Jeezy - Back feat. Yo Gotti (Official Video)


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    1. I Am Chedda


    2. 1 TRAINER THE

      Bank Tellers be Telling in the Bank🤔

    3. marteus porterfild

      No skips on dis album 🔥

    4. Jacob haas

      This really slap tho!!

    5. Michael Butt

      2.9 mil views within 3 weeks. He’s been a Legend he will stay a Legend

    6. WanderBread

      Luda would have killed this beat.

    7. Ben Bugatti3

      Man the friendship between jeezy and gotti is unmatched. Them boys been cooking banger songs together since underground days! Real respect real

    8. Bahati R

      Jeezy and Yo Gotti 🔥

    9. Nett Phenomenal Black Swan

      Yasssss bruh the goat. 😝🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎼🎼🎼💃🏾

    10. Crazy Cat Lady

      You're all here for 2:25

    11. Quentaz Harper

      This is how you make a video. This is how u rap. This is the how to guide to being a good rapper.

    12. Isaiah McClymont

      Educate em 💯💯💯

    13. smith daylight

      Who else think jeezy is a better rapper than Gucci ?

    14. Deveondi

      I found your channel through the suggested videos. Your videos are amazing. Thanks you for sharing your gift with the world. I recently created my own KGup channel so you know I’m doing my research as I plan for my new music videos coming soon. Keep up the great work! I just subscribed.

    15. DreadPitt

      This track is FUCKING 🔥🔥🔥

    16. Alex


    17. Aeriel Aeriel

      My main thing like to eat with chopsticks 🥢 🥰

    18. ebeeebee1

      This beat slaps harder than gramma

    19. Kiddee Kush

      Yo I thought that was Charlamagne for a sec lmaooo wtf

    20. Bruce Bias

      Why lol

    21. Jameela Mitchell


    22. Cdp DaDon

      Song hard intro hard video dumb asf... 100M TO THROW IT ? Good job stupid

    23. God dess

      I can whip a dream with a fork nigga

    24. deondrae mcknight

      Snowman still crackin

    25. Jimmy Silcox

      Jeezy on point with this one..

    26. Tina Peittway

      Jeezy back there is a God👍🏽😃

    27. Baraka Malipula

      Jeezy got big head a. With fake a got

    28. We Acme

      This is proper. 🙏👏💫 #weacme

    29. BLACK STAG

      Yeah that shit tight 🔥🔥

    30. Kathy S

      Hot song and beat!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥They rap good together

    31. TheWorkmoney


    32. V3X SERIOUS X

      Dope shit💥💥💥

    33. vincent morgan

      This shit hard Jeezy grown man shit Gotti one foot in

    34. Sifiso Ntombela

      Jeezy has matured.

    35. AnthoniqueIsASpiritualGoddess

      It’s a No for me🤷‍♀️

    36. Island Vacation Travel Channel

      That's right 1099 / EIN .......

    37. Marquis Marq313

      Damn making the bank huh

    38. Anakin Skyboogie

      our government could've taken care of the people but instead chose to line the pockets of the special interests and elites. youtube Andrew Yang and hop on the Freedom Dividend train.

    39. CHAPO EL

      Da street hope no way around it #2 🐐’s

    40. Love Muzik

      No lie, y'all should go to whatever streaming site yall download from and search Love Muzik Perfect Timing!!!!! Next big deal from New Orleans!!!!! Yall heard it here first!!!!

    41. Amejo

      Haha, he said if they were 1099 they wouldn’t be employee would they!!!

      1. MsQueenB2

        Everybody won't get that 💯

    42. J.P. Rivera

      This is trash music i miss real rap

    43. ሚከኤል AGAZIAN

      JEEZY IS FOR THE ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 TEAM.

    44. TRIZ G VIDZ

      Jeezy the man 💯🌶

    45. California Girl

      The comments section on firefox 💥💥💥# He is back

      1. NSG YoungStunna 🤞

    46. Poo Ape Chimp

      Idc what you say this is a Christmas song

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    47. California Girl

      Oh my goodness he is definitely back baby

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    48. Tierra Sharday

      42 Dugg 😍

      1. NSG YoungStunna ❤️💪🏿

    49. James Costea

      i think this is the only song that i like out of the hole album

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    50. john smith

      Billionaire checking in. I approve of this message.

    51. Hen Yung

      Subscribe to "Da Shoota" Lafamilia Monopoly

    52. Roman MKR

      42 dogg here)

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    53. Nikahia Williams

      It would be nice if some famous people really did do something like this I mean they are famous because of there fans I love it

    54. Amaryah Judith Israel

      Yo Gotti throwing up the Masonic Pyramid during that interview in the beginning. These niggas is sellouts. I’m convinced if u don’t know wtf is going on in the industry in 2020 u don’t wanna know or don’t give a fuck. Either way it go, if your idolizing these guys U GET WHAT U GET...JUDGEMENT IS AROUND THE CORNER!!

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    55. Prince Minor


      1. NSG YoungStunna

    56. Hort Class

      I fuck with that😏😏fire

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    57. Trey Lewis

      “And we gone need that in CASH”

    58. Kendall Houlder

      we the nation they the store..."Support Black Business"

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    59. Londyn Howard

      Whole album 🔥 Big Snow❤️✊🏾

    60. Nino Brown

      Man That Intro Is So True. They Try To Shit On Us At Banks.

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    61. Cyrell Grimes

      New World thank you the real World 🌎

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    62. Rammy Rimawi


      1. NSG YoungStunna

    63. Samantha Rankin

      I loveeee this

    64. CapoMattic 216

      Song dope video 🔥

      1. NSG YoungStunna

    65. Miami florida

      Fargo sent me here

    66. Jack frasss

      shit SLAP!!!!

    67. Lady in Red 101 All woman

      Ahyyyyyy two of my favorite artists in the industry.. Baddddd superrrr .... Get it $$$$$$$ love the collaboration...DAF...ILL

    68. Tommy Thompson

      Jeezy y’all should really do a movie together. This is what the culture needs.

      1. 1 TRAINER THE

        No Females with this beat🤔

    69. Chocolatta Brown

      I pray God bless me and everyone who believes gets blessed like this and even beyond 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    70. Heat Pete

      Half this song is a skit 😤

    71. Fattie Labelle

      This video is fucking dope!

    72. 💢Zalzion⛼

      Whoever came up with the idea behind the music video keep at it. This is needed

    73. Jonell Haney

      He's got another hit!!!

    74. matthew feathers

      The hood still fuck with you fam 💯💯💯

    75. BLK BOX

      I love the concept, brought joy to my day!

    76. R Q

      Jeezy back. Beat is crazy!!!

    77. chino 418


    78. cathy mullins


    79. Dohn Avellio

      Why you aint play these traccs tell gotti him and doplh next on verzuz

    80. Dat GG


    81. Aaron Loomis

      Everything bout this fire af. That beat!

    82. MickyRay 02Flores


    83. Zachary Cassity

      Loved yo gotti for years but after he sold out with Jeezy and TIP cant stand the man! Thats not his lyrics he ain't speaking his opinion its obvious

    84. ZSU-23-4 Shilka

      What the hell are 1099s & W2s? I don’t understand how this shit works

    85. Angela Mickens

      Glade Jeezy back, thank you Yo Gotti🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    86. El Devoh


    87. Nico

      Jeezy let go of the dub over tracks and kept it single solid vocal sound way more yeeeeeaaaahhh,and them dumb ass adlibs he be addin

    88. K Etienne

      Jeezy should've play this when old boy said "play some new hits" This is fire straight up, and Yo Gotti always been real.

    89. adam bamf

      Never left in my eyes Bo!

    90. Kellie Gold


    91. Jarrod Mitchell

      Jeezy is my mans I really enjoyed listening to him really he’s a motivator for real

    92. GHB KD

    93. jazzy lady

      Its a no for me

    94. Echelon Don


    95. Suntruth G

      O.T Genius would’ve been good on this.

      1. Crystal Rubbie


    96. Phillipe Vieux

      I love the way they thought about this video .

    97. JoeyMania

      Jeezy has been my favorite rapper since 2008. I can't believe people have slept on him. Gucci still one of my favorites, too. Glad to see the dope boys coming back hard in the Game.

    98. Lisa Womack


    99. Badd Chica Pink

      HEYYYYYYY Baby daddy 😍

    100. Steve Skipper

      Is that Aaron Gordon? Lol