Adam22 & Lena Birth Vlog - Shocking Last Minute C-Section

Lena & Adam

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    Lena and Adam22 gave birth to a beautiful baby girl but while we had planned on a natural home birth at the last minute we had to go through with a caesarian in the hospital - check out the video and enjoy!

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    1. Hannah Kitterman

      Oh my god she’s so perfect 😭😭

    2. Joleen Gen

      She's adorable...omgosh!!

    3. B Sherman

      I had a c section to , my vagina a chose to not work at the last moment .

    4. L. M. M.

      Goddammit 2 weeks overdue they still make us go through that shit in 2020. Damn that baby was awake, alert, and oriented!!!! Shesus bless!!!!!

    5. babytina

      That's a big baby !

    6. Aaron Sand

      She's absolutely precious. Mazel tov 💙💙💙

    7. Colby's Coldsore

      That kid is gonna need to stay off the Internet for the rest of her life unless she wants life time trauma therapy.

      1. Katie Louise

        First thing they did was put the baby in the limelight 🙄

    8. Kassie Dabs

      If they gave you meds for group B strep that makes you HELLA itchy

    9. Stephanie Lauder Lukas

      💕💕 omg, Adam & Lena congratulations on your baby girl!

    10. Torri Pines

      Best parents ever. Adorable

    11. Sungsu Lee

      Omg the baby is so adorable 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

    12. Lydia klopfenstein

      I wish someone could have documented Adam’s initial reaction too 💕 bc Lena’s reaction was priceless and beautiful!

    13. Baby Roo and Josie Rose Gaming

      Hey Adam , I wanted to be the first to Welcome you to the New Father Club, I know you will find the road to graduating to Bad ass father, and get a Father of the Year award! Congratulations 🎊 man seriously you will love the next 6 years will change you for the rest of your Life!

    14. CraveEdit$

      She's such a cutie pie my god 😻😻😻💞💞💞

    15. CraveEdit$

      Adam don't wear your mask backwards bro even though it doesn't really matter anyways you're not around people

    16. CraveEdit$

      You both are goals congrats on the new little one

    17. Carlo Mataka


    18. Jane Doe

      I don’t think you’re supposed to wrap her up like that when she sleeps that’s very dangerous

    19. Justice Ann

      I had the balloon too and I was a WEEK over due date. After I got the Balloon it dialted me and needed an emergency c section. It's horrible but congrats!!!

      1. Justice Ann

        But you are so fucking beautiful 😍 I looked like a gremlin because I got the epidural at 8cm 🤣🤣 fr congrats on parent hood guys!! Just love watching your vids all the time hahaha

      2. Justice Ann

        He had his cord wrapped tight he started to suffocate after they popped my water and we both almost died girl this has me in my anxiety I had the same issues! I stayed up for them to pull him out but needed to be out for the rest that shit huuuuuurt

    20. Sheridan Jensen

      I love that Parker and her grandpa have the same birthday. My grandfather and I have the same birthday and it is such a gift.

    21. Aye Tabbi

      Love love love! I’m expecting my first baby in May and I love watching your pregnancy videos 💕

    22. Candace Garcia

      I dont have any social media so i was just thinking about yall and wanted to come say i hope yall are doing well!!

    23. Blue Sugar

      Omg she absolutely PERFECT!!! I never comment, but HAD to on this one. I literally caught myself smiling at your precious angel & the awe of love you both have. I know it was a month ago...well almost 2 months ago...but I cannot get over how perfect & beautiful Miss Parker is. Congratulations! I KNOW you are an amazing mom & Adam is an amazing dad. I can only imagine how much she has changed & your world has changed already in these 2 months. Much love to all of you! Oh & I hope Tony is adjusting well. 😉

    24. Haley Marie

      Congrats guys!! She's gonna be so cute

    25. Katie Sears

      I can FEEL the love they have for her & each other😻

    26. LoverOfPeace

      Hey Adam, vaginal births aren't the best type of births. F you. There is no best type of birth. The only thing to worry about is that both baby and mom are doing well. A C section saved my life. Also congratulations on your baby.

    27. Ima Baddie

      I hate kids but thats one cute pizza roll. I mean baby.

    28. EIon Musk

      Now her stomach is nasty looking forever 😂

    29. Devon Henry

      Hey bro I bet being in that operation room was crazy as shit I’m 19 and I have two lil girls my self congratulations man it’s a whole different ball game now

    30. Tara Bell

      Omg Adam is too cute!!! Congrats guys!!

    31. Amber Lauren

      Oh my god I AM SOBBING 😭❤️


      She looked just like adam when they were on bed

    33. Tasha Philemonoff

      Lena “I’m tired” Adam “on mad drugs”

    34. Moon Child

      Do you like her??? Lmao what? Like as if she had options to pick another 😂😂

    35. AK

      This is so heartwarming god bless your beautiful little family ❤️

    36. GirlLovesHemp

      Congrats guys. She’s adorable

    37. m_99 Gonzalez

      Aww so cute ❤️. Congrats to you ✨ I’m not a mom but now that I’m in my early 20s I can see why people say a baby will change your life .

    38. Hilda Doe

      That bassinet is extremely cool. Nice pick!

    39. ogga

      I just want to watch lena without hearing Adam bc i hate him.

    40. Yfg.m

      WHERE R THE VLOGS?! Y’all pleaseeeee start blogging🥲

    41. Laura Ann

      Beautiful family! God bless and stay safe. ❤️

    42. Antenor Ferreira Schrapett

      Parabéns pelo bebê 🌹😘👏👏👏👏👏

    43. LaurensDesigns

      Awe your baby looks soo mature emotion wise, the smiling is just precious!!

    44. LaurensDesigns

      You are soo brave! I'm sitting here scared and i't not even me,,,hahah you act like the pain of birth is no biggie..hahah girl #strong

    45. Parker Nelson

      wow i’m obviously biased but the name parker fits your family so well, parker adam and lena sounds so good together

    46. Sarah Mcdonald

      Parker and I have the same bday!! Twins!!!

    47. Giovanna Saravia

      Why did I feel my heart stop when the nurse said, "are you recording?" As if im the one.

    48. Kala Moore

      Aweeeeee dat sweet baby congratulations 😭😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖💖

    49. Ally xo

      Her little coos 😍😍😍

    50. Ally xo

      Congrats Lena and Adam ❤️

    51. Allison Moore

      Babies usually look like aliens when they are born .. but Parker is BEAUTIFUL... she is so precious

    52. Operafan1005

      I also became a mom this year. So far, I honestly fucking love being a mom😇

    53. dana mai

      I never got itchy from epidural that's from opiates lol congratulations tho ❤️🙏🥰🙌💯

    54. McKenzie Ziebell

      My grandma is in her 70s and she worries soo much about all of us kids. The motherly love and worrying never goes away

    55. Mommyt7177

      She's adorable! And so alert!! Congratulations guys, she's perfect!! 💟👣🍼

    56. Skin Deep

      As a medical provider, it is so endearing to see patients that THINK they know more than the doctors and will put a baby at EXREME risk by being stubborn and bull headed when it comes to their demands based on something they have read on the internet.

      1. Madison B

        @Skin Deep that’s why I included at the beginning there: “I get what you’re saying, and while that’s very true for certain things..” Never did I or would I suggest someone doing surgery on themselves lmao. Also, her baby didn’t die, thankfully due to medical intervention.

      2. Skin Deep

        @Madison B Respectfully, this is why babies die. Just because you thought you knew your body better than a medically degreed and trained professional, would you suggest doing surgery on yourself??? All we can do is hand out the professional help, we cannot make anyone take it.

      3. Madison B

        I get what you’re saying, and while that’s very true for certain things, it’s also endearing when medical providers think they know someone’s body better than the person who’s been living in it their whole lives.

    57. Benite Van Deventer

      I started itching watching you itch

    58. Anne

      she is truly beautiful Seriously huge congratulations to you both sensing lots of love to you all from Scotland 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤

    59. Manda C

      Stop scratching 😅

    60. MelxEden

      did the nurse just ask “do you like her”?!?! like what😂

    61. Jordynn Jehl

      I want to cry! Congratulations ❤️

    62. Tara Jo

      The cooooing!!! I have baby fever now

    63. Natalie and Emily

      she’s born on my nephews birthday! ❤️❤️

    64. Hannah Nummer

      That’s one cute ass baby

    65. Tina Chambers

      So happy for you both and girl sorry you went through all the crap and hard pregnancy congratulations girl

    66. Emily _____

      Please do more videos like this one, all three of you and Toni too lol

    67. Sami Brady

      I had both of my kids all natural with no epidural

    68. mushroom flower

      I dont understand the itching from epidural i had an epidural and i did not itch at all but it was an early delivery and i was also on a large amount of magnesium to stop labor

    69. Stephanie G

      It’s honestly a bit strange (not in a bad way) bc I know Lena and Adam from what they do for a living, but I feel this goes to show no matter what industry you work in, you’re a person and it’s so dumb when people make other people less than bc of that. Other than that, congrats on baby Parker!!!!

    70. Kylie Giles

      Epidural is in a pain killer .. it sounds like she is allergic to the epidural

    71. Nancy Josephs

      She's pure perfection 🤗

    72. Parthenia Jean

      Did they say her name ?

    73. Parthenia Jean

      My twins are 23 amd my baby is 20 and still every night I text to see if they are in safe for the night. The worry never ends!!!

    74. Sara R

      Did the nurse really ask if you liked your baby!!!!???? What kind of question is that!? Lol

    75. Kenneth Kline

      Doin Skin to skin was one of my favorite parts when my son was born

    76. Karen Chiusano

      Parker is so adorable a precious angel

    77. cynthia romero

      Honestly what a beautiful baby and couple 🥺

    78. Daria Hill

      Watch babies on Netflix 😘 your doing a great job Mama Xxx

    79. Shelby

      This is such a sweet video, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

    80. Kierra Ramsey

      She is beautiful lena.. Congratulations you two!!

    81. brojer9

      Sooooo Beautiful ☺️

    82. Kara Foley

      I dont think ive ever seen such a beautiful baby like her wow

    83. Meag_ Ken

      Ahhhh she’s BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’m 7 weeks pregnant & I already can’t wait 😍💫

    84. All Cats Are Beautiful

      Omg that is a beautiful baby 🥺♥️

    85. Hector Rodriguez

      The gallon of milk when she was feeding her😂

    86. Katie Kuchar

      I have to say you absolutely did amazing ! I had my c section and had such a hard time doing anything 🤣 I was in so much damn pain and you made that look so effortless!

    87. Nicola Dueza

      Okay wow that is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen I can’t even explain how cute she is 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    88. Brianna M

      “dO YOu LiKE heR”

    89. Myra Marin-Rodriguez

      I absolutely love this! Adam, you're doing great! Lena you're already the best mommy ever! You never, ever stop worrying for your baby, ever! You're always going to want to protect her from any harm, emotionally and physically. Y'all are amazing parent's! Enjoy parenting!!! Its the most rewarding hearing your baby say they love you+

    90. JusticeforMorgan

      What a gorgeous woman. Congratulations on the new beautiful baby.

    91. Ambie Rusty

      She has the sweetest little coo's! Aw makes me want another baby lol

    92. Mariela Arreola

      tbh i think a lot of babies are ugly but she is ADORABLE

    93. Liza Scorps

      Its FUcked up. The nurses should have told you to stop itching. Because it causes the itchiness to get worse. Immensely!! What a shame wow bun that hospitaal thats fuuuckeeed

    94. Amanda Brown

      That is the cutest newborn ever! Seriously her eyes 😍 and I’ve had 3 babies lol. She’s the cutest newborn I’ve ever seen. so beautiful!! Congratulations you guys. 💖

    95. Gabriel M


    96. Directioner Forever

      the most gorgeous baby

    97. Beckah York

      Awwwwww. Congrats you 2

      1. Beckah York

        Jello might seem like nothing but it's super hydrating

    98. Eileen Zajac

      omg Lena shes BEAUTIFUL! Such an angel

    99. psychedelicconfusion

      watching this after her most recent video completely changes the viewing experience knowing all the stuff they cut out/couldn't film, and how she was actually feeling while everything was happening