CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 7: “Chowder Bake”

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    Bel and Eggie confront their feelings at their family’s annual get-together.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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    CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 7: “Chowder Bake”

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    1. Brat TV

      what are your thoughts on this episode?

      1. Scott Reyer

        Amazing,but what if harmony and eggie paired up

      2. Emma Meditz

        that eggy doesnt even like acting

      3. Anastasia E.

        I liked it

      4. Favor Zeogar

        BORING Jk loved it🥟🥟🍣🧆🧊🧊🍔🍾🌭🍾🥃🥃🥫

      5. Oluwatosin Yemisi Olafusi

        Harmony is brainy (brave)

    2. Ahmad Al seedawi


    3. Sukhairy Sukaimi

      this season does not seem to be my type

    4. Fani Reyes


    5. Elvia hernandez

      I think jroden and hromny would make a cute couple jrmny I's a ship name.

    6. Nana Serwaa

      Brittany is txumumy Harmony is Hayley Kate is coco Clair is Eliana


      😂🎀✨The girl who plays bel needs to work on her acting ! ✨🎀😂

    8. Dew Croxton


    9. Mahika Malpani

      the parents are sounding like there trying to be sarcastic

    10. John Thompson

      I miss the first chicken girls who else miss them 😢😠

    11. Danigames YeeEer

      Who agrees? Harmony is the smartest one in chicken girls since season 1 episode 1 i allways thought that because she allways help rhyme aka annie lablance but she never helped herself rhyme really understands because she was in the same oroblem i doint think harmony every sees her life and she has responesabillaties just pike her sister was and i really exited to see how harmony school year is compared to rynes year this show is so intersting i caint wait to see who hamrony gives the friendship bracelets to and ryme wants harmony to make her own chicken girls group in muddle school who aggres brat tv keep me updated!

      1. Danigames YeeEer

        I also love waffels lol sorry my comment is long like usual lol 💥

    12. Makylie Harrison

      broo they should've just made this as mani bc its basically the same ppl and got the og chicken girls because they were much better actors

    13. Drummer Kid

      This is some dooky

    14. Sophia Albo

      Will i love the chicken girls and the memoris is amazing for the chicken girls or brat tv

    15. Roxanne Magbual

      Put more episodes on mani plzzzzzz

    16. pikachuXstarbucks

      Ty? Is Bel’s parents Ty and Luna?? Lol

    17. BTS ARMY

      Let TK and Rhyme be in a relationship before you end this movie😟 That's what I want😈🥺

    18. Maddie Florence

      I love this movie 🍿

    19. roxy ramroop

      Is it just me or does layla looks like she is crushing on Astrid

    20. Ana karen T.A.

      it is good, but like, I´m still waiting for TK and Rhyme to get back together

    21. Gigi Kinzler

      i’m sorry but i don’t like that ellie girl from dance moms ngl🙄‼️

    22. Nada Jaraba

      i love soow

    23. allysen

      honestly eggie shouldve went with claire lol

    24. Christmas Girl Game Plays

      Omg the part where Astrid says "aren't you two cute together" at the end omg wow now I feel like she knows some thing and she's up to something about the two of them I have a feeling she's not wrong the might end up together

    25. Annette Beharie

      Why does Rythm cos get to stay and the others dont get to stay unfair

    26. Roxana Moreno


    27. dmlover 07

      The theme song is one of the worst songs I've ever heard

    28. Josuealopez 3

      Honestly this Episode was well written I like this Episode better than the other 5 episode combined this season I'm proud that whoever wrote this Episode like finally chicken girls has a good topic I love the og chicken girls but honestly this Episode was really good

    29. Anastasia E.

      I think this episode was good

    30. kk and juice


    31. allie smith

      Now I know that harmony sleeps with socks on

    32. Huzefa R Zakir

      The boy in the last scene is also a good actor without a doubt.

    33. Afnan Sharif

      Belle and her mum sound the exact samw

    34. Robert Kelly


    35. Kadeeja Ibrahim

      Lelas hair😭❤❤❤

    36. Honest Chin

      7th grade drama is this bad? I must have no life bc i didn't have any "drama" in 7th grade

    37. Le

      Ngl I just realized that Bella and eggie where named after Bella and Edward from twilight. 🤣

    38. Madison Hoffman

      im ngl, i would've prefered them to stop chicken girls at the end of season 6, it would have been very sad but better hen this bad acting coming from 11 y/o

    39. Talia Nyak


    40. Hannah Caridi

      Egg! Is smells like Delicious 😂😂😂❤️

    41. Issabella Santiago

      6:11 I thought I had one of my sims games open lmao

    42. Esba Oyeleke

      The parents are bad at acting

    43. Aisha Malek

      These middle school kids are crushing over some weird guys named EGGIE!!!

    44. _officially.brii_

      No one gon talk abt Astrid saying he’ll🥸

    45. mybb .

      the parents acting is worst then the kids- Bruh

    46. Nevaeh Pearson

      I've been watching Netflix to much. Please tell me why i was waiting for the skip intro button?

    47. Kehl Geddings

      OMG why did I start to love Astrid so much she is just so supportive with Harmony I love her character 😊

    48. Mia Torres


    49. Mia Torres

      Claire : the early bird get the bird 😌 Harmony : i don’t won’t the worm 😒 Claire : Well .. i wanted clam chowder but you to that away from me 😃🔪 I want sleep but school took that away from me 😒✋🏻 ✨ L m A o ✨

    50. Jenny Kornelsen

      Anyone played Sims 3 before?

    51. Shana H

      Astrid is so cheeky I love it!!

    52. lindianna degazon

      Belle's Character Is So Annoying😖😕

    53. Humberto avalos braga

      Please , I ask you to put subtitles in Spanish 🙏🙏🙏

    54. Juana Khatun

      That girl from Mani aka Page should be there instead of Katie who is Coco

    55. Saylor Singleton

      Is it just me or Bel and her mom sound the same

    56. shamiya j

      My thoughts on this show is I really like it and u really enjoyed it I watched it on my iPad and I finished all of the episodes

    57. soiung toiue

      I’m sorry but Astrid is NOT wrong at the end of the episode 😭😭

    58. Diana Maranda

      Last part: I SHIP PERIODT

    59. Aubrie Sustaita


      1. soiung toiue

        Who watch this mostly for the song😂😂

    60. qopoy dnon

      Wait when harmony spilled the coffee on Astrid it looked like there wasn’t anything on it but maybe it’s my eyes

    61. Fari Parikh

      Thank u soo much brat tv for putting this show it is amazing 😊

    62. Fari Parikh

      Thank u soo much brat tv for putting this show it is amazing 😊

      1. qopoy dnon

        i like it a lot

    63. Fari Parikh

      Thank u soo much brat tv for putting this show it is amazing 😊

    64. Kathexdonut

      Me heard about waffles Pancake and waffle are the same thing but Waffle has 12 abs 9 abs

    65. Kisshea Birch

      Why does clear want to be with aec

    66. bocoy noiu

      Wait when harmony spilled the coffee on Astrid it looked like there wasn’t anything on it but maybe it’s my eyes

    67. Merle Rauceo

      U could probably let harmony talk about her day and ecpress her feelings to her sister and tell her the secret about layla and not to say anything

    68. Haya Alzamil

      i miss the old chicken girls they were better at acting

      1. bocoy noiu

        i hated aspen with a passion- i just remembered her name is astrid-

    69. Riya Patel

      I want know what happened to TK and Rhyme

    70. Stacy Hayden-Viernes

      I wish mads Lewis was steel hear

    71. Champion_Warrior

      It was great I love Brat TV!!!!

    72. Abigail Langman

      hayley is a better actor then the adults

    73. xCherriPopsx

      Bel and Her mom are literally the same person. They talk the exact same

    74. Nithya Sunil

      Who watch this mostly for the song😂😂

    75. The Glitch maniacs

      I wish chickens girls old and new were together that way more drama and it would be more fun

    76. Heidi yo

      Now them naming their kids Edward and Bella

    77. Jennifer Vaught

      i like it a lot

    78. Naveigha Sauls

      I wish they put the old cast with the new cast and come out with a better season

    79. moritai69

      Was twighlight even around when they were born

    80. Janyeh Sutherland

      Astrid: everything is beter witha omama omlet Me:How doyou spell that again

    81. Janyeh Sutherland

      2 words Terrible acting

    82. Kennedy Robinson

      The best

    83. amanda y.a c:

      i hated aspen with a passion- i just remembered her name is astrid-

    84. Shrek is Medford


    85. samuel brathwaite


    86. Ishana Jamwal

      Who else is annoyed that brat is making this new season look like the og CG never existed

    87. Tathoi Moni

      Who misses the old chicken girls???

    88. Alyah Torres (Student)


    89. Brooke

      “Busy with waffles” Hayley’s quote of the year lol 😂

    90. zoë

      how did astrids cameo make me not like her character even more...

    91. Jill McRobbie

      Why are the parents pushing it with Eggie and Bel? I'm 12 and there is none of this relationship drama at all.

    92. Kerry Mcpherson

      I love this one

    93. Cerkla Kitty

      Dont really understamd the part when hailey put the cofee on pilot

    94. Chole xx

      You are my favourite

    95. chelsead lacson

      ship Jordan and Harmony

    96. surabi rupa

      I miss chicken girls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭



    98. delta Ryan


    99. Thatkidharm Harm

      I’m sorry but why can’t nobody new they added act :/

    100. Shameika Dillon

      Txunamy and elliana act in this movie