WHAT do the buttons do on a FLIGHT CONTROL YOKE? + TOP 10 YOKE designs! Explained CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    Today’s video will be looking at the switches on yokes! What are they therefore, their functions and later in the video I'll count down my TOP 10 airplane yokes that pilots fly with! From Cessna to Embraer and Concorde!
    I hope you enjoy the video and it’s been helpful to you!
    Thank you very much for your time!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Samantha Willmer

      hmm the electric motor let the yoke vibrate but i forgot the reason for it

    2. Deepak Francis

      That is stick shaker motor

    3. Enut Peanut

      no, no, the Pilatus PC-24's yoke isn't a PlayStation controller! It has PC in the name!

    4. Gissie

      , how they clean or valet inside aircraft?

    5. Siya Aviation

      The plural of aircraft is aircraft not Aircrafts

    6. Siya Aviation

      4:42 aliens now control PFDs

    7. PeterNGloor

      thank you for explaining the twin elev. trim switches.

    8. Jim Mork

      Said it before: These yokes remind me of the steering wheels the motor sports competitors have, though they incorporate displays and communication, too. They don't need nearly the number of displays pilots need.

    9. macedk

      F-16 sidestick which has a force feedback system :)

    10. Mark Jenkins

      The Lockheed L-1011 yoke employed a thumb wheel for pitch trim instead of switches.

    11. fakhr aldeen katrjy

      the motor is for the stall warinig on the boeing

    12. The Aviation Channel

      4:12 *John F kennedy flying the plane*

    13. The Aviation Channel

      3:34 Stall shaker

    14. joshua drain

      I personally dig the cessna yoke it's one more place to put my hat

    15. eM Pe

      Is there a button to invoke go-around procedure in FMS? I know it's in the briefing before landing, but it's all of sudden to switch the plane from landing to staying in the air so it would helpful, I guess.

    16. Caleb's Aviation

      The Cirrus SR-20 and 22 yoke is “angled” even when in level flight because of the design the side design is angled so that you can rest your arm on the side of the “armrest” wall! No Joke! 😂 😆

    17. Maverick Ocampo

      That was a stick shaker, an alert for reference speed

    18. Mohammed Turgut

      I love the atr 72 yoke

    19. Pavia Davidsen

      6:07 Nintendo 64 controller

    20. JuliiPoolii

      My problem: I lov the Airbus planes but I love the Boeing Yoke 😅 If there was a Airbus with a Boing Yoke I would live in it 🥰

      1. Harrold Haranosky


    21. SteichenFamily

      Why does Captain Joe only have 3 bars?

    22. Jose Baez el suave.

      Hi captain Joe I want to know why sometimes I see the plane landing and the instrument are blinking

    23. jayden kollat

      Yoke with numbers is for Alt I.e 250=FL 250 (25,500 FT)

    24. Naveen Prashanth

      3:35 stick shaker - indicates imminent stall

    25. Shakik Ahnaf

      The scroll wheel of 737 helps to remember the pin code of girlfriend's phone 🤔🤔

    26. Nobilangelo Ceramalus

      Boeing pilots can never be serious. They are always yoking around.

    27. simone ebli

      It's the stick Shaker, that shakes the stick when you are approching a stall, and could be also a stick pusher, that pushes the nose down autonomously to avoid stall.

    28. CirruscIouds

      The yoke of the Pilatus PC-24 looks like a game controller of some sort

    29. smartycummins2500

      Love the Phenoms yoke. It’s pretty comfortable when hand flying too. Very similar design to the Concorde.

    30. Jack Vuong

      Can you do a video showing all function of every single button in cockpit? Please.

    31. Star Gazer

      Flying the old Barons with the center control but dual yokes made for a nice place to rest your right hand on approach and add a little back pressure on landing- just pull on the cross column.

    32. Star Gazer

      1964 Cessna, and everyone else: "Boy what an ugly yoke. Let's get rid of that turd". 2021 Tesla: "Let's use the 1964 Cessna yoke in our $150000 cars!"

    33. S lam

      That motor is low airspeed or angle of attack stick shaker.

    34. bruchpilot747

      4:40 don't forget the variant: a310 ;)

    35. wrightmf

      I finally learned why the Spitfire had a ring on the control stick for handing with thick gloves since no cabin heater. I never thought much about Cessna wheel as the ugliest. The Concorde wheel looks weird and clunky to me but I'd not care if I were a Concorde pilot which in ways was quite an exclusive community of flight crew. There was a documentary about that plane, a first officer loved flying Concorde but in order to move to the left seat she would have to captain a 747 for some time before getting those four stripes on the shoulders for Concorde. She never transitioned because it meant having to fly something else for a period of time before getting back to the Concorde. Speaking of yokes and wheels, there is that scene in "The Aviator" where Leon Di Caprio as Howard Hughes was asked to select which wheel he wants for the big plane Hercules. Rack has several wheels, his men begging for Hughes to make up his mind so they can move on with the aircraft development. Hughes as a perfectionist still didn't decide began focusing on the janitor with dirty hands, driving his men crazy.

    36. Ian Robertson

      In the Ercoupe, the control of the rudders was linked to the ailerons control through the yoke, so no rudder pedals.

    37. Ирина Далчик

      The stick shaker

    38. Kendall Carlile

      Stick shaker

    39. Pilot Yaya


    40. Butter Transition Music

      The stick is angled 45° because it is more comfortable as it is a natural positions.

    41. Luke's Aviation

      Hey joe joe can can you make a video on types of throttles

    42. Random person on the internet

      the A310 called, it wants its credit for also having a yoke 😂

    43. Rajesh Raghavan PM

      stick shaker..the motor

    44. MAGA

      pc24 :)))

    45. Austin Fu

      I suppose that motor is a stick shaker which is a part of the stall warning system.

    46. Unsaid Artist

      Question: Why can't they put mesh over the engine front to prevent birdstrikes? I've always pondered on this because, if you use strong enough mesh, and scrape dirt off a little before each flight, you could save a lot of damage. If he's answered this link the video in the replies.


      The motor is for stall warning 🆘🆘

    48. YouTube-Kanal

      The Ilyushin-62 is also very interesting: It features an additional steering wheel for nose wheel steering, interestingly only on the captain's side

    49. Dr Beb8

      Hello captain, can you talk about this video, kgup.info/get/hI-pZYLUaXqXipk/video, is it really posible ? great work n.n

    50. johnymarder Dixon

      Your videos are BRILLIANT..... many thanks for these very interesting and informative posts. I've learned more from you than I ever learned from my flight instuctor. PAUL

    51. Renata Sfizzo

      Another amazing video Joe. You are the best. Take care.🥰😘

    52. RUSLexplorer

      Interesting ! Learnt many things !

    53. Khalid Abdul Khader

      Joe,do airplanes have airbag

      1. ZK-APA


    54. szajbely

      Ref. to Plane Talk Interview... it was so good to hear you speaking german. Since I am working in Germany I haven't met anyone who so easily understanable was. Other thing... could be a "Fake PA" as you two flying on holiday or stuff like that ;)

    55. 1K01 - AntonioS_RBLX

      Make a video on slats

    56. Jimmy c

      Mason is personal friends of Captain Joe. Question for Captain Joe. Have you flown the aircraft with the mask on it? The one with the painted one.

    57. Besart EU

      Captain, you need a new microphone! Awesome video🤝

    58. Mustafa Kemal Tv

      A310 also has yoke

    59. José Esteves B. Rabello

      It's the stick shaker motor.


      3:36 stick shaker

    61. Marcel Dunkelberg

      This thing on the yoke rattles, everytime it is time for coffee break.

    62. Chaydex

      Bit of a reminder, you got 100k on that 747 space shuttle video so you promised to make another space shuttle video, we are still waiting for that

    63. Abhiram AS

      3:36 is that the stick shaker that warn if the air speed is too low

    64. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    65. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    66. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    67. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    68. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    69. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    70. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    71. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    72. Rider's Zone

      what is the use of flaps in airplane, as I saw in the simulators

    73. omar jemaa

      Hey Joe, I'm 14 and I am planning on becoming. Pilot, can you give me some tips

    74. Ahmed Naiem

      The stick on SR20 is angel to allow the movement ( left and right) there is no space

    75. Ahmed Naiem

      The Airbus 300 is the first aircraft ever built by Airbus and it flies by cable

    76. Ahmed Naiem

      The digits on 737 yoke can be used for flight number

    77. Shanthanu Naidu

      7:31 The flight control stick of the Curtis Jenny looks like a baseball bat.

    78. Daniel Fields

      We really enjoy watching your videos! Can you make a video about what split winglets are for?

    79. Ralf F. aus B.

      I expected to hear and see some more details about the Airbus Flightstick. Is there a trim function assigned to the stick? How complicated is it for a first officer of an airbus to switch to the captain role in the left seat and from now on use the other arm/hand that he/she used for some years?

      1. ZK-APA

        Airbus has an automatic trim. The aircraft trims itself when you move the stick, hence a stick trim isn't needed. Also, irrespective of sidestick or yoke, only one hand is used to control the stick. So even in a Boeing or any other aircraft, the first officer will fly from his right hand, and the captain from his left.

    80. Nazar Yaseen

      Captain Joe kindly make a video on foam landing ( landing without gears on foam) emergency

    81. GeFlixes

      4:25 AFAIK, some pilots use those scroolwheels to 'set the state' of certain checklist items - for example, they'd set the leftmost dial from '0' to '1' if they 'dinged' the cabin crew so that they may ready the aircraft for pushback.

    82. Steven Barcia

      The side stick on the Cessna 400 and the SR22 are angled to the natural resting position of the hand.

    83. TheGan


    84. Madan Lal Soni

      New video yayaya🎉

    85. mridulio

      Is the bottom of the Boeing planes have a very strong screw

    86. Zia Uddin

      good yoke or stick functions explanation #

    87. wix46

      It’s not for remembering things joe, it’s to fidget with

    88. Abdel Abusheikha

      Thanks 🙏

    89. Somerandom216

      - The motor is the stick shaker on Boeing models. - The scroll wheels are memory devices. - The sticks are angled as they more ergonomically fit a natural centre hand position, allowing an equal range of movement in all directions - This is the same reason fighter pilots prefer to turn left, it's physically easier for them to move an upright stick further left than it is to move it right. By placing the centre position on an angle, this problem is negated.

    90. Taniket Waghia

      I want to ask how does first officer feels when he become captain in airbus plane because first officer flys by right hand and captain by left so the feeling is same as right hand driving left hand car??

    91. The Toilet Inspector

      You wouldn't want to accidently sit on that Curtis Jenny stick.

    92. Jarek Jellison

      Stick shaker. Got to experience one in a test, man they’re pretty intense.

    93. Jeff McJeff

      I thought one button was DRS?

    94. Moeenuddin Saiyed


    95. Anthony Hutson

      The motor on the yoke is the vibration when the aircraft starts to stall and that’s why you hear that loud shaking noise

    96. Gladson Binny s

      Hey cap joe! I have been watching you years! Even i wanna become a pilot. But its not affordable for me! Is there any way help me out to become like you! Atleast reply?😂

    97. jiminyhopkins

      1:00 DutchPilotGirl spotted!

    98. Shreeja Madhu

      That object on the yoke stem is the stick shaker it's purpose is to warn pilots bout stall

    99. NATA M

      Super 👌

    100. Gabriel Gattringer

      My most favorite yokes out of these ten: the one from Douglas DC.3 - the whole cockpit looks absolutely stunning. I love it!