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    I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))

      1. Skylar Craigie

        I’m subscribed already I love you guy’s keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻 Sup

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        I’ve been subbed to all ur channel and it’s my dream to meet u and me and my family are trying to save

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        Hi can I be in your next video because I just subscribe


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      Pls subscribe to my chanell

    3. Craft mallow

      Pls subscribe to my chanell

    4. Craft mallow

      Pls subscribe to my chanell

    5. Unknown Tuber

      Sorry but makeup just changed people features sooo much Michelle to the end of the video looked so different

    6. Ajahnae Spence

      such a talented dude bruh...hey Zach can u do a free online store just asking u never win your give always

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    8. Honey Pot

      Hi I'm a new subscriber shout out pls if you can

    9. BLACK Devil

      Why did meckanzie win? I dont like her.

    10. Ace Fandom

      From Philippines :)

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    12. Brian Bonnie

      I seriously have a Big Crush on kenz I LOVEYOU her so much😘

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      omg yes!!!!!!!

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      i like takeing a nap to

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      I like water

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      Sir plz give me iPad Pro for free 🙏🙏🙏 I am in India

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      You guys need a gaming channel...

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      Guys where is biv she's soooooo goooood

    20. Unicorn Sahruthi

      Such a great person ZHC is ! He is my inspiration.!!!

    21. Jaslynn Aroozoo

      can i pls be in one of your vids its ma dream

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    23. Paras Sandhu

    24. Vlady

      I like 3d pen and, I m doing some things

    25. Kayla Bui!

      Just saying I feel like Michelle should of won cause like the detail with it it’s amazing!

    26. Abraham Lotus

      one of ur fan really wanna ur CUSTOM AIRPODS, he tried so many times... end up he painted it himself... u guys should check him out... at least give him a HI...

    27. xu lisi

      Oh my god my name is Ivy to XD

    28. Gucci dubs

      Jake:Ah ha ha Ahhaha Ahha ha Me: ... Me: BRU

    29. Nell_ Alex

      If your reading this, your an amazing person and have a nice day❤️✨

    30. Rachel’s Vereeke

      that dragon was so cool

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      This is sick!

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      I'm new ☺️☺️☺️

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    40. Felinator07

      is it me or when michelle has no make up its weird?

    41. anthony geerman

      Listen to one rock

    42. Imara Fejzullahu

      hey me and my twin brother have a dream to get a phone designed by you but i do not know if it will come true because i live in macedonia and i speak albanian please if you can make our dream come true i will be very very happy

    43. Elliot Key

      It was funny watching them try do push ups


      Wowww 😳

    45. Maitha Tv show


    46. Chriest Niel Marcelino

      Im philiphines

    47. Dileep Dudes

      Kenzi , expecting u in bikini next time, please😭😭😭😭

    48. Dileep Dudes

      In bikini they are hot

    49. Sidra Nazam

      How am i gonna be in a vid of ur's of i get picked because i live no were near America

    50. ICEE

      I honestly never win anything :( Plus ive been subbed since mid 2020 and never get to do anything

    51. Makai Carter

      Can I have a phone plzzzzz


      Zhc : best 3D pen art wins $$$ Leo Mahalo be like : can’t wait to be back 🤪😜

    53. Kittychuu ;-;

      But my name is michelle to-

    54. MBcaloy Estose

      Hahahah the first subscriber was richmond my name is also richmond and I'm from Philippines and I though there was only 4 of us who had that name In the philippines shout out sayo kapatid at sa lahat Nang pilipino

    55. Chicken Wing

      I liked and subscribed

    56. mikias shorts

      Honest guy

    57. mikias shorts

      Me:I want a iPad Pro ZACH:I will make x120 That means he is honest

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      Who else thinks that jazz is beautiful 😍🙂

    59. Salama Aldhaheri

      I love you guys so so much 💗

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      Me plz 🥺

    61. 「 coffee cøokie 」

      7:47 what happened to Micheal’s face

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      hay guys can you please send a PS5 for my son he really wants it but we can not buy it because we have little fund problems, i am a subscriber, please

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      I liked and subscribed and put the bell on all

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      Me just speaking to my PC that create all the minecraft characters and my friends just looking at me when I forgot to off my discord face cam I was so embarrassed

    67. Cat Queen

      Wow I actually am subscribed it out with someone who does 3-D pens I’ve always wanted to try one because they look super cool because my favorite classes in school or on music art and gym not like computer set a timer for 30 minutes

    68. John lewen Villanueva

      i love you zhc

    69. SpÆce

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    70. Yuan Luis

      Im Filipino

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      Can you make an iPod case?

    72. Taira Arts

      Still fun and Amazing 😊

    73. Kenzie Hansen

      I win?!?! My name is Kenzie:)

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      i am from Philippines too noice

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      Hi from Philipines :)

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      Ah yes, my favorite color. Spikes.

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      I love how they just casually have the huge iphone in the middle of the entryway😂

    80. • Hʏᴅʀᴏ

      Im From Philippines Too that Guy was so Lucky!!!

    81. Hanif Zainal

      mr beast?

      1. butti fdft

        ZHC's hoodie named bella poarch hahaha its kinda cute.

    82. game genie

      litrualy ive been looking for a 3d pen where did you get it

    83. sopeng cheng

      I got a 3d pen and I touch the tipe is not hot is clod

    84. Isla does stuff

      I’m such a big fan ahhhhh !!

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      God who can actually watch this nonsense

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      I'm in philippines

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    88. Blade

      You buy 70,000$ ps5 and then you get like a 100,000$ from theat video and you are giving them 500$ four theat art,WHAT and they have to do chalanges on top of theat comon men they spend 10 hours on theat

    89. yxng.D9

      Literally 99% percent of you wont see this but say safe during these times I’m really struggling to hit 1000 subs pls help me guys 👍🙏🙏

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      Can u paint my little brother a pc or a iPhone it his dream to have one of your paintings subscribe to ZHC

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      Zach: oh and if you lose you have to swim Me: ok I love swimming Everyone else: noooooooooo

    94. Mykolas Stirbinskas

      Jaz: jumps in the pool at sunny day Me who lives in lithuania where all winter is -15 and anywhere you look u see snow: What sun means?

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      ZHC's hoodie named bella poarch hahaha its kinda cute.

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      Why Zack have a Bella Poarch shirt??? Next video with Bella nad Lama??

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      Good information

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