Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (Official Music Video)


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    New single High By The Beach
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    1. Little lyrics

      Ok but this song + slowed is just🤌

    2. Bảo Trân Lê

      I think she knows how Daisy feels

    3. 장주영

      성규랑 이상민 데스매치 보고 온 사람🖐🏻

    4. versace

      lana was way ahead of her time. a legend me thinks

    5. Leah Vieira

      I know this is considered a "local song" but its just so beautiful

    6. Mario Trashorras

      Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful (D. Mongelos Edit) . Soundcloud

      1. Mario Trashorras

        it isn't even mine, I just discovered it and its amazing

    7. Olivia The cow

      Lets see whos here on August 2022

    8. Epik Storm

      Legendary🙌❤🙏 I remember this masterpiece 7 years ago

    9. Giovanni Scerbo

      Voce che sconfina oltre la realtà

    10. Mariami Gobejishvili

      Sounds absolutely heavenly🌟

    11. Carol L.

      “I find people who fascinate me. I play with them. I have fun. I enjoy them. And then?” Harry takes a sip of his sparkling water. “Then I’m done with them. I become bored. And I don’t want them around anymore.” His eyes bore into Louis’ as he sets down his glass. “Last night made me realize, Louis. You’re one of those people.”

    12. Paul Jarvis

      Just so incredibly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    13. shumukh

      I love this song it is full of emotions

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    18. Prachi Gupta

      This song will go down in history as one of the most beautiful songs ever written and sung. Thank you Lana for this.

    19. meme_tv13

      Кто после ходьбы Понасенкова?

    20. Yazmin Maldonado

      this song is such a vibe its gives me royal vibes

    21. Heam118

      don't know why, i just wanna cry when listen this song

    22. Joey Tribbiani

      *This song is hauntingly good that will keep bringing you back. Don't you agree?*

    23. TheNayart

      i accidentally listened to this racist oops. never again

      1. versace

        lana ain’t racist. stop pulling shit out ur asses

    24. Laura Tapia

      te amo desde que tengo memoria mi diosa

    25. Will so


    26. Gabriela M Lenardt


    27. Elvira Çeka

      every time i listen to this song i remember crash landing of you (kdrama)

      1. Elvira Çeka

        @LofieJm there was a beautiful edit i saw on tiktok

      2. LofieJm


    28. Sven Drel Gifmikiz

      Actually, this is the first time I'm listening to the actual song. And I ain't legend. But surprisingly it coincides with a mashup remix I made with symphony instrumentals and the vocals and I didn't had a clue that the actual song would have symphony interlude. It goes well with the theme of combating twilight years and the aging process.

    29. Grimaldous

      As I'm politically nationalist I generally despise most modern music, but I love this ladies music.

    30. Samantha Garcia

      I’ve been obsessed with this song since I was 6

    31. Umut Ç

      sıkılmadan dinleyeceğim nadir şarkılardan biri

    32. Yashaswini Rajashekar


    33. andrecab

      it's crazy acknowledging that in a few decades, young and beautiful will be defined as a classic. easily one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs of our time which also aged like fine wine.

    34. aesthetichoe

      aesthetically twerking

    35. Alin Yaung

      this song need more attention than any other songs in the whole music industry

    36. NWL Wiffle Ball

      Gatsby version better, still trash though.

    37. Gizem Kurt

      Bunu buraya bırakıyorum çünkü yalnızım, beğenirseniz dinlemeye her seferinde girerim 💔....

    38. Chaerin Angel


    39. Fabiola Marquez

      ♥️💗I LOVE YOU!💗♥️ Always

    40. Willian Henrique Kzanovski

      Love ❤️

    41. Даша Васюкова

      Кто из 2021?

      1. Klever Udachi


    42. Mahtab Moradi

      The best singer in world.

    43. sasha coffee

      обожаю ланочку

    44. slamet dedi haryadi

      so beautiful 😭😭😭😭

    45. Felicia Soares

    46. Agata Wiśniewska

      Is she have money for the number of you see it

    47. Ramya Durai

      I'm never getting over this song 💖💖💖

    48. Pietra Rangel Amaral


    49. an3l1a

      1 question no one knows the answer... How do we call this type of music?

      1. Ana

        I think it's dream pop

    50. vai ຸ

      how has it been almost 8 years

    51. A5h3r

      I love how lana’s song always always pay homage to past experiences, but this is very in the moment. Like a feeling that’s last forever.

    52. Shayna Shakespeare

      Everytime this song just gets me she just makes me feel like I spill all my emotions out witch I never can do.❤😪😪

    53. Luana Ribeiro

      Sometimes I get the impression that Marilyn Monroe lives now in Lana's body

      1. camelliamber-

        sometimes i think the same

    54. Alondra Ortega


    55. Bakugo Katsuki

      This was our song, so why does this hurt so much when I listen to? Maybe because you are not here to sing and smile to me I miss you mum, I will always love you and listen to our song remembering you. Fly high mum❤️😔

    56. Joker X

      My wish is to have a thousand subscribers😘😘🖤

    57. Joker X

      My wish is to have a thousand subscribers

    58. Joker X

      I want to reach a thousand subscribers, thanks to you

    59. pragy

      She was aesthetic way ahead of her time

    60. Benita May

      🇩🇪🇮🇹🇩🇪🇩🇪🇮🇹 Sissi Trilogie 👍🏻

    61. Benita May


    62. Bartas Ser

      Bardzo piękna piosenka. Bardzo piękny głos wokalistki. Lana Rulez.

    63. Beamer Boy

      You know lana is aesthetic asf and so are you when you came here on your own and not from tik tok (considering the fact that to my knowledge there aren't any tik toks of Lana's music)

    64. rishika sharma


    65. Andra Lupan

      Piesa asta imi aduce aminte de nunta fratelui meu

    66. anastasia !

      The best song I have ever heard I can't describe the feelings I have when I here it and its just a treasure

    67. Sagarika Baruah

      She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe

    68. Seksit Klanklin

      Beautiful !!!

    69. Lulu Harshie

      This makes me vibes I don’t even understand

    70. Angelita Sanches Alleo

      Don’t understand why people dislike such q beautiful song...

    71. Juliette Lafontaine

      A chaque fois que je l'écoute, je l'aime un peu plus

    72. Nicoly Messias


    73. imcicig

      if you've done it all you would've been in jail by now if you became a criminal since you said you've done it all

    74. camimymoonlight

      best song in the world.

    75. jo 11

      I know you will ...

    76. Edgar Gallardo

      que cancion tan bonita y con orquesta,

    77. Γεωργία Μαγκλαρα

      Αφιερωμένο στον άντρα της ζωής μου

      1. ESC Cyprus


    78. Alpha

      This deep

    79. Artur Andrishak

      Guys... I just noticed... 2:50 listen to how funny she says "mAkEs" she sound like the girl from ring

    80. Paula Esther Silva

      Lana D is underrated she has such a distinct voice and talent not like a lot of the same pop sameness these days

    81. Александр Лейбенко


    82. glasey bugay

      is it just me who still listen to this masterpiece until now?

      1. celeste ludenburg

        I'm still listening to it🖤

    83. Nurcan Tanışık

      Do u remember istanbul consert

    84. Preru

      Elegantly twerking

      1. Maria Scura


      2. Alexa Renae


      3. camelliamber-

        yes i am

    85. Kirk Lazarus


    86. Ayushi Verma

      Nice song

    87. Favio cesar Soleto roca

      a classic💥

    88. dramatic virghoe

      This is why The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite movies 😭

    89. dramatic virghoe

      I just know if Lana was already famous back then she would've ATE up the Twilight soundtrack

    90. I miss 2019

      This song always makes me feel teary eye...

    91. Treasure Roberts

      Repent for the KINGDOM of GOD is at hand. KING JESUS CHRIST is returning!!!

    92. ggukies X k0okies


    93. Hanan _arma

      Best song eveerrr

    94. harsheen mall

      If aesthetic were a person

    95. Khristlyne

      I played this in the car & my friend said tf is this🙃

      1. Priyanshu Pal

        -a masterpiece

    96. Gribani G

      no but this song always sounds so heavenly.

    97. Anonymity is freedom

      I want to cry when I hear this song so beautiful

    98. Duck

      this is a remedy for my ears, damn what magical music

    99. logli .l

      I legit cannot listen to this song without crying. It reminds me of Eren and Mikasa

      1. min shookie

        Totally random comment about Eremika but I started crying anyway ...TwT