EXCLUSIVE Chatterbait, Crankbait, Topwater Fishing Tips from the Pros

Scott Martin

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    Bassmaster Pros Bradley Hallman, Andrew Upshaw and myself reveal some of our secrets to catching fish when the fishing is tough.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Be sure to check out Simplisafe at: simplisafe.com/scottmartin


      Great tips Scott. You and Billy should do a Co Angler Tips Video Next ✌

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      Achei seu vídeo muito interessante! Parabéns! Um abraço e um super like! Tiver tempo da uma olhada no meu!

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      I have a couple of those Little Rick Clunn’s ordered mine at TNOfishing in Greenwood Arkansas. They catch big ones.

    14. david snider

      Gota say Scott you're daughters channel is not losing hard drives and has interesting real fishing content you're boys are slacking what do ya say about that Scotty!

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      Hallman def dropped some JUICE for sure !!!!

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      Stop telling people my secrets about the RC2 Square Bill! I have been a staffer fir True North Outfitters for 3 yrs and that square bill is pure money!!

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      Great vid scott, you’re the best man👍

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    26. Robert Lane

      What kind of rod action are using for throwing that chatterbait in grass? And 50 lb braid or?

    27. NightFrightTalkShow

      🤔👉 the buzz baits I have trouble with but I use spinner bait the most.

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      Scott, I’m going bass fishing in the beginning of January and was wondering which baits you recommend for big bass. Thank you!

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      have you ever went trout fishing

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      Great video Scott and team!

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      Can you run that chatter bait hook side down and hook side up

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      Man you really cant find those 0.5 copper green shad anymore, if you do, you probably gonna end up spending upwards of $20

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      Thanks Scott, clicked on your subscriber, asked for a quote, and I could use security up here in a recent fire zone. Anyway, back to this video. Love em all bud!

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    41. Rusty Wells

      After listening to the tip Andrew gave I now see why Andrew is always on the team every year! 🦅🇺🇸🦅 That tip he gave blew me away and I thought after almost fifty years fishing I knew everything.

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      Great tip's thank y'all I'll be entering my first ever Bass tournament here on lake Istokpoga in a couple months chasing the dream

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      Great tips Scott.Good luck on the Big Indian this week .

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      I like throwing the lucky strike crankbait in the fall. Enjoyed the video the chatter bait tips were excellent good luck tomorrow on Cherokee tomorrow team!!

    53. Rodney Green

      My Homemade Chatter Baits are made with a Plastic Weedguard. I throw all mine in submerged Trees. You Buy yours. I Make mine. For a Lot Less $$.

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      This was a really great video. Thanks alot Scott

    56. Richard Bumpus, CJF

      I live in Idaho. In a Mormon town. I don’t even know where my house keys are. I leave my keys in the ignition in all 3 of my trucks. I do nt need simply safe. I am however a bass fishing fanatic. I observed something. Hilary needs to learn how to pitch and flip. Then and only then she will be the first Martin to win the bass master classic! I really enjoy your videos. The content, family and friends everything else is BS. You know the secret and it shows. God Bless!

      1. Tim Maynard

        I observed something also. And I mean this in the most respectful way. Hillary's still a kid so shes got all the time in the world to hone her bass fishing skills, not to mention her teachers being the Flw champion Scott Martin and the greatest fisherman to ever live, the G.O.A.T. Roland Martin! Theyve been fishing in Florida for decades so no offense but I dont think they need advice on pitching and flipping from anyone from Idaho. Just seemed like kind of a smug comment to me, but I agree with you on the part about family and friends. Respect is hard earned but easily lost my friend

    57. Dbars19

      just got a 300 yami sho on my triton 206. Holy shit i can keep up with bass boats with 250s

      1. Dbars19

        i ment 250 xD

      2. Dbars19

        scot you should totally do a Prop and motor review. like whats the best size prop for certain conditions etc. could use your help ;p

    58. Brent Buck

      Glad to see you got a video out today anyway. Saw your post earlier about your hard drive giving you issues. Your tip videos are my favorite!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Brent, hopefully we can get the footage back soon.

    59. Chris Dillard

      Thanks for the great tips, and keep the videos coming!

    60. john

      When you rig your chatterbaits, do you ever use a dark lure with a light colored trailer or light colored lure with dark trailer?

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    65. I Don't Know Fishing

      10:25 I feel a lot more human now. Trying to toss a Shad Rap 5 in the wind will make you wanna throw your rods.

    66. Ronnie White

      Hey scott, love the videos! Cherokee is a grind right now, im sure you have done figured that part out,me and my son watched you last year on cherokee,tell andrew congrats on last years win well be out there again sat to watch you guys, all of you are awsome, Good luck

      1. Scott Martin

        Ya it’s tough out there. Thanks Ronnie, see you on Saturday!

    67. glen johnson

      i knew the tip about the rattle. i fish sam rayburn all the time but the chatter bait i didn't know and you can bet i will be trying it soon

    68. Ethan Eveler

      Thank you so much for the tips they are really good ones I will half to do them tips when I go bass fishing.

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      If you ever come to Texas let’s fish together!

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      Poor Castledine...

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      Holy Hell Scott...only 65 comments! My lowest yet! Lol let me get into this vid!

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      What do you change in rods with different lines for chatterbait

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      This video better get some friggin likes man! We have all upper level professional anglers giving us their secret fishing tips.. Awesome video Scott. Thanks bud hopefully I can catch one when this rain stops up here in East Tennessee close to Lake Cherokee. I fish Boone lake a lot though. Thanks again. I'll even check out simply safe I liked the video so much.

      1. Nick Barillas

        @Scott Martin You are very welcome man. Thank you for the great content! And reply! God bless while out on the road be safe.

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks Nick!

    75. Ryder Tucker

      Who’s white skeeter is that?


      Great tips! I never knew that about when to throw the topwater one knocker or rattle. I will try that. There’s always something to learn! Oh yeah, I caught my PB on a Jackhammer with a Bandito Bug. Thanks!


        Scott Martin 8lbs on the dot!! I learned alot from you over the years and I wanna say Thank You!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome! How big??

    77. BDmafia

      What brand of chatterbait do you use? Zman, booyah, the new bladed jib for googan? If a certain one, why that one and not the others? Please respond. Have a blessed day Scott!

    78. Michael Garrison

      cool tips , thank you...safe travels

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Michael!

    79. Penns Creek Sniper

      Thanks for the tips Scott my son swears by the chatter bait we’ve been throwing them a lot lately and catching them with fluke or craw trailers.

      1. Scott Martin

        They are a lot of fun!

    80. living the outdoors

      Glad ya Didnt loose any footage on this one I'm the 1 who said I lost my footage more then once on IG lol

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      I cant wait for the new googan baits coming out soon . i am no one but a bassaholic and im telling yall googan baits are unbelievable and getting better each year. Its hunting now and cant wait for spring baby

      1. Scott Martin

        Ya man!

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        Thanks James!

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      Hey Scott! Thanks for the tips. Do you think you could do a video about line? Mainly about leaders v/s running a straight line of braid or Florida. I'm unsure on if I should run leaders or straight line and on what and how.. thanks if you can ever get to something like that.. thumbs-up 👍

    92. Jerry Dilliard

      Scott, I really enjoy your videos and your dad's as well. He has been one of my fishing heroes and you have really made me a better fisherman with your tips and have showed me there are a lot of different styles of fishing you can incorporate into your own style. I look forward to meeting you next week with my friend Bill Dance!

    93. Trump 2020

      i have the same bass boat

    94. James Blanton

      I would love for you to do a video on when to use spinning tackle and when to use casting I mostly saltwater fish so I use spinning but live on the Suwannee River and want to do some bass fishing and not sure when casting is better

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      Where was Brandon spinning worm at

    99. Cod Kue

      i fish michigan lakes with gizzard shad populations, you have to downsize to smaller lures like those small crankbaits b/c it matches the young of the year shad and minnows in the fall. You catch lotta fish in all size, but you also catch a lot of the smarter big fish. other anglers be surprised i catch a limit of good eater walleyes or lotta smallies in crappie gear while they throw big, chunky baits. Love the tips.

    100. jpdmagic

      Thanks for the chatter bait tips Scott👍 I’m not a beginner fisherman but I am when it comes to fresh water bass fishing, so I can use all the tips I can get👍