13 Types of Among Us Players

JianHao Tan

10 млн көрүүлөр2 954

    Who's sus? Who's not? Who's the impostor? What happens when Among Us becomes real life...?
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    1. JianHao Tan

      Did you guys manage to figure out who was the imposter before the big reveal? 😝

      1. ujmal ghan

        I did

      2. salem alhameli

        Not i

      3. Kian Lance Bernardo


      4. Prateeksha Anurag

        I thought is was Debbie !!!

      5. AmongUs GamerGurls

        Black was sus from beginnigg

    2. Jessie Wong

      Red:vouch for yellow 5 secends later red kills yellow

    3. nevan rose

      I hate everybody in the server

    4. Pat Plays

      I can sooooo relate to the host impression

    5. Criinq Soul

      3:13 due the way he said 7 I was holding me juice I laughed so hard I dropped it. 😂

    6. Nhu Tran

      I don’t know what is fall guys.

    7. Gisela V

      waaaaaaaaaaaaa i love among us but i love love to

    8. Gaming With Klaire

      ORANGE: you guys are not being logical BLACK: Orange your not being logical ME: you all are not being logical uwu

    9. Miles Tobias

      you need a pet for cute pet's but u need real money

    10. Meghna Katak

      The ending will explain why I don't play popular games

    11. JDBYTSTAR _2006

      I enjoyed and it’s nice video, I also enjoyed hot chocolate

    12. Parnika Guttula

      When Jianhao was killing kevin it was so emotional I literally cryed

    13. Tyra Littleton

      Doesn’t Potter show me kill us so they can win but if the pot is a class DW can keep the crewmates win so I think this game is really fun and he has a friendship lead it and I can’t find Anamanaguchi Somisomi then he report the body and then he played me what

    14. Michael Barbosa

      I play among us all the time and every day

    15. Danny Truss


    16. Scar C

      The other two didn’t even call a meeting

    17. Scar C


    18. The Roblox Gamer


    19. Scar C

      Debbie knows nothing

    20. Scar C


    21. Scar C

      That third one totally

    22. Miss Milky_Xxcookie

      Just because of the task doesn't mean u can win vincent is to ugly and stupid

    23. Kasiya Summerlin


    24. Zhyre Robert James dela Cruz

      Is soo sad we you cry hao and thr music is sad to and the face

    25. Crystal plays

      Blue is right orange is stupid

    26. Ava Antoch


    27. Fluxzendo ??

      damn red marinated yellow badly

    28. Shiqin Sauchina

      This is so sad kevin was kolled

    29. FandangoRango YT

      10:04 I love how he is doing card swipe in Navigation.

    30. Asmita and abhi's lifestyle

      Trev- it is just a game Abbey-then it is just a relationship

    31. Peyton Lavit


    32. Critical Yoshi


    33. Leo’s Daily Vlogs

      You guys offended my opinion with fall guys, fall guys is one of my favorite games I’m unsubscribing

      1. Leo’s Daily Vlogs


    34. Gamer Ash

      Fact: it’s black


      OMG LOVED IT 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    36. Apple Fan&RobloxGaming

      Debbie: How do you go into the vent like orange did Vincent: Alright, I’m done

    37. Davia Thomas

      This is like a movie😂♥️💯

    38. MrBeast fan

      I hate this channel

    39. M K

      Why do imposter say its someone else and then the crewmated doesn't do an emergency and say that its the person that voted the someone els why do I tall to much idk

    40. mulumebet amare

      the imposters are aliens

    41. kokickman

      genuinley true

    42. Lyeshawn Gibson

      All among us before I caught a mother the white guy alien but it it affect somebody

    43. LungMin Taknan

      andforgot red too an

    44. LungMin Taknan

      It was black

    45. KookiesHeaven

      12:02 **Alright let me just get my tissue and can of chips**

    46. The Ashkiller


    47. Zhimin Shao

      CLuE your imposter

    48. Bryan Nelson


    49. Lilith

      If she was colorblind then how did she know yellow was in cams?

    50. Master Vinicius

      Anyone else realise the fall guys dude also yelled no to Kevin at the end?

    51. The Exciting Life Adventures of Roberto Mario

      I like how black vent and then he said hahaha

    52. Cookie Owo

      Debbie: How do I vent like orange did Also Debbie: Did I tell you guys I’m colorblind?

    53. Xiomara Spadafora

      I like to wear the dum sticky note LOL

    54. Karen Micallef


    55. Mr Penguin

      I actually cried when Red betrayed Yellow

    56. Evan Xiong

      Look at Ren yi Xiang is just disgusting for me, Ren Yi Xiang make this video worse a looooot

    57. 不安少年


    58. Suga's hoe

      7:48 he has such a big eyes wow doll-like eyes so pretty

    59. Kevin Melissa


    60. Gino’s Gang and freinds

      Fun fact . Guy in pineapple suit : what so hype oh I know this game winner winner chicken dinner right . Is winner winner chiken dinner even a game

    61. Joker And the Phantom Thieves of Hearts

      VSMGEZ isn’t even a possible code

    62. Annabelle Cai


    63. sara pagal

      new with playing with friends

    64. sara pagal

      d want put

    65. Jasmine Mc

      It was black

    66. Space Boy

      It’s not only two you can I have three one or two imposter

    67. janrsl14

      orange is bossy

    68. Asher Wiggan


    69. OceanDestroyerX



      Fall guys more like fall GUYS!!

    71. BanxnvmiIk

      Me: *confused* why do ren yi xiang killed his friends pei shi?? 🤪 Everyone: *nervous* Pei shi: i dont like ren yi xiang, i would like hamza

    72. Safije Tershnjaku

      I feel bad for yellow

    73. Matias Ruohola

      Yes it was black and red

    74. Petrina Isaac

      Omg hao the end scene got me 😁

    75. Duffy The -p-

      Hao as red: GUYS BLUE VENTED INFRONT OF ME Them: yeah but u sus red What u MEAN! Hao Hao was not the impostor

    76. Harry Vu

      Black was an impostor but jianhao tan was an impostor it was and Kevin said chill Sierra it’s just a game while Kevin raged when he got killed by jianhao and called him a backstabber Man I am good at looking into stuff


      spoiler:jianhao was the imposter

    78. Bacon Bois

      That’s not how a self report works

    79. ashton Smith

      Fall guys forever among us is trash

    80. William Kok

      Red and black is sus

    81. Wowo

      2:36 Bro this is literally me

    82. Norey Gopaul

      Did you know women are rarely Colour Blinded

    83. Jessica Mitaya

      I was so shocked I didn't expect that

    84. Sean Carlos Tv

      Did anyone notice they were the color of there characters In Real life

    85. Ruli Hassan

      Ending sucks😑😑

    86. kayden pheonix gamer



      *top 10 animal betrayals*

    88. imposter is sus

      I agree with orange atleast now we wacth this we are pros now

    89. Kimmy chan !!!


    90. Muhammad Asim Kashif

      The endings so good and SAVAGE

    91. KUMA KIMIO



      The chit on vincents head relly means it

    93. zaira hussain

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Vincent: YOU ARE SUS EVERYONE Dan: fall guys will come back and among us will go down

    94. Enkhtaivan Tuya

      i love it my leg is shaken i loveeee itt

    95. Adrina Shrestha

      This was hella dramatic>

    96. deludedplayer

      why was dan in a pineapple suit

    97. Chua Ming Kun

      "You could have voted the other imposter out" *There was no other imposter*

    98. YourLocal EggYolkBlythe

      Debbie:Guys how do i go in the vent like orange Also Debbie:Have i ever told you guys im colorblind

    99. Reign watching1235

      11:38 rank the betrayed

    100. Bethany Soper

      I feel bad for treb