King Von - Mine Too (Official Video)

King Von

12 млн көрүүлөр1 225

    From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
    Shot by @jerryphd
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    Official music video by King Von - Mine Too © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

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    1. MaineOnPoint

      Rip king von he a 😇

    2. AP3X SHADOW

      We love you KING VON

    3. Margaret Moore

      Jeevan Newsom is cool Chi wan Kemah king Wah

    4. Zavier Huertas

      I love you big bro


      He ain’t even know we would be watching this after his death 😔 rip


      Vonnnn goateddddd even his soul 💪🏾🙏🏽🥺

    7. Roblox Gaming


    8. Kelty

      Everything feels a little off since you left. I ain't know you, but i miss your energy. LLKV 💜from Kansas Old40 Boys. I'm not writing this for likes, just don't know where else to vent. OTF stay rising⏫⏫

    9. RX SHAKA


    10. KINGMARIIMURRY23 Murray


    11. Caedan Merrill

      "keep my distance like covid". Damn its hard to remember he was around during covid even tho he died in November :|

    12. Tniadabratt

      The goat no cap❤

    13. Shantea Jemison

      Miss you

    14. Tyy Hale


    15. Hakeem Browne

      The. 🐂🐂

    16. Delly

      The BEST story teller in a long time! LONG LIVE VON!

    17. ZayyK


    18. Jessica Mcclain

      Vaughn should have named his music The Ghetto Gospel Chronicles because he truly lived the everything that he rapped about sad to say that his time on this Earth was short-lived but you can just feel the pain in his music and you can tell that he was here to do just as much as he could cuz he knew his time was going to come Lord have mercy I just pray for the world today that we as a generation do not adhere to this type of music because this is the type of music that also promotes violence in the black community not to say that it took from Vaughn but at the same time we got to really as a people we have to listen to things that Prosper us rest in peace King Von I'm pretty sure if he was here right now he would have been a joyous man

    19. Chris Myers

      KING VON ISN'T DEAD HOW DID HE MADE THIS SONG ? IF IT SAY HE DEAD IN 2020? GUYS. THIS IS TRUE! HOW Is he stil makeing Song this was 2 weeks Ago see guys

      1. Chris Myers

        @Why u looking at my Name ? Why u comment ?

      2. Why u looking at my Name

        U slow ashit🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    20. Mjbthunder OP20

      How can he still make music when he is dead rip king vond

    21. Caleb York

      pray for von

    22. LilBarri45

      It’s so sad after u see his body

    23. Eric Rostand

      Von 🤝🙏🏽‼️🔥

    24. Mark Rowe

      but i still love you

    25. Quincy Lytle

      R.I.P KING VON

    26. Smoke Da loc

      A REAL ONE !!!!!!!!! Dam shame

    27. Pillow Academy

    28. Kelvin Mwendwa

      Bet Von is done with Tooka by now

    29. Marie Polynice

      King von is cool 😎

    30. Marie Polynice

      Nle Chopp!?

    31. Kyrie Sanders

      jerry production king

    32. mcv

      r.i.p, king is a true king

    33. Faithful Diamond

      Paradise is a promise from God(Jah) death does not end here.

    34. 5562 Draco



      Yo he said covid?

    36. Nathan Alexander

      I love you von I really miss you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    37. Kày Lüs


    38. new clear

      Goat in heaven rip legend black gang for life

    39. Jermaine Jackson

      This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    40. Devyn Keler

      Now he on a shirt rip von rip tooka

    41. The Family

      I love you von

    42. FaZe Dyno

      Rip von

    43. Alanoa paselio

      I miss von pro

    44. Kevin Pinkston

      Is this nigga still alive


      Dude wus HELLA DEEP LYRICALLY 🙌 rest up V

    46. Delonzo Petty

      They won't ready for this nigga he was to fucking real

    47. Kerby A

      Yo... this caught me OFF GUARD!!!! I can’t believe he’s really gone!!!! This was so 🔥!! I cried a little! Ugh! R.I.P Von! 🙏🏾😢

    48. guilherme arf

      RIP VROY

    49. Emmanuel Lopez

      Heavenly Father I pray you keep the person that’s reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed. Amen

    50. Ny'zeek Murchison

      r.i.p von

    51. W Bing


    52. Only The street

      Still can't believe u gone big bro🐐

    53. Lydia Aliff


    54. L30 2k

      He talkin bout nba yb's bby mamma..." she mine too"

    55. TigerPawz

      1:23 is a nba youngboy diss if yall didn't know (him and nba youngboy had beef because von took jania to the O)

    56. III Corey10xx III

      He still a live how he still making video

    57. MrOgdizzle


    58. Christian Coleman

      RIP MY BOII VON🥺🥺💙

    59. hanii ii


    60. Lynn MONA'E

      so is he dead or na becuase on tiktok it says his uncul is with him

    61. Elite Podcast

      A different BREED 🐺🦍type of homie you never cross🚷

    62. Julian Gallegos

      Rest east champ

    63. NB PASANNA

      RIP to the 🐐

    64. jjay1

      sup nle ima big fan

    65. Bunny Gang tv

      Nle Choopa

    66. jjay1


    67. king demon

      I love u king von rest in peace von

    68. Ebony Unique

      Your the best Rapper

    69. Ebony Unique

      I miss u 😭

    70. Kid Chalo

      Need u 🐐

    71. Deal With treywey

      40 years later me still vibing to king von’s songs Sheeeshhh

    72. Mytrolene Davis

      Rip von 🪦 🕊👑

    73. absii BoB

      King von ❤️❤️

    74. Iveyan Graves

      Make a new video nle choppa

    75. Leah Cross

      Von alive

      1. Oshii


    76. Ghost 141

      We know what the guy do to you war ain't done don't trust close firends


      vid go harddd

    78. Stiles Culp

      If the almighty lion was a person itd be von fact hes called grandson not cuzz of barksdale but cuzz in a photo i seen on his song dont miss he looked like yummy n it had been said they hadnt seen that scary in a long time since yummy died LONG LIVE THE KING

    79. Kash Kash

      I love u boom boom

    80. Vex

      RIP Von

    81. Marquis Chatman

      can you make it one hour plz???

    82. Charles Evans

      damn G life aint the same , its crazy this about yb too . this song gives me chills cant believe u gone bro. #llkv🕊

    83. nandu b s

      he lives in heaven tooo

    84. BabyCapo

      He was different stg !

    85. MOBiz187

      Von was never a motherfucking rapper!! He was a preacher. Listen to how it goes. He was preaching gangster and were so blessed having the music we did get. Hope there's more.

    86. Brooklyn Hinman

      I thought he was dead

      1. Oshii

        This was filmed before he passed

    87. Juss Eddie

      Damn Von......

    88. Zitavia Robinson

      we miss u😍

    89. Bkr Younes

      R i p von

    90. Eric Hainey

      we need more of king von songs LLKV

    91. Fetching Bridgit

      "Ain't finna beef about no bitch dawg she mine too" das the whole jania yb situation.

    92. Rilex

      How does he know about covid if hes dead

      1. Erion

        This song was on his album before he died

    93. Hilario Ledoux

      I hear u rapping that gangsta shit now u gotta show me....

    94. Hilario Ledoux

      I got some beef in new Orleans and aint even know it....

    95. Bernard Hull III


    96. Bernard Hull III

      I love. King von 💖😭

    97. Xavier Moses

      loveeeeeeeeeeeeee u vonnnnnnnnnnnn plus choppa

    98. GABRIELLE8795

      Right King Vonn was a good rapper

    99. lime626 marshmello

      Long live Von ❤️