Can the County shut down TALLY HO?! / Sheer Planks (Rebuilding Tally Ho / EP92)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - County Issues / Sheer Strake (EP92)
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    EPISODE 92
    After the snowstorm last week, we start this video with Tally Ho full of snow! But it quickly melts and we get back to the business of cutting and hanging planks. I make some blocks to go between the sheer strake and the beam shelf in the bow, and then pattern and make the sheer strake (the very top plank) from Angelique.
    I also receive a large and worrying envelope from the Clallam County (our local county council) ORDERING me to stop making videos and receiving donations online! Can they do this?! Will I keep making videos? Will the boat get finished? I tell the WHOLE story.
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    92. (County Issues / Sheer Strake - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP92)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Wow, I’ve been blown away by the amazing outpouring of support and offers of help - thank you so much! Almost everyone has given sensible advice and good wishes, but I just want to make a couple of important points. I know some people are angry on my behalf, but I want to make it clear that I am not angry towards either the county or the neighbour that complained. They have their side of the story and I do not believe there is a “bad guy” here - just an unfortunate situation. I can empathise with all parties involved. If you want to show your support this project in any way, PLEASE do so with calmness, positivity and politeness. Anger or aggression will only make this more difficult for everyone. I’m confident that I can find a solution which will be good for the project and good for everyone involved in this dispute. I’ve been getting some good legal advice and I think I might have a few options becoming available. Like I said in the video, there will be a way forward!

      1. Allan Sutton

        It sad that there is always some constipated old dick that isn’t happy unless they are causing trouble for someone. They should get more fibre in their diet or try a high colonic or something and leave others alone.

      2. The Norseman

        This is quite strange, but bureaucrats must be a variant of man. Homo sapiens and bureaucrats! The breed knows no borders. They are the same all over the world and the same with the "one" neighbor!

      3. Ken Stein

        This sovcit nonsense suggested by the farmer dude is a great way to make legal problems worse, please don't follow it as you will only anger your county officials and I want to see this succeed. I'm down in pierce county West of gig harbor and would love to see it in person one day, actually.

      4. Been4th N Multiplied

        Don't let one whinney arse git put the scuppers on ya plans, cos remember pain is fleeting but glory lasts a lifetime 👍✌UK

      5. Ken Wood

        Great advise for all conflicts Leo, thanks 😊

    2. mrjoel59

      Revenge is where Tally Ho sails around the capes and they do not, and so cold

    3. Lars Jönlid

      Amazing piece of work!!!! //Lars

    4. M F 182


    5. Jon Uberisk

      Full - containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space. The boat has 'some' snow in it...

    6. Gina Farina

      So sorry for the hassle, your work is amazing!

    7. Lawrence Mayne

      What a shame that clallan county has such anti-business practices. I know I won't support them.

    8. IR_ Stona

      thank you for sharing....WTF that's so bullshit your neighbours and county are a bunch of wankers, need to leave you alone to build your boat and stop trying to finesse you out of your patreon and donations that shit's straight up bullshit seems to be illegal to me criminal politicians

    9. Ian MacKinnon

      This was the vid that I saw that made me go back to number 1 and binge. Have turned several on to this channel as well. With miderotacry being the norm, Leo et all stands head and shoulders above the others. Well done.

    10. PowerOf One

      Good luck with the county. We are all on your side.

    11. Ali Bloushi

      Dearly, you do great jobs Amazing and fantastic .. Really, 7 🌟

    12. Break The Warrior

      sounds like people are being a STINGY little piece of soft sponge

    13. Stuart Nimmo

      I’m so sorry that you’re getting all this hassle, clearly somebody is hunting hard (at the tax paye’s cost) to find some way at tripping you and your very worthwhile project up. How shallow some petty people’s lives are. Maybe the local tax payer’s and electorate would rather that their public employees didn’t waste time and money trying to stifle such a worthwhile project?

    14. Tom L

      This is a classic study of the state listening to a screeching minority rather that the nonchalant vast majority

    15. Sean B

      One neighbor and one county bureaucrat is not county stuff. Some judge is going to hand them their ass.

    16. Sean B

      Leo, you are an excellent person to express your gratitude to others and to stay positive in spite of these other little people in your community.

    17. Sean B

      You could go take a dump in any one of that special neighbor's or a county bureuacrat's mouth like a parrot might do.

    18. Sean B

      You are so right to not sign any f$%k voluntary compliance agreement. It is unfortunate for you that you have felt stressed about this.

    19. EcnalKcin

      I haven't watched your content, but zoning laws tend to have a big loophole. If you can put the whole shed on wheels, or skids, then it is not a permanent structure and often doesn't fall under zoning rules. You would have to check local ordinances, but I have a 32' trailer sitting in my front yard in the middle of a city, and the week I got it someone complained...but the city couldn't do anything because it is on wheels and is registered, and is not a building. Despite the fact it hasn't moved since it got parked and is being used for storage. My father is a zoning off9icer, and he has built small structures on skids before, in order to bypass the rules himself. I don't know if you could get away with it for a shed that size, but it might be worth checking.

    20. Vic Tor

      Simply because they didnt get their petty little fingers in the till.

    21. Robert Desrosiers

      The greatest attribute you own is your positive attitude, keep it up.

    22. Дарья Стуценко

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    23. Paul Jones

      Still wondering: Which county?

    24. RC Taylor

      What a wonderful project. I would love to come visit as soon as this COVID - 19 pandemic is over & the US/Canada border opens again for pleasure travel. My wife & i have had our COVID vaccination so we are ready to travel. We have been regular visitors to the Port Townsend boat festival for many years. We were under the impression that part of WA was pro-boat building. I need to see more videos of this fantastic project. Best of luck Leo, wish you every success dealing with the county.

    25. Jacob Poucher


    26. UK#1 KYKID

      Good Job just talks to much.

    27. Erhard Baehni

      Hmm had a nighbour as such too... Keep up the good fight .. Just think if Noah would have been stopped to build his Ark there would be no animals . 🙄😉

    28. Fat guy on a little bike

      Is it rebuilding when u replace everything?

    29. kg4dxs

      All counties, everywhere, have only one thing on their agenda; Money !

    30. KonaFocus

      Taxpayer funded strongarm thugs. All because of one grumpy old neighbor. Make as much noise as you can while you are still there. We live in a free country.

    31. Mon

      remember! Thats where your taxes go! ah and also to migrant families who dont even speak your language and then finally can afford that rolex and lambo they always wanted so badly.

    32. texaslonestarboy

      Love the project, super fascinating to watch. I think I am in a tiny minority though when it comes to the legality of where you chose to do the project. If where you are doing the project is zoned residential then I would think you are well outside that definition. I would say get the conditional use permit or a variance but you have already indicated that isn't likely to be approved. As to the neighbor that doesn't like the project, it sounds like they are within their rights to not want or have a shipyard next door. I guess I am more inclined to support the rights of a single person even if the majority wants to ignore those rights in favor of a cool project.

    33. James Roberts

      The entire U.S. Northwest stinks of latent communism.

    34. Marcelle Baudry

      courage bravo pierrot paris

    35. Archibald Tuttle

      Get more lawyers. Get more lawyers. Force the county to make their case in front of a judge. Do not let them bluff you into submission. Please stop admitting anything. It may (*speculation*) be that your activity is attracting attention to unseemly activities amongst those who are complaining!! Yes, something like this happened to me long ago... after four years of process and paperwork, all very expensive, they said we could carry on, but it was too late and we lost everything -- all because I said I would comply without a Court Order. My mistake!

    36. Ob Fuscated

      After the project is complete perhaps you can move someplace much friendlier to boatbuilding. If I had such a neighbor I'd be offering them the use of my machine shop and welding equipment not chasing them off. The Karens/Darrens of the world are blights on humanity.

    37. Tony C

      Why don't you shut down your patreon and have someone you trust accept donations for you?

    38. Tj Collins

      Redirect the money 💵 funds / to (go fund me ) or rename the patreon account or put the account is some else name // it side you have can not have it but what someone else supports the rebuild. 🤔

    39. Bjorn Sorenson

      No true pirate 🏴‍☠️ can captain a vessel without a parrot 🦜! Was glad to see you got that covered! Subscribed!

    40. Alexandre Cloutier

      You've obviously got the right, but if my neighbor embarked on a half decade project of banging, sawing, drilling and pounding I would naturally be pissed off. I don't care about the view or the property values, but being surrounded by incessant building noise for weeks and months and years on end would certainly be cause for multiple complaints. That is Not the place to build a boat.

    41. WreckDiver99

      Who else caught the timing on this? @28:30 "3. The wooden boat belonging to Mr. Goolden must be removed from the property by February 12, 2021.". You didn't need to look any further than this. Even though Leo never signed it, the county is using that arbitrary date as their marker. Welcome to political BS 101. Wonder why people like me hate the government? THIS...Believe me, I've been through BS like what Leo was fighting. squeaky

    42. ared18t

      Is that Macaw your pet?

    43. David Wheeler

      F the county

    44. StinkySQL Sixpence

      EP92?!? How did I miss the other 91? Time to binge watch.

    45. Oleg Voronkoff

      LEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep going , - hold "tail" like a carrot !!!!!

    46. Bobby Mcloughlin

      Who said you can’t educate people. Thinking out loud who is afraid of education. Short minded tosses, they are everywhere. Look at what you have achieved. I am absolutely gob smacked, this has taken the wind out of the safe sale!!!!

    47. Stephen Mitchell

      Unbelievable how government mostly are anything but serving the people. But act like people are servants to the government. Neighbors are best that mind their own property and not others. My challenge is that all my neighbors sold out to subdivisions and new homes are built at extreme high end. So county tax office and developers want to force me to sale. My property has been in the family for three generations and I built a $250,000 shooting range, 3 miles of riding trails and 70 acres that I share with almost anyone for free including free shooting lessons. Deer even come to watch when shooting or riding the trails. So I know how others can cause unearned stress. Good luck and love your project and staff. From Buford, Georgia USA!!!🇺🇸

    48. John H

      This is a link to a channel by a young couple in Brazil having a big wooden yacht with a lot of rot rebuilt at a yard there. Very interesting to see the contrast in tools and methods.

    49. David Aubin

      Leo you are truly a gentlemen, your calm in a storm will serve you through all of life’s issues.

    50. Brolitz Litz

      it makes me wonder why would the county feel they have any say about your patreon account?

    51. darkstar18498

      You dared to have a nice thing and again you dared to work hard to see a dream come true. The worst thing you did is having something your neighbor did not have. Shame on you. Good job. Rock on

    52. Cody Scarbrough

      I think we should send a boat load of letters to his county showing support and emphasizing how bad this is for the county reputation/PR. Not angry or threatening letters just calm ones to explain what this project means to us the viewers and how disgraceful and unbecoming this behavior is. Like wise maybe start a go fund me account to hire a really good attorney that specializes in this kind of lawsuits. I bet you could even find one to do it pro bono as it seems you not only have a really strong case but the PR for that law firm would be exponentially more valuable then any amount of money due to your popularity and support on KGup alone. Either way I'm not an expert, just my opinion

    53. Jordan Cooper

      Leo I'm so sorry to hear this is hapenning to your project, I one thousand percent sympathize with you for your situation and I am really sorry that this problem has been bringing down your morale for so long. I appreciate all the videos you make and hope you know how much it the project means to all of us youtube viewers out here. Stay optimistic you are an inspiration to us all!!

    54. Jeff Moore

      Was going to write a long paragraph, but thanks for sharing this incredible adventure you have through incredible time of changing, I looking forward to your future ventures!

    55. Jerry Taylor

      Noahs Ark should have done a better job on the Gene Pool.

    56. Max Mac

      One complainant about an inconvenience without which there would be nothing else to occupy their time. As for the council, not very busy back at the office eh?

    57. Felix Gregorcyk

      Every neighborhood has a wanker

    58. Inservio

      Quite a snowstorm? Oh, I see what you mean, for a second I wondered how you got the boat all the way to HOTH!

    59. Oliver Lawrence

      Leo and crew: I'm your neighbor in the blue house to the south. My family and I have enjoyed watching your work from the porch and in the videos. We support you fully, and have never had an issue with the noise or anything. Were sad that you all have to move the project. It's been a pleasure. Keep up the good work.

    60. UGP

      The gun to your head that is the state is so evident in this video that this almost looks like one of those cringey forced confessions. It's understandable to act this way when the state puts its boot on your throat, but at the same time, this insincerity is exactly what gives these bureaucrats their power. I don't say this to offend you, I hate these people, especially since they actually think they are the good guys in this story. The fact that their only gripe with you is that you actually receive money for your project tells you all you need to know about their real interest in this.

    61. Robinson Esoy

      If there is only one complainer, then you will stay to complete TALLY HO. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    62. atterol jones

      Very interesting that the DCD is so interested in the complaints of an aggrieved neighbor. In my scenario, the aggrieved neighbor, me, gets nothing from the county and so the development of two 10 acre parcels goes on and on: wedding venue tent, dog kennel(s), horse barns, garages, fences and traffic; continual disturbance and 24 hour lighting, all culminating in a gross loss of native habitat. But I digress. I am sorry for the hassle and anxiety you are experiencing. But yours is a temporary situational intrusion to the neighbor and the hood.

      1. Terry Quarton

        It called the speeches wheel gets all the attention unfortunately

    63. Sterling Knight

      Hang in there, Leo! You'll find a way!

    64. TZ TZ

      Yes, a multi year build project that could be built indoors may cause problems. I’m in construction and if I have to hear a planer for more than a few minutes I am ready to hunt down the source.

    65. the troll

      Your just protesting dry land.

    66. Raymond Elmore

      I can't express fully, just how much I look forward to each new episode and the pleasure I get from watching you and your crew work. Like you Leo, I believe in 'fair-minded' exchange when there are differences but this seems a bit over the top to my mind. Perhaps your neighbor could take consolation in knowing how much this means to so many and respect the 'craft' you're helping to preserve? If not, forgive me for my (not to be shared) ill thoughts on this individual. As an old carpenter and a fan of real 'craftsmanship', I salute you all!

    67. Jim Marriott

      An adjustable attachment on your drill to mark the center where it will come out is not difficult to make and might have come in handy today if your experience wasn't enough.

    68. walter g

      When the parrot tore that wood chip off i was cracking up

    69. James Bain

      Your doing a amazing thing ! there is always ppl that are jealous keep up the amazing work and sail tally back home ❤ great work chap 🙏🤞

    70. Tom Hman

      Could this be the end of the tally wacker? Stay tuned. Can’t give up people giving me money for nothing. That’s just not going to happen. I deserve to get money for nothing. Who doesn’t?

    71. Tom Hman

      Do you and Boris Johnson use the same barber?

    72. Tom Hman

      Get yanking your planking

    73. John von Horn

      This is almost as bad as the time a Texan town council voted to remove "Browser" the cat from the town's library. It kicked off internationally then and it will kick off internationally now.

    74. trafferazabu

      37:16 She sure is pretty!

    75. robert feria

      You have a really nice parrot show. I will contribute some money to watch that PARROT Dance. So that you can feed the PARROT..but I will not be sending money for the boat you may work on your boat but it's for the Parrot😉

    76. hizacaine

      I'm a designer in Portland, although I don't know bupkis about your extraordinary situation, I do have some insight into county and city machinations. County code is law. The law has no flexibility, regardless of the worthiness of your project. You may have ignored law, you are not the first, I know. Now you need to make some changes in your "ignore it and it will go away strategy", because it has failed, badly. Your lovely project is now on borrowed time, get out a calendar and make the best of it. First rule of code breakers, don't piss off the curmudgeon neighbor; you broke this rule, badly. It sounds like it is too late to make some county friends, but try. Make good with the neighbor that has friends in the county. Make the county look good. Kiss some county ass. Go on camera, go in print, real TV camera, real print newspaper. Give the county a real "I will move the boat by this date". Stick to your agreement.

    77. Michael Deleted

      It seems to me that if the County has already told you that they won't give you that they won't issue you a conditional permit BEFORE you have even applied for it then THAT is grounds for an appeal or some other kind of objection on the basis that they have pre-judged your application. You should definitely apply, and then continue the fight on the aforementioned basis.

    78. Leoben Xero

      This type of government overreach is why the killdozer was built.

    79. Andy Chapman

      Karens will always Karen, do not let angry and miserable people push you around change your life.

      1. Andy Chapman

        if i were you i would find an activity that is 10x as loud and annoying but 100% legal to drown out your work, (with ample warning to the nice nabours, with offers to them to stop doing things when they need it quiet). something like playing loud music from 9:01 am to 8:59 pm or whenever the start and stop time are. after a week or two the nasty nabour will come to understand that what you are doing is not bad at all. i would even dress it up as if you are doing them a favour, ( I understand that construction noise can be a little jarring to hear so i will play a little music so that it is not so bad). oh you don't like the sound of bag pipe music for two weeks staight, ok here is a little celtic throat singing, no should i just turn off the music and you can simple ignore what ever sound i do make during the day. ok

    80. Charles Stuber

      They only care about one thing and it's the money you are making from donations and the fact they are not getting any of the money themselves. All we live in is a world of Cancel Culture now days.

    81. Bogbanter

      Keep fighting.....And don’t apologize. Please don’t apologize. They will add injury to insults.

    82. Howard Roberts

      I thought the boat was in a boat yard, or a piece of land on a trading estate. It is in the middle of a housing estate. Houses all round. Saws, planes and hammers. Is it going to be a few years.? Just think, a Nabour says to his wife, lets relax in the garden with a bottle of wine. The birds are singing and there is a gentle breeze coming over from the next doors yard. Then suddenly, WHAT THE F..K IS GOING ON. ..... LOL. But I do like their enthusiasm. New name for the boat. Norse Ark.

    83. Scramptha

      Governments are businesses, the only difference between a private business and the government is that you choose to patronize a private business, and governments choose you as a patron.

    84. Steve Laminack

      Damn, you are way to nice to the USELESS AH's in government. I would bet they didn't have to deal with this crap the first time it was built.

    85. Been4th N Multiplied

      So one wingebag and the local council on ya case. Jeez there's some REALLY DULL people out there 😭😭😂👍✌

    86. lust4bass

      It is so sad to see all the good work of showing skill, will to achieve a seemingly surhuman project, your kindness, the union of so many good wills you gather around you, not being understood by some fews. I am sure nothing bad will happen. Evil cannot prevail against all that.

    87. Gary Vee

      Sounds like some jerk (from the County) trying to justify his job..., somebody has their nose put out. I wonder if the complaining neighbour has somebody in the shire in their pocket.

    88. Bear

      I hope you can manage to keep going and put things on their right place.

    89. K4x4 Map

      benjamins, barbecue, boat tour not necessarily in that order; also donate your time (what time? exactly) for county functions high interest items etc

    90. Hans Grueber

      Keep voting democrat.

    91. Alexei LeClair

      What a horrible situation the county is putting you through, really they should be ashamed of themselves!

    92. CSX2586 Rail Rider Raby

      One foot 1 and a 8th no wonder your numbers are off try 13 and a 8th

    93. Richard Sandercock

      Please tell us the wood types that you are using. thank you

    94. twochaudio mg

      you remind me of a young Shane MacGowan

    95. redneckhippiefreak

      There is ALWAYS ONE Karan in Every neighborhood. My closest neighbor was 12 acres away, I still got swatted for grinding on a steel drum to make a smoker..After 3 years of testing the system and bitiching WEEKLY about everything from my motorcycle rides, Welding, Fixing my truck or my dogs running around my property chasing game and she finally found a way to fuck me over...."I hear screams coming from my neighbors house" After hearing complaints about rifle shots and bullshit she tossed that one in at the end of the 9/11 call..I hear someone kicking my door in unannounced so, I went to the door ready to war..LOL,, That unsurprisingly didnt go well. Torn rotator cuff from trying to stop an Illegal entry, I was only charged with resisting arrest, For resisting an illegal search and Arrest as the assholes destroyed the Walls in my house looking for "Rape dens" .The First Judge dismissed my charges "With Prejudice" which gave me the Right to Sue her and the County..My case against Her was dismissed by the Judge who also happened to dismiss my case against the Sheriffs office...Turns out, Karen, Its his Aunt. I hate fuckin Kerens and small town bullshit. Not sure what the Property Rights are there but in NC, We can usually just Id put up a fence and tell the inspectors to get a warrant or to get bent.

    96. cunin stunt

      EP 92 and there is confusion over measuring centres? how is sailing up hill going ? lol

    97. Chris A

      *A simple solution to the neighbor problem. Have some mates meet the neighbor about town, then give him a proper thrashing. The neighbor would then suddenly become sympathetic to your project and apologize for his misunderstanding*

    98. john heiskell

      I feel for you, those northern liberals are most usually devoid of common sense, especially the ones in public office. The answer is to vote them out of office, but that's not going to happen. Good luck, don't surrender, just give them hell, something they aren't use to.

    99. decemder decemderpigs

      Be patient Leo The devil is very persistent # dest of look don't let him stop u

    100. Terry Breiland

      Most of the time it seems to me that the harder you work to do something great the more gratification you get once you step back and realize what you have done . Keep up the good fight , you have already won.