I BOUGHT A HOUSE ! ( Empty House Tour )

Loren Gray

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    I BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE ! ( Empty House Tour ) hope u enjoy. love u!!
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    1. Samantha Sellinger

      Love you ❤

    2. ʟissa ʜarley ϙuinn•ツ.

      Loren i love you so much ❤💕

    3. oppa_leaves girlYT

      im supporter since in musically lol❤️

    4. Miley Rich

      I’ve been watching u since 2017 and u deserve this 💗💗 you have been threw so much I have heard ur story and I’m so proud

    5. Every Haircolor

      Cool house!

    6. stacey

      Very great achievement to be able to buy a house at 18 I love how independent you are now I’m so happy for you 🥰 must feel so good to have your own house

    7. Pooh Bear

      i love you

    8. Philip Fizur

      Loren, *wish me a happy birthday right here* on December 30th. That's my exact birthday.

    9. Medscarf Nessen

      Hey i forget

      1. Medscarf Nessen

        If i remember that haha

      2. Medscarf Nessen

        That very good

    10. shstyless4

      You should make a movie room! Maybe in one of the empty rooms

    11. cinthia

      So proud of her

    12. Brooke Stringer

      This is such a smart investment, you go girl! Get yo bag!!!

    13. Rebel !!! K

      Nice.. Friend..

    14. Anasymone

      Me already grinding and working hard so I can be successful 😊 Loren: *buys a huge house at 18* Me: 📝 takes notes and grinds harder and smarter But I’m proud of her thoooo!! Congrats to Loren❤️❤️

    15. Jasmine Cruz

      Wow! tour house is big love you 💖 stay safe everyone! :) 😊😇

    16. Phoebe Da Catto

      i’m so proud of you and i love you🥺💕 and anyone else love how she goes “hiii” in every mirror she passes

    17. ibtesam hussain

      Why I am here 😭😂

    18. christine Alvero

      Love yoy

    19. sophiedollie

      God bless u Loren!!! U deserve this & more!!!

    20. Purnima Kori

      Loren is 18. 18! BHJNJNFIFDF I love you congrats girl

    21. cosme gnome

      she is so cute

    22. Lana Ferrell

      How many bathrooms was that?(not to be mean)❤️😂☹️

    23. Mana Nakatani


    24. Leticia Reis

      Moral da história: a cada canto dessa casa tem um banheiro!

    25. Adéla Králová

      Wait..... that’s Bryce’s old house

    26. Srbuhi Gevorgyan


    27. Mastfa Mastfa1975


    28. Chloe Roberts

      Well done congratulations 🎉 🤍

    29. Selinah Ousmand

      Its so cute how Loren says "Hi" when she comes in front of a mirror

    30. Niyah Sienna

      i can’t believe you have so much bathrooms lol

    31. lina - emily


    32. Iris Hernandez

      That kitchen needs a new paint job so that it matches the island! Maybe an episode of OMG we’re coming over with Mr. Kate!

    33. Melody Rossello

      I’m so proud of you I love you so much and I hope you can do so much more because you deserve it I love you

    34. Debbie Candice

      Hey love, I don’t watch your tiktoks much but I’m supper glad I ran across this ! I’m so proud of you !! Remember to NEVER compare your success to your peers success! You’re all so blessed and absolutely am so proud of all your hard hard work !

    35. Shannon Tate

      Pretty sure the lil cabinet area leading into your master bathroom is meant to be a coffee bar area. I’ve seen some master suites with them before

    36. Aesthetic Tips

      So happy for u

    37. Felly

      I'm in snapchat fam

    38. its ivory

      I just dont get it Why r they so tall I know its irrelevant But still For everyone's information She's 5'8

    39. Pink gacha Gang

      This is how many people love Loren gray :) 👇🏻

    40. yezchia villar

      i'm your fan since 2016💖 i'm proud of you loren🥺💖 ily

    41. willywonkaswife

      imagine being 18 and having your own house that looks like this. like bruh this is such a nice house.

    42. Anjani Tokas

      Everytime she comes across a mirror: Hi!😊 She is so so cute🤩

    43. Miriam Braun

      I'm from Snapshat

    44. Carrie Anne

      Catching up on the videos I’ve missed also a Snapchat Fam!!!

    45. JN

      We are proud of you 🥺🥺💖

    46. Samantha Sellinger

      I love uuuuu ❤

    47. Leigh C

      That looks like the labrant fam house

    48. Tina Burnette

      Congratulations!!! I love your new home

    49. Lovleen Dhnoya

      Can’t wait for the full house tour and the decor you get for your home

    50. Elsa Engfors



      How dare you take My Misfits t-shirt! 😤

    52. M Monarez


    53. aniyah


    54. Katerina Tassi

      you leave alone and have a bigger house than me leaving with mom and two brothers lol

    55. Directioner Forever

      everytime she sees a mirror and says hiiii 👼🏻💞

    56. Directioner Forever

      the backyard, the coffee place and the kitchen big window has my heart ksksksks

    57. diana

      Also her pool is about as big as my entire house

    58. diana

      Does she live by herself in it?

    59. Matilda Tavasti

      Omg your home looks so nice 😍

    60. Thana Aljunabi

      Loren said hi many times in this vid like if you fell like she said hi a lot to

    61. Harry Potter

      we are all proud here. love

    62. deziray v

      i know this is selfish to ask but does anyone know how much this house cost?

    63. kayy


    64. Cassidy Marie

      Y'all she said "we" a lot in this video. Who is we? Someone she's living with?

    65. chn nnnj1 ,'

      Unforgiveness leads to anger, bitterness, hate, unrest, sadness... Forgiveness leads to joy, peace, self awareness, true love, selflessness, truth, and freedom. Jesus loves us all and wants to have a intimate relationship with us. Let's all spend time with Him, repent daily, and love one another. Jesus is coming soon and let's be prepared for His Kingdom. God bless you all on your journey in Jesus name. Romans 10:9 NKJV 9 That (A) If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

    66. Samantha Sellinger

      I am always proud of my Queen ❣

    67. Marshal And Me

      Me: struggling to pay rent for a tiny 2 bedroom apartment Loren: buys a giant 5 bedroom house for herself😆 Im proud of her tho

    68. Gianpiero Caponera

      Quanto mi piaci 🇮🇹👍💯

    69. Revik Otcyan

      are you at home? What do you do at Home? Zapisyvaet Songs ?

    70. Revik Otcyan

      Hi Loren

    71. mauro ruiz

      What state does she live in?

    72. Rjalaxmi Krishnattriya

      The house is so big literally my dream house.....super jealous ( in a good way) 😁😁love you❤❤❤❤❤

    73. Jacky Tran

      I'm so proud of you aye hey Loren my bestie queen bro lol again

    74. Mickey

      A wholesome proper house tour. Not a bragging and flexing one. This is why I love your content! Keep it up girl!

    75. WhoPutTheMilkInTheCabinet

      So proud of u Loren ly✨😊

    76. Vienne Moore

      You are so beautiful Loren 💕

    77. Valerie Carlson

      all respect to Loren, but my question is, how did she become so successful so quickly? Like what's her secret?

    78. Maia E Delgadillo A

      I love that she says "Hi!!" everytime she sees a mirror 🤣🥰

    79. Aaron Castillo


    80. Bob Gilbert

      Can anyone tell me how to get in contact with Lauren like An email, I’m a video editor and really wanna work for her ✨

    81. Mary Njeri

      Am so happy for you!!!Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳😘

    82. Shierlyn Flores


    83. Shierlyn Flores

      4:34 LOREN:Oh My GoD

    84. Sydney Masih

      i really like the dark walls actually! they add a nice contrast to the rest of the house

    85. Emi Bergery

      I love you Loren because you are very unique, funny and talented I really admire you a lot =)

    86. Samy Mir

      Im Happy for you Loren !

    87. Kaleah Napier

      You need to make a house tour when you are finished unpacking

    88. Angel Bell

      how did you lose subs

    89. Anna Gregnanin

      I’m fine to help you move everything you know.... and be ur roommate😁☺️

    90. Breën Bæ

      your house is beautiful I loved your video❤

    91. berfin

      kiz 18 yasinda ev aliyo biz de sinava calisiyoz iste neyse halimize sukur

      1. berfin

        @Nazlı bi tik uzgunum su an

      2. Nazlı

        sorma ya senelerce çalışsak alamayiz şunu imkansiz

    92. Gracee Fraser

      To the 1% how sees you are loved your amazing you a well cared for and you look good at anytime 🙂😁

    93. Minki Barnardt

      you should do a 24 hours in the master closet 🥺🥺❤️

    94. BadbleepBrock

      Loren: catch me making pancakes! Also loren: ima make some waffles Me: waffles and pancakes

    95. Adson Carllos

      love youuu

    96. diego massu


    97. NaLeen Vala

      you’ll never have to worry about waiting to go to the bathroom because there’s so many

    98. reham

      I’m so Proud 💜

    99. Shereen Surfina

      Oh my God I love you 💓🥰😍🥰 you're so pretty

    100. Sas.p -_-

      No 1 Loren Gray: hi hi hiii hi hi hi hii