For Honor: Battle of Eclipse Limited Time Mode Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]

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13 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    For Honor’s limited-time event, Battle of the Eclipse, is underway and runs until February 18. It introduces a new 4v4 mode, Eclipse. Enemy teams will battle for control of the forge, whichever team controls the forge will claim the scythe, the only weapon capable of doing damage to the enemy team’s commander. Control the forge, claim the scythe, and eliminate the enemy team’s commander to win the match. But remember, if the enemy team controls the forge and scythe, your commander is vulnerable.
    In addition to the new mode, Battle of the Eclipse adds 28 new weapons to loot from now until February 18th. A free Event Pass enables players to also earn 35 tiers of gear and loot including a new Battle Outfit, Emblem Outline, Ornament, character Symbol and a Mood Effect. Players can also purchase a new Illustrious Outfit - Ecliptic Duality - from the in-game store, as well as a new Execution and two Signatures.
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    1. Arthur Melo

      Wolf melhor lanche do

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    3. Identity

      eternal suffering watching this gameplay

    4. Viper T

      For Honor 2 We need a sequel!

    5. Random Person

      Turrents are kinda useless, please unnecessarily remove it like what you guys did with traps for no reason.

    6. David Goodman

      So,will Ubsoft stuff this up like Breakpoint, and Valhalla

      1. BaileyKing

        Valhalla is good

      2. Lamplordable

        I liked Valhalla...

    7. Nathan Beltran

      I’m hoping there’s going to be a scythe hero please I been wanting one for years

    8. Brandon Hartshorne

      I wonder what age group you have to be to apply in for honer ubisoft competive match with people??

    9. DaMeshMonster

      People still playing this game?

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        @ダリル Nah, I eat avocados and expose myself to the sun.

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        @Bloodycheese insidemyass i reckon you have hair issues right now.

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        It's lasting like this guy hairline (chris watters)

    10. BuTTThunder

      I dont feel like watching the whole thing, can someone tell me what's the update is about?

      1. p force16

        I guess the word gameplay, is not in your dictionary then.

    11. Polyneo

      Weird how the faction war is still vikings vs samurai vs knights despite the fact that lore wise the wu lin are involved along with the story currently being dark vs light

    12. Paulus

      Where warden rework

      1. Jack Rahmn

        It called warmonger

    13. BlaZzen blaze

      bruh they still playing like its year 1 but i just hope ubi pours more love into this game its although i have my rage moments i just wish they more content and give the game more hype

    14. Its Niko

      “Choose a side” *Randomly gets sided with astrea despite hating every aspect of her character*

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    16. João Vitor Fortunato Carvalho

      " *I* *submit* "