FUNNY HALLOWEEN TRICKS AND TREATS! || Special Spooky Hacks by 123 Go! Gold

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    If you're bored to eat the same food everytime and need to change something in your life - the timing couldn’t be better!
    In the mood for some really spooky eats?🧠👀🐛Watch these amazing Halloween trick or treats to boost your Halloween spirit and make your Party unforgettable!
    Funny food challenges will give you shiver and will totally make you a little bit hungry!
    Feel inspired to whip up some spooky treats for your friends and family?
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    00:02 Fake eyeballs and halloween treats funny ideas, yummy gummy eyes
    01:13 Real food vs gummy food challenge
    02:46 Halloween challenge with crazy food
    06:33 Halloween party awkward moments for girls
    08:53 Halloween costume ideas
    09:00 How to make Halloween costume, Superman costume DIY
    10:51 Funny bloopers
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