New Spot! JOOG SQUAD BASSIN - ft. MustyMerk

Scott Martin

27 миӊ. көрүүлөр11

    Musty Merk from JOOG SQUAD and I go exploring with the Jon Boat and we found a NEW SPOT! This backwater shallow marsh is loaded with BASS!

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    1. Erik L

      Musty Murk looks like Enzo Amore. Look him up.

    2. captrock H

      You can't go wrong with musty merk on the boat. Some day I'm gonna have to come down from the OBX an fish in Florida. Good Stuff Scott.

    3. Whit Kern

      Can anybody share with me what the song is at 1:05

    4. ParsonsAAA

      what's the intro song?????

    5. Ranse Gandee

      I have to know what those swim baits were you showed in this video. I’m sorry if I missed it in the video or comments but I would love to know!! Thanks. Look forward to your videos the most on YT.

    6. Mickey Laster

      HI Scott, There are Gals also watching and fishing. Keep up the videos .

    7. tanner exferd

      Hey Scott wheres Brandon been ?

    8. Gary Lukas

      That's AWESOME

    9. Michael Roberts

      What happened to Brandon?

    10. Shane Lancaster


    11. SF7Dragon

      Scott, are you entered in the 2020 AFTCO Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River for Feb 6-9. Thought you were fishing the Bassmaster and checked the roster, didn't see your name. What's up?

    12. Adam Wilson

      Scott is that the new pro series rods favorite is coming out with?

      1. Scott Martin

        Very soon

    13. chevytechb

      Dude I just got one of those soleus reels!!!! Got me fired up to hit the water. Too bad it's only 5 months away from being able to get a bait in the water in Michigan 😭

    14. Heartland Patriot

      Cool Video! I didn't know Meric fished.. This is just pure awesomeness!!!

    15. Ky Slaunch Hunter

      What was that swim bait you was showing?

    16. Mason Farnsworth

      Merik is my favorite joogger!!!!

    17. Dirty fisherman

      Please don't start doing the same shit as the constantly saying dude bro bruh etc.

      1. Dirty fisherman

        @Scott Martin that's true. Hey thanks for responding . to an old bank fisher like myself it means a lot . I'm always on your side .

      2. Scott Martin

        Dude...I am the original “dude” man..

    18. HowToTV

      Not a Joogsquad without Jack Tenney!

      1. Scott Martin

        More like just JOOG..

    19. steven cochran

      check out shiner Sam and Jiggin with Jordin

    20. captrock H

      We wanna see Scott doing some back flips in Jacks pool, or hanging out jump in on some trampolines. Crazy sick dude.

      1. Scott Martin

        Coming soon

    21. Steve Moore

      There is no better role model for our kids....thanks Scott!

    22. Racks and rigs tv

      Hey my unckle brett selph showed me a box call yall made for him i was like thats crazy he says he has met you before

    23. Bruce Tracey

      7:40 "Brandon release", love it.

    24. Hil.a Fishing

      Love your videos Scott they inspired me to get better at fishing keep it up 💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️

    25. Daniel Ortiz

      more,more,!! we need more scotty,, awsome vid man keep it up bro!!.

    26. Allen Outdoors

      Hard for me to stay focused on the fishing. Dudes hair was everywhere! Lol

    27. DG Mills

      Nice looking donks Scott!

    28. Jeremiah LBFG

      Sorry Scott but wooo man I mean Lord have mercy

    29. Jeremiah LBFG

      Dam that guy need some trim 😂👀 y'all see all that hair sticking out look like one of them fake plants you see like a tree with the bushes Poppin out

    30. Bass Raider

      Donk donk

    31. Preston Littlejohn

      Great video im a big fan. What baitcaster are you using in this video. Thanks goog luck in the elites bro

    32. Carl Dupree

      Scott love watching ur vids! I know u use favorite rods but what kind of reels do u use to pair with ur rods?

    33. Bass or Bust Outdoors

      Nice video! Always find your content interesting! Btw I just posted my first video on my channel so come check it out pls. :)

    34. Derrick Westfall

      Scott what reel are you using in this video??

    35. P Frost

      Where B at not seen him in last few videos

      1. Scott Martin

        He’s around you’ll see him soon

    36. The Real

      Scott, we can't help but notice that you and your pops aren't really fishing Okeechobee much anymore and resorting to mostly fishing the everglades (or saltwater). Is the word on the street that the world-renowned fishery is downright awful nowadays accurate? Over pressured (tournaments), water levels and worst of all..... the massive chemical spraying of grass that's decimated a majority of quality bass habitat (primarily hydrilla and spatterdock/waterlilies), as well as not only bodily injury to the bass and other fish/baitfish (those pics of the chemical wounds that keep popping up all over social media look nasty!) and ultimately a rather large fish kill/severe drop in both numbers and quality of bass in the lake..... are those the main contributing factors as to why you're not fishing Okeechobee anymore? I've read all over facebook, IG, Twitter, bass fishing forums, etc. that a lot of people are starting to notice and say the same. Can you please address this with us, your fans and those of us considering where our Florida big bass destination may be when vacation time comes rolling around? And please..... be honest Scott. I, as do many others, know all too well that you have a HUGE vested interest in stating that the lake is as good as it's ever been or that the lake is doing great. There are just too many posts out there that ultimately say otherwise (and again, we can't help but notice that the past year or so there's been a whole lotta everglades/canal/saltwater fishing rather than the big bass factory that Okeechobee once used to be). Can you do us a solid and give us the low-down on what's REALLY goin' on there? Maybe we all can help, as a community, if we're aware of the actual state of the lake. As they say;..... "Knowledge is power!". Many thanks in advance and btw... this was a fun video to watch regardless. Keep up the great work bro!

    37. Tigermuskienm

      2nd generation Scott Martin fan.I watched you're pops and still do.I love youre vids Scott.Thanks for inspiring me and all my bass buds!!!

    38. SupA treyfi

      Fishing in a hurricane lol

    39. Daniel Marshall

      I really got into this video , great job

    40. Deejay Mcgehe

      Wow what an amazing spot!!

    41. Johnny Boone

      Goes to show you that you can still fish soft plastics in the wind. Add some weight and get it on!

    42. Whit Kern

      What is the song at 1:05?

      1. ParsonsAAA

        I Im wondering the same thing dude?

    43. Kevin Carris

      Kickass video Scott!!👊

    44. TheJtaylor000

      Dude! I love your channel. But Dude! You got to lose the Dude Dude.

    45. Blake Anderson

      I saw that in the intro, Rage Craw... One of my favorite plastics

      1. Scott Martin

        Googan Kracken Craw

    46. Victor Remick

      That's true south florida fishing. No electronics& just a little medal boat

    47. MaxFluff

      Please make a beginner video of how to start fishing and what to look for (I want to get Into the fishing hobby)

    48. Pieter van Niekerk

      Looks like a awesome combo are u gone use the favorit rod and reels BM tour this year or still doing the Shimano .... favorit combo ???

    49. galva777tx

      Looks like a cool place to fish. I'd like to see you do one video "only" throwing Big swimbaits in that same area. Like the Deps 250, DRT KLASH 9, 8" BULLSHAD etc. any swimbait 8" or over. I'm curious to see how those Bass would react to the bigger baits. 👍🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

    50. Simply Midwest Fishing

      That Soleus reel looks nasty!!!

    51. Dave Halter

      I love your videos. I wish I could go fishing with you

    52. Blake Barrett

      do a ghillie suit prank with the JOOGSQUAD

    53. Da Mongoose

      Joog squad!!!

    54. Budget Bassing

      Thats awesome Scott, fishing with Donald Trump Jr one day and the joog squad the next. Love your content Where's B?

    55. Raja Mancing

      Like fish😍😍😍😍

    56. 2 REELZ

      You da man 👊 Scott

    57. Antoine Simpson

      Wassup Scott

      1. Antoine Simpson

        Nothing much

      2. Scott Martin

        What up

    58. Raymond Kovacs

      Did Scott drop favorite like the furitgons squad did

      1. Chris Anderson

        You were fishing the Favorite ProSeries rod? What was your set up? I see you had the regular Soleus Reel? I had the pro series and the soleus x in my cart before I saw this and am waiting 😆 I’m guessing 7’ medium heavy with the reg soleus 7.3?

      2. Raymond Kovacs

        I will be looking into getting a favorite rod to show support for Scott.

      3. Hartley Daniel

        @Scott Martin thanks for replying scott. I asked a for a favorite defender for Christmas because you and BLat use them and I'm very happy with it!

      4. Scott Martin


    59. Rusty Wells

      I'm so happy you took Merk to the honey hole Scott he fish's so hard and never gives up and he works so hard at what he does for Jack's channel I can't think of a guy my deserving! 🦅🇺🇸🦅 Merk kinda reminds me of Brandon in there actions and the way they fish and work!

      1. Scott Martin

        Merk is GOLD

    60. redfishjesse

      Merrick! The next video will have to be us on the kayaks! 😎

    61. Gregory j Graff jr

      Scott Martin for president

    62. Northfork Fishing12

      Dude!! Scott has the Joog Squad on?!!!! This is why I rock Favorite rods 🙌🏻😂

      1. Northfork Fishing12

        Actually, Favorite took care of me. The 2xl shirts they sent along with the rods are a wee bit small 😂 but I’ll shirk into them...hopefully! We are moving our Florida trip to July in hopes that Favorite or someone can slide me into iCast 😂 maybe fish with you and your dad 🙌🏻

      2. Scott Martin


    63. Captain's Vlog

      Epic times with Scott and Mac! The whole crew is coming down soon!


      Nice video Scott!!!!! Keep up the great work

    65. LordDarkHelmet

      New spot your father is allowing you to fish? lol

    66. FCS Channel

      Joog Martin.

    67. Jason Beck Fishing

      Looks like Scott is still rocking the Favorite fishing Rods and reels

    68. Chris Massaro

      Does anyone know what swim bait that was

    69. MichiganFishing

      Bass should put you in the Elites! You already earned it.

    70. Jesse Sibley

      Man I would love to fish there with you guys that’s gotta be a blast these community ponds are boring me to death 😞

    71. James Curry Designs and Boatworks

      That was a hawg fo sho!

    72. jonathan bennett

      Awesome slay day. I want to get out there with y'all 💪💪👍👍 Good job Merrick I saw a couple of those dinks you boats 😁

    73. Outdoor Odyssey

      bro Joog Squad!! been watching them since i was like 12 lol

    74. BQ Outdoors

      Joog squad gonna kiss ya matha

    75. Brock Johnson

      Love the hoopty! Love the show man! Been missing my SMC challenges man! Come to NC SMC! Also nice intro Big B!,, awesome channel guys, been following y’all a while now and the episodes just keep getting better in all areas man! Thanks and “KMC aka keep em coming!” Godbless

      1. Hil.a Fishing

        I live in NC

    76. Florida Fishing TV

      Joogsquad is a great channel you should do their gang vs yours and have a good ole fish off. Love the videos would love to meat you one day 👊🏼

      1. Florida Fishing TV

        Scott Martin thanks for the reply I DM you on insta I’m @realtree_life1234 if you’d check it out

      2. Scott Martin

        Coming soon!!

    77. Jered Cizek

      #1 Love the vids been a long time subscriber, looking forward to some more bangers in the new year. Tight Lines 🎣

    78. Joshua Cunningham

      Scott Martin for president. Lol love your stuff man. Good luck on the b.a.s.s tour this year

      1. chevytechb

        Got my vote

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    79. Luke Burns

      I love ya Scott love what you do

    80. El Pescador Rojas

      Happy new year Mr. Martin from Okeechobee. Huge FL shout out to the channel!

    81. SEbassinTV

      First comment

    82. Maddox outdoors

      What up!!!!!

    83. Bigger Bass TV


      1. Scott Martin

        Congrats! TeamSMC