BIG MISTAKE That COST Me - Pickwick Bassmaster Elite Day 3 - Unfinished Family Business Ep.16 (4K)

Scott Martin

93 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    I made a bad decision that ended up costing me this tournament!
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    1. Scott Martin

      You guys have been DESTROYING that like button recently! Thank you so much for all the support! Can we break 6,000 likes on this one?

      1. Jason Clauss

        Our pleasure! Blessings on you Scott! May God bring your dream of pursuing and achieving the Bass Master Classic Trophy! We are rooting for you boss!!!

      2. The Ghost of Matt Mask Bangs

        5.7k right now getting close

      3. Brian Scaife

        Great to watch and good fishing Scott.

      4. Kayak Angler

        Great effort though ! You tried hard

      5. Kayak Angler

        Let’s do this

    2. chandler hicks

      biggest tournament bag is 24.13

    3. Chris Mays

      Scott love you brother get some!!!!!!

    4. Steve Hogan

      Yep, love you fishing the monument and trees to begin 3. Beautiful sunrise. Great to see you come out smiling. Thanks Scott for being a fine example of what it's like to be a top notch sportsman. I did enjoy your vid, this whole series was good. Thanks.

    5. Steve Hogan

      Hey thank you Scott. Stuck at home waiting to go to a wedding..meh,. Fished yesterday in kayak, down by Marco. . Sounds like you didn't win but still lookinf forward to watching this. Good work scott. Pro Fishing and YouTub too boot .... not even gonna mention the rest.

    6. Brian Villalobos

      Let’s go team MARTIN!!! You got this Scott pray focus and believe!

    7. Crimson Tide

      Thanks for these awesome videos sir. You remind me so much of your father. He was pure class on the water, and tenacious! Learning the lake and the fish...same as you, GREAT JOB! ... Oh Hillary is going to be legendary like you and her grandpa!

    8. Matt Callerame

      New sub! But I’ve watched your vids since the beginning! Always love the prayer before fishing! Respect bo! Tight lines🤙🏼

    9. Cameron Calvez

      Me and my friend for a high school tournament 19.48 winning it

    10. Charles Burgert

      Good fish u just can't catch them all the smart ones either slip away or just don't bite,it takes a whole tackle box of lures sometimes just to catch that one, good luck

    11. Charles Burgert

      U tried

    12. Jill Anderson

      Somectime I hope to go to Florida and go fishing with you.

    13. Josh Moore

      where's billy?

    14. Tyler Fish

      Gotta pick up your game , I’m rooting for you 26 3/4 in Massachusetts

    15. Evan Shillcox

      My biggest tournament 5 fish limit bag is 23.47 pounds with a 7.02 big bass. Good job Scott

    16. Robert W. Coleman Jr.

      Scott you had a awesome tournament man. I was sitting in 36th place at Lake Dale Hollow at the end of Day 1 and wound up dropping back to 52nd. 2 spots out of a check man. I needed 2 keeper's to stay in the money but like Guntersville man I choked. Being a Co-Angler is tuff. Being at the mercy of my boater and what he wants to do. I can't complain though cause I climbed way up in points from 112th place to 45th place out of 350 Co-Angler's. Pulling for you to do good in Texas man. Keep up the good work Scott and I hope it pays off for you in the end sir.

    17. Mrpancakes 42

      Nice video!

    18. Cullison-Fishing

      My biggest bag was 18 lb 13 oz for 5 fish.

    19. Hutchison Doug

      Biggest bag, 33.13 for five. On Clear Lake ! Came on 3rd, where else would that happen?

    20. Tony McCalmant

      Best 5 fish tournament day limit- 28.06 Pounds- Northern Strain Largemouth. North Eastern Washington State.

    21. Trent Hill

      35.10 lake Seminole solo limit record!

    22. Cast Masters Outdoors

      I wonder if FLW never collapsed and he got an invite for MLF if this would still be unfinished business

    23. 1ManOpFishing

      Great video Scott, but is that a Stillsuit from "Dune" you are wearing??

    24. Robert Schurg

      The goat of his era.

    25. keith Osborne

      Is praying for a fish considered cheating?

    26. Michael French

      Can’t dislike a man that prays on the water mid tournament! When you know where your strength comes from and acknowledge those blessings good things happen going forward. Good luck, Scott!

    27. Sir Yarwam Mowray

      Awesome stop and pray to the Lord i believe when you said no matter were you finish going to have fun a little test from the Lord to see if you mean what you said with the loss my way of thinking stay true to your words he will see you through the next time you are definitely one of the best

    28. Zackery Nichols

      37 buy my self in a tournament with a partner 35

    29. Steven Mcgehee

      7000 likes here we come!!!

    30. Steven Mcgehee

      Pray, song, shout. God loves you and me. Awesome. Living with faith, fishing with faith! Wow. God's good on a tough day 3.

    31. Elray Banderas

      Well sad to say I've never fished a tournament so I wouldn't know but what I do know is that my biggest 5 fish bag personally was around 18.8 pounds that's my biggest 5 fish limit weight by fish so I think that's not too bad

    32. CGreat Things

      Biggest was a 27lb bag on Eagle Mountain in Kings of Cowtown 2018! Four hour leg of a 3-lake tournament

    33. Adam Gill

      Can't wait till the 20/20 to come out! My biggest sack was right at 26lbs on Guntersville but the one I'm most proud of was 24lbs with all smallmouth on Wilson

    34. drake aamold

      God is good

    35. E B

      Let’s go keep it up

    36. Justin Nelson

      Largest 5 fish limit 34 lb 14 oz Lake Okeechobee Bass Busters Golf division against you and your pops 2001.. It was great to run into you again on Singer Island in Palm Beach while you're doing thing. I wish you nothing but the best of luck on your journey!! Off to good start 2 top tens can't wait to see you hoist that Blue trophy and bring that Classic Trophy home to Clewiston where it belongs.God Bless!!🙏 And tight lines. Please say hello to your pops and Mom from the Nelsons

    37. Dylan Tapley

      I wish I had someone to teach me the ropes of bass fishing. Looks like lots of fun!

    38. Mike Daley

      22.68.....and I was third on friggin table rock!! I had 3 giant spots! Thanks for reminding me. Good luck brother.

    39. Casey Hall

      Always have great videos you make and very educational. My brother Andrew Hall and I won a few local Florida tournaments with 30 to 35 pounds for our 5 fish limit. He's a new upcoming champion and hope he has the opportunity to fish against you one day because that would be such an honor.

    40. Jim Joyce

      Was always a big fan of your Dad’s and you as well since you hit the trail. Good luck with your unfinished family business! Pulling for you! 🙏🏻

    41. Wayne Lagarde

      Good job Scott, we love you brother!!

    42. Matthew Eastmoor Park DeVries

      It’s all good Scott you tried your best and that’s all you can do.. As always great videos and keep your head up you did good!! That’s why they call it fishing!!

    43. Wayne Lagarde

      I just bought my first Skeeter boat, it's a 2018 Skeeter ZX 200 loaded to the gills with extras. It was just an unbelievable price I had to buy it. Man I love it.

    44. Matteo Iuri

      Next time you will do better 💪💪💪 c'mon Scott!!!! Ciao! Matteo from italy

    45. Lewis Rogers

      Me and my buddy caught officially in a team tournament a couple yrs ago 22.75 but we actually had 4 of the 5 die on us weighted in over an hr early and each fish was 1/2 lb penalty

    46. Jed Steelwell

      Keep hoping you win one of these things.

    47. Wyatt Hammack

      I notice u and b lat both do this...prolly a stupid question by why do u guys sometimes slap the water with ur bait before u cast it

    48. Mary Tate

      If you have a Jon Boat can you enter Bass Tournament

    49. Adam Smith

      Way to go scott. Love these vids. Go smash em next tourney

    50. Wired 4 Fishing

      Gotta love the fight In the dog!!! You keep fighting for it quitters never lose!

    51. Tony Baker

      22.8 oz

    52. Michael O'Hearn

      Keep up the great videos. The Elites are better with you fishing them.

    53. Kluck Fabrication

      Thanks for screwing up my fantasy fishing by missing the cut lol Hey when you coming to Minnesota to fish for the smallmouth that Bart has Marked.

    54. C Bancroft III

      Single day Bag in 2008 27.3 lbs and got 2nd for the day.. biggest single catch was 7.2 lbs large Mouth in that Bag smallest was 4.5 lbs small mouth.. was a Lake Champlain Tourney. also didn't get biggest catch of the day got 2nd biggest winning fish was 8 lbs and some change.. Funny Part was we started in Willsboro bay but i traveled to Ticonderoga for my bag that day! the travel took 1 1/2 hrs i believe around that..i HAVE FISHED Champlain my entire life and thats the biggest 5 fish bag i have gotten there but i have also Had bags on same water and same targeted area and cought 10 pound bag only its hit or miss on that beautiful lake!

    55. Chino Brady

      Great Tourney Scott!! Hope you continue to grind hard. Really thought you could win this one the way the first couple days went. We’re all rooting for you.

    56. Mike Gabel

      These videos are the best quality I’ve ever watched, editing its 10/10, music is 10/10, the whole video is 10/10

    57. Dodds Plumbing ltd.

      Hi Scott watching your dad and you teaching me something l love to do is fishing. Your intro hit home to me as a Canadian l realize we all have the same goals is roots and values, maybe this can help l am a second generation master plumber that was at one point in my life under the wing of a family member. In thirty years of my trade l realize that to become an elite is based on family roots your dad is proud of you because for him is keeping the legacy going with your daughter becoming a tournament star and for me is watching my son becoming a license plumber keep up the great work. Thank you for the videos l learn from your family and teach my kids how to fish.

    58. A-Rizky

      Mantappp om semoga sukses selalu yah

    59. C Shoemaker

      27.5 lbs clear fork lake Lexington Ohio. Had about 24 lb an hour into the tournament and was able to upgrade twice

    60. Zach Hamilton

      Your cameraman/editor is amazing. keep up the great work and keep slayin those fish. Good luck on all your tournaments this year!

    61. Down South Fishing

      20.52 was mine. Great day that was

    62. Blake Horton

      Mr. Scott, what was the reason for throwing the chatterbait on braid? Love your channel, it always makes my day. Thank you!!!

    63. Scott Collins

      Scott, if you can figure out day 3, everybody is going to be in big trouble. I’m glad that you explained why there was so much boat flipping. I was shocked that so many people were doing it, and losing fish.

    64. Aj Wenzel

      25.84 on grand lake Oklahoma 12 years ago. Man time flies 😂 every fish came off sailboat bridge in summer it was the weirdest deal. Square bill fish, and yes, we did get the w 😉

    65. Kaleb Bowers

      Man this intro just doesn’t get old. It’s so good!!

    66. Captain Ron

      Funny the classic on the heart 2022 and cause of covid we had time to put out 31 cane piles over 7 months but I'm sure the pro will find them hope so. I can see them catch them off my piles

    67. xBuck50x

      19lb 6oz kent lake mi. keep up the good work

    68. Anthony Greene

      the intro is the best part of this series to me lol


      This past Saturday my biggest bag of all time was 34 lb 5oz. My biggest fish was 10lb

    70. Christopher Zepf

      Great video, as usual

    71. TheBullDozer 007

      Scott martin for the win!!!! Avenge your dad!

    72. josh weaver

      That freaking intro was next level

    73. josh weaver

      My biggest tournament bag ever has been 16.9 which felt absolutely giant lol

    74. Frankie Van Gelder

      Hey Scott I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan. The way you carry yourself as a fisherman and as a human being is something to be idolized. Keep grinding. You’ll get that Classic win

    75. Preston Halcomb

      Love that you pray openly in your videos man. That is so rare these days and it is refreshing to see. Hope you kill it in the next tournament!

    76. Joseph Stephens

      Was really pulling for you. Keep up the good work!

    77. Jeff Thompson

      Better luck next time Scott.. you'll win one eventually..I know you have it in you. Just a matter of time. Keep grinding and keep the faith

    78. Chris Young

      The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him. If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    79. Outdoor addiction Tv

      31.9 and they all came off one tree in 4’ of water on a white spinner bait with a chartreuse curly tail trailer. On the Arkansas river outa three forks harbor. Go south take the first slough to the right it’s a ways down river but man it’s always a good producer , also just north of it fish the rock ponds above the bridge lots of 5-8lbrs. Over the years consistently on Chartreuse crankbaits

    80. bill5074

      My biggest 5 fish limit was 27-8 on the St. Johns RIver in 2005.

    81. howard beetz

      24.63 my biggest 5 in tournament. Keep swinging them in dude. Love the videos

    82. LucidoMafia

      Awesome vid as always I have only fished 2 tournaments. And in both cases I got skunked over here in Japan.

    83. Mark McGuire

      Love the prayer Scott. Great video thanks

    84. Js Fishing

      I haven’t fished tournaments but I am trying bc I got a big passion on fishing in the outdoors.

    85. Justin Ballard

      I’ve caught a couple of 25 lb bags on pickwick and in one of those tournaments on of those 25 lb bags didn’t win any money lol

    86. Robert Jacobs

      Well done on making the cut Scott!

    87. HookShankHewitt

      Love the prayer in the video! Another reason your my favorite angler! Your an inspiration . I'm a dad with 2 daughters and love seeing the passion you and your daughter share with fishing!

    88. Kyle Komarek

      Footage and editing are amazing... someone needs a pay raise for the incredible work

    89. buzzkill 84

      Classic on Harwell 2022! You gotta like that SM.

    90. sah awry

      No offence, Scott, but if your god is gonna help you get fish instead of helping people that really needs it, then you're praying to a scumbag.

    91. Jonathan Durand

      19 lbs, biggest one was like 4,14

    92. NCshooter1213

      Local lake here in Southeastern NC called lake waccamaw I fish alot of tourneys in. 3 years ago the lake was on fire and me an my wife weighed in 28.3 lbs for our best 5 that day. All caught on brushpiles in about 8ft of water. One of my most memorable days on the water

    93. Blake Cullum

      These videos are 🔥

    94. Bossy Ginger

      I love fishing and I can fish every day. Wish you can be my teaching how to catch a ton of fish😁

    95. Trevor Schalk

      Love the videos Scott keep up the good work I hope you achieve all your goals. My biggest bag was me and my tournament partner we set a lake record for a 2 day tournament. 31.16 on day 1 29.77 on day 2 .

    96. John Garuccio

      Scott.Keep the confidence up. I’m pulling for you more than any other angler .Keep God in your life and he will reward you for it. I’m sure you will achieve your goals. Do you think maybe a tube would have worked for more of those small mouth.

    97. will mccoy

      My biggest bag a is 0lb 0oz

      1. Scott Martin

        Well that a start..:)😂

    98. Arjectrick Waters

      Great tournament! Lucky spot #1 didn't produce on day 3. One or two good ones out that soot would have helped.

    99. Jared Sims

      Biggest bag 21.21

    100. Aiden Gunter

      I’m only still fishing high school B.A.S.S. Nation in Alabama, but my biggest bag yet is 16 pounds and some odd ounces I can’t remember