Jon Jones - Bones (Original Bored Film Documentary)

Joseph Vincent

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    This Documentary examines the entirety of the career of Jon Jones. Aka Johnny Bones. The exciting and controversial fighter had dominated his division with exciting and creative martial arts. The greatest athlete to ever compete in MMA.
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    1. j j

      Never really bothered with watching UFC but this documentary is something special!

      1. Naga Chessbase

        Do a documentary on fedor emelianenko

      2. Nonya Business

        @Happypanda bacon He came up clean in his first test, only trace amounts, not enough to enhance a flea in his second test, then clean in his test right after. Damn casuals...

      3. Locrazy

        @Wake up People 3 fights of those were arguably because of drugs haha and the rest were him dominant

      4. Tyson DVnO

        You’re missing out

      5. Chin Dub

        I am a jon Jones fan since I first seen him fight in my opinion the only person I see maybe beating him is ngannou

    2. Gael Zuniga

      12 to 6 elbow is the stupidest rule

    3. David Calderon

      Coke head junkie John the greatest coke head ever

    4. Brandon Meunier

      First timer here.. wow. Looks like I'm going on a binge this is high quality content 👌

    5. AceyLaBoy 97

      The aggression and confidence he went into every fight with. Dudes a fucking chanpion

    6. Juri Juri

      Respekt Jones!

    7. fmb1013

      “Tweak his knee”he tore every ligament in that knee

    8. SoloShenkk

      he couldve had such a legendary career.

      1. SoloShenkk

        the fact that he was 21 doing this shit is fucking insane tho


      every one of those times he slammed someone , the elbows , the kicks, punches, u can feel how much they hurt and how painful it is to take them holy shit

    10. brian davis

      Daniel was never ever a real champion at all idk how he even got in top 10

    11. Lorenzo Lovatti

      3:43 shout out to everybody that remembers what joe said at the begging of this fight

    12. ShortAndFormal

      Steroids and growth hormone is one of the only ways we can see athletes repeatedly destroy their bodies in the ring and in training. And basically under a doctor's supervision they are generally pretty safe for you. We want our athletes who go into the ring at basically almost super human physical ability for our entertainment... But not if they are juicing. Sure some athletes don't do it, but the vast majority of the athletes you know do steroids not just to compete but to heal their bodies from constant and inhuman amounts of training. If we are to continue to ask our athletes to be at these inhuman peaks of athleticism then we must reckon with what that costs our athletes. People taking medicated regimens of steroid usage monitored by Doctors should not be against the rules in ANY SPORT.

    13. Bobin Vempeny

      He is only good at pocking opponents eye's, is that kind of dirty fighting you called larger than life.. Share on u ppl..

    14. Gregor Polson

      Why does it say Rampage had never been stopped? There was life before the octagon. Pride anyone?

    15. J C

      The man definitely has CTE and bipolar disorder. This will eventually come out.

      1. Rj Brown

        He definitely doesn't have CTE

    16. Harri S

      Gustafson has one hell of a chin for taking all those shots. Bones is really something else man.

    17. stevensonx9

      11:00 I've never seen a guy get knocked out and tapout at the same time

    18. DY

      Jones should train with khabib, it’ll be a wrap

    19. Protojager

      The worst thing about Jones in my opinion, is that when he loses, everyone will complain about how it wasn't him, it was the drugs and booze, he was having an off day, he felt sick, any number of excuses. That's the problem with these prodigy types, when you go undefeated for so long and finally lose one, your rabid fanbase won't let you accept the loss with any dignity.

    20. Spencer Keith

      I do not like this man, but damn it if he isn’t the most incredible fighter I’ve ever seen

    21. K.T. Harmon

      THA GOAT 🐐 hands down nothing else to discuss

    22. william nicolich

      Has JonJones won any fight without testing positive for steroids?

      1. Rj Brown

        Yes a majority

    23. iL Gommista

      loss vs reyes and stop.

    24. Naga Chessbase

      Do a documentary on fedor emelianenko

    25. Daniel Eaton

      Joe Vincent, you are the greatest KGup to ever live. The best content I’ve ever seen beautifully created for all of us. Thank you

    26. MasterODizaster100

      Endicott NY biggest shit hole

    27. Tung Nguyen T2

      Only person can beat Jon Jones is Jon Jones.

    28. Kaicher Mung

      He is a legend already cuz he beated legends 😀

    29. Dale Martirez

      Literally allowed his arm to pop out of socket for that dub. Literally will do anything to win. Beast!

    30. D' sories

      The real p4p fighter. I'm like gsp too but put all besides his outside thing's. Inside cage. He is beast. GOAT.

    31. Joe


    32. Shawn Kow

      The only thing that can beat bones is a drug test

    33. C

      Jon Jones makes it look like he’s fighting children.

    34. dino monica

      Man what a bullshit fight

    35. Mr. Jackson


    36. Elvira Hancock

      Juice Jones = Cheat Junkie. Fake Champion.

    37. You Are Getting Trolled

      Can we get Jon Jones vs Jake Paul please?

    38. Kaicher Mung

      BONES🔥 is so underrated not overatted like mc nugget.

    39. Kaicher Mung


    40. alex gomez

      Rampage had been stopped by submission and knockout multiple times before the Jones fight, what did you mean when you said Jones was the first to stop him?

    41. Pranay Rai


    42. Brian T Neary

      Nobody does it like, Joe. Nobody

    43. Brian T Neary

      He's the greatest fighter of all-time. Think of that....

    44. Latino Bandido

      Wow. First fight after two months. Took me two months to learn proper foot work.

    45. D Lee

      What you mean Rampage was never stopped in his career. Wanderlei Silva demolished Rampage twice in Pride before his run in the UFC.

    46. Cody Ykwgo

      Jon can definitely get as strong as Francis, he just needs the weight. Lifting almost 3 times your body weight is elite in the weight lifting world.

    47. Rafa Romo

      Reyes clearly beat druggie, steroid Jones!

      1. Rafa Romo

        @Kaicher Mung Have a blessed day.

      2. Kaicher Mung

        @Rafa Romo cheat or not he is the best ,he beat every one till now. And look at how he beat Gustafson in their rematch and Jones was clean there.😂 Ur just hater why are u even here.

      3. Kaicher Mung

        @Rafa Romo better fighter than reyes ,look at how reyes is exhausted in the last 2 rounds if it is fight to death reyes will die😂

      4. Rafa Romo

        @Kaicher Mung I'm against cheaters like Jones.

      5. Rafa Romo

        @Kaicher Mung Reyes is not my favorite fighter, Mark Kerr is my favorite.

    48. F0rgotten

      It doesn’t feel right to put him in a cage with someone and tell them to fight.

    49. joeyjoejums

      I don't give a damn about the UFC. KGup recommended this. This was a great documentary.

    50. Tommon Jones

      He got my vote lol hell besides he got my last name 😜😂👊🏿💯💖

    51. NightRyder16

      Jones subconsciously had to lose to keep the hunger! He lost outside the ring to motivate him to not lose inside the ring!

    52. Brent Carroll

      Can’t for tomorrow ju jitsu tourney to be on my Joe Vincent documentary in the future

    53. Marc Athens

      He beats the dog everybody

    54. Alif Khadafi

      Bones vs him self

    55. nonya Xdova

      2:26 awe the good old days

    56. fargneta

      27:54 traduzione Italiana "... fallito il test per una sega a nastro...!!!" LOL...!!!

    57. Inigo Montoya

      He needs to shut up about money and thank the UFC for still giving him a fucking job after all this shit..

    58. Your Daddy

      Great documentary other than the fact that you left out the machida fight where Jones choked him out. Only one other guy I have is the gloss over details of the Dominic Reyes fight. Reyes took it to him for at least two maybe three rounds and there was no information about that. Besides those two minor details seriously awesome documentary!

    59. 7 barrels worth

      If Jon manages to beat Ngannou then he is the goat. I actually hope he beats Ngannou and retires after that would piss off all his haters so hard!

    60. Thomas Buck

      Only Stephan Bonner could survive that spinning back elbow, guy's chin makes no sense 😂

    61. Cory Dinsmore

      Really well put together. Great editing. You really made Jon look invincible.

    62. pat max

      Its Unfortunate About Him Failing Some Tests It Makes You Question His Legitimately Won Fights Its So Hard to Get rid of that Cloud Following Him Everywhere

    63. Jamie Genke

      His legs are so fucking long, he literally a sharp as fuck spear

    64. Josh R

      The GOAT!! Undeniable and without question...607 represent!

    65. legostmoeliot

      reyes got robbed

    66. Zaramay Martinez

      Francis is gona kill him

    67. Chris Savage

      This guy is such a d bag it's hard to appreciate his talent. All talent zero class

    68. Yung94Man

      You should do one on Francis ngannou next


      That roar with the squat was awesome man great vid


      I like Jon dont get me wrong but his resume isn't all that impressive to me all old dudes not till last couple years has he fought better competition imo I like Jon Jones alot but I just want him to be more active to be the PvP best it's really close and hard but I still have GSP as number 1

    71. christoph christopher

      cheap elbows

    72. Kalil Jeffries

      You should do one about Kumar Usman Joe

    73. Gregory Kimmels

      Now try again without steroids.

    74. zacharylansing

      The problem is in the end he won’t go down as the goat because of his antics out of the octagon

      1. Art Sin

        Don't be stupid.

    75. Ryan

      He has more versatility than Francis. If he can keep from eating a big knockout shot, he won't lose a decision fight. 💯

    76. Anthony A

      Jones is a big 155lb fighter. 22:44

    77. Carel Van Der Merwe

      best of the best !!!!!!!!!!

    78. Philip Whitcomb

      Jesus Christ! Only 9 fucking months of MMA training and already taking his UFC fight! 6 fights in 12 weeks! This guy is fucking insane! People can dislike or hate him but you CANNOT DENY Jon 'Bones' Jones!!!

    79. Prophetrexlexful

      mah boring

    80. GJ Williams

      Wtf was Gustaffson on

    81. Abel Marquez


    82. Abel Marquez

      Wow some highlights. No knockout power hahahha. Thats why he dont sell

    83. Abel Marquez

      Yeah biggest guy at light heavy . aint good shit. Just the school yard bully.

    84. Abel Marquez

      I just came to comment that this is bored just like jones. Hahaha

    85. sayed syawal irfan

      Khabib is gay

      1. Kaicher Mung


    86. David Ortiz

      Can’t believe I rewatch this lol

    87. Rapene Edwards

      Wow jones

    88. John Locatelli

      Jon is the war machine 😂


      I love Herb haha

    90. Muhammad Ali

      I liked this but you don't really give credit to his opponents who debateably beat him

    91. Lushai Tubes


    92. Johnny Wayne

      I always got the impression Dana white never liked Jones so he was under more scrutiny than most fighters .

    93. hegemony cricket

      I love you for throwing that Willow clip in there 😆

    94. JD 4 pewpew

      🐐 regardless

    95. Erock1275

      Drug Cheat!

    96. Mark Turnbull

      Crazy skill started training mma had 6 fights in 12 weeks with in 9 months of the same year he was in the ufc taking on killers and he made look easy the best of it is when he fights what ever opponents strong points and what there fighting style he fights them at there own strength he beats at there own game .

    97. Skull Kruncher

      Jonny “Steroid” Bones!!

    98. N

      I remember thinking that Bader fight is gonna be his toughest test. I've never doubted Job ever since I've seen that difference

    99. Blips N Chips

      Pictogram bones Jones shooting his pistol out of his car at buildings.

    100. likylake

      Jones is the reason why I’m a MMA fan. The GOAT tbh

      1. Muhammad Ali

        Gsp is the goat