How To Catch The Biggest Bass Of Your Life This Winter! (Full Seminar)


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    Are you ready to catch a new personal best bass? Don't want to wait until Spring? Matt is showing you everything you need to know to be successful this Winter in today's full-length seminar on Winter bass fishing with swimbaits! He explains where bass are positioning, which baits to use, how to trigger strikes, what it takes to land these fish, and how to properly care for a fish of a lifetime.
    Swimbait fishing takes commitment. It requires dedication, focus, and a willingness to sacrifice your time on the water in pursuit of a singular goal. Its hard work but its your best shot at breaking your personal best before the prespawn. As the water cools bass become lethargic. Their willingness to hunt wanes and they begin pursuing single large meals rather than chasing down multiple small morsels.
    Understanding when to choose a glide bait over a paddle tail, or when bottom crawling a wedge tail will outshine a faster moving offering, takes years of trial and error on the water. Thankfully Matt is taking all of that knowledge and putting it together for you in a single video. Pay close attention to the details, commit to the search for a giant bass, and this will be a Winter unlike any you've ever had before. Good luck in your pursuit of a monster fish!
    Below is a breakdown of the swimbaits Matt recommends. He's categorized the baits by style and included general color recommendations. When selecting glide bait colors keep in mind that highly visible colors will almost always outshine natural dull colors, even in clear water. He's also included a list of tackle and gear that will make landing the fish of a lifetime much easier.
    Glide Baits...
    -River2Sea S-Waver 200/168:
    (Lite Trout, Warden, Rainbow Trout)
    -Storm Arashi Glide:
    (Oikawa Mesu, Threadfin Shad, Green Gill)
    -Baitsanity Antidote:
    (Bread, Shad, Trout)
    Paddle Tail Swimbaits...
    -Osprey Tournament Talon 6"-7":
    (Chartreuse Shad, Reverse Hitch, TW Shad)
    -Little Creeper Trash Fish:
    (Chartreuse Shad, Ghost Trout, Natural Hitch)
    -Little Creeper Fatty Trash Fish:
    (Chartreuse Shad, LC Hitch)
    -Little Creeper 8" Trash Fish:
    (Chartreuse Shad, LC Hitch, Rainbow Trout)
    Wedge-Tail Swimbaits...
    -Huddleston Trout 8" ROF 12:
    (Ayu, Rainbow, Hitch)
    -Huddleston Trout 68 Special ROF 12:
    (Rainbow Trout, Green Gizzard, Black Gizzard)
    -Mattlures Shad:
    (Green Threadfin, Light Gizzard)
    -ABT Lures Wagtail:
    (Blue Shad, Rainbow Trout, Clear Lake Hitch)
    -Trophy Bass Baits DFT:
    (Shad, Trout)
    Matt's Favorite Swimbait Combo...
    Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 966:
    Reel- Shimano Tranx 300 HG:
    Line- 80 lb Power Pro Maxcuatro:
    Leader- 35 lb Sunline FC100:
    Other Swimbait Rods from Budget to High End...
    -Dobyns Fury 806H:
    -Okuma Nomad Express Travel:
    -Dobyns Champion XP 807:
    -Megabass Destroyer Onager:
    Swimbait Lines...
    Maxima Ultragreen 30 lb:
    Sunline FC-100 30-40 lb:
    What we wear...
    Sun Mask:
    Sun Shirt w/ Hood:
    Light Fishing Pants:
    Reaper Hoodie (Hoodie with Warm Face Cover built in):
    Horizon Sweater (Water resistant, great for layering):
    Equipment We Recommend...
    Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor:
    Humminbird Solix 15 Electronics:
    Minn Kota Talons:
    Hot Foot Throttle Control:
    Loc-R-Bar Boat Security:
    Favorite Storage Box:
    Favorite Pliers:
    Favorite Split Ring Pliers:
    Favorite Wire Cutters:
    Favorite life jacket:
    Favorite sunglasses:
    Hero7 Camera:
    ElectroSamson Scale:
    Frabill Net:
    Lure Retriever:
    If you plan to do any shopping, using our links before doing your shopping at Tackle Warehouse is the single greatest way to support us! You won't be able to even see a difference but they'll know you're one of us!

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    1. Stonewall Jackson

      My PB was caught 3 years ago, an 11lb female Largemouth Bass out of Hillsdale lake in Kansas. I caught her from under a bridge in the spring on a Minnow swimbait.

    2. Ulysses M

      Greetings Matt. I must say, & trust me when I tell you this (certain others will agree), you get right to it, no ridiculous vid of ya leaving your driveway, unloading your boat nonsense, etc. AND, you kept my attention because you're talking steady, ready, & good stuff! I never not FFWD with most vids, & didn't with you because you were spewing out paced good fishing chatter! SO thx! And you should consider fishing pro if you are not already. I am going to try now that I am retired & will use one of these lures to do so! Great job man!

    3. Chris Boyd

      Thank you for sharing these techniques!

    4. Christopher Delmas

      Your super smart!! I'm w/ya, right now is the time to catch those fat slabs!!! I'm a Bass Freak, don't know where to go to catch some!! Super slow, creeping, cranking!!! Wanna hook up a P.B.!!!!! Caught a 7.5 in a winery pond w/a top water crank!! I was tired, didn't really care, just chilling! Next thing I know, whammmm! Hooked up!! Thanxz

    5. Nathan B

      Great video Matt. No one does a better job of teaching and inspiring than you. I hope to get back out to Cali sometime soon and fish with you again.

    6. Grant Langmore

      People don’t realize how much good information was just give🙌🏻 great video Matt I’m gonna use the 65-35 braid to leader

    7. Jeff Claus

      But, what about Florida subdivision ponds end of Dec., Jan., Feb

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    9. Valerifon1

      This is one of the best fishing videos I've seen it a good long while! Subbed! Cheers - Luther

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    12. John Butler

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      Watching this again in 2020 need to refresh! Love all of your videos.

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        Me too!! I just caught 2 on glide baits. Felt so good man

    19. Melanie Branton D.V.M.

      Florida large mouth in a Southern reservoir lake want the jig and pig in November and December.

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    21. Mitch Fortson

      Great advice, love FC 15,17 and drag ,im on the Rattle trap trip im fishing big ponds,i will try swimbaits ,i got a couple, thx

    22. MrJ567

      I'm a catch and keep guy, so I have no problem with the extra hook killing the fish. Other than that, great vid man.

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      My area bass dies down considerably but other fishing gets red hot. Geography plays huge part.

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      It's very interesting. Thank you. Does this also match walking fishing? In walking fishing, I think it is often difficult to target deep water when using swimbaits because of the casting distance. Would it be effective to use swimbaits for walking fishing in winter season? If so, how should I use it?

    31. Billy Craighead

      I know why you guys moved and Iunderstand.We get more rain and less fires on the east coast.I dont blame you guys for moving.

    32. Billy Craighead

      Do you and Matt think yall will do better on chick than Clear lake?

    33. Nicole Zyta

      the “tick” has saved me a ton. i’ve caught most of my “big” fish off of that feeling. i’ve noticed every time my bait would get CRUSHED, it was never as big as I was hoping.

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      the “tick” has saved me a ton. i’ve caught most of my “big” fish off of that feeling. i’ve noticed every time my bait would get CRUSHED, it was never as big as I was hoping.

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    44. Nelly's fishing Adventures

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      I'm so ready to try swimbait fishing thanks for all the tips . I'm gonna only bring 1 rod and 2 swimbaits so thats all ill use and not leave until I catch a fish . Hopefully it doesn't turn into the scene from forest Gump. Lol when he just starts running .

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      Can bank fisherman still catch BIG swimbait fish in the dead of winter or do all the fish pull out away from the shoreline into the more center areas of the lake that are deep? I do have a few lakes that have 50+ feet of water at a distance I can probably cast a big swimbait so I'm curious if its worth a shot.

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      Great video, excellent tips. Thanks for sharing.

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    53. BiggOlG MrCtv

      I strongly agree, belly treble hooks kill fish. I add willow leaf blades to my Huddleston, and they work amazingly! Doesn’t effect my hookups at all. Love the Tactical Bassin Family!🎣💪🏽🙌🏽👍🏽😎

    54. Bass Junkie

      Hey I was wondering if you could do a video on real prey swimbaits and working class zero swim baits and 3:16, maybe some lesser known coustom stuff where to get them painted what hooks n split rings to change adding extra split rings if the bait doesn’t have swivels

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      Awesome video, probably the best fishing video I have ever seen. Been searching for years for the goods.Thank you!

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      1. Bass Fishing with the Antichrist

        gofukyoself - Your probably reeling too fast. When Matt says slow he means S-L-O-W, like negative 3.

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      Your videos are amazing. My question is, does this slow creeping of large swimbaits work in very stained water? I have a local lake in NorCal that isn’t the usual Cali clear water. Visibility usually 6-8 inches most of the year.

      1. Richard Bossman

        He has said before that even moving slowly it "moves" alot of water and even at a crawl big bass do find them.

    68. Andrew Hunt

      I got my 2nd biggest bass in Massachusetts threw the ice it was 6lbs 10 oz on a shinner with a fishing tilt it was the only flag I had all day and it was cold as hell. The flag went up at about 4:30 pm and I figured it was a pickrel but when I got to the hole the line was going out steady but slow the sign of a bass but never thought it would be that big!

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      Awesome videos guys, thank you. If buying the Loomis, what length and power? Also, what knot and leader length? Keep it up!

      1. bobfishnut

        IMX 966 Heavy 8' rod, 6-8 foot leader using 30-40 lb test Sniper FC 100 line, uni knot I believe

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      In the beginning of the video, ( 0:20 ) Are pictures of some hefty largemouth bass :) How much approx. Did they weigh? (My guess: between 8 and 10lbs) Let me know...if you have time ok? Thanks :)

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      Great info - what knot do you suggest? Braid to leader - FG? Leader to lure?

      1. Daniel Wood

        Braid to leader blood knot

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      What’re some good replacement split rings and treble hooks for a bait like the River 2 Sea S-Waver 168? Awesome video guys! Love all the swimbait videos, they’re really helping me as I’m just getting into this the swimbait game!

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      What big swim bait would you recommend for San Diego area? Only "big" bait I know of are blue gill and crappie. I've heard trout colors but none of the lakes I fish have stocked trout in years.

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      Hey guys- I’m from San Diego- I fish over pressured, over policed, over priced and tiny lakes.... and the best times to fish are blocked out. Early morning and late evening are gone. However.... I just had my best day of fishing thanks to you guys two days ago. I have a great story if you want to hear it. Two fish at lake ......when nobody else was getting bit even on finesse crap. 6.8 lb and 5 lb. both on Huddlestons.

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      1. TacticalBassin

        The 200 is right on the border where it can do both. The 168 is definitely a cover glide.