My Explanation - Pickwick Bassmaster Elite 20/20 - Unfinished Family Business Ep.17

Scott Martin

53 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

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    I made a big mistake and it cost me the tournament ... let me explain.

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    1. Scott Martin

      To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying check out Policygenius: Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!

      1. Matthew Hairell

        Sabine ... better have a black buzzbait ready

      2. Bobby dunlow Dunlow

        10 3 yopiem river nc ,10.2 chowan river nc , the dunlow family loves you brother! Been pulling for you and your dad forever

      3. William Ezell


    2. Derek Rice

      This video really made me reflect on my last tournament and realize the series of correct decisions I made to win 2nd place, my first ever tournament win. It was my first tournament of the year and only my second year to tournament fish. I have another tournament this Saturday and I’ll be making a game plan soon after I start prefishing here in the next hour 😏. Love your videos btw!

    3. Diego Vol

      16.5lbs Lake Dixon CA

    4. Wiiliam Posey

      Wished u thrown a big spinner bait when the river rolling like that it works! 9 3/4 guntersville

    5. Ernie Stumpf

      9.05 lb, at Wonewok! LOL!! I’ll be there in October. Actually, it was at Lake Lewisville one week before that pooper of a derby. Thanks for this’s a reminder that this sport can be so humbling....even for the great 1’s. All the best!

    6. Jonny Granville

      I cant imagine the pressure! Hang in there and keep at it. I fish for fun, can't imagine being at your level

    7. Logan Armour

      My biggest smallmouth is 4.5 and largemouth is about 4

    8. DownSouth Fishing

      6.5 pounds

    9. Daniel Henderson,Jr

      My Biggest Bass a 10.8! At longview tx! Mansion lake (private lake)! Catch her on a Gambler shad minnow!

    10. Charles Burgert

      Great fish you just can't catch them all the smart ones either slip off or just don't bite,sometimes you need a whole tackle box just to catch that one,good luck next time

    11. Get LucKY Fishing

      Good information, I was wondering what happened was it too early for a top water bite in the slack water? The Ky River smallmouth I catch destroy a plopper type bait? Just purchased 2 Revolvers have you thrown it? I can’t get enough of that bite and it produces everywhere!

    12. Jim B Crosby

      Largest bass: 9lb 11oz caught at a small lake in south central Mississippi. I’m 52 so I grew up watching your dad and others like Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston. I love your Dad and I’m glad to see he’s doing so well and I’m glad you’re carrying on the Martin family fishing excellence.

    13. Charles Talbert

      Scott, will you be at the tournament this weekend at Sabine River?

    14. Jim Walker

      PB smallie 6lb3oz PB largie 6lb10oz

    15. Storm Shadow

      Have you ever accidentally hooked a python before while using a swim jig? I could only imagine how much of tug of that would be. I have accidentally snagged a water snake before, and that was definitely very interesting.

    16. Uri Orlov

      Biggest Bass is 9.2 fromLake Fork in 1993. We caught 5 fish over 8 pounds that day sight fishing beds.

      1. Uri Orlov

        Thank you for the content. I absolutely love the KGup generation of fishing channels.

    17. Lucas Bryant


    18. Jesus Family DiscGolf

      Can you watch the upcoming Texas tournament somewhere live or post coverage?

    19. Ken Hester

      Scot, don’t let day 3 get you down. I believe if you keep following your instincts you’ll be fine. I’ve followed you for many years and you’ve always been entertaining and helpful with making us better fishermen. - My largest bass was 10 pounds 2 ounces caught in Lake Sinclair in Georgia.

    20. Ron Crigler

      9-15 Lake Pierce

    21. Knife Ploliceman

      I doubt anything would go right for anyone in the USA with Biden as the president.

    22. Computer Guy

      Hey Scotty, go visit Randy Blaukat's Intuitive Angler page. He is honoring your great Father. God Bless.

    23. Jesse Belk

      11-3 is my pb and good luck in Texas

    24. Based F

      You coming to TX anytime soon?

    25. Brad Dickerson

      7lbs on the Pascagoula river in Mississippi

    26. JW Fishing

      Do you prefer perspective mode or forward view on your Livescope?

    27. hertzer2000

      You had a spot picked out and didn't go to it. Sounds like it had nothing to do with preparing. I tolt ya to do the opposite of whatever yer thinkin bout doin.. Now, dern it, let's go!

    28. Charles P

      You never get a trophy for excuses. Love your video's, now go out out and win one.

    29. gary30229

      11 lake Austin.

    30. Logan

      Scott there are a few big bass back in cow bayou

    31. Logan

      Scott seen your truck in vinton yesterday

      1. Logan

        Make sure to eat some crawfish

    32. Renegade Bassin'

      Thanks for your contribution to this sport Scott. You're opening up so many different avenues for other anglers to explore with the type of sponsors you're attracting. Also thanks for the dialog, when I'm on the lake fishing I think back to your lessons. Thanks and God Bless you, this is your season!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks for the support and I’m glad you enjoy what I’m doing!

    33. Jon Harbin

      Hey Scott my name is Jon Harbin I'm going on 4 years clean and sober and ur videos keep my down time busy. I've been fishing my whole life and its very spiritual for me and just keep doing what ur doing 🙌 I appreciate ya

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome Jon! Keep it up and thanks for the support

    34. James Mims

      Lol phones work on Sabine you gonna have a good time. Just get ready to finesse fish a bit. Shakey head trick worm is the deal on Sabine.

    35. Pat Darling

      I love watching your hacks pretty kool dude I grew up watching your dad and now I get double pleasures watching you fish pat from tn

    36. Leroy wright

      Hell you figured it out brother. That last day maybe should have stayed there allday... Stay with your gut.. U had them man. I think u would have stayed up there u would have got 5 or 6 bites

    37. ToolTime Tim

      That was an excellent critique of your own tournament experience. It is that thought process that separates Champions from those that just say I had a bad day.

    38. Jared Bays

      Love Pat Renwick!!

    39. Jared Bays

      Not cool, man. I literally jumped when the snaked popped up over your shoulder. Haha. I hate those things. 🐍🔫

    40. Patrick Minor

      Hang in there Scott, your time is coming!!

    41. Ian Bellomo

      My biggest bass is a 6 pounder I caught in Minnesot!

    42. Patrick Patterson

      6lbs 2oz canadarago lake

    43. Kaden Fredericksen

      I hear y’all just made it to Sabine River and right down the street there are 2 bass master and now me and my friend wanna find you😂

    44. JL Fishing

      What settings do you keep your GoPro on for a full day of fishing?

      1. JL Fishing

        @Scott Martin thanks!

      2. Scott Martin

        We run looping at 5 minutes! Just stop the footage whenever you like and it saves the last 5 minutes. 👊🏼

    45. that guy you know

      Valuable info shared here! Thanks!

    46. Spencer Bailey

      Good job as usual!

    47. William Dudley

      Enjoy watching your journey with bassmaster elite series.

    48. Mitchell Roberts

      Loved the deep drive into what happened on day 3. Sitting at home watching bass live is tough as we’re all wondering what the heck is going on you caught them so good the first two days?! You keep up this consistency the rest of the season you will win one of those bad boys for sure!

    49. BK FISHING

      8.4 Santee Cooper

    50. HEAVY

      5lb 12oz Largemouth. Belmont Lake. Barkcamp State Park. Belmont, Ohio

    51. Ethan Aschenbrenner

      Hard to not hit your starting spot from day 1&2 on day 3. Crazy it was fishing that small.

    52. Rattlin Ryans

      Keep up the good work bud love watching you fish you have helped me a lot thank you

    53. Thomas Gansen

      Great gut feeling 👌....boat 3 on day some point you had to make a quick check on that spot you started at day 1 and 2..that's tough...great tournament...boat flip a 6.5lb' a tournament great job..great 20/20..

    54. Scott Davis

      Awsome video bud, My P.B. was 8lbs 4oz at East Lake Toho. In a kayak it was a crazy fight.

    55. BassGeek

      Yeah man that's some stuff I needed to hear right now.

    56. William Brown

      Like the new 20/20 setting. Keep up the content. Switch it up after the season. Maybe live bait or some bank fishing. Love all the videos.

    57. zayasx The fishermans way

      I'm gonna keep it real with you 💯. We all believe In you ... you need to eat breathe sleep winning the classic! Don't let the word steal your focus . Breathe life into your words ! You will step out the shadow, and vast in the awesome light of glory that only champions know. 🏆

    58. Stephen Bowen

      Dude, I have always loved you and your videos because you are 💯. I have met your dad twice at ramps in Fellsmere. He is a great guy just as I thought. Just makes me more of a fan of yours. What up man?

      1. Stephen Bowen

        Show us the proper way to apply a trailer hook. 👍

      2. Stephen Bowen

        And by the way I would drive the 2 hours south to come down and fish with you or meet up with you at Headswater. Your dad didn’t seem seem to know about a lake past there.

    59. Caleb Godsey

      Just pray before your first cast each day! Gods got it brother!

    60. Jarid Perry

      Unfortunately I’ve never fished Okeechobee, even with family in clewiston smh. One day 👍👌

    61. James Parker

      I would really like to see an smc with you and KVD or Seth Feider that would be awesome!!! or Jacob Wheeler !!!

      1. James Parker

        On lake Okeechobee

    62. Keyth Shockley

      Hi Scott always enjoy all your videos especially the tournaments .I live in Massachusetts caught my P.B on a public body of water in dead of heat early July in 15ft. of water on a dead stick red shad 5 inch senko 8lbs 15oz. Biggest tournament fish was a night tournament black and blue Yamato kreature bait 7lbs 15oz in late August

    63. James Parker

      I don't care what anyone says. You are the Man Scott Martin!!!

    64. tgillrgill

      Love your content in all your videos. Your advise has changed the way I fish. It it has paid off extremely well. Keep them coming.

    65. Brad Wyatt

      Scott, I said before how great it was to see the thought process that went into the tournament fishing and man you prove it once again. By far my favorite series on YT. The information your sharing is epic. Appreciate the videos and rooting hard for you!

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you enjoy the content! It means a lot

    66. Michael Sanchez

      Great 20/20 Scott! Fishing pressure is something I always have to deal with down here in Louisiana, where everyone has a boat LOL(and being a weekend warrior doesn't help). There's 2 ways to deal with it: tail race, or outfish em. The 2nd one is nearly impossible with the studs your fishing against, but it can be done! Also, after fishing for my whole life(only 19 lol), haven't run into one bigger than 5 lbs even. I've caught a ton of high 4s, but haven't run into a big girl! Guess you gotta fish where they're at! AKA not southern Louisiana.

    67. David Swaim

      RESPECT! Teaching life lesson’s owning your faults is a hard thing for all of us in this world. I was pulling for you better luck the next go around!

    68. James Brewer

      Hay Scot martin try coming to bever lake in rogers arkansas and try to catch fish

    69. doug shaver

      Lessons learned. Always something to take from every tournament no matter how well or poorly you fish. Great job Scott!

    70. Gerald Bryant

      Good luck next event. Like SMC. PB was 2- 8#10 oz. on the same day

    71. NOturtle

      Scott, much respect. I'm a saltwater guy who got into bass tournaments last year. Just started cutting checks. Learning process after chasing reds and specks my entire life. As long as you learn from your mistakes you will continue to grow and will make you so much stronger mentally. Your future is bright. Tight lines brother!

    72. George Shread III

      7 1/2 lbs when I was 10. I'm 51 now geez

    73. John Mitchell

      Awesome video. I love learning from you. You, Roland and Hillary should do a video about fishing families or a series like duck dynasties except with fishing. Keep up the great work.

    74. Ed Pelkey

      Thanks for sharing Scott, one can always learn!

    75. corban radley

      I feel when Scott wins, we all win. Fishing for the people. Thank you Scott.

    76. Captain Chaos

      Humility admits mistakes..Ur an old hand @ tx & u will certainly win a classic b4 retirement..PB is 9.3 Shearon Harris

    77. Scott Mohn

      Can we get some merchandise shirts that say “We gots to Go!!

    78. Steve win

      Thanks for the honesty!! My big bass was 10lbs 2oz. Caught on a trout swimbait at castaic lake, CA. lived in Southern CA. For 10 yrs.Keep fighting you got the passion to do this! Ill be following your progress!

      1. Steve win

        @Scott Martin my pb and fish of a lifetime!

      2. Scott Martin

        10lbs is a big fish for sure! 👊🏼

    79. david richardson

      I am sure you will fulfill the legacy. I learn from and enjoy your videos. My biggest bast currently is only around 7 pounds. I would really like to book a charter with you some day and maybe catch a double digit

    80. Albin Pustejovsky

      just go fishing and the business will take care of it self

      1. Scott Martin


      2. Albin Pustejovsky

        you may be trying to hard

    81. Team MudN

      scott, wheeler, dc, role models right there

    82. Catfish Crazy


    83. Brian Mowers

      Looking forward to seeing you at Hartwell in March!!

    84. Logan Gilbert_97

      Are you getting the new Yamaha put on your boat

    85. Justino’s gaming

      Biggest Largemouth i’ve caught is 8.7! caught out of a Golfcourse pond!

    86. Bassasasser10

      LOL my biggest bass is 10-4 but i live in Starke FL.32058zip and im common on a Lake Ocachoabee trip next week and im staying on the water at a house rental for 5 days so hope to see you there and ill be bringing my new ranger to the marina. MUCH LOVE SCOTT MARTIN WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK AND I LOVE YOU VIDEOS AND HOPE THE BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY GOD BLESS

    87. Jose Martinez

      Scott, pulling for you. Been following since last year with Hallman, Upshaw and Casterline in the Opens. Don't over think it, go with your gut!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks for all the support, Jose!

    88. Matt Koesterer

      I think what you said is key!! Stay focused I can’t imagine 4 days of trying to beat the hammers you have to go against!! Put everything aside but fishing to win and you can do it Scott!! Good luck in Texas!!

    89. phoenix w2w

      Biggest tournament Bass for 2021 so far is 5.9lbs on Lake of Ozark last weekend. Using a BB CUSTOMS Ned rig🎣

    90. Brock TV

      Pullin for you homie! PB is 8.6 on Rayburn

    91. Jon Acree

      Watched the Mystery tackle box vid just before this and I gotta say I saw a little bit of pops come out when you caught one on the Robo trap or whatever it was. It was Awesome.. PB is 11.3 on Orange Lake.

    92. FishHooked

      That’s tough! Good luck in the next tournament! Tight lines from FishHooked

    93. Greg Staton

      Keep it going brother Scott....Thank you

    94. Steven Thomas

      Good points, Scottie. Keep digging, keep that noggin in the game. Good luck the rest of the season. PB - 7lb. 3oz. Kentucky Lake

    95. Andrew Trask

      Im not even a bass fisherman but your knowledge and teaching abilities and your love for fishing is what keeps me coming back you are a stand up guy love the videos

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you love all the videos, thanks for the support!

    96. Sean Horgan

      12.2 in a public lake,west palm beach. Got a private lake that we fish that my buddies have caught 10-15 fish over 10 in the last 2 years or so! We would love to have you come out and fish it with us!

    97. Herb Albert

      Scott listening to you talk hear lately brings back memories of another Martin explaining things back then....but with a new twist....gotta luv it1

    98. Elton Dufrane

      10 on lake kissimmee

    99. Elton Dufrane

      I think we all have tournaments like that you still did a great job

    100. Jack Bailey

      I really enjoyed this video. I watched the tournament fishing video, and this reflection after the fact was really interesting... Fun...