Prince Philip: The War Years - Duke Of Edinburgh On Serving In WW2 • FULL 1995 INTERVIEW

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    In 1995, Prince Philip sat down with Richard Astbury to look back upon his service with the Royal Navy and his experiences during the Second World War.
    The Duke of Edinburgh was mentioned in dispatches for his role operating searchlights in the Battle of Cape Matapan, in 1941, and was even present when the Japanese surrender was signed in September 1945, escorting the USS Missouri into Tokyo Bay.
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    1. Ingens_Scherz

      Training, courage and duty, and duty comes first. "We didn't have counsellors rushing around every time someone let off a gun". I can think of one, still youngish royal who should watch this video, urgently. He has the training and courage - he's proved that. But with the last one, duty, he has fallen so terribly short. Very sad.

    2. Mx Bx

      Philip is very enthusiastic in this interview and is clearly bursting with things to say. Definite nostalgia for his days in the Navy, clearly a very treasured time in his life and who knows what he'd have achieved if he didn't give it all up for the Queen? He'd just been promoted Commander when he left so was clearly doing very well for himself. Everyone who served with him couldn't speak more highly of him, proper able seaman.

    3. Celia Deakin

      Watching this I was struck by the likeness to Prince Charles, firstly the voices are very similar but the facial features and mannerisms.

    4. The Ocean Man

      For anyone who thinks he's some sort of war hero, he only performed unimportant jobs and was basically treated like a guest on these ships instead of an actual soldier who could be put in harms way. Can you imagine the backlash if he got killed? No he did not take part in any serious missions just like prince harry when he went to fly helicopters in the middle-east, he didn't actually go on any dangerous missions because if he died that would have tanked the morale of the country, don't believe everything you're told. I would imagine there are one or two lies in this interview to keep it interesting, even still most of his answers were "I wasn't being that useful" or "I was doing x pointless job because we were bored on the ship".


      Many gone now many singers, movie stars, actors had war experience - im sure a horrible experience but many of these people seem balanced and thoughtful - even the princess liz now queen was nearly killed when a bomb landed in the courtyard at buckingham palace and she has never spoken about it, an historian found the account which was accurate. war seems to put things in perspective for many veterans. had an uncle who worked on ships ww2 moving supplies from uk to russia, meet him and you would not know - saw some bad things

    6. John Aldred

      Phew he got away without a scratch .....

    7. Paul Vidal

      34:07 "Did you come across any Kamikaze Pilots?" Prince Philip: "Pilots?!"

    8. Ntanda Mansor

      The king himself. May his soul rest in Eternal peace

    9. Олег Олегов

      К УД за геноцид народа цыганами

    10. Олег Олегов

      И у Елизаветы был очку нь xороший вкус она ярко не одевалась.знала все ткани цвета знала что с см сочетает ся.а ета од та как светофор

    11. Олег Олегов

      Такое уже было всех королей родственников убивали всю Европу.

    12. Олег Олегов

      Уровень шарамыги у всех

    13. Олег Олегов

      Где-то на вокзале видела вроде етого злой т ещё один был вместе x одили постоянно вылазили на меня.сейчас вообще к никто не появляется не представляется .нет видно никого.не знают ничего.

    14. Олег Олегов

      Знал на какую роль его готовят готовился не высовывался

    15. Олег Олегов

      На руками по покрутил какт я не он .ри

    16. Олег Олегов

      Он так не разговаривал вообще не двигал руками.

    17. Олег Олегов

      Водонапорная башне и были на винте тоже.есть старые царские стоят ещё никто не дзнает как работали.и оттуда и туда было.говорил что были пос тоянные моторы закачки.

    18. Олег Олегов

      От ец говорил что были шлюзы на все x. рекам для закачки воды по руслам реки. Вот видно там и идут воронки провалы грунта

    19. Олег Олегов

      Была такая рожа

    20. Олег Олегов

      Странно что Филипп все приготовления л уже давно для своих поxорон.тоже поди не он

    21. Олег Олегов

      Закачтвать .больший объём чем выкидывпется п реками/водопроводами.уже 1ОО лет нет адекватного возврата воды.

    22. Mariela Keto

      The Queen couldn’t have chosen better. Rest In peace Prince Philip.

    23. Elaine Bines

      I hope MM spent some time getting to know the Duke of Edinburgh. An amazing man with interesting, well fascinating, life story. The UK were so lucky. My mom said the only family that came close to the Royal Family here was the Kennedys.

    24. James

      What an incredible man. What an incredible life.

    25. Media SL - Second Life

      amazing 😜

    26. Tracy Miller

      Prince Charles looks so much like his father and Prince Edward looks so much like his mother.

    27. amQu8y

      Im from Kuwait and I would like to give my condolences for the British people and the queen for his loss. There is no doubt that she is missing him... may god save the queen.

    28. Bengg Yebona

      The 606 dislikes are probably Meghan making multiple accounts. RIP legend.

    29. Dan Man

      look phill still alive

    30. 2anthro

      The interviewer tried so hard to introduce negativity ... fear, panic, morality of bombing Japan. The Prince never let him get away with it. Why do amateurs even try especially with this warrior.

    31. castlerock58

      Phil the Greek was a hero in WW II and then in the fight against wokeness. He will be missed.

    32. Panhman13%

      Just a legend & one of thousands who saved us all from compete obliteration & life as we know it.God hell Us if it kicks off once again . RIP To a Legend

    33. rbsx

      Rest in peace Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, an inspiration for so many people.

    34. Clay Wilson

      Great interview,...I have been told Prince Philip is humorous and witty,....this just tells me he is on the ball and worth listening to

    35. thefilmandmusic

      My dad was on KG5 Pacific fleet, and at surrender ...

    36. imicca

      He does not think like Royal, he seems very down to earth and simple person

    37. David Whatley

      Absolute respect Sir RIP.

    38. Greg Tees

      I love how he says he was doing stuff. He wasnt. He was royalty. He did nothing. He did nothing.

    39. Joe Combs

      I always liked this man. I saw a fool attempting an interview with him once. I had never seen anyone so politely and graciously put an arse in his place before. I will never forget it. Prince Philip had so many admirable qualities it would be ridiculous to attempt to list them all.


      The Queen got it Right choosing this Man. R.I.P. Sir.

    41. Karl brocklesby

      Who are the 595 who dislike this? What kind if people are you?

    42. Peanut Arbuckle


    43. CRS

      Great information and recall from Prince Philip. I have to hand it to him, as it must be very frustrating being asked questions about the war with incorrect premise in the question or ignorance about what it must have been like. In some circumstances, your feelings are simply not there, you just do your job and get on with it. That's why you are there and you do your job, you have to as your best means for survival and coming out the other side with you and your shipmates alive. Being asked how he felt and "being scared - obviously" must be slightly irritating. Well done Sir, and may you rest in peace.

    44. DJ Holliday

      What a fascinating man. God rest his soul. As an American, I feel such a connection with my English heritage. The loss of the Prince is felt all over the world. Amazing gentleman. 🇺🇲❤🇬🇧

    45. LL Childs

      Not the most informed interviewer.

    46. sheep21

      The interviewer assumes the answer so much in his questions and also attempts to steer his interviewee to give the answers that he wants. Pretty poor

    47. Janna Parks

      Am I the only one who gets the feeling he doesn’t want to be there being interviewed?

    48. Abraham Edelstein

      13:42 Oh no... He forgot actually forgot Warspite.

    49. Peter Hibbins

      What a thoroughly brilliant man.

    50. keene139

      How brilliant it would have been to have had a pint of beer in a country pub with this bloke.

    51. Anon Amous

      He comes across really well in this interview about war time stories .Shame the interviewer did not ask him about the sex parties he attended with Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies or his numerous affairs including an actress? Later on he was involved the conspiracy to murder Princess Di!

      1. Etheral101

        In this country we have innocent until PROVEN guilty. As far as I know, affairs (if they did happen) are not illegal and if his wife can forgive it who is anyone else to judge.

    52. Priscilla Watson

      what a wonderful story!

    53. Dharmasagar Patil

      Not feared , not sacred, Not bothered about his death when on ship ,that too at war time! what a personality he was having. By watching him on this interview I am feeling why I am not like him!! Great man. Heart touching and if you see while speaking about war time moments for him "That was easy" and for interviewer was scary!

    54. Detested Individual

      what a guy

    55. UAL320

      When he said “General Marshall” I think he meant “General MacArthur”. Would that be correct?

    56. Our Family

      Ask him why Princess Diana died and who chose for it to happen and see what his reply is. It is too easy to put a dead criminal on a pedestal and call him a good person.

      1. Mur OfNZ

        Riiiight…arranging a drunk chauffeur and paying paparazzi to chase them into a tunnel is a foolproof plan. The outcome is certain! Genius!

      2. doveton sturdee

        Possibly, getting into a car driven by a drunken drug addict might have contributed to the accident?

    57. Donald Wallace

      A very much down to earth gentleman.....RIP Prince Philip

    58. mr zed

      This same man once said .what we need is a virus to wipe out a good portion of humanity.

    59. James Gilbey

      I just find him plain rude.

      1. James Gilbey

        Now that would be difficult.

      2. Luke G

        Ask him to apologise for his rudeness, James.

    60. Dan Cook

      His ability to remember names and details is astounding for someone who has done so much and seen so much!

    61. Richard Price

      Some man hero

    62. William Stephens

      He seemed to develop a reputation in the media for being rather stern and humourless. This interview proves that the reputation was not deserved at all. RIP.

    63. myboibill

      He was so much more than the press ever said. When he told those stories though he might’ve been a young officer his life was certainly at risk throughout the entire war. I think you handled the question of what the Japanese did all their prisoners whether American British Australian Chinese can I get one was barbaric and he got that point across well still managing to be somewhat diplomatic about it. Like so many people in that generation he was quite a guy whether he was a prince or a mechanic in London

    64. Gianna Bloomer

      Such an honor and privilege to listen to him today following his passing. Rest in Peace

    65. Pam Nichols

      Wow! What a British treasure. God rest your beautiful soul.



    67. Chris Taylor

      This man disgusts me, he is a liar, he was a coward in the war and stayed well out the way, he was abusive to staff at the palace and the press and hated the police. He had his own rooms in Buckingham palace well away from the queen, (right of South Africa pillar) and caused so much upset and arguments you would not believe it.

      1. Chris Taylor

        @Mur OfNZ Took 3 rounds, went back two times, retired after 21 years and ended up looking after Dullits like him in London.

      2. Mur OfNZ

        What did you do in the war Chris?

    68. Neal Angel

      I had always seen Prince Phillip as an ornamental piece of the Crown, and nothing more. This interview has caused me to see his life in a completely different light as just another Brit who served his nation during it's darkest hour. I now hold him in high esteem.

    69. Celtic Whisper

      Good friends with uncle Jimmy...

    70. euan shanks

      An amazing interview. Such a great person.

    71. Jamesons Barbershop Timperley

      Rip 🙏

    72. filo4590

      The world needs more Alpha males like this. The reason lefties hate people like him is that they know they can't compete against them.

    73. daniel watson

      Love the old fellow, faught in WWII, loved to shoot and hunt, taken to the most prestigious grave site by a pick up truck, and had the insane Grand Dad ability to say the exact wrong thing at any time. Love him. Fair Winds and Follwing Seas to him.

    74. Eugene Gilleno

      The UK WW2 surrender wasn’t until the Japanese surrendered in Singapore....the earlier surrender was the American one.

    75. Nicholas Jagannath

      I can only pray that I have both this class and eloquence when I reach my mid seventies.

    76. Nick Alcock

      What a marvellous and genuine man. He wasn't led in any way through the interview and told the story as it was. RIP.

    77. Grant Hodgson

      How much more insight and illuminating anecdotes a better interviewer might have got

    78. Really Happenings

      Listening to him is like reading an encyclopedia -- the feeling of comprehensive knowledge.

    79. Really Happenings

      Such refinement

    80. Travis N

      Perfect interviewer for Prince Philip because he was respectful but not afraid to be direct with Philip and I think Philip, with his penchant for being blunt, respected the interviewer that much more.

    81. frank columbo

      The Duke was great, the reporter a Buffoon

    82. mindeloman

      His statement at 7:30 is a very telling statement from a man who lived in that time and experienced what was going on. And I might say, a bit understated. To be a pilot in the RAF starting in 1939 was rough duty. Air defense of Britain was exceedingly perilous duty. The brave men of the RAF should NEVER be forgotten.

    83. LosingNemo

      My father was in the Royal Navy during WW2, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was also based for a time at Trincomalee. I hadn't realised that Prince Philip had been in the same fleet. This was a wonderful, poignant interview and it made me wonder if they had crossed paths. I also feel they would have got along famously if they had met in later life. Prince Philip was an incredible man and I feel so sorry for the Queen to have lost him.

    84. Phil bamford

      How many lefties are gonna crie about this

      1. Etheral101

        Alot. Hes white, they hate him already lol

      2. Tanja

        If you believe this left/right stuff you've truly been brainwashed.

    85. Theoobovril

      A very poor interview by Richard Astbury, he's totally out of his depth here.

      1. frank columbo

        The Duke obviously has the patience of an officer and gentleman of the world.

    86. Richad Dulieu

      The best guy in our history loved him told it like it was woke dopes should have listened rather than listened to greeta??? How dere you . Sure she's got it all wrong

    87. Andy Willcox Electrical

      You can tell that he absolutely loved telling those war stories. Just like my Grandad used to. RIP Sir.

    88. moeshickenyay

      Flip of the coin on which side he chose to be on.

    89. Joel Leson

      May Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, rest in peace. He "paid his dues" in a life time of service to Crown and Country. Those of us who have watched Queen Elizabeth carry out her endless duties and who respect her for her devotion to England and the Commonwealth countries, offer her our sincerest condolences and send to her our thoughts and prayers. J.L. Leson, Colonel, US Army, Retired

    90. Mr Watto

      First question, he struggled for a moment as to whether he had salmon or caviar for breakfast. I'm not a royalist, however, he's one of the last old school from that era. Came out with some proper howlers.

    91. Sian Pearson

      Listening to him and others of his generation , my late father being one of them who was in the RAF during WW11 , I feel almost ashamed of todays generation , what happened ?

    92. Russ Anderson


    93. Silver Steel

      So yeah. After the war I started dating this Liz chick and it soon became clear to me that I could enjoy a life of privilege if I married the broad.

    94. El 5 IS On Tour

      If the french fleet can only survive fishing in another countries territory it was a bastardised business Form the start ...But that was not the problem the fishermen got greedy and wanted more tonnage of fish and so they made bigger boats these boats need more crewmen and need to catch larger amounts of fish to make the boat profitable...This was not sustainable fishing and has brought about a turf war ...The french Governments along with the European fisheries commission need to put there house in fishermen and boats were made to decommission to allow European boats in our waters this was a total Injustice from the start ...Now we see massive factory trawlers backed by big money...Money men that have No heritage in the fishing industry hovering up thousands of tonnes of fish not for a way of life and family incomes but for profit alone this is the biggest threat to the fishing fleets of Europe and the uk...And is backed by governments on all sides...The new game is to destroy family businesses so more factory trawlers can exploit the natural resources for big business....

    95. Bobi Papy

      He looks like his mum wonderful lady

    96. Bobi Papy

      I love him

    97. A Mills

      Great man. He will be missed.

    98. Kevin Hall

      Sad we were not shown that side of royalty, a rarity, from day one than allow media free rein to be negative about Phillip, Richards and numerous other blokes...... No pomp or arrogance, just down to earth which has integrity and warmth.

    99. Alex Gouthro

      A wonderful description of a life well lived during WW11! Thank you.

    100. Carlos V

      What a gentleman and had more royal blood than the Queen