HIDE and SEEK in 56,000 ACRES - Road to the Classic Ep. 15 Lake Hartwell Practice

Scott Martin

59 миӊ. көрүүлөр20

    This tournament is not only about winning, it is about redemption. With over 56,000 acres of hiding places it will take everything I have to put together the winning game plan.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks for all the recent support! If you share this video please let us know! 👊🏼 Who is your favorite guy in the house and why?

      1. Bassfisher78 !!

        Billy for sure 👍👍 Hurrrry up Maaaan we got to go!!!!

      2. Chris Dillard

        Dude, honestly I can't single yal out lol, it takes all of you guys input and clips, travel vlogs etc to make your videos what they are, i like them all, i work outta town 4 days a week, when I get home my son and I dont watch regular TV, we watch videos from all of yal, not to mention his weekly "lure" shopping list he comes up with from your videos. God bless and keep fishing!

      3. TheBlindkiller85407

        Scott Martin Oh, so it’s his fault everyone else sleeps in? Haha just messin with ya!!

      4. Wild Fish Hunting

        nice video. i love this channel. 😍😍

      5. Thomas Anderson

        Scott and Andrew because of fun personalities

    2. MJZ 13

      @Scott Martin What is the song name startin 3.30?? your soundtrack is amazing. I would love to have this playlist

    3. Bayview Bassin

      What kind of wake bait was you catching those schooling fish on? I’m in love with that bait and live on Smith Lake in Alabama so I would love to give it a shot on this herring lake too.

    4. Hammer Head

      Egg sandwich with mustard is great , just sayin

    5. Michael Fritz

      What is that bait!?!?!

    6. Joseph B

      2:28 is absolutely HILARIOUS 😆 🤣🤣😂😂

    7. Connor Price

      Anybody know what shimano reel he is using?

    8. Jerred Wayne

      Billy is the greatest! Love that guy (no fruityness) 🤣🤣

    9. newmennium

      Trash Jenga?! 😂 ... brilliant

    10. Eric Serabian

      Love billy he makes all the videos. Scott your great but billy is just that guy who is a goofball and the center of the party.

    11. Jared Pope

      Hey Scott...I assume you sell your boat when you get a new one. How would someone contact you about that?

    12. Fishing DohaR

      That’s a beautiful fishing video

    13. Cornflake

      I see Scott changed to all Shimano from okuma

    14. Cameron Sutherland

      Hey Scott I’m a huge fan of yours...I live on lake Hartwell lookin to move to Florida in the next couple of months would love to meet you one day

    15. J C

      I'm sure everyone love the camera this early in the morning.

    16. Scott Willis

      Make a swim bate vid I love bass fishing

    17. Luis A. Torres

      Good luck Scott. I hope you win this one. Wish you the best.

    18. Callen Autry

      Your vids are always hits

    19. MD Lusk

      hey sir i love fihing hartwell

    20. Big Moe Medina

      That Cinematic Release brought Tears to My Eyes, It was so Beautiful!!! LOL!!!! :-)

    21. Renegade Bassin'

      Yoga and Meditation... to funny!

    22. Will Giglio

      i love that scott switched to yamaha

    23. Wild Fish Hunting

      *woowww.. how beautiful place is it.* 😍😍😍

    24. John Coley

      Only if I had money get baits

    25. John Coley

      Good job Scott first cast

    26. John Coley

      Love how Scott talk low

    27. Adam Smith

      Love billy but I'm from Buffalo so he lost points for dissin wings. Man there's a lot of information to put together for success on a big lake like this. Love how you break it down Scott. Great vid. Good luck brother

    28. Vaun Neunsinger

      What kind of waders were those? Big fan keep up the work!

    29. Dusty Crawley

      😆😆😆 Omg dude Scott Martin is weird!!! 😆😆😆

    30. PirateDelo

      The sparkle city comes out of billy, you eat it Billy, that's how, don't need mayo, unless it's Duke's

    31. gary zaiontz

      Good luck Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. Sullivan Brownhill

      Love my reaper hoodie! keeps me right up here in New England

    33. bent rodguy

      absolutely awesome video, that was an epic prank you played on your co angler, you and ed bassmaster should join up and do a video!, i hope to see and compete against you on the lay lake open!

      1. bent rodguy

        @Scott Martin cant wait for the tournament videos!, you nearly put the smackdown on them! i have feeling your going to win the BMC one day , i also felt roland should have, so i know you will pick up where he left off for sure, always been my dream to win one as well!

      2. Scott Martin


    34. Kevin Smith

      I love that Yamaha 250 u upgraded to , I think I will do the same my Suzuki 150 just ain’t cutting it . Been having tons of problems with it

    35. Travis Craver

      What is billy youtube channel called if he has one

    36. Kevin Smith

      Congratulations on 5th ! U needed that after Rayburn , u got a check this time which is great 👍 now u can pay for your travels and Brandon’s food

    37. Mike over cash

      You're cool and Billy is A Nut

    38. chevytechb

      You reverbed me all the way to the bathroom...peew down the hall way hahaha

    39. Crumley Boys

      Hey did your sponsors buy you that boat Any body who sees this comment can you answer this question bc I'm new to fishing

    40. Cameron Walker1616

      Anyone know the white and red lure Scott caught the first two on jerkbait? Swimbait? Spook? I have no clue

    41. Nick Witkowski

      Cool video as always Scott. Funny stuff. I told you after your last vid I was expecting a top 12 and a then a first place finish. SO CLOSE MAN! But hey, 5th will work! Good points, good check, GOOD WORK!👊BAM!!! P.S. Favorite dude in the house has been Billy from the beginning.

    42. heather kestler

      Chuck needs all the practice time he can get!

    43. chris butler

      Chicken without the bone is chicken right on

    44. Chris Thomas

      Were you utilizing the hydrawave during this video ??

    45. Deamen Henderson

      What swim bait lure is he using

    46. Conner English

      Awesome video. Love busting spots on Hartwell. That new AFTCO jacket is sweet I gotta order me one.

    47. Nick Bogs

      Get a promo code for that hoodie and ill buy another one

    48. Back to Bassin

      That sebile bite for big spots is so much fun. Only thing better might be getting them on top.

    49. Justin Brown

      Hey Scott awesome video what was that other bait besides the magic swimmer that you were just reeling with the feathered hook

    50. Imperius

      Good luck making the Classic! PS. Love my AFTCO Reaper hoodie. Thing has kept me warm in these early Fall days and is water/stain resistant. Will have to pick up another!

    51. Martin Gomez

      Great to see Jake on tour with them. is he also fishing tournament? or just helping them with travel etc?

    52. Logan Crizer

      I was dying laughing when you were messin with your co angler

    53. greg molinari

      Scott reminds me of foghorn leghorn. Love the videos keep them coming!

      1. Scott Martin


    54. Bassin time

      I'd like to clarify that mustard IS good on an egg sandwich Billy


      What was that bait you was fishing with early in this video? Thanks in advance and congratulations on the solid finish at Hartwell! Wishing you the best! God bless!

    56. Bradley Havard

      Who destroyed the tower of garbage?

      1. Scott Martin

        Dang it chuck!

    57. Ken Piere

      Grew up watching your dad compete and shared his disappointment in the Classics. I sure hope you get there and win, it would be awesome.

    58. James Voelkl

      Dude Billy is a nut. Super cool guy. Keep fishing friends.

    59. Mitchell Traxler

      Where can I get my Billy's greatest hits covers on CD?

    60. Ty Matthews

      Love you man you are crazy funny

      1. Scott Martin


    61. TheJtaylor000

      Well there's no doubt (The Man, The Myth, The Legend) is our favorite. But, Billy Messer is my very very close to Scott favorite. He's so funny. But what I do not understand about him is this. How such an innocent man can hangout with the likes of such. JS. LOL!!! I'm sharing ya video Scott right now.

    62. TheJtaylor000

      Castledine will just have to get over it! SMC is all about making content for Subs. Unlike him. JS! :)

    63. Check Mate

      I don't know why but I feel the sound your motor makes when you hop on it deserves a sexy day, maybe just a moment. Was that Karate Scotty stuntin some new moves? Been Awhile😂 Funny as hell can't wait for the Next.

    64. Kenneth Roth

      You're in first place for central opens aoy

    65. Emmett Gargaro

      I just qualified for the high school national championship in lake Hartwell, I will be there in June

      1. Cameron Walker1616

        Lucky my hs can’t do tournaments cuz covid stupid California

    66. Lotus Campbell

      Hey man I know my comment will prolly get lost in the comments but what hard bodied swim bait were u using on the schoolies? Kinda looked like the baby bullshad but more slim

      1. Scott Martin

        It was a magic swimmer 🤫

    67. Hunter Fair

      All you southern boys real funny🤣🤣

    68. Scott O,Donahoe

      It would piss me off to no end to fish out of the back with 2 power poles . Especially with the guy running the trolling motor that knows just the angle to keep you out of the action !

    69. Fishing With Jag

      Good luck rooting from Arizona

    70. marc k

      Let's get a win in the bassmaster open scott

    71. sean bault

      Let’s be honest are you really gonna leave your cameraman who gets and puts together all your content and he can tell momma no bueno scott

    72. jasontheryan

      Ha, meditation and yoga mats at the boat ramp... could you imagine. LOL

    73. Mike Watson

      You can totally eat an egg sandwich with mustard. It's good!

    74. Ian Bellomo

      I love the trash jenga 😂😂😂

    75. Rogbass

      I feel horrible for the wolves that raised Billy. Scott please bring Billy up on stage when you win your first Bassmaster Elite tourney

      1. Scott Martin

        I will he is special

    76. Ray Herndon

      Yoga! hum! 😂😂😂 whatever floats your boat lol.

    77. 陆宇铭

      Do you guys shares the points after the practice?

    78. Jeremy Brumley

      Upshaw for sure they share each spot at each event. I guess they don't share with the others.

    79. Chris Harney

      Y’all’s morning routine , especially in this vid, cracks me up!! Billy is awesome!

    80. Michael Smith

      Hey Scott! You watch very much Married with Children? Bigguns!! 😂😂

    81. isaiah vanmaanen

      6:50 at first he had a bug or something on him

    82. XHav0k

      Get out my hole man. Lmao best of luck to you Scott!

    83. Jason Mausteller

      Scott you and your crew are awesome guys and great for the sport keep it up. As the bass fishing world changes, we need more people like you more than ever

    84. Clayton Hutchins

      1 thing for sure about why i admire you is because you put in the time to practice. People like you deserve to win. Good Luck!!

    85. Jacob Black

      I was just there a few weeks ago my fiancé has family that lives on that lake when we was there I caught some pretty good bass I love that lake

      1. Scott Martin

        Great Lake 👍🏻

    86. Parrot Bill

      Scott is number 1, Billy Got A Bass is numer 2. The rest are really nice guys, but nice guys finish.........

    87. Parker Twichell

      good luck on the bass master man. you got it

    88. Brandon Lee

      Over thinkin it is better than under thinkin it any day!!! 👍 #SMF

    89. Charles Carden

      Scott I enjoy watching you an would really like to fish with you sometime . I fish salt water mostly but all the same I am hard core Fisher man . Most of all thank you fou your faith in God and god bless

    90. GOON

      Hey Scott! Congratulations on a good finish at Hartwell! Practice sure pays off, and you always put in the work and it pays off. Good luck Scott, and much respect!

      1. GOON

        Scott Martin thank you Lord 🙏🏻

      2. Scott Martin

        Work hard and pray hard. That’s the key.

    91. Mudcat3434

      Everything is a 4 pounder 😂 I love Scott. Good luck, brother!

      1. Scott Martin

        They really are...😉

    92. Pamela Klemp

      Good to see you are taken a full mixed arsenal for tomorrow❗👍 Lessons learned, so any weather changes can't stop you 💯🎯❗ One thing I have noticed is the "havin' fun factor" actively present during your on-board practice days. I only mention this factor because during the actual tournament days that super charged positive energy gets sidelined a little when the stakes are so high. I wonder, can the fish pick up on a fisherman's emotions like animals can? Many military sailors believe they can. Of course the business of pro fishing is hughly high but the winning powerhouse combo might be the blend of skills, timing, and even that tiny little extra dosage of "havin' fun factor" out there❗ I have no doubt that you and the team will figure it all out👍. GO GIVE'EM (THOSE LARGGIE FISH) WHAT THEY WANT👍🤗. SCOTT MARTIN'S TEAM WINS IT!!! FILM 🎬 ON THE 10:00 PM 📺 NEWS !!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    93. Steve Schrock

      Good Luck and cant wait to see the tournament video

    94. Mark Webb

      Got love billy

    95. Coon Valley Outdoors

      I wish I could be in a classic

    96. Shawn Willis

      Huge fan of you and Upshaw!

    97. Kevin

      Shared as always!

    98. Zac Pearson

      What is your opinion on titan tungsten? I love the stuff but I haven’t exactly been exposed to much other tungsten

    99. Outdoor Boys

      Isn’t billy the best

    100. Kent Young

      Excellent job Scott. Top 5 at Hartwell. Good luck on the next one.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Kent! I have to keep this momentum rolling.