Cox n Crendor In the Morning Podcast: Episode 264 (Stealing Above Your Weight Class)

Cox n Crendor Podcast

9 миӊ. көрүүлөр0

    The boys are back and this week Jesse is calling out corporate america for overlooking his partnership potential! Also Crendor found another David Lynch video and a man decides to steal a thing we never thought to steal before. Now we want to steal one too. He's an inspiration really.
    All this and more on a brand new Cox n' Crendor!
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    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. MrTardman81

      Air fryer can reheat fries pretty well.

    2. IndigoRage

      How do they not know what Snopes is?

    3. BlueVendetta64

      WEATHER REQUEST: Wopy, Poland

    4. Snake Sosa

      Weather Request: Sligo(Sly-go) Ireland

    5. Lucas Rodriguez

      I'm so down for gardening with crendor!

    6. theBombbrigade

      For cren'weather do Coxsackie NY. Jesse will love that one. Lol

    7. Kagamin

      Reheat fries by using an air fryer at 350F for 3-6 minutes, depending how crispy you want it.

    8. Brody Brister

      Hey you said my name! And I'm actually a chef

    9. Liam Kelly

      crendor bores plants into growing

    10. Liam Kelly


    11. TJ Swanson

      Snopes is about as reliable as you can get I think. it's not articles, it's a site you go to when you hear something crazy, think "Wait, did X person REALLY do that?" and if they've covered it they'll give as clear an answer with as much background and context as needed. Cut to me being the 50th person to tell you this today.

    12. ADHadh

      My possibly-future-father-in-law is a forest ranger and he has stories of how much effort people put into stealing wood. One story was about a guy who would bike around the forest, take a small log onto the bike, ride to the edge of the forest to drop it into tall grass and go for the next log. And in the evening he would drive by and load the wood into his car.

    13. Gbus Jones

      Waffle house is better than Denny's

    14. Andrew McIlhone

      I'd love to hear the weather for Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, laughs already included.

    15. Crane

      I guess Florida Man was trying to get a head start on the scrap collecting because he knows our future is Fallout 4. Pretty soon we'll all be desperately searching for desk fans and glue... and toilet paper lol.

    16. LiveErrors

      There is a simple metoder to making Cold fries somewhat good again You put it in the microwave with a Glass of water and let the water steam the fries for a minute

    17. PiPi FartTown

      Weather request: Macedonia... Ohio

    18. John Boyer

      Not only is Crendors fucking stupid weather voice annoying, I'm actually getting concerned he's hurting his voice

    19. darknight1077

      Brad's wife would have loved to sponsor cracker barrel but they fired her after 25 years of loyal service

    20. manemanera

      Dude's, use an air fryer to re-heat french fries. Comes out pretty much the same as they are fresh

    21. Chainer

      How the fuck do they not know about Snopes?

    22. Rick Ryan

      Omfg i actually got a cracker barrel ad... That was a self fullfilling prophecy....

    23. Katherine Dattilo

      Ah I miss random date nights at outback, you split cheese fries or a blooming onion and a drink at the bar, and you're good to go see a movie or something

    24. moonringXD

      Could you guys do a weather report on Phoenix Arizona ?

    25. moonringXD

      Have you guys ever played D&D together? Also can you pronounce Ixitxachitls?

      1. moonringXD

        @K F thanks!

      2. K F

        Yes they have. Look up Die-Kea, a short session GM'd by Crendor. It's on JP's channel.

    26. Anna Wolrief

      Fun fact. 1000 birds a year die from crashing into window

    27. Matt Esham

      Air Fryers are great for reheating fries

    28. Tymme Zinni

      I worked McD's back when McRib first came out. I know there was a cooking step. I don't remember for sure but I think it was a contraption like the half-steamer thing used for the grilled chicken. Then it went into the bbq sauce pool until it decided to slither away or was rescued when someone ordered one. As a joke, a friend and I that worked in the back ran to the manager exclaiming, "The McRib sauce melted the spatula!" and she believed us. I think he stole a box or half a box or something of mcrib patties from the freezer. They weren't bad w/o the sauce.

    29. Stinkehund

      What kinda rock do you have to live under to not know about Snopes?

    30. Chris smith

      Crendor better do a video review of that McRib. Why does my phone automatically capitalize McRib?

    31. Evanator

      I'm surprised they didn't know that Snopes is a fact-checking site.

    32. JoseAnd97

      just get the fries on an oven and they become crispy and nice!

    33. Tony Cercone

      Weather Request: Tittybong, Victoria, Australia.

      1. Saltiren

        Crendor, visit Tittybong please

    34. Malakai Abyss

      So I actually listened to this first thing in the morning with my coffee, and I gotta say: what a great way to start the day

    35. SilentShokide

      Good morning/evening everyone here :)

    36. Igor Todorovic

      Weather request: Lazarevac, Serbia, my hometown, classic coal town kinda deal, with a bit of slavic spice thrown in

    37. oli

      To reheat fries you just fry them again, super simple and isn't soggy like the microwave

    38. Juaccoo

      Weather Request : Peor es nada, Chile. A town from my country that literally means 'worse would be nothing'.

    39. Eat Box

      Might have actually ordered a hamburger steak by accident lol

    40. LooseCo

      I love that during the "feel words" part neither of them thought to say Braille

      1. Tymme Zinni

        As a reader of Braille, I don't see what you did there.

    41. PepicWalrus

      Just use an air fryer to heat up fries?chicken tenders/anything really that makes sense.

      1. manemanera

        Yeah, you get it Walrus! I said the same thing!

    42. Eat The Rich

      David's video. I have to draw your attention to the adhesive (!?!) that is securing the serial killer letters to the background.

    43. Mr. Boling _

      It's really charitable of this news network to keep the ChopterCopter guy employed despite the fact that he rarely ever manages to discuss the traffic.

      1. Tymme Zinni

        I've heard the ChopterCopter guy now owns Woppy, so it's probably a package deal.

    44. Krustoficus

      How do they not know what Snopes is?!

    45. John O ́neil

      I still have no idea how he got that thing on his roof. Aren´t those poles super heavy? Or are they like hollow and made of alluminium?

    46. blisterypoet

      *sigh* Why’s it always Florida man

    47. Nick Currie

      I'd say you guys should start a fast food podcast, but this one pretty much is already.

    48. Plumpopz

      Dang never been this early to an episode

    49. Vartoc

      That steak was probably a Salsbury steak, which is just hamburger.

    50. Aaron A


    51. taiga ninenineseven

      Weather request: Big Bay Michigan. It’s in the Upper Peninsula. We have a lot of meth. We also manage to have a weekly AA meeting in a remote town with a few hundred people. Also, there was a movie made here in the 1950’s based on a murder that occurred here. It’s called Anatomy of a Murder and it won a bunch of awards but my god is it long and boring as shit. Also, at one point the vast majority of the country’s bowling pins were made here. Those assholes Thomas Edison and Henry Ford used to come up here to hang out. We also have a club in the woods where a bunch of rich people stay during the summer while the town’s plebeians work for them. I will keep commenting and adding dumb facts about my stupid little town until I run out or you guys cover it.

    52. Graeme Guthrie

      Sup fam

    53. Mark Devedeux

      why does this always come out at like 3 am?

      1. Duddridge1

        I was wondering about that, sitting here counting the hour differences. It's gotta be morning *somewhere* right?

      2. Eat The Rich

        @Cox n Crendor Podcast all my favorite people keep strange sleeping schedules.

      3. cika012

        @Cox n Crendor Podcast Don't worry Crendor, for us in Europe, it's perfect morning time.

      4. Carl Hilber

        @Customer Care Skeleton 7:30 PM in australia

      5. Customer Care Skeleton

        @Cox n Crendor Podcast it's 08:30 here, so it truly is in the morning for Europe. Well done!

    54. FatiguedFruits


    55. Shingo K

      Early squad!