Shadow Day Challenge vs Hilary

Scott Martin

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    Today is all out Hilary and Sam trying to take LunkersTV and Me out on Lake Okeechobee. It’s shadow day and they have to film there own show...Hilary’s version will be out very soon on her channel.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hey y’all do me a solid and check out this link - thank you so much!!

      1. The fish Guy!!!!

        I just did🤐🤐

      2. Gunserrk Gaming

        @Scott Martin does your Daughter have plans to join the FLW tour when she is of age?? She is always rippin lips

      3. Caleb Bergeron

        Scott Martin couple more years your gonna be out a job with her fishing haha love the videos!

      4. Stephen Bowen

        I’m def checking this out

      5. jasontheryan

        Check out The Great Hack on Netflix... real scary stuff.

    2. john gates

      Thank you so much watching you fish with your dad was just a joy and your videos are fun to watch me my daughter fish thank you

    3. Jack Layher

      The peric thing was funny, props to u

    4. Emma Underwood


    5. Jordan Rodriguez

      Mr. Martin, First, I absolutely love watching your channel. I find myself going to it when i'm bored so I can learn new things. With that....I live in Georgia and its like mid spring now almost summer and I'm having trouble on what is best to use during this time to catch bass. I've tried everything from a jig, senko, bandito bug, crankbaits and spinners and can't seem to find an even line as to what is best. I know you're the pro and I just started my channel a couple weeks ago and am trying to learn. So with that, any way you could give me a few tips and pointers to help? Thank you Mr. Martin!

    6. Jose Gutierrez

      I will like to see hillary in a tournament!!! @Scott martin

    7. Mallard Shooter

      Hey can you come to Alabama and fish in the Alabama River

    8. Jiggin with Cameron

      I’ve watched all your vids and I love watching the Scott Martin challenge on live tv

    9. Dude perfect Jr

      How is Hillary so hot does she have a boyfriend

    10. Riley Peppers

      9:00 is the best part

    11. Twins irl and games

      just kidding

    12. Twins irl and games

      @ScottMartin can i have your daughters number i love to fish

    13. Storm Shadow

      Just realized your family dog looks a lot like you 🤣

    14. Jesus Chacon

      Lmfao that peric clip

    15. phartattack


    16. Trey Cannida

      No one needs to tell Hilary Clinton about surf shark

    17. JEubanks_ 2

      Are you a part of the googan squad

    18. Reaper Creeper

      Who cares about surf shark it’s fake

    19. BluegrassBass

      "I'm about to call my daughter and ask for a tip. What color are you using? How fast are you reeling?" Scott Martin 2020

    20. Joe Marshall

      9:03 ROTFL!!! That was hilarious

    21. pure 517

      8:55 she set the hook better then peric 😂😂

    22. Kobie Newlen

      What in the meth kinda haircut yo dog got 😂😂

    23. Scott carpenter

      Hey Scott when are you going to let Hilary start fishing in tournaments? 😂 she is hammering them!!!

    24. Afton Graham

      Dang idk how old she is can’t be to old but she is better than me and I lover to fish and I’m pretty good

    25. Jesse Rasmussen

      I wanna see some of those trophy mounts in your office

    26. Skittlez_13

      Makes me laugh every time the period moment

    27. David Leblanc


    28. LB7 Wade

      Nothing better than fishing with your kids!!

    29. PK_Outdoors

      Love the vid

    30. Fishing With The Goat

      Do you fish with the googan squad

    31. Adam Lovin

      9:00 I almost died 🤣

    32. Graham Locke

      Scott, I don't know how on earth but at the age of 9 when I first discovered who you were you inspired me to fish. I have came from 1 box filled with lures to about 12. You have inspired me in many ways.This year I have done something that I have never imagined. Me and my partner are now ranked 11th in the state of Louisiana and ranked 2nd in north Louisiana. I was wanting to tell you you are one of the main reasons that am where I'm at today in bass fishing. Keep up the great work Scott. Hopefully one day I might be able to shake your hand and meet you in person. I continue to Perdue my dream to walk up on a stage in front of 1,000 or more people.thanks for everything

    33. Landon Blizzard

      I don’t think that I have ever seen someone have so many saucy swimmers!! But of course only the Googan’s have the most all of the Googan baits

    34. AT Outdoors

      Man screw that app u gotta pay for a plan i thought it was for free

    35. Cole Osborne

      Was that a googan Chatterbait I saw? 🤫

    36. Slayinwithsteph

      Love your channel Scott ! Also love Hilary’s videos ! Love that she is a fellow female angler ! My husband and I are big fans !! What would it take for us to fish with you and Hilary ??? Would literally make my life !!

    37. Patrick McMahon

      Man oh Man this video was painful to watch sitting here with a chest tube back in and wishing I was up in that shallow water grass throwing a swim bait

      1. Scott Martin

        You’ll be back in action soon

    38. Tythefishinguy

      Anyone else have headphones in when the peric clip was shown? RIP

    39. True Story

      Hilary said not today

    40. Tim Holahan

      Wish hill would fish a tournament would love too see a vid like that

    41. Aaron Krause

      Cool video! Looked like a great time!

    42. David Knight

      Lobe the purple crank bait

    43. Ryan Walker

      “That thing sounds like a lion” 😂😂

    44. SEbassinTV

      She’s a slackliner from way back bro!

    45. ronald cross

      I love all your stuff.

    46. Nico posluszny

      When ever you said she hook sets better than marik i disentangle year his name but that was the funniest thing

    47. Troy Copeland

      0:10 why does it look like your dog has a mullet?

    48. Caleb Herbert

      we might see Hillary at the classic pretty soon the way she fishes I think she could give KVD a run for his money

    49. F&S Outdoor Adventures

      Love the father daughter interaction, you are doing it right sir!! Trying to do the same with my son getting out fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

    50. Growing jordon

      probably because you slacked off and let something fly on youtube like a credit card 😂

    51. Carson Cox

      I love your office.

    52. Aztec Anglers

      Love the Sooner helmet SMC !

    53. Fredy Umana

      the banana worked

    54. Lloyd Rush

      Bet driving that skeeter was a totally different feeling than a ranger

    55. i Bee Amazin

      10:08 if you haven't done this then you must not fish with a baitcaster lol

    56. Project J

      Hey posted this same question on your dads channel, how far inland do you travel to find decent largemouth habitat? I live in Charleston SC and most everything except Santee Lakes and Tail Race is Salt Water. I know you guys fish the Everglades a lot so was wondering if there’s a certain distance from the coast you guys start fishing or how do you figure it out?? Tried finding answers on google but didn’t have any luck..

    57. Jerry rigged Fishing

      What happened to Brandon ??????

    58. Back Creek Outdoors

      maybe I am not caught up yet on the latest videos but, where is brandon?!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Working on bigger projects.

    59. Kevin Sandells

      Awesome video. What rod are you using Scott. Thanks for the video .

    60. Bass Fishing Freak

      The clam shell is key to making more money with giving less baits.

    61. DG Mills

      Way to go Hilary! I love seeing you and your Dad fishing together, even tho you were in a different boat! I do watch your your channel, I am subscribed, I just hope you start posting more videos!!! 🏆❣️😇😇😇🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🐟🎣🎣

    62. Rich Dagsher

      Hillarys goin pro. That girls gonna kick all the boys butts.

    63. Jringbassin

      Lmao the peric part

    64. D-Smooth Fishing TV

      Notice there is way less thumbs up 👍 vs before with Brandon. Where is Brandon bro? I knew FLW or Bassmaster or MLF will take him away from you sooner or later, he was making better videos then FLW all of last year lol. Go Hilary, she is really a good natural fisherwoman 😁👍🇺🇸😎🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍. I always give you thumbs up 👍 Scott 😁😎🇺🇸👌👍🎣🎣🎣🎣👍💪

      1. Scott Martin

        He is working on bigger projects and still some special projects with us.

    65. Fishing-fanatic

      U sure Hillary is just not a scott Martin clone in a female body!!! The Martin fishing force is strong in her!

    66. Cape Nelson

      These edits... awesome. Good lord Peric... them were the days.

    67. UltimateNinja1984

      Scott, I just wanted to comment.. And let u know that U and ur dad are my favorite pro fisherman!! Also love Jimmy H and bill dance and others.

    68. LostAnchor fishn

      Scott: that makes me proud.. Every dad watching: is proud for you..

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!!

    69. Austin Hubatch

      Watching you watch that fish bite, realizing it, hitting the button to let a little line out, then setting the hook, all in a matter of like .0001 seconds just goes to show how quick your reaction skills are. Lol insane.

    70. Rod Royal

      Hilary Martin. Third generation angler. First female winner of a Bassmaster Elite Tournament. How cool would that be?

    71. Gordon Fordyce

      " That thing sounds like a lion" :D:D Hahahaha oh my gosh that was classic!! Dude i am a safari guide in South Africa and i'll tell you that motor does sound like a Lion!! ;) Great video Scott..... and Hilary sure is a great fisherman, just like her Dad! Keep catching em Bigguns.

      1. Scott Martin


    72. Mr E

      Glad you're bragging about her hook set, I've commented on it in several videos. It is poetry in motion! The Peric clip caught me off guard and I spit on my screen. Thanks for that. Awesome video!!! 👍🍺🎣

      1. Blaine Howell

        I was dying at that part too! 🤣🤣😂😂

    73. Stephen Bowen

      Dude is living the life. Congrats Scott. Good on you bro. God bless

    74. Check Mate

      Sweet video, so proud.😊

    75. Crafty Beer Man

      You spend enough time in that Skeeter you might find yourself at the dealership trading in that Ranger :)Great video as always!

    76. Rusty Lee

      Way to go there little lady! Show those guys how it's done.!

    77. Jamison Patterson

      That favorite pro battle rod is 🔥 when will they be released??

      1. Jamison Patterson

        Awesome I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Huge fan from Belton, SC! Keep up the great work! You’re a Huge inspiration!

      2. Scott Martin

        Very soon...👍🏻

    78. VangsFishing

      Where did B go?

    79. Nate Kiefer

      What kind of Costa's are those you are wearing???@scott Martin

    80. micah flowers

      Saw you speak in Clewiston today Scott. You are awesome brother, can’t thank you enough for representing us fisherman up there on stage! Your voice means so much and it means a lot to have you up there speaking the truth about what’s been going on. Thank you so much Scott, may our fight continue to gain momentum and bring about change! Thank you on behalf of all Floridians! See you at the next Rally! Micah Flowers

      1. Scott Martin

        I am optimistic we can make a change. Thank you!

    81. Dr. Hambone

      That peric clip lmao He's such a dork

    82. johnathon Bowers

      I had a proud dad moment with you Scott, I’ve got little girls and pray they love fishing as much as we do. Good for her man! Hillary is gonna be a hell of a fisherman.

    83. Johnny Ayers

      Really love seeing your daughter beat you. Both of you keep up the good work.

    84. Logan Weeks

      Hey Scott I get to meet you very soon.

    85. Drew Sullivan

      Man oh man what I would do for that flats boat my guy.

    86. Julius Purser

      Chill with the bloomsburg ads bro!

      1. Julius Purser

        @Scott Martin lol I'm just picking.. me and my daughter love watching yall fish!

      2. Scott Martin

        OH no...not my ads bro!

    87. Fire Turtle Adventures

      You know who Hilary sets the hook like? Kind of like that Scott Martin dude. You might have heard of him. He's kind of a well known fishing guy. Seriously, when watching side by side videos, y'all set the hook almost exactly the same. She's a chip off the old block. You taught her well.

      1. Fire Turtle Adventures

        @Scott Martin I'm trying to raise mine the same way to love fishing & the outdoors in general. Hilary is going to have a great career ahead of her in the fishing world if she wants to follow in your footsteps with it.

      2. Scott Martin

        Very proud of her!!!

    88. David Williams

      I love it when the student becomes the teacher

    89. Fxg_Andros

      I caught me a donkey today no official weight but I’d say he was 5

      1. Scott Martin


    90. Herb Albert

      Hilay starting to sound like Gramps!!!!

    91. Herb Albert

      Hilary is going to give Dad a run for his competition angler make the boys step up or get left behind...see it in the future.....

      1. Scott Martin


    92. 12Gross12

      I have never laughed so hard when he said she is better than peric

      1. Scott Martin


    93. FoghornLeghornism

      Going to go see your dad tomorrow at the Omaha Boat & Travel Show. Still waiting for my "Free Stuff" lol ! Great stuff Scott!

      1. FoghornLeghornism

        Dad signed Bass Pro hat & I will treasure it forever ! A true LEGEND !!

      2. FoghornLeghornism

        @Scott Martin Talked to your Dad at The boat show & relayed your message. He seemed unimpressed. hehe! I think Dad would have been more receptive if you would have told me to buy him a fresh Coors Light ! :-)

      3. Scott Martin

        Tell him hello!

    94. Javyn Maxton

      I challenge her, smallmouth or largemouth

    95. Bassmaster Quan

      Hey Scott can I plz fish with you and Hilary one day I stay in Florida.

    96. Kolby Baker

      The real question is, when will Hilary fish tournaments?

      1. Scott Martin


    97. TexasAirGunner

      I have pics of robs boat being fixed if u want a couple...

      1. TexasAirGunner

        @Scott Martin it's not too bad. Just sux it was a brand new boat...

      2. Scott Martin

        It’s gonna be a BIG FIX

      3. Scott Martin


    98. Dave Rasnake

      I look forward to all of yalls videos Yours, Hillary's and your Dads. Awesome Family.

    99. Tiffany

      Does anyone know where Brandon aka Spinnerworm is at

    100. Warren louisiana

      Will it work on APPLE PHONE ? /

      1. Scott Martin