Marathon Day Is Here | How To Be Behzinga


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    Marathon Day has arrived and Ethan’s battled the elements and overcame massive obstacles, including Covid, to get there. But will he be able to finish it?
    💙 Teenage Cancer Trust:
    0:00 I am running! EP Teaser
    0:31 My COVID diagnosis. What next?
    2:31 I'm going back to School!
    4:41 Training with an Olympian
    8:25 My COVID recovery ...
    9:38 Where should I run my Marathon?
    11:00 It's Marathon Morning
    12:04 My thoughts at the Starting Line
    13:37 3, 2, 1 ... GO!
    15:41 I made it to the Beach! 1/4 done
    16:41 My legs are giving in. 1/2 done
    18:11 Getting motivated. 3/4 done
    19:22 The Final Stretch
    20:00 I HAVE DONE IT!

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    1. Katie Finnerty


    2. Marlin0

      Genuine tears when he was on the final stretch

    3. lilkawa 77

      A fucking legend

    4. Ro


    5. Emanuel pinto

      I watched all of his documentary and did not skip any part of the video

    6. Victoria

      I'm not crying, you are 🙈❤

    7. Jēkabs Piņķis TV

      he can curse and still be him self

    8. oreoplushy

      wow ..... i’m phat🥲

    9. Emma

      Coming back to watch these vids to give me the motivation I need!! Congrats behz you’re smashing it!

    10. Wavyyy

      He’s done it! 👏Congrats Behz!!❤️❤️

    11. A & D time

      good job, you did amazing

    12. Yajnesh 123

      and anyone notice how, in this documentary, only Josh, obi and Vik were there?. no one else....

    13. Lea Alice Mcvey

      Am not crying you are 😭🥺 omg so beautiful

    14. Mxrcy

      This has me in tears

    15. Ro Jo

      Well done bez just finished the full documentary at 5am ✌🏻💙

    16. Ricardo Zuill

      i am 9 and i have don a mile 646 minites.

    17. Wasti16Bit

      Why is the cart Titan in the series

    18. Firdous Ali

      This just really inspires me because I do alot running and because if covid I havnt been able to do charity runs and marathons and this just really inspires me even more 100%

    19. Mara Giovanelli

      Thankyou for sharing your very emotional journey, it was such an inspiration to watch! Hope you are proud of your self! Wish you all the best :)


      42 km next!

    21. thegamingbros15


    22. Joravar Singh

      Thank You

    23. Layka Holder

      Leggit cried for Harry you are amazing

    24. JK

      Really inspiring! Cred to you mate!

    25. MADBITS 21


    26. Adam Whathough

      He looked like he could have done 40 miles that day Well done bez

    27. Siddhant Pandya

      I just want my mom and my relations to be like his and his mom

    28. Benjamin Cooke

      I want his teachers to watch the videos and wat hes accomplished in that time and do a reaction video

    29. Alan Kelly

      Unbelievable bez well done

    30. EthanYT_

      Imagine having an annoying trouble student and then 12 years later have to do an interview for a documentary because they've become a celebrity 😭😂😂😂

    31. abbie marchant

      You have been a massive part of inspiring my journey 👏👏 currently training to do half a marathon 💪. Your journey is truly inspiring. It makes me feel amazing to see how happy you are having achieved what you have. 😃 Physically and what you're imparting to the world Truly motivational 👍🙌


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    33. Brian Dipierro

      Rewatching this for more information since I started actively exercising now. One day I want to be able to show results and I'm excited for that day, tired of being a big blob of cellulite!

      1. Krönüs

        good luck. i believe in you. remember to always be in a calorie deficit

    34. Its TaylorHD

      The best man alive!

    35. Dxzza Haggerty

      Inspiring, emotional, many goosebump moments, hero to many 👏🏼 👏🏼

    36. Dæ Dÿ

      man f*ck what anyone says u'r a goat fame much love for u and keep on good vibes mode 😀😀

    37. Smifler

      me and behzinga go the same school. W

    38. R Intuitive


    39. lisa mercer

      Well tell me how I don’t want to die every day

    40. Naomi Robertson

      October 4th is my birthday 🙂😂x

    41. biggie cheese

      This is so inspiring, I had to run a 5k and I thaught that I could never do it but I just come back to this to feel inspired and when I tried I did it but it took longer than I thaught

    42. GÊØRGÊ G

      Who’d of thought behz was the biggest bellend in his yout days Bit suprising

    43. Jeffrey Lowe

      Best Documentary I’ve watched in a long time

    44. Yakmn 13

      Behz your the fucking man!!!!

    45. Emma Rose

      Well let’s just say he has had a major glow up ❤️

    46. Sophie Everett


    47. βαγγο είσαι γκει

      I actually cried

    48. Khairun Nisa

      This is honestly so inspiring 💖

    49. Maisy Carnie

      I have cried and I’m not mad about it I’m so happy for behz

    50. Pontus Bergqvist

      Well done lad

    51. Tijn


    52. Louie-jay Hayward

      I’ve never been so proud of someone in my life

    53. starjones101


    54. Lucy Roberts

      this has inspired me to run a marathon :)

    55. carlos campos

      I am so fucking proud of u behz literally tearing up

    56. Zimbabwean Pele

      im very inspired now

    57. Malcolm Deans (Malcxlmplayz)

      just inspiration

    58. StevieGee

      ahh nice, live right next to Marshalls

    59. VictusTheMan

      Just watched this for the first time, legit about to go and start training for a marathon now


      Got me tearing up again at how inspiring you are.🙏🏻🙏🏻

    61. Ian Williams

      David Goggins vibes

    62. Lee Hayes

      Well done mate very inspiring

    63. James Hibbert


    64. Tahsin Arnab

      its enough to make a grown man cry. My role model 💯💪

    65. Sean Galvin

      You have really inspire me Behz I'm getting out there more and getting more fitter thanks for everything ❤👊

    66. he ge

      100% GOAT

    67. Layla Oceron

      I cried with him and his mum 😂😭😭

    68. InFaMus Deenisaur

      This guy is obsessed with shite


      This is inspiring to do so much more

    70. Chelsea Fan 2.0


    71. Tilly Fleur

      I’m from Suffolk :D

    72. Ricky G

      Soon as he cuddled his mum I cried for him such an legend lad 💯

    73. Sanskar Basoya

      I am so proud behzinga buddy you give me motivation and anything I'll achieve in life after watching this i give you the credit too.. Well done coach

    74. Freddie Cunningham

      To the 777 people that disliked I have one question Why?

    75. Keira Burgess

      I just want to say wow!! You did amazing and you are such an inspiration to me and I’m sure to a lot of others too 💪

    76. Granny's here

      2:52 he's so cut with the goofy face , but the lighting makes him look like a demon.

    77. Matthew Simmons


    78. Molly Tracey

      There wasn't an episode I didn't cry my eyes out to. Absolutely incredible

    79. Nikolai Rigden-Briscall

      The bit where you ran to your mum was so perfect. That’s a great motivator for the last stress!!! Love you man!! This was great!!

    80. ashlee dempster

      Who else was in tears

    81. bojja777_gaming

      This is some real inspiration man #RESPECTBEHZINGA

    82. Hadeel Shobeer

      It’s so sad to see him having COVID that close to the marathon

    83. Joe Mudd

      Ngl tested up at the end , well do Behz was absolutely amazing buht

    84. Tage Eriksen Eines

      What a lad!

    85. Mya Rose hopkins

      Never cried so much in my life , watching one episode

    86. john moore

      A truly inspirational series mate. I hope your story is shared with men young and old alike so they can see what a difference a little bit of self belief and true friendship can do for someone's mental health, You have inspired me and for that I will be forever grateful. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing the vlog of the actual London marathon please god this year.

    87. charlotte rayment

      have such massive respect for him

    88. r s f

      The way he shouts “ive done it” at the end nearly brought a tear to my eye 🤘🏼❤️

      1. Joseff Joestar

        it brought many tears to mine

    89. emily palmer

      so proud bae

    90. emily palmer


    91. Zevonic Df

      I know i am late but well fucking ✅

    92. Adam Rollins

      Broo he got covid on my birthday

    93. C4llumluke04

      If you ever feel like an idiot, remember 774 people disliked this video

    94. Seyms Papasmurfari

      pure loves for this, what a legend

    95. Kenneth Gonzalez

      To the 774 people who have disliked this how sad does your life have to be to dislike such an inspirational story

    96. Phole Rathebe

      I cried 😢😭

    97. Katelyn Kinch xo

      so proud of you❤️

    98. xkiller_1092

      Wait, he ran by himself?

    99. LukasGaminn

      Ethan's tryna make me cry man

    100. Jack smith

      What an inspiration well in bez mate