and kelsey have the same birthday

    15. Armughan Chughtai

      Why did He look like truck driver

    16. Meg Lowney

      The poor friend who gave him the bearded dragon, they were probably like "aw yeah, cody would love this" and now hes absolutely roasting the shit out of his friends present 💀💀💀

    17. Metal oopa

      But aren’t you like 66????

    18. David Diaz

      You look fucking fantastic Cody!!

    19. Caroline Crigger

      i wanna know how the coloring book is going...

    20. Madison Hoiby

      i was thinking bearded dragon tank top

    21. Madison Selent

      hey cody happy birthday but you look like Kai from the vampire diaries

    22. hannah lol

      i like ur hat cody

    23. Evionn

      i liked it for razor

    24. kreftan

      I know why I dont wear sunblock all the time. Fucking Sweden..

    25. Rico or Max

      You know someone probably already said this but I can’t wait till Cody is 69


      Cody looks like he’s 21 but also a dad at the same time. Idk why but... 🤷🏽‍♀️

    27. Stupid Idiots


    28. Papa Mattus

      Nobody putting respect on the fact that Cody wearing a Golf Wang hat. Good taste

    29. gummyoon__ Anna

      5:43 cody im 15 im half your age

    30. Timothy Atkinson

      You look like a smoker who works in construction and happens to cheat on his girlfriend

    31. Mariella Montes De Oca

      I think he’s 30🤭

    32. Nom De Plume

      at 33 im so pissed I only have 10 grey hairs. my gma was totally grey by 29... lucky bitch haha I cant wait for grey hair. also, same thing happened to me with the coloring books, as a mom I've just colored kids books my whole life so adult coloring books seemed insanely stupid... until I got one.... 🤣

    33. Marlee Radford

      Oh Jesus. Im 33 and have sleepovers at my 32 year old friends house and we drink and have adult colouring book sessions. 🤦🏼‍♀️💩💯

    34. Erica Pampena

      me, 19, and resonating with everything in the article. i'm an old soul.

    35. Esmeralda

      15:19 if someone's wondering who she is, she's a mexican youtuber call Yuya, and no, never watch her videos but she's everywhere down here so yeah there you go Cody, you're cool with the kids again

    36. Adrianna Winchester

      I'm 18 and I resonate with a lot of these

    37. MrApollo11

      Few things sound as sad as enjoying your 30th birthday with a kombucha

    38. Aoae Ie Ueaoe

      I'm 23 and I just discovered I'm actually 30.

    39. Lil Cablebox

      cody i j wanna say thank you ur videos r like a weird safe place for me ur such a comforting soul and ur videos make me feel better thank you

    40. Mixed_ Cubes

      Damn I’m half your age how tf are you 30

    41. Marius Miller

      Ok but I actually like these vids bc it feels like celebrating his birthday with him lol happy birthday cody and fuck yeah Razor the bearded dragon

    42. Jesse Gutierrez

      Cody is a old man now

    43. Dalicia Puente

      Anyone else feel like he just had a birthday

    44. Giovanny Baez

      As someone who's about be 30 in less than a month... I can very much appreciate this lol

    45. Jonathan Brough

      Do it for RAZER!

    46. Steven Grandmaison

      The intro is underated

    47. Kathy Wible

      i’m 19 and can relate to almost all of these

    48. Zorana Shelby

      The festival in Serbia was 100% the Exit festival in Novi Sad... Greetings from Serbia tho. Love ur content 🇷🇸✌🏼

    49. pierce !

      cody with da golf wang hat😳😳😳

    50. Airborne RC

      How's the adult coloring book been, Cody?

    51. Marialu

      he has aged like fine wine

    52. Alex Cooke

      The adult coloring books are common with meth heads for some reason

    53. HauntedDragonGaming

      Bro no one likes me and I'm not even 29 yet

    54. Jarr Seven

      Only GT Dave’s kombucha can be consumed at any event

    55. Melanie Gobillon

      14:50 ugh here comes mr. struggle again...

    56. elizabeth lecours

      i literally knew that you were 30 but i swear i thought u were 27

    57. Atom Smasher

      I'd freaking love to be called sir...

    58. Momento Mori

      *Hits the bong for 30 seconds out of respect*

    59. Mochi Yoongs

      May god makes Cody's anxiety less bad amen

    60. Claire Cakes

      Challenge: take a shot whenever Cody says thirty lol

    61. JT

      The crooked dredger hepatosplenomegaly time because rest pathogenetically wish against a ill cormorant. snotty, blue-eyed barge

    62. Blaze Carlton

      Soooo I've been 30 since I was 17..

    63. Mumsy

      Well that explains the mullet

    64. Erik Hammarberg


    65. Ali Murphy

      Not me coloring in my adult coloring book while watching this.

    66. Dalma Eördögh

      Lmao so he's so scorpio... who would've thought😂

    67. Marvin

      My back is killing me at 29.

    68. cheezdoodle96

      All of these Buzzfeed articles are just tryna gatekeep folk. Plenty of 60-year-olds who love going to music festivals and sleeping in hostels. Plenty of 20-year-olds who'd rather stay in reading a book. Anyway, a big happy belated 30th, Cody! These videos are a highlight each and every year!

    69. Mara Fichios

      Im sorry for razor that cody doesnt want him

    70. Christopher Belmonte

      class of 2013 baby

    71. Johannes

      When you’re 30 you add fortnite sounds to your videos in the hope that people will think you’re younger than you are.

    72. jackie malfi

      how do you keep getting older this quick i swear you have a birthday every few months

    73. Clara Wessels

      Mate. Who. Purchases. Harry's????

      1. Shrekster

        Deadass broke ass dollar shave club

    74. Miss Keisha

      Not me, a 17 year old, identifying with more things on that list than an actual 30 year old😭

    75. kaley porter

      i’m surprised cody isn’t a gemini

    76. Lindsay Hoisington

      Cody is literally the opposite of 13 Going On 30, he's 30 going on 13

    77. Viola Moon

      Thought u were like 25 lmaoooo

    78. Taylor Kay

      cody: i can't be looking unkempt also cody: trucker hat, mullet, single hoop earring

    79. Destiny King

      what he is describing sounds more like adult adhd rather than anxiety. Someone should tell him to get tested

    80. Paige H

      Number 23...why you so mad even at the idea of wearing something comfortable bro

    81. Andrew Huseby

      Kelsi hearing the intro to this video from the other room: 🙄🙄

    82. Shuichi

      thanks cody for giving me a mid life crysis before my 20s

    83. Joe Cutrone

      Happy bday grandpa daddy

    84. Abdulelah Al Mesfer

      i can relate

    85. Dre's Donuts

      *100 years from now* Buzzfeed: "130 things that happen when you turn 130"

    86. paloma

      Happy birthday Cody! :)

    87. THATgirl

      i started identifying with the parents when I was like seven ariel is an idiot

    88. Palestinian King Jerry 0

      Cody im warning you dont get any older or else

    89. Munkyzz B

      Don't trust anyone over 30" was a popular expression in the 60s and 70s in the counter culture movement.

    90. Đurđa Đokić

      Cody went to Serbia? OMG I didn't know. Greetings from Serbia 👋🏻

    91. Ghost Static

      for razer

    92. Oscar Piper

      Dude. Once you can have a wedding with friends and family members, please marry Kelsey. Just do it man, you found your soulmate. I know it makes no sense towards the context of the video, but I've been binging your shit all night, and every time Kelsey appears in a video, the way you light up when you see her, plus the fact that you two just have this adorable chill chemistry, it's heartwarming. 3 years of reliability and support man. Please. As a chodester, I want the best for you guys, because I love you both and the content you make. Think, in your dumbpiece.

    93. Owen Barber

      uhhhhhh kody?

    94. chloe

      i cant believe you're 30 and still named cody

    95. Simon Lutgens

      Tfw you can relate with a man twice your age

    96. Nicholas Supan

      "and by confidence"

    97. enjoylife40

      That youtuber was Yuya!!!!!!🇲🇽❤️

    98. shannon celeste

      Why do you say child like almost in a southern way “chahld” but dragon in the Canadian “draygen” way 😤

    99. shannon celeste

      I grabbed a wild berry Truly right before starting this video (it’s 2pm but it’s New Year’s Eve... I’m also still in bed) and the actual serotonin I received from cracking it open in tandem with Cody and cheersing him was so needed after the hellscape that 2020 has been It’s the little things you guys 🥺

    100. bruh_moment _

      Just switch to your real name, Kodester