Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond items, you get them...


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    Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond items, you get them...
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    1. ShadowApples

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      1. Mike Trejo

        @LolzGamer:can u send seed link

      2. Alesia Davis


      3. Felix Flexman

        love it

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    6. MinePix

      you are rapping the whole video *i lIkE iT*

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    11. Peta Coulston


    12. Peta Coulston


    13. Anas

      Isn’t that means that he can make bedrock with black and white wool

    14. a

      Should've drown netherite armor

    15. Nate Pugh

      Y didn't he use black to make armor?

    16. Jacker Maker

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    27. jayiel padit

      i got trolled on the mouse

    28. Lovenoor Kaur

      Very good

    29. Lovenoor Kaur

      Very good👍

    30. A person with NO life

      Shadowapple: I fear no man accept for that thing The void:

    31. Rock girl

      “Are we playing musical chairs without the music and the chairs?” ~billy

    32. Ειρηνη Αλεξακου

      dude this guy had a OP cheat and still lost, cheaters never win

      1. Rock girl

        This is copied from bionic

    33. mamah mudah

      Why didn't he make a netherite set

    34. cqvio doli

      4:02 the way he portrayed his fear

    35. Mohammareza Barmaki

      bruh i was watchng a vid from grazer right before i was watchin this vid

      1. cqvio doli

        Why not draw some TNT?

    36. Tom ZhaoX12A

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    41. Dumbz Dood

      whats with the 5 million cuts tho

      1. zuygj bnsv

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    46. Helloitzguesty_Official

      You stole the thumbnail from my other acc

    47. cutie . . potatoesi

      Just draw a diamond buster sword

    48. Landen McConnell

      This is copied from bionic

    49. S Logo T F 2

      There shouldve been a “dappple(diamond apple)”

    50. Danny DuBois


    51. NicoRic12

      Why not draw some TNT?

    52. Pikatok

      U talk fast

    53. Alexia Damasceno



      When you killed a full diamond with leather armor

    55. Xio Anims

      SHUT UP. Nah jk but you never stopped a sentence

    56. JAims-shAdow M.G.C.C

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    59. Jacob Casa-Grande

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    60. Joshua Brune

      I dare you to do a video of every time you die you get op loot if you haven't done it yet do it if you have done it then do it again

    61. Kevoonio

      ok the diamond bow deals literally 0 horizontal knockback that bow sucks

    62. dutoiu hour

      it isnt a proper bedwars game without billy saying " aCeIfY"

    63. Yuksi Leftu

      so fast lol :D

      1. dutoiu hour

        1 you just overed power 2 you need to learn parkour

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      ur talking faster then eminem

    65. Demon

      What about a Netherite Sword???

    66. Kayode Jennings

      You made me want to die

    67. Kyle Terrell

      Make a UHC that you can make a diamond god apple

    68. Krista Hume

      Don't mess with billy or you get the 9 milly

    69. Milan Arts


    70. Repyxl_RBPlays

      Why didn’t you used purple for netherite or black

    71. serdy ximi

      it isnt a proper bedwars game without billy saying " aCeIfY"

    72. Spriinchi

      amog us sus

      1. Spriinchi

        @serdy ximi ok

      2. serdy ximi

        11 likes = 11k likes

    73. Judit Edina Molnár

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    74. Weniagand Dooger

      can i join on bedrock???

    75. JJnesJJ Gaming

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    80. mrtopnic

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    81. sakki sakki

      Billy there was yellow and green why didn't you make a totem?

    82. Joen S. Myrtue

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    84. John Carlos Jumayag

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    86. Ági Bartalos

      I dont feel bad for you, i feel bad for them

    87. Zredn2000 2.0

      You should've drawn herobrine

    88. Fnaf Child

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    89. RozaIbrahimMA Al-Darwish


    90. BananABoyX Gaming

      Next time make it self exclusive.

    91. TriLy trooper

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    98. Spencer Currier

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      1. shani yan

        the imposter wins

    99. silly game player

      Can't you just draw obsidian instead of waiting for it?

    100. Clarence Joshua Marquez YtGaming

      Make a wither in bedwars