SHE BETTER HANG ON! - Permit Challenge

Scott Martin

99 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    We went out to challenge some of the strongest fish in the ocean! The fight they put up is amazing!
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    1. Kenneth Chapman

      My late brother used to run a charter boat out of Islamorada, "the dirty Ernie" tarpon, bonefish, grouper,snapper etc

    2. Bob Davis

      Good stuff. Cant wait till redemption time for Hilary Sue 🎣

    3. Les James

      And people say money don't buy happiness.....BULLSHIT 😎🤙

    4. Skylar GL

      Hey Scott go to Colorado Deborah lake.

    5. John Jenkins

      Have never don’t this before and I realize this is an old video so I don’t know if I will get a response. First, I love your videos especially with your kids and family.Second, the rod used in this video, was it the 7’8 or the 7’10. Thank you.

    6. Chris Craven

      Enjoyed the footage! Beautiful boat and making memories with the kids. You Can't go wrong.

    7. phartattack

      11:05 S C O T T ! ! ! ! NEVER EVER TOUCH ANOTHER FISHERMAN'S GEAR!!!!! "FISHERGIRL" That makes it your fault if and when they loose it.

    8. j w

      Awesome video dude!!!

    9. Jeramy Phillips

      boomer sooner

    10. Luke Moser

      Boomer sooner

    11. Brandi Whitfield

      If you want to set the record for Hilarys age group you haft to way it on land or it doesn't count

    12. Jeffrey Wagner

      This is a channel that has over 500k subs but has the quality of video better than the leaders in the subs! Glad you went salt water scott

    13. Luke Green


    14. miamidolphins79

      Awesome video! Any chance y'all can let us know what's the song played on the intro?

    15. Aiden Grim

      Why do you have a blue roof on your boat

    16. Larry Warfield

      Love the new bay boat

    17. B2 Soccer Skills

      Osu Osu

    18. CCHubbard

      For the record Scott, you never need to apologize for your appearance. We love you just the way you are. Be you, be true.

    19. mohawktr72

      I dare you to ask them if they have CRAPS.

    20. Riding Crazy outdoors

      I follow you on Fishbrain!!

    21. kanchic yang

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep fishing

    22. Erick Leal

      How old is Hilary

    23. Ben Lee

      It was all going good until I realized Scott must be a Boomer Fan🤢

    24. Bob Lillard

      You know I really like following you because the crimson stuff really turns my Cowboys gut!!

    25. Gavin Bixler

      Sooner schooner


      Love y'all!!!! stay safe my friends

    27. Linda Jones

      Damn Scott...what did you do to your steering wheel lol? It's bent all to crap. Check it out at 4:30

    28. Thomas Fleming

      Do it on the flats!

    29. Rusty Wells

      I like it perfect idea Scott go for a record in Hillary's age group and maybe you could do this with other fish records!!!

    30. Rusty Wells

      Holy crap Hillary you scared the crap out of me i thought you were going over board trying to get that fish don't do that there's sharks in those waters!!!

    31. wdh1068

      I would dearly love to visit the fish camp! Will be checking it out and seeing what can be planned. Thanks for sharing!

    32. Colton Harness

      Boomer Sooner!

    33. George Autenreath

      great job dad! being a great dad is the most important job in the world!!

    34. Farm king 24

      Win you went to Oklahoma on the TV show I was One hour away

    35. Farm king 24

      5:00 am in the morning

    36. Daniel Scoggan

      Hillary's got a hooksett that could pull a freight train. One of these days spontaneously she's going to say OOOO SUNNNN.

    37. Zack LaMoore

      Man I want to be at Roland Martin marina right now 😭😭

    38. Fishin’ With Max

      Martin Scott At It Back Video Another With

    39. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Permit fight like a grouper and a kingfish put together

    40. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Scott just say hes has a giant dock.. lol if some people want to rent that out seems like a nice getaway !!!so does the Freeman come with 1 full tank of gas ?? born before 1988 no boaters license needed for me lol..

    41. Cameron Spiller

      Can we meet in Kissimmee .. camp Mack one day .i have been wanting to meet you since a youngster

    42. Jego Fishing

      How long is the fight with those fish?

    43. Chris G

      Man scott you make me want to move back to anna maire island . Would love to hit some water with you if you take other folks on your boat . Hopefully this cov-19 stuff goes away and soon I know its rough not fishing tours.

    44. Andrew Singletary

      My brother builds those boats

    45. Hunter Ray

      When you are Deep sea fishing never let any slack in the line or drop the pole down like she did. Thats how it got off.

      1. C W

        Have any tips for striper fishing?

    46. JD Christiansen

      Boomer Sooner baby!!! Love the corn hole cover.

    47. Ravi Jayson Dwarku

      Wow..amazing video ..thanks for the ride and this wonderfull video ..thanks for this dreamfull adventure..we are also in Quarantine here in Mauritius ..i hope and pray that all this come to an end very fast.. Thank you for the nice tour..and yes that was a huge fish that Hillary hooked..the way it pulled the drag it was so epic .wow.. thanks a lot..keep it up , Stay safe and Take care..😊👍🏻🙏🏻

    48. Blake Howard

      Hey Scott i've been watching your videos for a while now, and I really enjoy the content. I really love fishing but I cannot afford a quality combo or good tackle, and I was really hoping that you might have a combo or tackle that you could donate to me.

    49. Black Pearl Cast Nets

      Awesome vid! 💥

    50. Preston Chapman

      8:01 he has a Rolex on😀

    51. Marshon Johnson

      Amazing!!! Would love to fish there with the fam!

    52. Bassassin

      Scott messes with Hillary's comes of...Scott- "I have no idea how it came off".

      1. IngloriousTv

        What a troll I’d do that to my dad when I go fishing with him and we have our own little challenge 😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Tim Prall

        Lol, right! Pole straight, pulls line and then loosens drag!

      3. Scott Martin

        I know idea...🤦‍♂️

    53. Christian fishes

      I have been following you on Fishbrain

      1. Scott Martin


    54. Glock 1

      I’ve watch so many of your videos and I love them they are fun and they teach you a lot,and your daughter is one hell of a fisherwoman, you must have started early teaching your kids to fish cause she uses a bait caster way better than I ever could, great video like always

    55. Jason Sanders

      Jesus he got his Freeman...😅

    56. Rob Fordyce

      that rod aint big enough for them wreck permit thats y u didnt catch that second fish

    57. Evan Legath

      Does the Freeman come with the rental 🤣

    58. The Ultimate Colt

      I don’t like your videos!

    59. SchusterFishing

      Always dig the saltwater content man!

    60. bigbadbri08

      That group of stingrays is called a Fever

      1. Scott Martin


    61. alden watkins

      How about going back after the permit are done spawning...

    62. Joshua Flores

      hillary should go out with trash talking kid

    63. STREETLEEN 383

      love the vids you need a net or a gaffe for pulling up saltwater fish. Last thing anyone wants is to lose a hand.

    64. Terry Smith

      Scott the trip u took today was awesome it all moist like being there your home in the keys is beautiful.the ocean was amazing the stingrays was beautiful.i know this time hasn,t been to much fun but we can make the best of it .I wanted to let u know our email I not familiar with all the other ways.the video were u and your son went bow fishing I enjoyed that.i would probably bake the fish with seasoning on them with water in bottom of the pan with a little lemon juice .then let the water cook down till it gone but don,t let the fish dry out .they need to be moist.

    65. Pure Gaming

      I’m coming to Florida to fish

    66. Karson Hubbard

      What is your favorite football jig rod

    67. bannasquadppls

      Dang Scott what type of boat do you not have XD

    68. Aaron Daniel

      Great vid!

    69. Ashbrook Exclusives

      Scott Martin is the best I prefer learned so much from his and I bet many others have too I wish you and your family keep doing what yall are doing and I hope yell stay safe because I can tell wait for many more videos 😊

    70. Tyler Frye

      No one mentioning Mccoys dedication? 😂😂😂

    71. Pres Fishing

      Come on guys let’s get him to 1 mil

    72. Andre Sarracino

      Im gonna have a boat like that one day

      1. yoda iam

        Me too man, me too.😭

    73. Kim Arnold

      The 14 dislikes are people that are jealous because they cant catch fish like the Martin family keep up the great work love your vids keep the content

    74. Jim Dingle

      its 9:08 pm and OU still sucks

    75. Kade Green

      Boomer sooner! Need to get an ou sticker on your new boat!

    76. Jerry Bennett

      Congratulations on 500k subs keep up the video


      Like our barbers 💈 are all closed til further notice. May have to rock the buzz cut easy hair cut 💇‍♂️ may not be the cut of choice but it beats the what ever look. Need to get whal hair clippers or set them up with the comb if you just want a trim but being hit n humid I’d rock the buzz to get by.

    78. Rebel Relics

      Grew up watching the Martins! Hope my kids continue the tradition

    79. Jackson Brockwell

      Liking the Rolex scott! Hope y’all are doing well down there in Florida. Happy to see these videos my friend. Thanks

      1. Jackson Brockwell

        Better yet... Hillary vs McCoy

      2. Jackson Brockwell

        Need to see Hillary vs Scott some more on the lake too!

    80. Stew jr

      Do a freeman review of YOUR boat

    81. Ronnie Hardin

      Is the Martin family fish camp pet friendly

      1. Scott Martin


    82. Thomas Caldwell

      Y'all have one awesome place down there!!! You never know what you will see in the ocean. We're those giant manta rays ? I'm going to Isleomrada soon !!!

    83. Baby John

      Take me bass fishing

    84. J Jensen

      Thanks for setting an excellent example of what a father should be to his kids!!

    85. Jimmy Allen

      Boomer Sooner

    86. Daron Bickle

      How about the big boat. Geeze that thing is FINE!!!

    87. Okie Outdoor Adventures

      Pretty sure this is a goals moment! I'm trying to convince my wife to purchase 35 acres with a lake.. the catch is the on-property house has been gutted 😂

    88. Fishing Brothers

      hillary has got that fishing gene! nice hook set and great job on the fight!

    89. Wyatt Parbst

      Cachem all scott and Hillary

    90. Jim Ewton

      Scott, we love you from Northern Virginia..

    91. Justyn Jacobs

      Scott Martin is such a Legend how old is Hillary she has caught some big fish in her life time

    92. SansyBoy 14

      “We got kayaks” *Gestures towards a canoe and paddle boards*

    93. Tucker Chapin FISHING

      What reel was on the rod Hillary was using? Looks fun!

      1. Tucker Chapin FISHING

        Scott Martin thanks man! I need to get down to Florida sometime and maybe fish with the best of em!

      2. Scott Martin

        Favorite ole salty

    94. Kevin Escamilla

      Good video 👍💯

    95. Colby Monahan

      How old is Hillary

    96. Duke Aboy

      The Freeman is absolutely insane!!! what a fishing machine....gonna have some good fishing on that for sure...

    97. Rui Valentim

      Congrats on the new boat Scott, awesome machine indeed, Many happy miles ahead. What did you name her? You guys are sooooo lucky to be able to get out and go fish. We here in RSA are in strict lock down until end April, with movement only to the food stores and back. Missing the bass fishing pretty bad. Can’t wait to get back on the water. Keep up the awesome work and vids. @rmpvalentim

    98. Alan A.

      11:15 what were you singing scott😂😂

      1. gleamingtiger

        Alan A. Bruh I remember that omg 😂😂

      2. Jim Bob

        Alan A. That’s what I’m saying😂😂

    99. Jo Strickler

      She put up a good fight

    100. FishingT.V

      Why is the vid sooooooo good