WE FINALLY CAUGHT ONE! - 250 MILES in Search of This RARE Fish!

Scott Martin

54 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    We load up the 42' Freeman to search for a very unique fish we have never caught before. Driving over 250 Miles for this adventure.
    Special thanks to Garmin Marine, Freeman Boatworks, Kicker Audio, Evinrude Outboards, DeKit Marine Flooring, and Siren Marine.
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    1. sWalther10

      Glad ya’ll had fun, but that “giant” red snapper wouldn’t even get to see the inside of our boat… 14-16lb… ya’ll need to be looking for those 25+lbs

    2. Chris Craven

      Nice trip! Great footage. That Hillary got some Grit on handling that rod and reel! I know your a proud Dad. 😎

    3. Donald Touchton


    4. KingTempa

      You don't catch these to eat or sell?

    5. terry fonz

      Your dad sure looks familiar!!

    6. terry fonz

      The friggin hook is not that important your about to destroy a 200$ pole to retrieve a hook from a sharks mouth! SMDH

    7. Josh Monroe

      So many legends in one place

    8. Andy

      I like the boat 🚢

    9. Hery Cahyadi

      Kuwi jenenge ebek fish mister....

    10. Sendall’s Garage

      Incredible boat, how many gallons of fuel does a trip like that take?

    11. Steven Forbes

      More Freeman stuff!!!

    12. A Ricks

      I caught a 30 pound red snapper

    13. Anthony M

      Hi Scott. Can you do a fishing trip on the Freeman with Jimmy Houston, bill dance, and your dad? It would be an amazing video for us fans, especially when y'all are together one video. It will be a good memory to have aboard the new Freeman. Priceless!

    14. Jeromy Nall

      Nice ap those where some nice ones

    15. Bryce Brehm

      We a huge boat tour Scott

    16. Graham Jackson

      Make a video about the boat!!!

    17. Nicholas Blignaut

      Your a legend scot Martin Can’t get enough of ur vids🔥🔥🔥

    18. Phil Clark

      That is cool 3 generations having fun ,it doesn't get any better

    19. Gabe Johnson

      Hey Mr. Scott, are you planning on fishing in Arkansas anytime soon?

    20. Hampton Smith

      That boat is so gorgeous. Wow

    21. The Salty Bucktail

      SCOTT! Me and the crew taking out 2 boats Monday at the marina! Pop out monday morning for the vlog. We lit!! Been coming for years. Uncle tony and company!

    22. Michael Shelton

      How do I get better at casting a bait caster real

    23. Chad Green

      I’m 14 and I’d give Hillary the work

    24. Brandon Bartlett

      love seeing the freeman in its natural habitat . when is it getting wrapped?

    25. Dbars19

      pssh wheres the SMC rap on the freeman?

    26. Christopher Chance

      Hey what baits would you use for bass in muddy water

    27. jan Ebert

      Simworld fishing pro tour

    28. Parker Strozier

      Like a year or two years ago my dad did work on your truck and I wish you could come back

    29. FaZe RANDOgamer

      How do I get into your bass class

    30. Rowdy Broomstick

      Another words he owns the boat and he's worked a deal with those captains and boat hand's to work the boat. Well at least it seemed that way.

    31. Thomas Gansen

      Really nice right.. Congratulations you finally got it...

    32. Nick Thornton

      Ttjsfsil - trash talking James Scott’s future son in law

    33. Stephen Bowen

      I live right off A1A for 7 years and know ZERO about salt water fishing. 🤷‍♂️. I just love bass fishing too much in Florida broseph. Just a Bama boy living in Florida. I will carry a Swim bait to the ocean with a ocean rig and never catch anything. Anyway. Still loving your videos bro.

    34. Fishing The Southeast

      We caught 9 african pompano in 2015 a week ahead of a hurricane, my whole body was sore for a week after. Pretty sure i still have some in my freezer now.

    35. Kevin flabouyfishing

      That is good clean water and some good American legacy fun whole family plus that joke on smallest fish paying for the fuel for you guys who dont know a fill up at 2.50 x 540 gallons is more than lunch..

    36. James Fox

      Scott i know your a professional fisherman i get that but damn thats all you do my friend lol. You must be fishing while your asleep

    37. Bigkahuna18

      Rare huh rare, Ulua not rare

    38. LB7 Wade

      How about a review and walk around of the new freeman!!

    39. mcdudechannel

      Love your videos Scott, but why is it that so many refuse to acknowledge that there's a pandemic going on... Anyone that you've had contact with for up to the previous 14 days could have picked it up by anyone THEY had contact with over 14, and not even showing symptoms yet... This is some crazy stuff goin on and needs to be taken seriously. Stay safe out there y'all...

    40. Fishing with Bryan

      sick video!!!

    41. GreenPig Hunter


    42. Doc Phillips

      See your getting used to the Freeman. Nice Boat. Stay safe.

    43. PirateDelo

      Always like the salty vids and with the Rodfather this time 👍👍

    44. Florida Fisherman Pace

      You like the talica or accurate more?

    45. Chad Thorne

      So scott is doing guiding now?? Also, wheres Brandon??

    46. Hero Fishing


    47. BIGbass addict

      I'm assuming that's the freeman you been waiting on huh? That's a sweet ride my friend! Also that African pompano looks like a giant moon fish lol

    48. LeNomEstYves

      I can't tell if you titled this video wrong or if I missed something. I mean, it doesn't matter, I watch all your videos no matter what the title is but y'all know what I'm gettin at.

      1. Rowdy Broomstick

        Well let's see 110 + 110 plus moving from spot to spot, I'd say easily 250 miles driven or more in search of their goal, seems legit to me.

      2. Scott Martin


    49. Howard Stout

      You need to do a 1v1v1 you pops and hill see who has the bragging rights

    50. Jim Snyder

      That was fun, thank you. This helps get through our stay at home order.

    51. Drew Vaughn

      Do more offshore videos on the freeman.

    52. Adam Smith

      Haven't watched yet. I'm thinking that shape looks like an African pompano..... Yup !

    53. jonathonbrown fishing

      That freeman is bad ass!!

    54. Fishing4Life

      Is it just me, or are fisherman not just confined to one specific fish? All these people try to get a point across about going for one target species, but Scott Martin does it all! Great Vid!

    55. Stanley Shelby

      Amazed at the number of sponsors...AP and AR...cool. Keep it up Scott...

    56. Terence Robinson

      Next time you in sc I'll help pay for fuel I always wanted to fish on a Freeman

    57. Hashirama Senju


      1. Scott Martin

        🤙🏻 than you

    58. pontiacfoo

      We need a tour of the Freeman!

    59. flyfishing channel


    60. John Mac


    61. Branden Graham

      I will even just work as a boat hand

    62. Branden Graham

      Can I come next time

    63. Matthew King

      Such a sick boat!

    64. Preston Barnett

      i can see that y'all are self quarantining on your boat Scott Nice boat

    65. FishingT.V

      Love it looks amazing

    66. Steven Stacy outdoors

      Hey man. I just posted a video and if you could check it out it would mean a lot.

    67. Bassin Outdoors

      what kind of boat does hiliray have and is it her very own

    68. Branden Graham

      My fiance last name is Martin..that so cool to me

    69. Branden Graham

      I love you and your dad..

    70. UltimateNinja1984

      Awesome scott and tell ur pops that hes still the Lake Champlin master!

    71. Bradley Scott

      Hey Scott have you done a walk throw yet

    72. Brad Bush

      Awesome day out with the family!

    73. Mr Nuthatch

      Dat boat though.

    74. BMK

      Nice boat Scott!!

    75. ChandlerYourInstints 08

      I wish I could fish with Hillary that has been my dream for every I’m 14 years old

      1. Jeromy Nall

        I mean I would want to fish with her

      2. Jeff Fournier

        Nothing wrong with that surely thousand of young boys want to fish with Hillary and may have a crush on her as well but good luck with your dream. Never know about the Martin's though they just might come a calling for a fish outing.

      3. Adam Smith

        Back it down a notch son !

      4. Deer hunter 16


      5. Stavros Cotsoradis

        boy get out the comments

    76. addicted_to_ bass

      Where is Brandon??

      1. Adam Smith

        He gone.

    77. LB7 Wade

      What is the mph on that sick a#$ freeman with the best!! Evenrude

    78. Joseph DAgostino

      $500,000+ boat now tax deductible. :) Nice video. Livin large.

    79. Gavin’s Outdoor’s


    80. RJB1017

      Boat is looking sick brotha!!! Congrats on that amazing machine!

      1. RJB1017

        Scott Martin come fish on the west coast with me!! Lol I know that’s far fetched but hey, it’d be awesome! Have you ever fished the CA delta? Clearlake? I’m sure you have but probably not recently, no big bass tourney series ever comes out here anymore 😢

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!!!

    81. Bryson Tome

      Awesome video man

    82. Csmith Fishing

      I lost a nearly county record black grouper last weekend

    83. Roll Damn Tide

      I've been offshore once in my life outta Florida...left outta Tampa. first fish I landed, was an AP. Caught a mixed bag after that, but even the guide was impressed with that Pompano. memory I'll never forget. we dont catch many different species offshore in Louisiana but damn is it fun. tight lines!🎣🎣🎣

    84. Csmith Fishing


    85. Phil Williams

      Thanks for letting us tag along awesome job keep the videos coming

    86. kim loyd

      Hillary you got Popeye..:-):-)

    87. Payton Schwettmann 40

      Good fish

    88. Zach Garrett

      Love to see the boat is running nice

    89. Motocross Suzannah

      Sixth love tou

    90. snowboard and more

      Like your video

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    94. extreme Outdoors

      Love your videos keep up the good work

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      ODOYLE RULESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first comment

      1. Scott Martin

        👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 Exteme Outdoors