AM I JEALOUS? Regina's Boyfriend Can Join Spy Ninjas If He Wins Real Life Challenge vs Me!

Daniel Gizmo

6 млн көрүүлөр2 749

    ME vs HEART for REGINA... I mean the Spy Ninjas!
    After Chad Wild Clay made WHAT IF SPY NINJAS QUIT? Regina Last Name Reveal and Fun KGupr Challenges IRL!, Vy Qwaint created I OPENED a McDONALD'S at My HOUSE! Hacker Blind Date at Home and How to Make Funny Food Hacks!, and Daniel Gizmo uploaded REGINA FINDS SECRET BOYFRIEND! Date Night Challenge vs Hackers Try Not To Laugh for 24 Hours!, the Spy Ninjas have finally learned all the letters in Regina's last name! We use the old GKC computer from the underground hatch to determine it spells Ginera! The PZ Leader hacked Daniel's computer in the Gizmo lab and said if we keep trying to stop Project Zorgo, he'll delete one of Chad's KGup videos. Regina's secret boyfriend, H, can help take down Project Zorgo. Daniel and Chad do not trust him because he is a hacker. Regina wants to prove that H can be trusted and become the newest member of the Spy Ninjas! She puts him through couples yoga challenge, writing a song in 24 hours, dance battle royale, and speed dating! Daniel gets jealous and wants to prove that H should not join the Spy Ninjas by going against him. Who will win H or Daniel? Will Daniel ever tell Regina he has a crush on her? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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    1. Daniel Gizmo

      What it do, Spy Ninjas! Do you think we should allow Heart Guy to join the Spy Ninjas?

      1. Malika Gaming

        Yeah Daniel its fine they look cute together and you already have a crush on the merrel twins

      2. Chaze Bernard

        H I love hem

      3. Lordelyn Emba


      4. Foreman Girls

        @Tarannum Fathima I havex

      5. Laylar Ward

        H. Song

    2. Joyce Thompson

      H song

    3. Trent Sansom

      and yes

    4. Trent Sansom

      i wont to marie him becuase his voice

    5. Trent Sansom

      i fell in love with harrasin and his song and voice so dreme

    6. Trent Sansom

      danial stenks like rotin eegs

    7. Vee


    8. Keely Ledesma

      Hacker hacker hacker ☺

    9. Keely Ledesma


    10. Paris Tucker

      it is h is legs

    11. Latreca Downing

      H song

    12. Aiden Dinh

      Danny legs are better

    13. Latreca Downing

      H leg

    14. rainjano macadangdang

      I vote for h

    15. Dana Cherry

      h song daniel is being mean

    16. Jessica Smith

      H din

    17. Jessica Smith

      H songs

    18. Jessica Smith

      H legs

    19. Nicole GarciaLarin

      h song h can yoin the spy ninas

    20. Varun Singh

      H song

    21. Varun Singh

      H legs

    22. Maria Davidson

      H song

    23. jaiden deutekom

      H song

    24. Kaylee Nona


    25. Antoinette Perfetto

      h song

    26. Kaylee Nona

      dobel date

    27. Dance Star

      I think h should join and ya but I hope you get regina’s last name

      1. Dance Star

        H is best

    28. Adalberto Sarmiento

      I think that h is the best

    29. Dance Star

      H legs

    30. Shane Ham

      H song

    31. Kendrick Johnson

      H song

    32. mud4wheels

      Picture of their legs

    33. esha little

      H song

    34. Sanaya Gandhi

      h song

    35. Sanaya Gandhi

      and i am six yeers old and like your videos

    36. Seifu Abdi

      I love the h song and it sounds awesome and Beautiful h.

    37. Sanaya Gandhi

      and defeat the hacers

    38. Sanaya Gandhi

      i want h to j the spy ningers so you get more to fight so you gyse can fight more

    39. Sanaya Gandhi

      i dont like when daniel gets MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    41. Moussa Benazouz

      I think that daniel won bc i like how fast he is at it.


      H song



    44. King.Q Dougla

      The heart guy

    45. Lourie Nakashuk

      H song

    46. Danna Salgado

      H Song

    47. Gretchen Pedro

      The h song

    48. Danna Salgado

      Yes lat h go to your ninjas

    49. Shifa Pethania

      H leggs

    50. zombiedomb yt yt


      1. zombiedomb yt yt


    51. Lauren Arundale

      H wins

    52. Jessica Boudreaux

      h song

    53. Valerie Aguayo


    54. Albulena Rexha

      Yes we should

    55. Albulena Rexha

      H song

    56. Victoria Herrera

      H song

    57. Shinne Clan

      Regina is my favourite spy ninja

    58. Gwendoline

      Danil u got to stop being jealous

    59. Michael Gerrard Collins

      H LEGS

    60. Nia Bongo


    61. Kyla Herrin

      H song

    62. Lovedeep Kaur

      H. Songs

    63. robin hall

      H song

    64. robin hall

      H legs

    65. Sophia Ballesteros

      H legs

      1. Sophia Ballesteros

        H songs

    66. Sreemati Chatterjee

      H song

    67. Prince Boateng


    68. Fabiola Espinoza

      Daniel will be a terrible husband or boyfriend

    69. Fabiola Espinoza

      He put a heart on his cheek to match with h

    70. brianna Rodriguez

      h song

    71. Ryann Gibson


    72. Dream Boyce

      H song

    73. Jose R flores

      H Song

    74. Kaoutar El Ammarti

      (harrison not h)

    75. Hailee Girard

      H song

    76. Hailee Girard

      H has to be in the spy Ninjas

    77. NINJA'S ONLY


    78. Hailee Girard

      H legs

    79. Cali Whitehead


    80. NINJA'S ONLY

      H song h legs


      h legs

    82. Cali Whitehead

      H better I think he should join us my ninjas

    83. Rayne&Reign Charging Whirlwind




    85. Patrick Murphy

      h is nice he should join the tim

    86. ping fang

      H leg

    87. NINJA'S ONLY

      He always be being mean to h one h tries to help him

    88. NINJA'S ONLY

      Daniel is irritating he will never get to 6 million subscribers

    89. NINJA'S ONLY

      H song

    90. NINJA'S ONLY

      H legs

    91. Daniel Matschiner

      H legs

    92. Brian Edwards

      H sing

    93. Vanessa Lanticse

      H and regular

    94. Vanessa Lanticse

      How can you make a difference between the kids off at 8pm or not in a couple years and you can take me to a new shower now I can go get some hot water

    95. Vanessa Lanticse

      H legs

    96. Ava Duckett

      dan songggg all the way

    97. ItsNauSuum123 GO

      H song

    98. Jezel Hunte

      I I like him Daniel's just jealouse I love h voice💕

    99. Ava Duckett

      i wouldnt let h join cause he is going to mess up reg and dani and they are so cute to getter i mean h is a nice guy but no:(

    100. Tiffany Robinson