MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)


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    MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
    "Man's World", available now! Download/stream:
    Written by MARINA
    Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
    Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
    Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
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    #MARINA #MansWorld #OfficialMusicVideo

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    1. Armen Naing

      Can we all agree that the girl in light blue is ICONIC

    2. Rudy edward

      what a pile of political trite shit.

      1. * Jess *

        Aww your mysogyny is showing!

    3. Kawily Cabral

      she is art herself

    4. •White Roses•

      *I'm just waiting for musikenna*

    5. Jaloria Thomas-Dinelt

      I want in on this toga party.

    6. Nadine Nichols

      The masks although necessary add a nice touch to this

    7. Die Wahrheit

      Nice Gender Mainstream Music... Me Too!

    8. Erin Fitch

      It would be a powerful message if during live performances one of the lines of, "Nobody's keeping score" was sang, "My body's keeping score", as a nod to the best selling book on emotional trauma, "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.: Love your work, Marina. Keep on shining!

    9. Elena Bogdanova

      дивной красоты звук и видео. абсолютное да!

    10. Luis Gustavo Pires

      Mano, que instrumental perfeito! 😍😍😍😍😍

    11. Faron Woods

      Marina and Lotta lundgren looks similar, google Lotta lundgren for a reference

    12. Raúl Llavaneras

      Love this song, can’t wait for my wife and I go see you live again. Some time in the future. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    13. Black Shade

      Why does the start look like a nestle fruita vitals advert?

    14. Josefa Armesto



      Lyrics Man World's Marina Mother nature's dying الطبيعة الأم تحتضر Altbiat alam tahatdar Nobody's keeping score لا أحد يحتفظ بالنتيجة La ahad yihatfadh balnatika I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore لا أريد العيش في عالم جنتل بعد الآن La arid alaish fi alam jantal ba'ad ala'an If you have a mother, daughter or a friend لو كان لديك أم، ابنة أو صديقة Law kan ladik ama, abnu awa sadia Maybe it is time, time you comprehend ربما حان الوقت ، الوقت لك تدركه Rabama hama aluat, aluat lik tadarka The world that you live in العالم اذا تعيش فيه Al'alam isa taish fie Ain't the same one as them ليس نفس الشيء مثلهم Lis nafsi alshia maslahum So don't punish me 'cause I'm not a man لذا لا تعاقبني لأنني لست رجلاً Lasa la ta'aabni la'ani lasati rajla 'Cause I'm not a man لأنني لست رجلاً×٢ La'ani lasati rajla×2

    16. Sol Prado

      watching this again made me notice one GREAT thing: everyone is respecting social distance or wearing facemasks.

    17. neko sands

      guys we gotta keep this one safe from tik tok

    18. John Vidler

      Your toxic femininity is repugnant

      1. judykiny _


      2. Historical Women

        How is this toxic femininity??

    19. Sérgio Felipe

      Queria estar com as amigas enfileirado mexendo o quadril e bebendo champagne de cereja

    20. Flower Power

      Marina is getting better and better. The lyrics are amazing and i love the vibe of the whole song. Very haunting but also very strong. Love the visuals also. Hopefully will love the album when it comes out!

    21. aaron ZRH

      Now even masks in music videos ?

    22. Saoirse Raboteau

      This eloquently describes what needs to change.

    23. virginia verneau

      my real mother.

    24. virginia verneau


    25. Sarah Toussaint

      Same, Marina, same. Sometimes, I wish humanity never existed.

    26. Somnus System

      I love this song so so so much 😭😭😭

    27. Joanna

      Marina this is so powerful i love everything about this song and this video!!!!!! Thank you for creating 💚💚

    28. Chamie Jane E. Betonio


    29. Ethan Brenton

      is this song about women and gay men? I thought it was about just women until I listened more carefully and saw the random guuy in the mix, as a gay man myself this is so inspirational!

    30. jjmvn

      Womens hypergamy leads to them to choose those men who can produce most material wealth. Also women drive the decision making in consumption. who are people blaming here?

    31. nathan broomhall

      woke shite

      1. Юрий

        The thing you're not getting is that she's not talking about men as a whole, she's using man as a metaphor for 'toxic' masculinity and the ways men abuse their power over women. Another thing is that most of the world is very different from western society and culture, most of the world has a society which oppresses anybody who dosen't have the traits of a stereotypical man; many women across the world have no free wil and are seen as property. Your ignorance of the disadvantages that come with being a woman is really keeping you from having a better picture of the world, denying it won't get you anywhere

    32. Aliya Kassymkhan

      This song gives me shivers...Lyrics are pure gold!

    33. Callum McNair Music

      I am a guy and confirm this song doesn't offend me or bother me, I get where she's is coming from! This song has me so excited for M5, discovered marina with Love+Fear and been listening to her a lot since

      1. Vincent Escolano

        This song is solely aimed at corrupt oppressive men in power literally nobody else and some people are offended probably in majority first world countries forgetting that this song is even more true in 3rd world countries. I'm glad you found Marina Love + Fear is a great album and I'm excited for her next album.

    34. Shaynna Chrissis

      Wowwwwwww love it

    35. Anja Aaron

      I love it so much omg!

    36. Noxaunu

      I like how she went from an edgy teenager to a Greek goddess

    37. Alex A

      Wow I just stumbled on her she’s dope

      1. Vincent Escolano

        Listen to her other 4 albums she's been out over 10 years!

    38. MyRockstar777

      How women didn’t take over ages ago I’ll never understand, their so much smarter. Men are physically stronger and both are just as important. But I feel to gain power smarts can easily overpower strength. Just gotta know how to play the games.

    39. Xxxxbxii

      I really don’t wanna live in a mans world anymore.

    40. addison turnbough

      By all means, feel free to do all of the police work, underwater welding, fighting of wars, the repair of plumbing systems And other things that help contribute to this horrible man’s world that you live in where you were able to become independently wealthy through dancing around in silly costumes

      1. Jesse Cohen

        Marina isnt attacking men in general, shes attacking toxic masculinity. There's nothing wrong with being a man but there is something wrong with having an outdated mindset.

    41. HamodyCookie Playz

      I Want you To go to the I am not a robot I like it to much can you start commenting there marina

    42. Tujandran Singam

      I LOVE Marina and her messages on her songs!

    43. Andy González

      We don't deserve Marina


      Y’all it’s not about hating on straight men and stuff like that. Remember the saying “be a man” what about “be a women” :-)

    45. Abby Smith

      Why are these comments full of people trying to water down the message of the song. Just listen and accept what she’s saying

    46. Princess Phoebe Faith


    47. Eddy Alvarez

      MARINA coming out with new music too???? Damn this year is awesome for music

    48. NayKie Lilac

      Finally you've posted!!😭😭😭😭✨✨✨✨

    49. Marie Francis

      Don’t forget toxic femininity too as a girl i knew it all too well...

    50. heart star

      This is Beautiful, I feel like she is underrated and underestimated

    51. Hein

      Wait, it's not Marina & the diamonds anymore?

      1. foxcanaa

        @Юрий True, you are right.

      2. Юрий

        @foxcanaa its not really unfortunate its just showing her evolution as a person and her moving away from a persona. She's worked so hard to create this connection with her fanbase over her career that her dropping 'and the Diamonds' shouldn't need to make us feel she's dropping us

      3. foxcanaa

        No Unfortunately.

    52. Letícia Acioli

      Omg it's been a while that I haven't heard about Marina.. and she's looking só damn gorgeous!!! There's something different in her.. I don't quite know what but she seems to have a different glow now 💖

      1. Vincent Escolano

        She will be back for a 5th album soon! Stay tuned!

    53. Seth Shep

      I'm so desensitized to the pandemic + 2020 I didn't even think twice about the facemasks on the backup dancers until my third watch of this. Weird.

    54. Sarah

      Of course she had to throw the token gay man 😂

    55. My name rhymes with guardian

      What happened to "The Diamonds"

    56. MelMartinezfangirl

      The dislikes are from sexist ppl that won’t admit and are being called out rn

    57. Karaetify

      Disney should cast Marina as Meg in Hercules live action remake Tho she’s too good for them honestly.

    58. Hedenylson Pereira


    59. Jordan Cooper

      uggghhh I love when music videos have credits!! The editors, directors, etc, deserve so much more praise than given! (wish dancers/actors got into the credits as well but i still love this)

    60. Mari Ana

      I love your songs! You'r touch me every music!

    61. Momo's Diary

      Why is she not called Marina and the Diamonds anymore- like I never found out but I still love her music obviously

    62. Semanur Çelik

      Why you so underrated, people's stup*d

    63. George Stilwell

      She should be a major artist.... shes too underrated....

    64. CONSCI

      What an amazing video and concept behind it, great job!

    65. TaidaDave

      I feel like a lot of artists change throught the years and Marina had a similar episode but decided to make the music by herself and now she just improves on her own thing and I love it, she wants perfection and tried to deliver it

    66. Ryan Embt


    67. Light_royale

      ariana grande : 47 mil : her songs : GOD IS A WOMEN marina : 1.7 mil : respect gay menz and women! who would you rather?

      1. ESC Cyprus

        marina all the way

    68. Christian Wicked

      but WHY is this in mono? 😖 such a shame. Great songwriting and production, as usual!

    69. Joel

      Marina? Marina the god is Spanish.

    70. Irina


    71. Gaga’s child

      We don’t deserve her

    72. Taylor Williams

      Lol tbh all his music dissing all men for existing isn't rly my cup of tea

      1. Uleses Alexander

        Oh dear! It it us not all men. It is the sexist men that messed up for thousand of years women's lives and of the whole planet species - clumate etc etc. That is the message.

    73. Mike Martinez

      Marina is amazing.

    74. Rubymoon Hilliard

      Too real to be too famous.....she is fantastic

    75. Zaneta Berkyova

      This made me cry... One of the most powerful songs this decade.

    76. knurd cantdrink

      The title speaks volume.

    77. Kein

      you literally have a boyfriend but ok

      1. Kein

        this is a JOKE, i literally feel numb most of the time🤒

    78. TheBloodfarmer

      Political Correctness Overdose. BLM, Me too, Man in dress, masks. It´s sick that "artists" nowadays only try to sell political statements rather than their music.

      1. TheBloodfarmer

        I´m just tired of "artists" trying to manipulate and advising their "fans" about what to think, how to vote etc. And it´s sad to see that Marina has become a part of it.

      2. Mia Ozera

        The masks seem to be more an (admittedly topical) reference to being silenced, especially since they're only worn during the "thought I was a witch/now you just call me a bitch" sequence - i. e. the point she makes is that while times change, women are still punished for "misbehaving", it's just the accusation that has changed. That seemed like the main point of the video/lyrics to me; I'm curious about the BLM reference you seem to be finding? I must have missed it.

    79. Damir Asanov

      Not enough politically correct video. No Asian included.

    80. Maria B

      I love marina ❤️

    81. Emma Ejwertz Music


    82. Ashley Mitchell

      Marina is ICONIC.

    83. Natlie Rogers

      All hail the queen MARINA !!

    84. Vaio Boy

      I am a big diamond. But songs like this just makes me roll my eyes. There's so much nuance and layers to the issue, and this is just one perspective, driven behind identity politics, and if we are serious to learn from history, I would stay away from this oversimplified view of the world.

      1. Uleses Alexander

        Just think of the violence that still exists from men against women. Just think of women's place in so many African and Asian parts of this planet. Unless you live in your own perfect world-wide you open minded good thoughts

    85. Oklahomann M.

      Mother nature’s dying....🥺😔 Marina❤️

    86. Penelope

      can they stop zooming in on the gay

    87. Penelope

      feminist queen

    88. LUCHO ZAV

      Marina I love you .... you are doing well honey

    89. Marina Sol

      I loved this!!

    90. Erica Soria

      Marina is an inclusivity queen 💖

    91. L80 Productions


    92. Pakito Cruz

      Love ❤️❤️❤️

    93. Maria Eduarda Diniz

      my God, finally, a famous one with a nose similar to mine, most are thin noses

    94. Marvin Music


    95. Mind Peace 17

      I’d be open to seeing what a woman’s world would look like, if no one wants a man’s world. I personally it shouldn’t be a man’s nor a woman’s world but a world of growth

      1. fatti miei

        that's the point of this song

    96. Only Nisa


    97. Doc Dickinson

      This song makes me wanna cry. Thank you Marina.

    98. Edward Spears

      Esta joya me recuerda la Marina and the Diamonds del finales del 2014 y inicios del 2015

    99. Be a good bean the universe gives it back

      I don't think you understand, I'm obsessed

      1. That Cat From the German Ad

        Oh yes I do, me too. I loved it on first listen!

    100. Lucas

      a administradora do quebrando o tabu