Chris Hadfield on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: FULL INTERVIEW


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    When retired astronaut Chris Hadfield was in the red chair he talked extensively about his time on the International Space Station, his family and more. Here's the full interview.
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    1. Oliver Aeternus

      Strombo is high af lol nice chat tho

    2. Marty Niner

      Strombo is the best! Chrish Hadfield is Awesome!

    3. AltroG


    4. Dolly the Cat

      Were anyone to lean in towards me actually leaning on My chair I slap him down real quick.

    5. Jamie Marvin

      George stonbombomlamopolopalubouwombulmbuomnlombombulmpomumopolis

    6. Doug Stitt

      chris hadfield is very interesting to listen too .

    7. Christian Walsh

      18:32 what a speech, he barely took a breath to pump it out

    8. itssometimesunnyinlithuania

      interviewer guy is leaning so close Hadfield might have to levitate to secure the distance.

    9. Dick Fitswell

      23:47 'computing, uh, the planets, "ya know, the thing"

    10. Dick Fitswell

      Imagine being on the moon. You and one other Astronaut. You are on your last day & last Lunar mission. You took enough food/drink for 3 days, with 3 extra days meals just incase. You wake up. Look at Earth, get on the comms w/Houston, get the green light, and hit the button that starts then powers you up. Only you hear a bang and then see vapor spewing thru the porthole. You are still on the moons surface. You just spent all fuel available. It would be 4 weeks before help could arrive. Imagine how frightening that would be. Those moon walkers, they risked everything for mankind. God bless all the astronauts, cosmonauts and all they risk for humanity.

      1. Colin Southern

        Yep - they had big balls for sure. They also had as much simplification & redundancy as possible though - to the point where the ascent engines used hypergols that combust when they're mixed (eliminating "ignition" issues") - it wasn't gimballed (thus eliminating steering issues) (assuming that the RCS was still functional - and that had redundancies of it's own) - even the engine bell was protected by the presence of the descent stage. It didn't use fuel pumps either - relying on fuel being pushed through from pressurised tanks. So it was made as simple as possible to make it as reliable as possible.

    11. Rebecca A

      This man. Just endless things to teach. A real inspiration

      1. guppy277

        What a lucky lady his wife is. To be a girl friend at school and eventually share each other's life. For life. In the day and age, separation on even flimsy reasons are common place. To me, watching his interviews in itself, it's so inspirational. To get such a person as a life partner, she is so incredibly lucky. Very happy for her. He is handsome, smart, highly accomplished and a great human being. My hero. May God bless them with all happiness.

    12. Alyssa Everdeen

      60 people disliking this video is 60 too much

      1. Colin Southern

        Up to 64 now. Probably flat earthers / moon hoax believers.

    13. Top Ñotch

      2020 yo !

    14. J Roig

      wow so canadian late shows actually make meaningful interviews. US late shows are constantly trying to deliver cheap punchlines with little regard for the interview itself.

    15. deanwilliams534

      Love how he pauses to think before answering. Really love him.

    16. ivana gluvakov

      literally an actor

    17. Keenya HEWETT-MARTIN

      I might have to pay attention to my Twitter Only bc of the commander

    18. theburntmatches

      George needs to step back. Hes just starring him down skootched close to chris lol

    19. DCMutE27

      Talk about invading someone's personal space. This guy is creeping Cmd. Hadfield out.

    20. jody cameron

      “Was Redolent of it!”What an erudite man.

    21. voicetube

      Okay, so I'm finally going to make this comment after all of the Chris Hadfield BINGE-watching I've done over the last month, LOL! For one, he's one of my favorite human beings ever. One of the greatest role models ever to come out of a womb, for lack of a better sentence (? LOL). Next, I've noticed that unlike many people who go on interview after interview (To promote something or what have you) I always get something NEW from this guy and I mean a whole new interview! Even when he repeats some of the same things, he makes every interview a new unit of time and fresh - EVERY time. I've never known another interviewee to accomplish this. The guy really is sort of slightly removed from this universe as some sort of us special superhero. That, I think pretty much sums up my feelings, so I'll end my already pretty outrageously-long comment here :-)

    22. Travis Alexander

      He talks too close, Makes me uncomfortable even watching.

      1. Zé

        i was looking that too!

    23. Rob Mangeri

      Very interesting. I personally would have wanted to press the unique experience angle MUCH farther. I’m always interested to see what deeper thoughts are truly triggered by amazing experiences not just the intellectual backpedaling that we are all prone to.

    24. SmokingSpoon

      M'yeah.. George is a nice guy, but he has such an awkward body language and vib lol

    25. Maarku

      Chris Hadfield is the guy you'd want to represent all of humanity WHEN we make contact with aliens.

    26. patrick gorski

      *He is so genuine* what a lad !!!!!!

    27. Andrew Furrer


    28. Prototype 176708

      Scientists are so hot :)

    29. happycamper

      every one of us plays a fool at some point in our life..most without ever knowing it.

    30. Dave

      "All you can do is your best"

    31. FromTheSky

      Chris Hadfield, once had a field. He left that field in hopes of becoming an astronaut one day. Sadly, he never became one. He just became another liar in a world full of liars.

      1. FromTheSky

        @Colin Southern Yeah? Demonstrate gas pressure without a container, Ill be waiting.

      2. Colin Southern

        Having listened to "both sides", the final credibility scores are in. Chris Hadfield: 100%. FromTheSky: 0% I guess that why one is a former space station commander and the other is an idiot.

      3. SheilaghmBrosky Brosky

        What have you done in your sad feckless life?

    32. Randy Madison


    33. Jack Burton

      NASA deceiver and liar! Don’t believe this fool... How can you not see it

      1. Colin Southern


    34. Ian Hendry

      Interviewer is a wank

    35. Pleiodes

      i wonder if he likes star trek

    36. Manu Sharma

      Why do they both look so yellow!?!?😶😶

    37. SugarFreeBees


    38. Jm V

      How can this guy sleep at night. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

      1. Colin Southern


    39. Jack Dog

      Stroumbopulous Michael

    40. SugarFreeBees

      "Orbital mechanics are nothing, people are complicated."

    41. Adrian Lee Magill

      Canada celebrates our scientists as they leave Earth and return as spiritualists. Interesting interview.

    42. Hailey Lin

      Nice shoe choice

    43. Κώστας Καραπαπαχατζηδιμιτρακόπουλος

      "orbital mechanics is nothing , *people* are complicated" I PLAY KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM

    44. Ackyman

      amazing how liars get to have a fanbase

    45. C U

      The Samadhi does has highest form of consciousness. In Hindu mythology it's explained how to achieve that. Really this guy is inspiration to everyone. Science and passion takes you to next level

    46. Daniel Molineux

      Hadfield for President. He is our best human!

    47. Barbara Danley

      I just love this guy. He is such a realist.

    48. Globe Earth Eulogy

      I live in the central Ontario and have beautiful starry skies,... I've seen the "iss" go over,... but give me a break!,.... like you can see it from 400kms away!! lol 😂

    49. Globe Earth Eulogy

      What a lying, fake, fraud, piece of shit he is!!! To sit there and pretend he's been to space!! He belongs in a psychiatric ward with drunk Buzz Aldrin to share fairytales!!! Wake up please people!!! It's all a hoax!!! Critical thinking is a beautiful thing,... don't believe NASA ,... or go ahead,..... Santa is real too!!

      1. My3dviews

        @Neko Motoroshi He's probably a flat Earther.

      2. Neko Motoroshi

        im so confused if this is just a joke or you really are being serious. dear lord.

      3. My3dviews

        You do realize that you can see the ISS, when it passes overhead. It's not fake.

    50. optimine

      The "ISS" is fake. It can apparently travel ten times faster than a bullet but doesn't actually exist.

      1. T H E B A T H

        optimine you are a prime example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

      2. My3dviews

        @optimine Most satellites are hundreds of km apart. You can see them from the Earth after sunset and before sunrise. The ISS is about as bright as Venus when it passes overhead.

      3. optimine

        People don't need imaginary "satellites" for that, there is technology that magically shoots beams through the air and of course the hard lines all around. I don't have to explain it because it is already known. Try to find a picture of a satellite "in orbit". Why can't those satellites that apparently give us all this data just take pictures of themselves as they fly back and forth past each other every day as they all spin around the apparent globe?

      4. optimine

        "gravity" i.e. things being attracted to each other is demonstrably false. "satellite" means "going through the air" basically. Tides are easily proven to not be relative to the apparent pull of the moon. day and night can be seen in the sky at the same time as it were, in that there are instances in which there is total darkness and light of "day" in the same sky. You say they are spherical but that is not true; many things in the sky are circular in appearance, yes. If you like thinking, just try to think about how high you have to launch a rocket straight up before it doesn't fall directly back down. I have a million other holes in the logic of those who currently write the books but of course usually these types of "discussions" aren't really that at all but people calling us stupid.

      5. optimine

        No offense but you're not going to convince me of certain things. Do you know about UFO for example? They sure don't teach us about those things and if they offer any information on such an important subject.

    51. Fooly

      I can listen to this man for ages.

      1. voicetube

        I agree! And I can also listen to Chris Hadfield as well :-)

    52. Kim Marie

      Geez, this guy is a wealth of knowledge. I'm buying this book :)

      1. Lee Maitland

        It is a brilliant book, highly recommended.

    53. timtak1

      With regard to life on Mars which they talk about at about 24:40 If there is life on Mars, then Nick Bostrom says it is bad news because, as they say, it means life is probable, that there is life elsewhere, and so we should be seeing evidence of aliens, and if we are not then, it suggests that the "Great Filter" -- something that prevents this communication from arriving -- is yet to come. If life is in many places, but we are not receiving any signals then it would suggest that those other lifeforms that get technically advanced enough to communicate (make flashes, objects, any sort of non random electromagnetic wave) at an interstellar distances, self-annihilate. However, if there is no life elsewhere, then the Great Filter could just be the improbability of life itself. However, another solution might be that we evolved on Mars and escaped here. This would leave life equally improbable, just that it occurred somewhere else. It might also explain why we don't run faster. There is a scientist that argues that is in fact the case, and explains our weakness here on Earth. The gravity on Mars is about a third of that on the earth so perhaps (not sure) we'd have been able to run and jump three times faster and higher on our "home planet."

    54. Anonymous Mystery

      Man, FUCK Mike Chang!!!

    55. Classic Oilers hockey

      Lol this is the same chris hadfield that made the boo boo on bbc news about his bullshit flight to the moon? Chris damn well knows better that hes never been to the moon,hell nobody has made it tonthe moon. Hes a fraud folks!!! 100% Until you peaple understand the will continue to be brainwashed.

    56. Flat Earth Guy

      Chris Hatfield is the biggest liar ISS is all a hoax people are waking up every day

      1. Jonathan Torres

        @k Maybe he is blind hahaha

      2. k

        Sounds like you havent looked up on the night sky yet?

      3. Flat Earth Guy

        @k listen only ausis say mate so FO

      4. k

        look up to the sky with a telescope mate

      5. Jonathan Torres

        @Beverly Love But I saw, because I have a good telescope... So, I feel sorry for you.

    57. Aboubacar Amine

      just offer a tour in space to every major country leader and we'd have world peace instantly.

      1. Happy Tree

        And every leader would think "how good if it's all mine " ,chaos

      2. Skumwoy

        New law if your not fit for space your not fit to run a country lol

      3. Richy Rich

        The peace would be in space, earth would be in chaos.

    58. Shelley Bunnell

      Best last name ever. Rolls right off of the tongue.

    59. Keshav Bhatt

      Really enjoyed watching this after reading his book. Learned a lot about being humble and committed to continually learning no matter who you are or where you are.

    60. Sondre H. Sørheim

      Just like Neil Armstrong was his idol to become an astronaut, Hadfield is mine. Hopefully one day, when I get a bachelor I'll be allowed in for the space agency, and train on becoming an astronaut.

    61. Likhith Manjunath

      What watch is he wearing?

    62. Daniel Saavedra

      This guy is brilliant !!

    63. Michael Zorba

      Why is there a blue/green screen shoot at 0:12? Because most of what NASA is doing is a hoax. Just pause the video and take a closer look.

      1. Koray

        +Michael Zorba They're in a studio showing that footage off and the studio has lights. The ISS is not a hoax, the only hoax of NASA was the remake of the footage for the moon landing, and they did say it was a REMAKE, because the footage got lost.

      2. Leah M

        ur an a hole

    64. Fangzahn Aviation Studios

      21:42 That fake laugh though...

      1. Mike Hawk

        +Fenix William I always heard that there is a person with a sign that says "laugh" on it lol

      2. Head of Lettuce

        I've been to one of these shoots, theres a lot of fake laughs (I was in the audience for idris elba)

    65. 160moebius2

      zzz...zzz..boom blast of space light lol

    66. infachuation

      what a guy

    67. orbitalsatellite

      hadfield is an awesome human being, not just a brilliant astronaut.

    68. Brawndo

      He's still wearing his watch super loose like in space.

      1. Kate Oliver

        winterwolf211 you're gonna make me cry

      2. Annispatz

        winterwolf211 That's somehow very poetic

    69. wisdom

      the earth is flat living in illusion the earth is flat living in illusion

      1. Leah M

        only morons believe the world is flat

      2. SarSaraneth

        @wisdom You know that neither of those words mean what you say?

      3. wisdom

        +BananaLord323 but seriously the virus came in North America killed 75 million native! to install a slavery system! I would love for you to do some research and by the way the word geographia in Greek means vivid representation of the earth to create an illusion of reality! government in Latin means mind control! the great trick of the magician it's to show you something that is not real that is not there but the real secret is that the power is you! do some research and then you will see that you have been f***** in the ass for 400 years! before charging you do some research because I was like you loving space!

      4. Fagit Sohn

        +wisdom I'm not your bro.

      5. wisdom

        ha ha ha love you bro

    70. Gabriel Maglia

      Someone knows the book he refers in 8:00?

    71. Just Josie

      I feel so humbled.

    72. Cameron Minke

      chris talk about the aliens you saw

    73. Jonayofsweden

      Astronauts are one of few peoples that are famous even though people have no idea who they are. You just need to hear that the person is an astronaut to idolize them.

      1. Ally Shire

        +UrBrain Wash How stupid must you be to believe in that conspiracy garbage? Oh, and next time use proper grammar, you mouth breather.

      2. Jonayofsweden

        @***** Astronauts do all of those things too =) they just have a better family, a more interesting job, and a more significant death.

    74. Bear Martin

      I've met two American astronauts that went to space. Sally Ride was one. I won't mention the other. Chris is the coolest of them all.

    75. Dweebix

      hit 4 and 8 on your keyboard back and forth, lol.

    76. Jakob Michal

      Seen a lot of interviews with Chris Hadfield, this one is by far the best. Great questions, very sympathetic host, well picked clips and pictures. Awesome job!

    77. jason palmer

      This Hatfield is a fraud. He could not be more insincere if he tried. I call hoax on the whole ISS bullshit.

      1. Ackyman

        I agree Jason, a total freak and liar

      2. 2manyIce

        @jason palmer Listen, I don't tell you how to take photos, so don't tell me how to build engines. Who ever fed you the Bullshit about "rockets don't work in vacuum" is a moron. Hang around with morons and you are likely to be mistaken for one. Take my word or don't take it. If you don't take it, it's your loss not mine. And don't care to answer my comment, I won't answer yours anymore.

      3. jason palmer

        Really? Is that your best?

      4. Leah M

        ur an idiot thinking this is fake

      5. 2manyIce

        @jason palmer No, you still get it wrong. I talk about pressure inside the combustion chamber pushing the rocket forward. You don't need any outside preasure to push against, it's the pressure inside the combution chamber that pushes the rocket up. Sorry for the typos, I not a native writer.

    78. ThePhysicsScience

      What's the song on 10:49?

    79. César De Lucas Ivorra

      Chris Hadfield represents a new era in the History of Humanity.When he finished his mission in the ISS with a video playing a guittar and singuing a David Bowie Song, there was many people emotioned.Hadfield and his friends got incredible myth in many topics, not only Astronomy.He opened the way to find a great peace for the world and the rest of the Universe.


      strombo is so annoying speaking literally in front of ur face

    81. Chathura A

      Milton, Ontario REPRESENT.

    82. Clone285051

      "There's no problem so bad, you can't make it worse" ... brilliant man !

    83. Brad Miller

      what a piece of shit, should be in a cage touring with circus animals.

      1. Brad Miller

        @CrociatoAzzurro the circus LOL

      2. Cake64

        Maybe you should be.

    84. A Horse Outside

      George Strombulombalambadomolapagus

      1. Anonymous Mystery


    85. Jungle1

      The interviewer has a kind of aggressive/awkward was of interviewing, watch at the beginning of the interview George has his hand on Chris's chair and is leaning in real close. Chris initially feels comfortable but then George draws him out and makes him come in close to talk.

      1. Vera Bolton

        Very aggressive body language. I struggle to watch this video. Chris is obviously a well trained astronaut, but still looks uncomfortable.

    86. kristie wong

      did I get that wrong? 5 hours of sleep?

    87. Michael Hollier

      Chris Hadfield, the Canadian "Mr Spaceman"...thanks Chris!!!

    88. Yekison Telenggen

      He is awesome and incredible guy experiences interview, loved it.

    89. Do M

      i can't start to imagine what its like to sleep up there having dreams and then waking up and being in space and every morning you realize you're in space

    90. Alexandros

      Anyone knows what's the name of the song he sings to his kids?!

    91. Ofer Bar

      What an amazing man. Thanks for sharing!

    92. Yves St-Pierre

      That is just an amazing human being right there....

    93. Anoop

      Give the man some space bro! Much thanks for the video though :)

      1. Oliver Aeternus

        indeed. I reckon he's high tbh

      2. AxelStrem

        you would think he'd have enough space in his life

    94. 1990pommie

      one of the most informative interviews I have watched, fact he is so articulate is a plus,

      1. Zé

        you articulate well talking about things that you like the most!

    95. Gam3Junkie

      What? George is 41? He looks 30.

    96. Saddam Bin Laden

      it's not possible for a human to survive outside the atmosphere, radiation would kill you. he is a freemason, the whole nasa/space explorer fiasco is all a farce, a front.

    97. Quicksilver_Cookie

      He is one of the coolest people currently living on this planet. Such an intelligent and wise person, great speaker. Also he is so passionate about what he is doing, so dedicated. The way he describes all experience with colours and emotions. If somehow we will meet another intelligent life form somewhere in the dark of space I want this man to represent humanity and be a face of us. "We are not machines exploring the universe, we are people" - C.Hadfield

      1. Silki

        Your hero worshipping is getting old.....

      2. Kha Ngo

        @MrCorvusC "Hi I am Chris hadfield, famous astronaut. And I have a mustache" --Chris Hadfield, 2013. Earth Surface :3

      3. Eric

        well put

    98. Skkorm

      This guy is a fucking hero.

      1. mk smith

        i wondered, where the heroes went to for awhile. not anymore. what a wonderful person.

      2. Boran Ucdere

        +Anonymous Mystery Hahah yeah. Wtf?

      3. Anonymous Mystery

        +Squeejeejee Squeejeejee What the fuck are you smoking?

    99. anon ymous

      hey hadfeild...when you're done go for priminister. We need a guy like you there

      1. anon ymous

        *Hadfeild *prime minister sry, me no gwed @t teh speling

    100. Diente de Pollo

      Does this George need to come so fucking close to Chris? Jee-sus Christ.

      1. Tesshin ryū Dojo

        well he has been far away!