Alexa Bliss brings secret ingredient to The Firefly Fun House: Raw, Oct. 26, 2020


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    Alexa Bliss drops by The Firefly Fun House with a special serving of tea for Bray Wyatt and friends. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWERAW
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    1. david hart

      She really shud be considered for the Harley Quinn role

    2. Tessa's TV show

      Ramblin rabbit has died 14 times now lol

    3. Raphael Selran

      Love the creativity of this story. Bray and Alexa are doing fantastic with the skit.

    4. Alvaro Ramirez

      How did Alexa Blessed

    5. Red Heart

      19/11 Nineteen One One 😂😂🤣

    6. Brian Pratts

      She should win an Oscar for this

    7. Lauryn Gillion


    8. farah chahine

      Guys is it real that she is posest or acting plz respond

    9. Gibbs Deus

      Kinda lil tasteless with the poison of the tea don't you think. Hope nothing wrong comes out of this other wise there could be issues.

    10. Doretha Harvey

      Wwe is cool

    11. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa vs Nikki - Chairs match Steel cage match Firefly Fun House match

    12. K Fran

      I want the old Alexa back

    13. the new day

      2:07 and 2:30 this is how Alexa turn "yandere" mode

    14. tombstone4290

      It's going to be... fi-RRRRRRRRRRRRR

    15. David Potter

      Is best wwe has now after Undertaker retired I just don't care no more

    16. DOAN FSD

      How did WWE craft a story that’s so damn cool? I love fiend and Alexa!


      This is soo stupid... P.S Alexa Bliss >>>>>>>> all over the mankind/boogeyman/kane wannabe rip off :D

    18. Chintendo Gameplays

      Can we have a Abby the witch vs Alexa bliss match?

    19. Sharone Bouldin

      this is just weird show

    20. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Ryan Cabrera is the luckiest man in the world. 😍😘💟👑👏👍💒💐💎💍

    21. Lautaro Martinez inter

      I love Alexa Alexa vs Asuka for Raw Women's Championship

    22. Adoni Cipher

      I swear, one of these days Randy Orton will burn this house too lmao

    23. Brejauna Robinson

      Rip rambling rabbit

    24. Brejauna Robinson

      He really is a monster

    25. brayan daniel

      I spoke with alexa yesterday on messenger and to prove it she shared her photo

    26. Lautaro Martinez inter

      1:43. 1:44. 1:45. 1:46.

    27. Daddy BB

      Why is brays eyes blue

    28. luis escobar

      👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😔😔🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭 RIP Alexa breast 2016-2020

    29. Sublime D

      This tea party is very reminiscent of her 1st face gimmick, of sparkles and stuff.


      I want brock vs the fiend

    31. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Stable: Bliss, The Fiend, Strowman, Nikki and Jeff or Bo Dallas.

      1. Billy Joe

        Sorry but no need for a stable, Alexa and Bray are already the perfect duo.

    32. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Beautiful Bliss

    33. Cristian Pencea

      That rabbit died more times than Ben Parker.

    34. Alfonso Lopez

      Am I the only one who thinks Alexa Bliss is a little cuter when she is in the FireFly FunHouse?

    35. Sean Miller

      She makes me think of baby from devils rejects lol

    36. xVxXPrinceXxVx

      The firefly fun house is better than the entirety of WWE programming.

    37. HappyYellowPro

      Bray also have a talent beside wrestling, "BRAY COPYING MR.KRABS" "KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA"

    38. Kumari gauri Kumari gauri

      I like to see his yellow teeth

    39. Foxy The Kiryu

      I hope the Firefly Fun House would bring back attitude era

    40. Lautaro Martinez inter

      I love Alexa

    41. Jen_ _A_Purr420

      They’re taking this a bit too far

    42. The Official Chris


    43. Derly Quintero

      *bray be like: hey shitass wanna see my lose the universal champion in 7 days.*

    44. k red


    45. Aj Venus

      Bray Wyatt and Alexa world best wrestler

      1. Lautaro Martinez inter

        I love Alexa and The Fiend 👑🔥😈

    46. Jaset Wells

      Damn rambling rabbit has died like 5 times

    47. Rko Outta

      I’m really afraid of bray and Alexa now they are murdering the poor rabbit.

    48. The Original Boss tv

      Honestly I would watch this show for the whole entire day honestly.

    49. Arun M

      Foolish Alexa bliss

    50. Micah Wilson

      So she poisoned a stuffed rabbit. What is this show?

    51. Lautaro Martinez inter

      2:38. 😍😘😳😈🔥👑

    52. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt vs McIntyre and Nikki Cross.

    53. Jack Pembroke

      Am I the only one who feels extremely bad for ramblin rabbit he gets 0 respect everyone is always killing him and half of them is being eaten by mercy I am waiting for the day ramblin gets his revenge on everyone GO RAMBLIN


      2:11 Alexa bliss 2020

    55. Taj MaHustle

      Her Let Him In was eh

    56. anthony sarnataro

      I actually love their Evil Laughter lol!!# Cheers Miami Arianrhod Fleet

    57. Derly Quintero

      *arse what.*

    58. glorfac

      Ok, who has *the sauce*

    59. Patrick Nicholson

      Why do I feel I’ve WWE will reveal the Alexa Bliss is secretly sister Abigail

      1. Jessie Rubio

        There's no sister Abigail is just a scam man😒😒!

    60. Lautaro Martinez inter

      imagine orton doing an Rko on Alexa. The Fiend would distract him.

      1. Davide Matera


    61. Neo-Xgray87

      @01:25-01:32 "We all go a little mad, sometimes!!!" *-Anthony Perkins (Psycho)*

      1. Davide Matera

        Bliss is Awesome

      2. Lautaro Martinez inter

        I love Alexa.

    62. Matthew Santos

      My dad like alexa bliss

      1. Lautaro Martinez inter

        Alexa vs Asuka for Raw Women's Championship

      2. Lautaro Martinez inter

        I love Alexa.

    63. Matthew Santos

      Yo wiwowi😳

    64. Andre Plasencia

      Alexa Bliss 🥰😍

      1. Davide Matera

        I love Alexa 💙💜💛💚💝💗💟💘😘😍

    65. princeangel jd

      Am I the only one who thinks Alexa and bray looks like bebe rexha and Post Malone?

    66. Itzjosh_15

      Damn I never know Alexa bliss was a drug dealer as a side job 🤣🤣

    67. Alif Najmi

      1:07 - 1:09 I though Alexa gonna Arsenal

    68. Eikichi Onizuka

      How has WWE not completely ruined this yet? It's a minor miracle.

    69. Tessa Baker

      Why always the bunny 😩

    70. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Who's the best Comment: Alexa Dark Lady I like: Alexa in Fun house

    71. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Survivor Series 17

    72. Arecans Arecans

      Alexa is more beautiful in harley quin entrance not in this🙄this made her crazyyyyy

    73. nimesha reddy


    74. Katherine Pierce

      J'aime le costume d'Alexa Bliss

    75. el gringo

      Alexa bliss is one fine woman

    76. Joker89

      Seriously bray what's your issue with the rabbit

    77. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa and Bray vs Nikki and McIntyre.

    78. ALEXH 86

      Arsenic is #33 on the Periodic Table. Bray Wyatt wrestled Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33. Maybe Alexa will poison Randy Orton next...

    79. yalın bayrak

      his outfit looks like mad hatter's outift from arkham origins

    80. Chiro 01

      Somehow, I wanna show this to my toddler cousins, nephews, and nieces

    81. Andrei Florescu

      "You're mad, everyone's mad" I think Bray is a fan of 6ix9ine


      I'll let you in anytime alexa 🥵

    83. Atul Kumar

      This is mad .....

    84. MARK SD

      Not so funny.!.

    85. Khaidir ATZ

      thats one of a hell black tea

    86. Pete Perales

      Now my kids want arsenic in their tea!

    87. Anthony Souza

      What's Alice in Wonderland and what does Alice in Wonderland have to do with anything? This Firefly Funhouse made no sense at all. Why were they dressed like that and acting like that? Why did they have a tea party? Why was it mad? What's a mad tea party? Why is Alexa mad? Why was there an emphasis on the word mad?

    88. Miguelx9

      Isso e doença

    89. Anthony Souza

      None of this made sense. I don't understand anything about it. Why did they have a tea party? Why was it mad? What's a mad tea party? Why is everyone mad? What's with the emphasis on the word mad? Why are they wearing weird outfits? Why does Bray's top hat have a card on it? What kind of mad is it? What's a tweedle dummy? Why did WWE do that Firefly Funhouse and not explain it whatsoever?

    90. Prince Atta


    91. Skeleton Darkness

      This video was awesome it was like watching joker and harley again but better cool

    92. The Dark Kane

      0:08 OK MR. KRABS

    93. Melissa Stephens

      she aint scary at all to pretty to be scary

    94. Chuba Kichu

      That was some "the devil's rejects" kinda vibes

    95. Joshua S

      shes like baby from the firefly family trilogy

    96. joseph jr maniego

      this was creepy..

    97. Dan Nutefall

      Alexa Bliss is my favorite

    98. Jelle Van Camp

      And i quote: HA ha HA n ha HAAHAAH theyre official harley and mr j

    99. Fun Things

      She looks pretty 😍

    100. Kayler Gonzalez

      wtf ppupits