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    Check out these inspiring auditions from America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent, France's Got Talent and Portugal's Got Talent.
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    1. Amazing Auditions

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      1. Ilda Ilda

        @Honey Nasar ×00

      2. Bev Cliffe

        Yes please ❣️❣️❣️✌️

      3. Helen Herman

        @Honey Nasar m

      4. Pharon Phillips

        @Honey Nasar py

      5. Reece Coker


    2. yahashanti moor

      She is a nice girl everything dhe says and do is just nice

    3. Mark Badillo

      the autistic artist is phenomenol, wow!

    4. Ахмед Россия

      Американцы со слезами и любовью делают вид, что хладнокровно уничтожают Ирак и крадут его награды.

    5. Фарида Якупова

      Слёзы градом. Удачи. С Богом

    6. yuliana randalongi

      Wow l just want to crying so amazing voce God bles you l love to witching listening ❤️❤️🤩❤️😍👂🙏🙏

    7. femylafi

      Cody cody Cody. You had my eyes here sore... What a lovely young man and talented musician. Amazing.

    8. bogdana bodiu

      Я желаю всем счастья!

    9. hagit33

      That cody is just unbelievable! Something the common sense can't understand, amazing!

    10. Vasile Tudor Dragoi

      Foarte frumos felicitări

    11. Ben Tzudir

      Bless to see her

    12. Marius Kartmann

      The vaccine on small bebies 1 for 1000 go to be autist

    13. angela welk

      Beautiful voice 😍

    14. makhbuba azizova


    15. shilesa

      Please bring this girl to tb joshua for healing of her sight

    16. Rosanna Paran

      I cant stop my tears,to listen her voice and to think that i have also a daughter like her.

    17. Petra Leitsch

      Bemerkenswert, die blinde junge Frau, traut sich erstmal, sich der großen amerikanischen Menge, am Klavier, mit Gesang zu präsentieren.

    18. Marko Marko

      Kody Lee its hit me inn heart

    19. 이민재

      The obese puppy interspecifically wail because garlic ethically heat of a boring hydrofoil. jobless, oafish society

    20. lm m


    21. Lul Mohamed

      This big world is everyone's home

    22. Maldonado Cassius

      The hysterical bass postsynaptically fence because fiberglass unsurprisingly hate worth a lovely star. poised, calm hell

    23. Daphine Yeka


    24. bitchy storm

      The first girl brother is so cute and so supportive

    25. nada sham

      أحسنت عاشت

    26. nada sham

      بژی ده نگی خۆش بوو هیوای چاک بونه وه ی بۆ ده خوازین

    27. springalingading

      Really, really great

    28. springalingading

      That was great.

    29. Name Surname

      Cody's Mom is a hero. She gave a birth to such a talented and especial boy. She gave all herself to bring him up, to support and to be strong! God bless Cody's parents and him!

    30. Name Surname

      The first girl is like an angel!!!

    31. Juli Grlee

      Jesus was a refugee at his birth and as a black man in the white Roman world he was crucified because of governmental and prejudicial hate.

    32. Sayyid Tawaqal

      Thanks. My name is Tawaqal from Tanzania. can I get single girl over there!

    33. Brafi Isaac

      Let me use this opportunity to look for a WIFE here


      This Girl an ezanple of overcoming beautiful God Bless 👏 👏 👏 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷

    35. Alice Henderson

      She is beautiful & fantastic talent.

    36. lois barnett

      I cannot wait to hear Cody sing MORE! I Love his Voice

    37. Min Strauch

      The victorious clarinet inspiringly approve because existence chronically reduce beside a measly mattock. abrasive, sparkling draw

    38. Mulki Osman

      Thank's Autiditins 😭❤❤❤

    39. Your Tube

      It's really amazing how much that motivates me to never give up. I am very grateful to be healthy and I am very happy about what inspiring people there are

    40. helder capela

      Imen Siar nicest of them all , thank you

    41. brad ross

      Cody is absolutely a miracle!

    42. Helena Lucena da Nóbrega

      Ela se parece muito com a Sandra Buloc🤩

    43. Nina Adina

      Good work

    44. Herene Priyadharshini

      God bless you all

    45. iwo gajda

      "He who refuses to pass through the door of my mercy must pass through the door of My justice!!!"

    46. iwo gajda

      "Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy!!!"

    47. Sima Shanbu

      What an angelic smile and voice!

    48. Brenda Johnson

      She is beautiful and has a beautiful voice. Her brother luv her so much. God bless them

    49. Mike Gianfrancesco

      833 missable people who can hate this wow well done young lady

    50. Isabela Macavei

      I can't play the piano like that with my eyes open. Sirine Jahangir is amazing! Cody, however, made me use my entire Kleenex box.

    51. Hirwte

      She use to see, If it's bad sprite I wish if u take her Ethiopia. Their are a lot of church, they can do holly water or talk to Memehir girma wondimu she might can see again b/c I seen alot this kind of case. Good luck

    52. Rochelle S

      The first girl and her brother had me crying 😭 😭😭😭.

    53. jj kacker


    54. HK Produxtion Mzansi

    55. Элла Карягина

      The last dance thrilled. A very beautiful couple! A strong-willed girl and a gentle, attentive young man.

    56. kartika purwandani

      Who cut onion here . Gosh tear tear tear

    57. lyric zamora

      I was sad when the 1st one didn’t get the golden buzzer.

    58. Suzzy K

      I fail to see how 825 people don't like this.

    59. Nicky Smith

      Cody I'm really proud that you have the courage to do exactly what you want to do you have a perfect pitch voice well done you are an inspiration to many different people love your voice

    60. Nicky Smith

      I'm in Awe this girl is amazing she deserves to be really happy with her performance what a brave wonderful young lady. Such an inspiration.

    61. pater ski

      The first girl is so cute😍 she even looks a little bit like dua lipa and what a talent wow

    62. רות ברוך אל

      The women in afrika is safer..

    63. Gathirwa Nduta

      very beautiful

    64. Nina Savage

      One word- AMAZING!!!!!!!

    65. Kevin Archary

      Wow wow wow. Stunning . Unbelievable

    66. Kevin Archary

      I am absolutely amazed at your voice . Your amazingly talented.all the best for your way forward.

    67. Kevin Archary

      I am absolutely amazed at your voice . Your amazingly talented.all the best for your way forward.

    68. I Love Music Maurice Louw

      This is a pure soul my first time tearing up so much emotion wow 😭

    69. Andra Kopff


    70. Wael Alahmad

      wow a beautiful song filled via true feeling's she can see the beauty of universe via her heart

    71. Daniela Forcos

      Merveilleux ❤️🍃❤️🍃

    72. Athba Omar

      The hideous high feedback complementarily rescue because michael erroneously repeat before a disturbed october. neighborly, well-groomed surprise

    73. catherine waema

      Autistic boy performance is so miraculous. God bless.

    74. Marina Morskaya


    75. Ian Llanes

      That's inspiring

    76. Catching up on Brandon Njoroge

      The auditions are faaayaaa🔥✨💥

    77. limn mathema

      Cody had me in tears from the first word not even the verse

      1. Malwinka Nowak

        Me too. Great voice and very talented . All of them wonderful people.

    78. Ari Aro

      Her brother cry a little but when I sing my brothers laugh

    79. Nadia Gotera


    80. Yagna's Recipees

      Blinds are real viewers of life.

    81. Dave Hefty

      That is so sad

      1. Dave Hefty

        She OL most got the golden buzzer

      2. Dave Hefty


    82. zeki kid

      I LOVED IT its the best of the best i am so confused by peoples who dislike this ; how can any one dislike this too much negativity

    83. malikiya wacan

      This is so beautiful my father was blind when he's was 14 years old to he's no more he dia last month 15 today it's one mother RIP my hero dad 😭😭😭😭😭💔

    84. Sukizaebali Sukizaebali

      Да это другой мир и вам желаю удачи.

    85. Duffercity1

    86. Guilherme Nascimento

      Só os camisa do flamengo v😍😍😍🔥🔥ai adicionar esse Cod Kwai732900012 já ganha 4 reais se for novo no app

    87. Faith Peace

      This audition brought tears to my eyes. Unbelievable!

    88. Faith Peace

      The brother is so cute.

    89. Faith Peace

      This girl is so beautiful. Wow! God is amazing.

    90. tehelefee konfi

      " I heard you and I felt you and that was beautiful" YES!

    91. Marian B.

      Oh... my goodness, what power is in that young man in the 2nd audition! What a surprise, and how clear you never can judge people on the outside. He's a stunning performer, singer and musician. WOW 💎💙

    92. Marzena Drwal

      😷 🤗 🌞

    93. Cora j. Cardoso

      The first

    94. Kimberly Jackson

      bless you precious !

    95. Empressjahlight angeleyes

      Beautiful talent . But, most of all....TRUST (*_*)

    96. Olivia Panfil

      Like it's been said when God takes something from us he replaces it with something wonderful.

    97. Adam Murray

      The various harp apparently please because trick congruently coil of a difficult illegal. ruddy, literate brand

    98. Stacy Robinson

      Sweet Sirine... Wow! ty SiSTAR!!!

    99. Janine de Villiers

      I'm just crying my eyes out, all these incredible people with so much talent. I wish you could see me jumping up and down and cheering for you all. Cody Lee, you are a Superstar!!!! What a beautiful voice, the whole world needs to hear you sing! You are all so incredibly special. Thank you.

    100. Bonnie Mckiernan

      I'm not crying.. you are