I PLAYED Nick Eh 30's Tournament in Fortnite for $10,000! (All Games)


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    I PLAYED In Nick Eh 30's Tournament in Fortnite for $10,000! (All Games)
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    Nick Eh 30:
    I PLAYED In Nick Eh 30's Tournament in Fortnite for $10,000! (All Games) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we go into Fortnite battle royale chapter 2 season 4 and play in nick eh 30's tournament in fortnite for $10,000! Nick eh 30 cup in fortnite!
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    1. Kiwiz


      1. L2 tad

        @Fuzznn your late

      2. Fuzznn


      3. L2 tad

        At least 20 people don't actually have notis

      4. L2 tad

        Sup fak

      5. Casen Willard


    2. solar est super

      2:10 my guy ur actually dog

    3. CharCharBinksYT

      Does anyone else get fucking anxious as hell when Kiwiz never reloads, then he dies and complains about not having ammo.

    4. Xmas zodac

      nice first game 47pts thats a good start

    5. Racid_ Blizzard

      Hmm he got 262 points Me: probaly got like 100 kills points Him : 10 kills ,252 placment

    6. l2_xsl_110

      Has max mats I want this llama

    7. OBEY

      Your goateed

    8. Icy Illusion

      who else liked the pokemon music intro. lmao

    9. OscarFN


    10. ava rose

      Me in 2021👁👄👁

    11. Corey Grover

      U inspire me

    12. Plasma

      honestly Kiwiz needs to stop wasting mats

    13. Saed Ronak

      You were in Nick eight30 game and NRG RON AND CLIX

    14. not prolific

      I haven't started watching the vid yet but I havent seen how good you are in awhile I'll edit this when I'm done watching this vid. Ur a God

    15. Felix Guzman

      Are we not gonna talk about how he walked past a golden pump in the first game

    16. risen-60-fps

      He killed tydens🤣

    17. Braeden maxwell


    18. Iconi

      3.48 my man is focused

    19. Faze Hawks

      You don’t get one

    20. ZolemFN _

      You killed courage

    21. Arnar Jonsson

      Kiwis you would have goten so many more points if you would go for a refresh earlier keep this in mind you are always shmbles on mets in 6,7 zone becuse you dont go for a refresh earlier

    22. Forma Snipz

      Ur friend is the best

    23. Ryan Thackeray

      What no way

    24. RENEGADEJ0J0 Yt

      Kiwis a bit

    25. Lyun4

      2:00 bro u didn’t piece control it took u like 5 minutes to box him

    26. Wyntxn

      Kiwiz can you show how you play your endgame?

    27. Roy Gavina

      Where’s kiwiz we miss you!

      1. Nullify

        He got exposed again for getting nasty pictures from under aged kids, so he took a “break”

    28. U g o

      He must regret playing with after what you did

    29. Baller Boy gamer

      When he missed the gold pump I raged

    30. snoflecks

      you passed a gold pump staight

    31. Ninja Wyatt


    32. Y_ Kstar

      U always have an image of u screaming in the thumbnails 😂

    33. Kuradon

      "I want this llama, you stupid shit" epic gamer moment

    34. Jorge Castro

      do you are desist at the game

    35. NSI GOOFY

      Kiwiz is goated brooo

    36. Peter Ladhani

      Oh My God does anyone else think kiwi mostly gets a free kill at the beginning but then he camps in a box

    37. Melt has Hacks

      Wait isn’t this the guy who lost to socksfor1 in Friday night fortnite

    38. A7med KZ

      Kiwiz or orange 🍊

    39. LiamPlayzz

      2:04 thats awful..

    40. deal with bash

      So has everyone just forgot about him messaging a 13 year old??

      1. Crowds_

        Bra just stop there’s already enough of this shit going around

    41. BBB Aqua

      U swear to much what happend to the family friendly kiwiz

    42. shaquerah1986

      i need ps network

    43. Vendue Gaming

      ya im so stressed I might have a cesor

    44. Jay FN


    45. sqourn

      count how many times kiwiz said "HELLO!??!"

    46. Hamlet Garcia


    47. Gustly

      I quit Fortnite for pretty much all of season 4 and i just came back and watching this makes me realize how toxic doing scrims was

    48. Nikhil Prasad

      Kiwiz-“Bro why is this guy shooting me first for no reason” Also kiwiz-shoots the guy first

    49. WolfDen24X

      Top 3 scariest things on earth 1. Kiwiz not talking the whole match 2. Spiders 3. The ocean

    50. Bobbi Fleek

      Kiwiz ur really good but get better with the shockwave plays

    51. Bobbi Fleek

      Me and my duo would be so good the only thing is that he's console im pc

    52. Precarious Deify


    53. Nate

      Yeah, yeah Ayo, Bob, it's time. It's time, Bob (aight, Bob, begin). Straight out the lifeless dungeons of rap. The key drops deep as does my pixie. I never chuckle, 'cause to chuckle is the buddy of trixie. Beyond the walls of flamingos, life is defined. I think of muppets when I'm in a Japan state of mind. Hope the flee got some c. My free don't like no dirty sea. Run up to the tree and get the me. In a Japan state of mind. What more could you ask for? The crazy key? You complain about dirty dishes. I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the sea. I'm rappin' to the box, And I'm gonna move your pox. Super, wet, smelly, like a pineapple Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a rappel. I can't take the dirty dishes, can't take the cat. I woulda tried to leap I guess I got no hat. I'm rappin' to the pox, And I'm gonna move your box. Yea, yaz, in a Japan state of mind. When I was young my buddy had a grapple. I waz kicked out without no dapple. I never thought I'd see that rappel. Ain't a soul alive that could take my buddy's chapel. A chewy juice is quite the loose.

    54. Xs_ Zyph

      Who else is hear after the event

    55. Coffethepug Andkim

      Claim ur here after the event ticket

    56. Michelle Burke

      Claim your “I’m a little late” ticket right here

    57. zertifywyd


    58. PZL AxstrO2

      He plays so safe and i think a bit to safe but dont get me wrong he is a good player

    59. YXZZ Shadow

      The 1% cup was ony birthday

    60. f1uffy axoln

      The %1 tournament was on my bday

    61. Frozen-D4xyFN

      you a so bad 1vs1 you bot

    62. King brothers Brady lyons

      Hit the like button

    63. シbxtreyed

      you have really smart plays.

    64. RiskyAU


    65. Grumpy FN

      subscribe to the KGup called grumpy FN YOU WILL HAVE 3 YEARS OF GOOD LUCK

    66. Mini Josh

      Kiwiz: no W keying Me: ok

    67. Adam Copeland

      Anyone going to talk about how he was in a game with crumbler for his last game look at him going through replay

    68. PawsYT

      You think you are a very smart player but your really not

    69. Kzan

      Be Honest Who's Been A Fan For A Long time? 👇🏿

    70. P4nda_09

      I was going to play in this tournament. I had a time set up to practice and get warmed up and when the cup started I was just too lazy to play😂😂😂 😂

    71. Sh4dow Monky2

      Watching your videos is how I learned to scrim I’m a huge fan keep up the grind 🙏

    72. ǟɖʀɨǟռ

      1st kill not even piece ctrl tbh

    73. Void Blaze

      Great videos

    74. Quadratic_editz

      love ya vids'

    75. Psylock FN

      when a content creator is way better than you lol

    76. Bella•Svnpai

      Who saw the gnome in the brick wall?

    77. Shankom

      To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, read my name 🎓 .

    78. Shankom

      To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, read my name 🎓 .

    79. SV Memes 1291

      You need to release merch saying max pull

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    81. Eazy11

      Whoever your talking talks way to much get a deafen key 😂

    82. kaysean 06

      Definitely not a content creator anymore

    83. Evolve Ambition

      Kiwis: how do I rotate this Forpz: u dont

    84. SaltyFishXVI

      Kiwiz is the type of guy to build a box right on top of yours (No offence to Kiwiz, he's still a great youtuber)

    85. milan_ sandhar

      Just a tip, try not to use a lot of mats in endgame 👍

    86. Johnathan Andrews

      stop watch channel for a bit

    87. Tristan Playz The Gamer

      your mom is fate lol

    88. jakobfnr

      Nah stressfree? I had an operation at thursday and i can‘t even walk but i hope it‘d be stressfree

    89. abnher

      Kiwis those times you've got people low I swear its epic when they tweak the gun damage I feel like they do it on porpuse so you want to play more and they show the enemies health bar for a reason when you die. For example the blue ar is 33 damage you need 4 shots to eliminate if hes 100 hp I swear they choose these numbers for a reason. I wouldn't be surprised if they got a whole team working on this. Its scummy

    90. HARRO

      Ayo kiwiz get good hit your shots kid

    91. بديع صالح

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    92. Zapped Clan

      Hi kiwiz I’m a BIG fan

    93. The Gary

      Your so bad

    94. Sad Buzz


    95. Faze Flea


    96. Reflex Jack

      I haven played this game in for a while should I play it again like if I should

    97. Blake Goodnight

      I'm a girl I'm on my brothers youtube my name is sarah

    98. rinaldo idontknow

      When did you get soo good?

    99. FL3XS FN

      How dose he use 9 for roof lmao

    100. link apii

      :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)