72 Days In Jungle & Building Hidden House - Full Video

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    My 72 Days In Jungle And Building Hidden House - Full Video
    Mr.Heang Update: I am from United States of America (USA). In this video I'm going to show you about how we build a huge modern hidden underground base with very simple tools and skill !
    How long and where did we build?
    This underground base we been working very hard for 72days to completely build, This underground is in a small jungle of South America, We did only two people my friend (camera man) and me (project planner).
    How large is it?
    Underground Base Dimension: Depth 3m , width 17m, height 5.8m I knew the most of visitor they hard to believe but it real 100% by hand made with tools in video !
    If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below my video. I am happy for your constructive feedback. Hope you enjoying my videos !!
    #Building #Architecture
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    1. Daniyar Kamalov

      00:59 когда выпил кумыс

    2. Muhammed Hafiz

      This is geart

    3. Buy Qhi

      Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

    4. D

      Didn’t know grass can survive in a dark smoke filled room!!

    5. Lira Baker

      It looks so Beautiful in the area❤️

    6. GudGuy13

      now thats what i call Real Life Minecraft right there

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      Oh hes very cool imagineds suscribe in dís video

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    10. Md Hassan

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      Hahahaha 10 hari rumput nya nggak layu,rumput apaan tuh ??

    15. Yakup chanel

      Good good good, i am from indonesia

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    18. Tomas Ardiles

      government buildings: completed in 8 weeks These men build a house with a stick in a day

    19. Joseph Domenic

      This guy probably built the Mayan Temples...himself...

    20. jay_615

      this guy can never be homeless

    21. Hamza SNO

      age of empires 2

    22. sunday

      When I growing up in 70_80 Vietnam war in Cambodia my grandfather built shit like this to hiding from American drop the napalm on our house.

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    25. left hand story

      This is great video,very nice sharing,love it,🙃👌😉👍

    26. Gwendolyn Caruso

      i love all the hard work that you put into all of your prosjecs

    27. jack woodruff

      Is this how patrick made his house?

    28. Kerry Sim

      Do you think that this guy living alone or with friends because this is impossible to build this alone like need to take like 5 or 4 maybe 6 days to finish this


      v v Have you made it your business, online? Insert pictures of how you lifted and transported the approximately 300 cubic feet of what I believe to be sandstone. I calculated it based on the dimensions you wrote; 300 c.f. are about 2,300kg at c.f. do the math ...

    30. Roataa

      I can't belive se Are in the 2020 And this Guy malé a whole new house 👍👏👏

    31. TecnoShop Shop

      If a that guy you gives tools, i don't whant to know what can he build !

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    34. Taina Elisabeth

      All that work but i feel like after one good storm this is a mud puddle

    35. Tyron Jimenez

      few weeks later His pants and hair is still wet

    36. Ricky Rahman

      Tarik sis.......

    37. sanjana shanith

      I can barely dug a 6feet pit

    38. sanjana shanith

      OMG did he do that all alone😱😱😱

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      Real Minecraft. Creative mode ON.

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      All good until the monsoon season.

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      This would probably flood and be destroyed or damaged

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    65. Jill Sampson

      why is he so fat after all this work?

    66. Jill Sampson

      this is FAKE. built with machines and tools

    67. DáWeed

      8:50 ant chilling in a bunch and random Dark Souls boss song.

    68. Hanifa Uddin

      What is your father's profession dear?? --well..he does some sort of digging actually..

    69. ELFILALI Bouchra

      This is the first time I see this kind of videos.. someone tell me is what I see really true or what

    70. Liliana Vera


    71. Liliana Vera


    72. SingingEatingLoving Profile

      But if he can do that in a small amount of time then if he had a power tool he would do it even quicker, there is no reason to go back to Stone age era, if humanity was wiped down to that point then u don't need a house as presentable as this one just find a cave and wait to die, this only looks nice in the event that there is people in cities watching from their comfortable air conditioned power tool and electric houses with protection from environmental basically its another calming documentary when Ur sitting comfortably in bed in normal prosperous times, I bet even this guy has a house in city somewhere where he lives and eats, why suffer all those stone age problems intentionally?

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      He does not do it alone. He has a team of thousands of people

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    82. Stallion Man

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      1. Stallion Man

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      Nature is beautiful without technology

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      I want to believe this is fake somehow because of how unimaginable it is but it’s really not. brilliant 🙏🏼

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      4. hwmoseley21

        @East Rider nah

      5. East Rider

        But it is fake though. You couldn't dig that big of a hole with your sh***y ass self made tools. You would need a mechanized digger.

    89. Roedwilm Balecha

      Much better at 2x speed

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