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    The next all-electric supertruck is coming. The GMC HUMMER EV SUV.
    See it. Reserve it. 4.3.21 5pm ET @
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    1. Hego Damask

      Overhyped much?

    2. thelondonbroiler

      🔥I wonder if the Hummer EV will have battery fires like the Chevrolet Bolt EV?🔥

    3. Jenny Brumdige

      14,000 pounds I'll stick with gas thank you cuz when you run out of juice there will be no pushing it

    4. Freedom Lover

      To the marketing team here. I'm guessing this imagery was intentional. Luke 10:18 “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

    5. John T Miller

      Extended FJ cruiser 🤔

    6. Dreammirror Brony

      Enjoy these days kid. You only get one shot at life so make it worth remembering while you can. -A former 26 year old

    7. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gigantic Malfunction

    8. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gargantuan Mistake

    9. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gagging Mechanism

    10. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Grotesque Monstrosity

    11. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Grossly Mismanaged

    12. 🎮


    13. Redskins 11


    14. HEAVYWALL 70

      What can it pull? And how far? The answers are ; not much and not very. This absurdly overpriced status symbol is for virtue signaling pukes that don’t need their truck to do truck stuff. Soccer practices nationwide will be inundated with these beasts.

      1. Joesolo13

        Asking a question and assuming the answer, not too bright are ya Ask any railroad worker if electric motors can haul.

    15. CALISPEC1

      Looks like a reference to Satan being thrown to the earth like lightening after his defeat in heaven... 🤷‍♂️

    16. Edtweet

      Little dissapointed they don't use the legit immigrant song for these teasers. But I get it. Lol

      1. TheBig V8

        This isn't the first time GM has used Led Zeppelin for marketing so I agree not sure why it's not actually LZs immigrant song

    17. Harvey Haskins

      Llllllll331rrt L

    18. david wilson

      Idiots in gmc. 😂

    19. Joel Sanford

      Don’t pay your taxes, backed child support or forgot about that deductible. Don’t worry they will just turn your vehicle off wirelessly . More control, advertised as a (convenience) !!

    20. Heritage 4x4


    21. James Poore

      There is not to many charging station yet to own an all electric car.

    22. David Foulk

      So driving this truck in the south on a hot summer day, say 100 degrees, with A/C on high what kind of impact would this have on the range of travel??

    23. Tim Ritenour

      Just junk can’t wait till a wreck on hits the block and I can buy remove all the electric garbage . Install real frame real motor and transmission and make it what it should have been to start with . Gm went from good car company to trash almost over night climate lairs playing game that will bankrupt the company

      1. JPO Orr

        GM has been trash since the mid-2000s. Maybe they figured building an electric tank would save them? NOT!

    24. Billy Holmes

      I love gmc but sorry Tesla already took measure of all other automotive manufacturers and found them wanting

      1. Tim Ritenour

        @Stingy Tesla is toxic waste any electric car is toxic waste

      2. Stingy

        @Tim Ritenour you will dump toxic waste? Making no sense my guy.

      3. Tim Ritenour

        @Stingy I will and do toxic waste dump

      4. Stingy

        @Tim Ritenour well I wouldn’t call Tesla’s junk when they’re runnin low 10s in the quarter

      5. Tim Ritenour

        @Stingy Tesla sucks I am a pro gas and diesel guy electric junk is just that and highly toxic

    25. Robert Miner

      Never/ever thought my fellow Americans would coward to fear tactics (pandemic). Pandemic, no real proof. If we had a real pandemic as was 1917-1918, planet earth lost 11.217 % of the worlds population (dead). Today that would translate to almost 1,000,000,000 (billion) dead. Granted Mother Earth would be happier, but mama Earth not that scornful yet. All those screamed pandemic, wear masks, demand lock-down should be launched into deep space.

    26. Pilot SS. 28

      You ruined the song for me

    27. Mark Plott

      GMC - LITTERALLY no one asked for this , this will Bankrupt GM.

    28. Richard Perkey

      As long as it don’t have a 5.3 in it.

    29. Jake Hall

      Have fun sitting at the charging station powered by coal burning power plants! 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Hego Damask

        I’d rather ride around on a cow than this pointless car

      2. R.E.M.

        Right? Can I get a non electric version? 😂

      3. HEAVYWALL 70

        @Mountain Peoples Life You are supremely incorrect

      4. Joel Sanford

        Mountain Peoples Life it is in China , last I checked we all breath the same O2

      5. Heritage 4x4

        Or the huge mines they open...

    30. Just a GMC

      lemme guess they’ll both break the speed of sound? like when you Revealed the Truck?

    31. Daddy

      probably the best car on the planet

      1. FALTomJäger

        @Rob L oh heavens no. I’m buying a tri motor Cybertruck and I know I’m probably gonna destroy a few vehicles along the way 😂

      2. Rob L

        @FALTomJäger I do wish them luck though. No matter what we think EV is here to stay. I just don't know if the normal person is responsible enough for all the power these vehicles allow.

      3. FALTomJäger

        @Rob L exactly. They are far better as an ICE company

      4. Rob L

        Lol, GM -> Electronics.....not exactly the perfect track record.

      5. Mark Plott

        @FALTomJäger - Agree, Cybertruck starts at $39,900

    32. Lord Publius

      I still prefer the pickup version. Also, her needs to be a LOT more available colors than just white and NOT for an additional price.

      1. Mark Plott

        you can always get it WRAPPED.

      2. Nebula1701

        There will be more colors available for the 3X, 2X and 2. Only the Edition 1 has white as its' only color.

    33. Lord Planet

      will the GMC Hummer be coming to the UK

      1. Mark Plott

        cant be sold in the UK, Litterally ILLEGAL for UK and EU roads.

      2. Joojood

        At least it's coming to UAE

      3. Aswin Kumar

        Not just only UK, will it come to India?

    34. CDC-COVID-19

      Crazy story I saw one right in my neighborhood it was parked but it must’ve been a prototype 🔥🔥 Pretty sure the guy works at GM Tech Center down in Warren Michigan 💯

      1. CDC-COVID-19

        @Brad Rowland No problem and I have a hummer H3 it gives me a couple problems but nothing I can’t pay for I enjoy Driving it I still feel like a beast driving it Just the front is lifted to be leveled with the back tire. The name is just my gamer tag name 😅

      2. Brad Rowland

        @HEAVYWALL 70 Thanks for helping with my petroleum addiction! Tundra is a tough truck 👍🏻 After a few wrecks in smaller vehicles ( not my fault) I feel safer in a big beastie thing😊

      3. HEAVYWALL 70

        @Brad Rowland I work in refineries I literally could not possibly care less about the price of gas or how good my mileage is or isn’t. I drive a Tundra so it’s not great but my truck is beastly strong. We can’t make gas and diesel fast enough and I make a healthy amount of money doing what I do.

      4. Brad Rowland

        @CDC-COVID-19 Thanks Prototype for sure ! That wrap is so confusing you can’t really tell what’s going on lol I will keep my H 2 love it And the gas mileage is no different than any other pickup (haters) Thx again China virus lol

      5. CDC-COVID-19

        @Brad Rowland Yes and It had a number right at the corner of the windshield 5 I saw it again at the red light. Just took one photo



    36. uneed2see

      Was that lebron?

    37. AYYAN KHAN

      Stop teasing us GMC 😂. I can't wait anymore now .

    38. MIDHUN A


    39. dj gand thef Lit

      keep it upGMC

      1. Mark Plott

        Generic motors corproation.

    40. Larson Films

      Getting famous off of comments day 301, so I can live the dream, live every day like it’s your last🤙🚀

      1. Treyyy

        Uhh no

      2. Dogmanroblox

        we do not care

    41. Knicks0604 YT


    42. Some Random Guy

      Only five comments

    43. Steven Wichern


    44. IIPixel

      Ahh just bring back the original hummer! I miss the original models, I always dreamed of owning one but they were discontinued...

      1. Mark Plott

        Hummer is still made in CHINA.

    45. Matthew pizzalover1608


      1. Dylan Rogers


    46. SergeantTactical

      The title of this sounds like a man having a seizure