Bucking Bronco Winter Walleye - Uncut Angling - February 18, 2014

Uncut Angling

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    It is the middle of the ice fishing season and Aaron Wiebe targets mid-column greenbacked Walleye on the Red River near Selkirk, Manitoba. He uses rattlebaits and electronics to capitalize on this suspended bite for huge fish.
    Equipment used:
    www.humminbird.com/ Humminbird Ice-55 Flasher
    www.jackall-lures.com/ Jackall TN/60 Rattlebait
    www.powerpro.com/ Power Pro 10pound Braided Line
    www.frabill.com/ Frabill Sno Suit
    www.frabill.com/ Frabill Fishouflage Ambush Headquarters Shack
    www.frabill.com/ Frabill Ice Hunter "Gussy" Rod Combo #6789
    www.strikemaster.com/ Strikemaster Honda 35cc Lite 4stroke Ice Auger
    For guided Greenback Walleye ice fishing trips on the Red River & Lake Winnipeg contact Jason Hamilton - www.JasonHamiltonOutdoors.com/
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    1. Nick Jaffy

      Dude your a fing walleye beast bro!!

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      wow cool! :D

    3. Hart Attack

      2021 gang

    4. Curt

      I didn’t know jack black was into ice fishing....

    5. Charlie Dwelly

      This guy kinda looks like a skinny Jack black

    6. josh cohen

      Can't bring myself to even watch this with the douchery this guy displays in the thumbnail....

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    8. Jeff Francis

      6 years later and this is still a fucking BANGER!!!!

    9. Vince Penner

      I wish u could’ve fished more than jus looked at the rattle bait

    10. Offshore Fishing

      This guy> any googan member

    11. Ryan

      I had no idea jack black was into walleye fishing.

    12. Blake W.

      “No he’s not huge.” Proceeds to pull out the biggest walleye I’ve ever seen in my life.

    13. Coltonplayshockey

      giant walley

    14. idodabs ASMR


    15. ripfletching

      Hey Aaron I am very interested in an underwater camera for icefishing please let me know what you suggest I fish out in the open in the bright sun so I need a display that I can watch without using a ice hut thank you very much

    16. Василий Шведчиков

      Ты крутой чувак 👌👍

    17. Isaac Lambe

      Is it weird he reminds me of jack black

    18. TTvJakenbaken420 FOLLOW

      You need to upload wayyy more brother i love the vidhas lol

    19. Flat Rat

      Jigging two rods with one hand is the ultimate flex 💪

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      @2:07 when you really have to go to the bathroom

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      Is tht a fake goatee? Dang joe dirt!

    24. Sean 22

      this guy is a legend and should be a millionaire.

    25. Bass King

      I can't believe I'm English and still live in Quebec, Manitoba fishing looks really fun . Those Walleyes were fat 😍

    26. Amin yuon

      Vielen dank für alles

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      Ahhh “it’s not huge”

    32. Owen Selley

      Is this at the end of main?

    33. MLW jr wiffle ball

      You just see the fish laying on the ground in the back at 2:16

      1. nicholas fimbinger

        That's dinner

    34. blob :D

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      Man I miss these videos

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      Redfoo of the fishing world

    37. Mr crabz Likes toaster stroodles

      Dose he have lure earrings

    38. Brecken Coady

      "He's not huge" Catches 28 inch walleye

      1. Justin Smith

        Brecken Coady haha IKR

    39. Pierre Here

      Maybe you need actual glasses that have lenses, not the hipster ones worn as a fashion accessory because that was a huge fish lol. Idk why, maybe the earrings and fancy scarf, but he looks like a woman in disguise with glued on facial hair. Either way who cares, he catches way more fish than me and they’re monsters!!

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      Old video, but I had to comment. You look like Johnny Depp in this one! Thanks for the great content, love this channel.

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        Mike Twedt I wonder if he reads the comments on very old vids

    43. Jeremy Beaupre

      what yal think of the jackall rattle bait worth the money?

    44. Official California Police Department

      I love how you say "Manitoba"

    45. AA Ron

      That's weird because the walleye has a pupil and wise do not have pupils. It looks nothing like a sauger either cuz it's too brightly colored and doesn't have the markings. I don't think walleyes are usually that brightly colored either.

    46. Brandyn Shepherd

      Nice to see Bass Pro Shops froze their aquarium for you to fish! Was that Walleye BEAUTIFUL-SEXY-PERFECT or what?

    47. Brad Kettering

      Dude you fucking awesome! Love watching and learning new techniques! You always keep people interested!!!!

    48. Red Fisher

      Aaron - I understand what you're saying regarding the purpose of the shrink tubing on the rear treble, however since most fish attack from the front of the bait fish/ lure, does your technique not actually prevent the back treble hook from digging in since it is facing backward? .....or do you think that the fish do not actually recognize the live target lure as a "fish", therefore they attack and bite it from any direction?

    49. R O N I N • U L T R Á

      Dude that sweater classic lol. Freaking hilarious.

    50. Dajuan Ruff

      nice earrings

    51. Dusty Lee

      Not big? That's the biggest walleye I've ever seen Aaron! Wow! Lucky man!

    52. Josh Rode

      Hes not huge hes only 31" 8 pounds

    53. MrBey735

      Are you serious?! That fish was huge!


      I wish he said how many inches. Great video by the way

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      Appreciate the release, those big girls need to spawn! Thank you.

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    66. Darcy Hrebeniuk

      That is a giant walleye from where I come from

    67. kirby shumay

      just stumbled across your videos,I love that you actually share all your tips on aspects of fishing.Keep up the good work pal.....You should come down to my neck of the woods in Saskatchewan and fish last mountain lake and fish for Trophy Walleye,you will have a blast.

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      Aaron looks like an older woman in the early 60s getting ready for her husband’s business Christmas potluck 😂

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      Those were some great green backs.great video and thanks for the tips

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      You know your a good fisherman when you casually catch multiple 30 inch greenbacks

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    84. Cole Hughes

      This show is rigged these fish are on drugs when ever i fight a 5lbs bass my 7' medium heavy damn near snaps but ur fighting 7lbs wallys like its nothing bs

      1. Brett Weishalla

        Obviously, you have never been successful ice fishing for walleyes. Walleyes are notoriously lousy fighters for their size to begin with and in winter, they do next to nothing. A half pound bass or an 1/8 lb sunfish will fight more than a walleye through the ice.

      2. Jim Beam

        Cole Hughes its ice fishing the fish barely fight, walleye are known to be very soft fighters even in the summer much less trough the ice nothing bs about this

    85. Alesha Sweeney

      your the best dude

    86. Hook, Line and Kyle P

      Love the lure earrings! Very creative.

    87. Ralph H

      Two rods? That's illegal where I'm from. One fisherman one rod! I don't judge I like to have a few in the water when I'm going for wall. I think I might forget to debarb my hooks when I do ice fishing

    88. Andrew KUBIAK

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      I love your video's bro. From Gainesville Florida... line tight!!!

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    92. Ron Berg

      Aaron - awesome as usual, great education, thanks for sharing! Question - What are you using for a leader (line type and size)? Also, are you using a blood knot to tie the leader to the main line? Looks like it...

    93. Glenn Krzeminski

      Nice demo on the tangling rattle baits. I just bought some this year and wasn't sold on the shrink wrap hack until I saw the inset footage.

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