I Painted My Entire Room With Musou Black-The World's Blackest Paint

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    In this video I paint my entire room with Musou Black to see what it looks like when the walls around you absorb over 99% of the light in the room. What happens when you turn on a light in the room?
    Musou Black: www.ko-pro.black/product/musou-black-paint/
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    1. The Action Lab

      I only ran into the wall once! Extra points for anyone who can spot the cell phone flashlight I accidently left on in my pocket...

      1. Nathan Clanton

        Could you do a video of the room with the worlds strongest flashlight just curious

      2. moviemaker2011z

        I noticed it at @6:04 but didn't even think it was a light at first. Oops

      3. Jer

        1:14 white sus

      4. julia abanador

        I can just picture myself being lost in my own room if i painted mine with the worlds whitest paint.......

      5. Unverified Idiot


    2. jacesaces15

      "this stuff is like black ink" *awh yes, this floor is made of floor*

    3. Hoze 123

      hey everyone today im gonna paint my room black you are not painting our room 😂😂

    4. N4CH0L

      Now you can make the most badass chroma key shots

    5. blue fox

      it looks like you have a green screen around you

    6. Dirk Michalski

      It looks somebody punched a hole into reality...i need a Shirt this colour

    7. Harpal Saini

      wear black clothes

    8. Alan Salinas

      I wonder if nightvision it's work in a room with this paint

    9. Amier Asyraf

      The best room to sleep in!

    10. pikachu with a caprisun

      paint a suit with it.

    11. Mocha Deku

      It's like really good green screen.

    12. Reegan Potz

      This is how bohemian rhapsody was made

    13. Promaster69

      Check for bullet holes

    14. El Chaparro

      It looks like a green screen lol

    15. Ariel Phoenix

      I'd get some decent sleep in a room like this - finally.

    16. Trobbes The Animator

      U should put the Brightness Light in the Blackest Room

    17. Mister Joestar

      Ah, yes. This is Super Saiyan Rosé Musou Black!

    18. Raven

      He kind of sounds like Jeff Kaplan.

    19. Tanner Schoolcraft

      U made the mushroom room

    20. itsrain

      OMG where is the door?

    21. SkreD -

      It feels like it's an edit. lol

    22. T33K3SS3LCH3N

      I wonder how hot the walls get. Whether the colour only absorbs visible light well or absorbs enough of the spectrum to heat up a lot.

    23. William M.

      Show me laser pointer :)

    24. xDoubleDSauceX

      Having an OLED display almost makes this so much better since the black is actually black no matter how much u try turning up the screen u can’t see the pixels and this video is basically all black at the end

    25. Blü the Protogen

      alternate title "Recreating the Half life 2 Gman Intro in real life"

    26. Alec Aquino

      I want to do this!

    27. 98462

      I need to kidnap my enemies and put them in this room for some days.

    28. Truce Feud

      "You can't see anything around me" Meanwhile, there's this weird light smudge behind you that I see..

    29. Alxous

      i should be doing my homework why am i watching this

    30. Reverse Flash

      Oh man im making a room like this when I get a house

    31. Haven Serrano

      this is a racist video

    32. Kevin k

      7:54 ray tracing explained

    33. Johnny P

      I need to see that paint vs the brightest laser or flashlight! 🤔🤭

    34. starstoryteller

      I love black but dang if I paint anything in this color I will not be able to find it.

    35. andrew kantor

      How can I contact you? Thanks

    36. Михаил Петров

      Awesome using of green screen dude!!

    37. Yusagik0

      This could turn into a form of torture very quickly

    38. Михаил Петров

      Try to paint your car in that black colour and then ride on the highways

    39. Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv

      Wait, if it absorbs light it would theoretically absorb radio waves or laser, things used in police speed detection. Paint a car, then use a radar gun.

    40. Audi Shahrizan

      This man is living in space

    41. lazy crocodile

      it’s so black it looks like photoshop

    42. MegaOgrady

      Can I buy that paint for personal purposes?

    43. Petar Pavić

      you should make clothes out of it.

    44. Sherlyn & Son

      This video has MrBeast energy.

    45. Balázs Szeleczki

      RTX GI off :D

    46. Burton Rondo jr

      Lol wifey say no

    47. Oh, this cruel truth.

      i wanna buy tshirt this black!!! where can i buy it! CAN I AFFORD IT!!!!!

    48. 『cloudyskies』

      interrogation room-

    49. Houndzik Sekečke

      It might be the blackest room, not sure about the definition there, but even though it's impressive, it's definitely not the world's darkest room. The paint does not absorb everything and you've still probably got holes in there. You can also achieve near perfect darkness by going into tunnels that are incredibly long and have a lot of turns or cave systems where the light simply won't be able to get to because of all the twists and turns. And there are many, many such tunnels and, discovered or not, cave systems, many of which are probably even darker thatn this.

    50. Meliodas sama

      This reminds me in a cartoos scene, a predator paints a black in the floor then supposedly, the prey will fall into it. Yet the prey only walks on it

    51. SHOA

      This was really cool. Thanks.

    52. Andrés Daniel

      It was like seeing a painting by Caravaggio. If there was a material that doesn't allow light to enter, and doesn't reflect it (lol, does that even exist?), you'll have a good way to practise your shadowing from outside.

    53. Muhammad Haziq Jakaria

      Best room to sleep ngl!!

    54. Houndzik Sekečke

      *covers a room in black ink* "oh man, it's like black ink"

    55. Doug Morency

      new paint for solitaire confinement

    56. bitkarek

      this is like when you model something in 3D modeler on PC and have GI (global ilumination) turned off.

    57. Yannic Grawitter

      The lip

    58. rudra kirti

      Imagine playing dark room in this 😂

    59. Mazin


    60. Chillicrab

      imalent flashlight test; ray tracing never been so good :p

    61. Kelly Park

      Try the worlds brightest flashlight inside that room😎

    62. Cairo costa

      This is your room? I can relate 🤷‍♂️

    63. MNB

      Can I paint this stuff over my eyelids so I can sleep in the morning after my night shift?

    64. Mochamad Fachri

      Quietest room paint with musou, NIGHTMARE!!

    65. Smile Boy

      Make the world darkest outfit

    66. Nuts

      I reckon you will get the the results if you will paint a room with just a regular black...

    67. Veteran Weeb

      Finally my white paint will be hidden

    68. IQ 0,02

      Fanta black ?

    69. Silver Commando

      We have achieve cartoon paint.

    70. CraftminerCZ

      Watch as the fellow slowly turns all your OLED pixels inactive

    71. Sgaihav Hehshahduhq

      That fabric is the black hole that morph used to sweep everything into

    72. Oden Forsythe

      Now I'm waiting for painting myself with the blackest black and getting lost in the blackest room

    73. Jerry Scotti

      What would be the whitest room in the world?

    74. niklas kras

      wow thats fucking crazy :O

    75. niklas kras

      haha i love that intro :D

    76. Daily Dose of Shorts

      "i love black's"

    77. hmongscianphoojywg

      You should do a small scale of the solar system and show how the sun, planet, and moons all work.

    78. FooFoo

      This is where the earth and the moon landing were filmed

    79. DONKAGE!

      God, a room painted like that would be like sleeping inside a blackout curtain. What a dream!

    80. Darkfarfetch

      That's some good video editing

    81. David Zindr

      Could have dismantled one wall paint it and than put back to help you see 😁

    82. Fucked Up

      do a full mirror room

    83. Adrian Suva

      Should be the new studio

    84. John Hancock

      I was expecting the police shooting the crap out of that room

    85. David Moran

      I went to the Ebonex Company near Detroit where they make bone black pigments, they started with wild buffalo, but now use cow bones.

    86. Lowell Leal

      Now i know where queen perform for bohemian rhapsody

    87. HeyimTurtle

      Would this work with bigger photography lights?, I wanna do a room like this but with one of the wall gone to be a set, how much did would it cost to do something of that scale? Most likely a 7x7x8 foot cube

    88. Popular Side Character

      I want to paint my room like that

    89. Savage Dog

      dammn this maked you not recist😆

    90. verydumb • 27 years ago • edited

      The Godfather Part IV teaser looks epic!

    91. William Ramsfeldt

      Paint a whole person...

    92. Savage Dog


    93. E Girl

      Put a child inside lock the door then wait 50 years

    94. Oh noes

      "Welcome to black space"

    95. Gummy Bears

      Now just close the door while your inside and spin around and try to find the doorknob. Then close it again and sit inside and try not to go crazy

    96. Corey Sleap

      Vr room

    97. Ariel Sparkz

      Imagine being in this room with a headache.

    98. Pedro Assunção

      Now I want to build one to meditate in.

    99. Donovan Doran

      Like what about the brightest paint now

    100. TheOmacka_

      In just wondering what night vision would do in this room ?