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    We’ve decided to play Among Us In Real Life! Which one of us is the imposter? That’s a secret we’ll never tell. Check us out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at
    This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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    Ian Hecox: ianhecox
    Courtney Miller: co_mill
    Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
    Damien Haas: damienhaas
    Sarah Whittle: rudeunicorns
    Tommy Bowe: tomeybones
    Executive Producer: Sarah Whittle
    Producer: Matt Raub
    Production Manager: Garrett Palm
    Director: Sarah Whittle
    Editor: Spencer Agnew
    Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
    Art: Cassie Vance
    Art: Yasmeen Mughal
    DP: Kevin Rygg
    Cam Op: Spencer Agnew
    Cam Op / G&E: Jacqi Jones
    DIT: Matt Duran
    Sound Op: Greg Jones
    Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
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    1. Smosh Games

      ✨ WATCH PART 2 HERE:

      1. Cloud The Cheetah

        @Bill Cipher bruh

      2. Bill Cipher

        TCoyne193 no u

      3. Cloud The Cheetah

        @burritoshmorito Jr. :/

      4. burritoshmorito Jr.

        That's pretty sus man how do I know that's the actual link and not a portal to a scary ass dimension

      5. TCoyne193

        That’s sus bro! Also, is there anyway I can join in future games? It looks so much fun!

    2. Jackie Hertz

      I got a sprite cranberry add and it’s the meme one

    3. Oscar Salayandia

      We want a part 3 like if you agree

    4. Lenon

      Jumanji in a nutshell:

    5. Brillirant Buno


    6. Mandy Gregory

      Hey y’all I like anime and art and stuff like that

    7. Abbie Grace

      Damien looks like a substitute gym teacher.

    8. Aljaž Jesen

      Whistle once to report a body, twice for an EM Ian: whistled 10 times

    9. Amelia Bodet

      I love Damien so much I cannot

    10. CalledCreator 77

      Why are inhuman?

    11. Charles Barker

      I am 9

    12. Fancy Pants

      Hehe love yall

    13. rosemary gladden

      omg everyone is drunk. 🤣🤣😂😆😅🤣😂

    14. Zinc 717

      they should make this into a thing that anyone can do like an escape room. like you pay to play for so many hours and you can choose to play with random people or with a party. nvm yall cant take this idea unless you're gonna let me manage it with you.

    15. FearFoxy

      this is weird as shit

    16. RedBlocksGaming 148

      CHORES: the game lol

    17. Herman Melville

      clsosing time one last call to go home so drink all your whiskey and beer closing time you dont have to go home but you cant stay heeeere i know who i want to take me home i kno who i want to take me home i know who i cwant to tatke me home take me homeee...

    18. Herman Melville

      this shit is crazy

    19. BrookeVoltattorni

      We’re is Keith, Noah and oliviaaaa 😭

    20. Cain Lodge

      Omg Ian got fat and old

    21. Super Mario Gamer

      6th Tommy Bowe 5th Sarah Whittle 4th Shayne Topp 3rd Ian Hecox 2nd Courtney Miller 1st Damian Haas

    22. Kylerc2004

      14:01 reminds me of Fred and George out of Harry Potter when they tried to enter the tri wizard cup but it didn't work and they started fighting each other

    23. Zachery Jequinto

      What about sabotaging?

    24. Ebrahim Mookadam

      Every imposter ever

    25. Landon Reihs

      SDMN did it better, Twice lol.

    26. Roach #1

      The answer to Math problem was 42 42 also means hentai. Wait......... *oh no* .....

    27. Dibi Jasmine

      euh alors la map est ridicule, impossible de cacher un corps ou de ne pas croiser quelqu'un après un crime Ensuite personne fais ses tasks qui d'ailleurs devraient être un peu plus travaillé, et pour finir Red il joue à quoi enfaite ? il prend le jeu vraiment pas au sérieux c'est insupportable à regarder. Très déçu.

    28. Julian Rodriguez

      Who ever is in charge of sound design needs a raise.

    29. Daniel Hughes

      Damien usually doesn't laugh that much at other people's jokes. He was in stitches at EVERY move or sounds Shayne made that would've solidified it for me instantly

    30. extragoto10line

      Please do more. These are hilarious.

    31. SCUL1Z

      I remember seeing damian in a wwe payperview live behind the the announcers

    32. BlaZ3 Plasma

      Every imposter/crewmate ever video?!?!?

    33. funky_space_panda

      kortnee u r hot

    34. seigfreeg

      Look like teletubbies

    35. Aidan Lang

      This is why all the six graders are playing among us on the playground

    36. Juuppa

      This isn't Among us. This is Among us: as budjet as possible edition...

    37. Woody Wadahy

      Only og’s remember Ian and Anthony play slender man,like if u remember

    38. Ethan M

      hi im julian im on my grandmas computer but yall need to get noah in a among us irl hes one of the entertaining people on smosh pit

    39. derozanfan10

      Alternate title: Among Us in real life with no venting

    40. KphShot

      If you steal an idea mention the creator :)

    41. Tony

      I like how Courtney could’ve saved Shayne by not voting Damien and skipping and could’ve had a chance of winning.

    42. virhe markinaali

      Wheres Anthony

    43. Oh Yeah yeah

      Sidmen bee like 👍🏻

    44. Oh Yeah yeah

      Sidemen bee like 👍🏻

    45. MilkAndBanana

      The editor needs a raise.

    46. IvyEyes

      Courtney was sus of Damien from the beginning big brain

    47. N!nja Clan

      Shane is too much

    48. SiGravity World

      Not gonna lie red is always sus bro

    49. Griffingirl

      this was spectacular

    50. Jiovany Beharry

      red always sus

    51. mads

      is it just me or did ian seem cranky the whole time?

      1. mads

        don’t get me wrong it was a great vid and i loved it!! i just thought something was off

    52. Aurora Marquez

      please do this again, with the smosh pit gang

    53. K and N Squad

      Why was my add about the cocoa cola energy 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    54. Jennifer Mudd

      I love how the imposter was walking like that

    55. Austin Simmons

      We want more

    56. Bring me food


    57. Naley Gaming

      playing among us while drunk. only way to play tbh lols

    58. Richard D

      Extra style points to Shayne and Courtney!

    59. mskellyn07

      Once again Smosh was first ;)

    60. erklid 28

      Without the vents.. it look so hard Bud Damian really pulled it off Really smart

    61. Nurul Nashyira

      “i very good at math” is peak singlish

    62. Lukkis Boi

      Damien be chonk

    63. Sam E.

      This was too funny

    64. bunny

      I thought this would be a sketch (which also woulda been cool) but this was so genius! You guys worked hard on this. And I love how Shayne was really getting into it 😂

    65. haden636

      All i saw was "i very good @ meth"

    66. Jessica Borzi

      I love these!

    67. Zoe Chapman

      I love this

    68. Javier Garcon

      not realistic without the vents

    69. jasmama1977

      More among us in real life plz

    70. Khalisha Family

      Hahahahahhaahha 😂😂😂😂

    71. Sheridon Campbell

      They should do a escape room together to see how it would go

    72. Lex Pizulli

      Love how Damien did everything in his power not to kill Courtney

    73. elmikeQC

      12:30 The moment he realized, he f'd up...

    74. Kei Tsukishma

      Shayne is not ok

    75. RyuujinLetum

      You guys should not reveal until you get it right. That's the best way to play

    76. Slade Martin


    77. Storm Boy

      Shanye was being innocent and doing his task. He was only SUS because he was being goofy. Too funny.

    78. JXM Snipez

      Even if it's as boring as separating pens and pencils Shayne makes it hillarious

    79. Shaheer Khan

      Shane’s hilarious

    80. ezakiel Go

      Kinda sus cuz if anyone anthoney

    81. Jacob Swigert

      Please! We absolutely need more of these!

    82. Animateria999

      do we know the song that plays when damien wins at 14:44??

    83. Spirit Bear

      Shane is basically what happens when a six year old plays among us 😂

    84. Naveen Bosco

      12:19 No one asked Damien how that was the scene of the crime

    85. Chynna Alexa Monte

      add “vents” that are just holes in the walls covered in curtains that any imposter can run through after they kill, connecting all the rooms.

      1. CyaniteHD

        bruh I saw the exact same comment

    86. Patrick Whalen

      Their needs to be more of these with special guests

    87. Candy Mandy

      That was amazing

    88. Fuc Google

      These are hilarious. Best casting for it too

    89. Wilfred Hebron Moses

      Imagine this actually recreated like a escape room and made into a polus level map

    90. Mansur estes

      This was really well done gj

    91. Muth albe

      The real question is : where is Antony

    92. Đăng Nguyễn Hải

      I saw blue killed white, he is impostor. please vote him out 04:55

    93. Addison Beck

      ian: "IM SUS RED"

    94. First Thing Gaming

      Yes!!! We need more of these Among us in real life!

    95. Izaya Orihara

      Didn’t somebody else do this first smosh i been with you like forever and you ripoff somebody’s idea tsk tsk tsk

    96. Kientotero

      This is very very great editing, I love it.

    97. Kullerth

      Damien outsmart everyone

    98. Mason Jaynes

      shane sounds like zapp brannagan

    99. LENNY!

      Damien's got fat in quarantine.


      why are you acting and walking weird.